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Details of the Accident

Place Parkside, Rainhill
Date Wednesday 15th September 1830, p.m.
Railway Company Liverpool and Manchester Railway
No. of Fatalities 1
Cause of Accident Struck by train
Description Gala opening of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway. The Prime Minister of the day, the Duke of Wellington and William Huskisson, the Member of Parliament for Liverpool were standing on the track engaged in conversation. Stephenson's rocket approached and as early locomotives were fitted with neither brakes or a whistle, Huskisson unaware of the approaching train fell under the wheels, his leg was crushed and he later died of his injuries.

Sources/Further Reading

  • There is a memorial to Huskisson in the church at Eartham, Susssex erected by his widow.

List of Fatalities

The 1 fatalities are listed in the table below together with brief notes of any other information found so far.

The last column shows the General Register Office (England and Wales), Statutory Register (Scotland), General Register Northern Ireland or Civil Registration for Ireland reference where this has been identified.

Surname First Names Age Occupation Residence Notes GRO/SR/GRONI/GROIE Reference
HUSKISSONWilliam60Member of Parliament for Liverpool,