Details of the Accident

Place Paddington, Middlesex, England
Date Tuesday 22nd July 1851, a.m.
Railway Company Great Western Railway
No. of Fatalities 1
Cause of Accident Hit by exploding cask
Description Victim was walking along the platform as part of his duties, when a small cask of yeast exploded. The top of the cask hit him under the chin, propelled him eight to ten feet into the air and he fell three feet lower than the platform. He died within fifteen minutes

Sources/Further Reading

  • Worcestershire Chronicle, 23rd July 1851

List of Fatalities

The 1 fatalities are listed in the table below together with brief notes of any other information found so far.

The last column shows the General Register Office (England and Wales), Statutory Register (Scotland), General Register Northern Ireland or Civil Registration for Ireland reference where this has been identified.

Surname First Names Age Occupation Residence Notes GRO/SR/GRONI/GROIE Reference
PARFITTJames35Railway goods porter, 1851/Sep Kensington 3 274