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Details of the Accident

Place Wennington
Date Wednesday 11th August 1880, 2:11 p.m.
Railway Company Midland Railway
No. of Fatalities 8
Cause of Accident Derailment
Description The 12.15 p.m. express passenger train from Leeds to Lancaster and Morecambe derailed on a set of points at the junction. Contributory factors were likely to be excessive speed approaching the junction, condition of the track and lack of sufficient brakes.

Sources/Further Reading

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List of Fatalities

The 8 fatalities are listed in the table below together with brief notes of any other information found so far.

The last column shows the General Register Office (England and Wales), Statutory Register (Scotland), General Register Northern Ireland or Civil Registration for Ireland reference where this has been identified.

Surname First Names Age Occupation Residence Notes GRO/SR/GRONI/GROIE Reference
HASTINGSWilliam59LandownerArdilea, Clough, DOWOwned 250 acres. Died of injuries 23rd August 1880. Brother of Rector of Halton. Left a widow and 4 young children.1880/Sep Lunesdale 8e 505
MCKINNACatherine Louisa5mArnley, WRYDaughter of William and Sarah MCKINNA1880/Sep Lunesdale 8e 507
MCKINNASarah35Beerhouse keeperArnley, WRYMarried. Wife of William MCKINNA, mother of Catherine Louisa MCKINNA1880/Sep Lunesdale 8e 507
MITCHELLArthur14Hawkcliffe House, Keighley, WRYBrother of Charles MITCHELL1880/Sep Lunesdale 8e 507
MITCHELLCaroline16Hawkcliffe House, Keighley, WRYSister of Charles MITCHELL1880/Sep Lunesdale 8e 507
MITCHELLHenry20Hawkcliffe House, Keighley, WRYBrother of Charles MITCHELL1880/Sep Lunesdale 8e 507
SHEPHERDSophia55Swinton nr Rotherham, WRYWife of John SHEPHERD, an engine-driver1880/Sep Lunesdale 8e 507
STEWARTJames50Potato dealerMorecombe, LANUncle of Thomas Hudson BAXTER1880/Sep Lunesdale 8e 507