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Details of the Accident

Place Long Meg cutting, nr Little Salkeld
Date 19th January 1916, p.m.
Railway Company Midland Railway
No. of Fatalities 7
Cause of Accident Landslip
Description A snap thaw caused a landslip less than five minutes after the line had been patrolled. The Midland Scottish Express from London to Glasgow crashed into the slip, tipping the engine on to its side, and telescoping two of the gaslit wooden carriages into the tender.

Sources/Further Reading

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List of Fatalities

0 of the 7 fatalities that have been identifed so far are listed in the table below together with brief notes on any other information found

The last column shows the General Register Office (England and Wales) or Statutory Register (Scotland) reference where this has been identified.

Surname First Names Age Occupation Residence Notes GRO/SR Reference