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Chichester – Commercial

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Adames & Grant, ironmongers, East street
Adames James, linen draper, East street
Allen & Co. silk mercers & milliners, South street
Allen Charles, boot maker, West street
Amer Sarah (Miss), milliner, &c. Lion street
Ancell George, boot maker, Orchard street
Anderson William, grocer, Hornet
Angel Charles, bookbinder &c. North street
Apedaile James, grocer, South street
Apps George, brazier, North row
Apps George, shoe maker, Orchard terrace
Apps Richard, umbrella maker, North street
Arnold Edward, solicitor, North Pallant
Askew William, shopkeeper, West street
Atkey Charles John, brewer, East Wall
Attfield William, builder, St. Pancras
Austin Jhn. accountant, commission & estate agent, South st.
Ayling James, bricklayer, Little London
Aylmore Samuel, boot maker, Southgate
Baker Isiah, market gardener, St. Martin’s street
Ballard William & Son, wine, spirit & coal merchants, agents for the sale of Bass’s & Allsopp’s ales, & London & Irish stouts, & agents & carriers to the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Company, also the company’s agents for flys & post horses, West street
Ballard George, coal merchant, North Pallant
Ballard William, Dolphin family & commercial hotel & posting house, West street
Barber James, furniture dealer, South street
Barber Joseph, tobacconist, North street
Barclay Charles, photographer, South street
Barker Edward, chemist, Eastgate
Barnes John, naturalist, St. Pancras
Barnett Betsey (Mrs.), beer retailer, St. Pancras
Bartlett William, coal dealer, George street, Somers town
Bartlett William, shopkeeper, South street
Batch John, bookseller, South street
Bayley & Son, boot makers, South street
Beach James, dealer in wood, Orchard street
Beaton Daniel, dairy man, Hornet
Beatson William, fishmonger, North street
Benford Thomas, fruiterer, North street
Barracks, New Broyle road
Benham Ann (Miss), beer retailer, North street
Bennallick Eliza (Miss), laundress, West street
Bennett Bennett, licensed to let horses, East Pallant
Bennett Robert, baker, Orchard terrace
Bennett Thomas Jobn, music warehouse, North street
Berry John, tea dealer, South street
Best James, City Arms, North street
Bewsher Sarah Elizabeth (Miss), school, Southgate
Bicknell Henry, shopkeeper, St. Pancras
Biffin H. W. & Son, timber merchants &c. Eastgate
Bigwood Thomas, shopkeeper, Southgate
Binstead Benjamin, accountant, West street
Binstead James, butcher, North street
Binstead William. auctioneer, North street
Bishop Elizabeth (Mrs.), Canteen, Barracks
Bishop George, plumber, Old Broyle road
Bishop Mary Ann (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, South street
Bishop’s Registry Office (Geo. Holmes, chief clerk), West st
Blackman Caroline (Mrs.), lodging house, Canon lane
Booker Thomas, butcher, South street
Boulter George Barnett, White Horse, South street
Bradley William Tenney, dentist, St. John street
Brealey Joseph, boot maker, Westgate
Briant Charles, clothier, East street
Bridger Adam, beer retailer, St. Pancras
Bridger Frances (Miss), school, St. John street
Bridger James, corn dealer, North street
Bridger Joseph, beer retailer & blacksmith, St. Pancras
Bridger William, land surveyor, St. John’s street
Brookfield Charles, boot maker, New Broyle
Brown Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, Orchard terrace
Brown John Williams, jeweller, North street
Brown William, boot maker, North street
Brown William, tailor, Orchard terrace
Buckell Leonard, surgeon, North Pallant
Budden & Son, plumbers &c. East street
Bulbeck Frederick, hoop maker, St. Pancras
Bulbeck John, beer retailer, Priory street
Bullen Fanny & Mary (Misses), school, East street
Byerley Alfred, draper, East street
Byles William, wine merchant, East street
Caffin William C. surgeon, South street
Canal Company (Richard Purchase, agent)
Carter Frederick, outfitter, South street
Cash Catherine Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, Tower street
Challen John, tailor, West Pallant
Chandler James, coal dealer, Hornet
Charge William Bailey & Charles, linen drapers & silk mercers, East street
Charlier Nicholas Joseph, teacher of languages, Richmond pl
Chase Robert, corn dealer, Northgate
Chatfield Thomas, beer retailer, George street, Somers town
Chichester Library Society (T, B. Wilmshurst, librarian), East street
Child William, carpenter, Orchard terrace
Churchman William, gun maker, East street
Clark John, baker, West street
Clarke Charles, Sussex school of photography, West street
Clinch Henry, grocer, St. Pancras
Collins Edward, linen draper, North street
Collins Thomas, baker, East street
Combes Edward, Anchor, West street
Combes Richard, Railway tavern, Basin road
Combs George, school, Elm Grove house
Camper Richard, linen draper, East street
Cooke Thomas, shoe maker, Little London
Cooper Frederick, grocer, East street
Cooper Jana (Mrs.), beer retailer, High street, Somers town
Corn Exchange (Edmund Osborn, chief clerk), East street
Corrie George, school, West street
Cosens Charles, tailor, Hornet
Cousens Frederick, millwright, New Broyle
Cover John, timber merchant, Canal basin
Cox James John, boot maker, North Pallant
Critchell Charles, boot maker, East street
Critchell William, Star, Somers town
Crocker Charles William, proprietor of the ‘Visitors’ Handbook & Guide to Chichester,’ & sexton to the cathedral, Westgate
Crossland James, Fighting Cocks, Tower street
Cutten George, coach builder, Southgate, near the Railway station
Cutten James, coach builder, St. Pancras
Dale George, chemist, South street
Dally Mary (Miss), school, St. John street
Davis James, blacksmith, Southgate
Dawtrey Jeffrey, veterinary surgeon, East street
Dearling Robert, White Horse, Westgate
Deller William, Victoria, St. Pancras
Dendy George Tully, corn merchant, Northgate
Denyer William, dairyman, St. Pancras
Dorrington William Howitt. corn, seed, oil cake & artificial manure merchant, South Pallant
Duke William, solicitor, & high bailiff to the county court, North Pallant
Dunn Alfred, linen draper, South street
Durman John, Half Moon, Hornet
Earwicke John, beer retailer, Little London
Edney & Son, furniture brokers. East street
Edwards George, greengrocer, West street
Edwards Thomas, chimney sweeper, Tower street
Elliott Robert & George H. surgeons, North street
Elliott George H. surgeon, North street
Ellis Arthur, Red Lion, St. Pancras
Elstone William Arthur, shopkeeper, Northgate
Evans Mary Ann (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse, East street
Evans Stephen, nurseryman, North street
Ewens Thomas, pawnbroker, North street
Faith & Son, watch makers, East street
Faith George James, linen draper, East street
Farndell Charles, baker, Hornet
Farndell Edmund, farmer, Spitalfield farm
Farr James, commission agent, Lion street
Farr William, Plough & Harrow, St. Pancras
Faulkner Ephraim John, artists’ repository, stationer, bookseller, photographic studio, & carver & guilder, East street
Fielder & Co. photographers, picture frame makers, stationers & fancy repository, North street
Fielder John, builder & undertaker, North street
Fielder Thomas, plumber, Orchard street
Finch Ann (Mrs.), pastrycook, East street
Florance William Adames, brewer, St. Pancras
Fogden Andrew, corn dealer, South street
Fogden George, butcher, South street
Fogden Henry, tobacconist, West street
Foster Lucy (Mrs.), beer retailer, East street
Fowler Henry, carpenter, Westgate
Fowler William. salt merchant, Southgate
Fox William, Ship, Tower street
Freeland Frederic John, surgeon, North street
Gadd Edward, grocer &c. North street
Gale Edward, beer retailer, St. Martin’s square
Gale Edward, boot maker, St. Pancras
Gale James, greengrocer, West street
Gale Thomas, blacksmith, Hornet
Gale William, butcher, St. Paul’s road
Gale William, toy dealer, East street
Gambling & Sons, builders, Chapel street
Gambling George, saddler, South street
Gandy Francis, clock & watch maker, South street
Garland Sharp, grocer, Eastgate
Gas Works (Charles Dixon, engineer & secretary), Basin rd
Gatehouse & Son, brewers &c. South street
George Richard, naturalist, West street
Gibbings Thomas, tanner, Westgate
Gibbs George Frederick, wholesale & retail furnishing & general ironmonger, iron & steel merchant, & agricultural implement, paint, oil & color manufacturer, North street
Gillam Charles, saddler, East street
Ginman Richard, Woodman, Southgate
Glover Mary Ann (Miss), stationer, The Cross
Gobel Robert, greengrocer, South street
Goldie James, beer retailer, New Broyle
Goldring John & Co. brewers &.c. Eastgate
Goldring James, boot maker, South street
Gray James, ironmonger, North street
Greenaway Sarah (Mrs.), bonnet maker, Orchard terrace
Greene & Malim, solicitors, West Pallant
Greene Thomas, solicitor & commissioner for taking affidavits in all courts, West Pallant
Greenfield Eliza (Mrs.), berlin wool repository, East street
Greenfield Henry, hair dresser, East street
Greenfield William, beer retailer, Orchard terrace
Grover James, beer retailer, The Hornet
Gruggen, Dendy, Halsted & Gruggen, bankers, East street; draw on Barnetts’, Hoares’ & Co. London
Habin Edward, saddler, coach & harness manufacturer, coach builder & corn merchant, The Hornet
Habin Thomas (Mrs.), farmer, Kingsham farm
Hackman Elizabeth (Miss), school, West street
Hall William, tailor, Orchard terrace
Halsted & Sons, furnishing ironmongers, East street
Hammond Emma (Miss), dress maker, Little London
Hammond John Richard, tailor, Eastgate
Hampshire Banking Company (Branch), London agents, London Joint Stock Bank (James H. Legge esq. manager), East street; & at Emsworth
Hanmore Charles, chimney sweeper, Tower street
Hanmore William, chimney sweeper, Little London
Hard Sarah (Miss), milliner, North street
Harden George, shoeing smith, Southgate
Harding Alfred, Jolly Sawyers, Orchard street
Harding Charles, Good Intent, George street, Somers town
Harding George, beer retailer, Somers town
Harding James, beer retailer, South street
Harfield Mary (Mrs.), tobacconist, North street
Harmsworth Henry, Angel, St. Paul’s road
Harrington & Son, tobacco pipe makers, Canal basin
Harris Charles, hair dresser, Hornet
Harris Henry, Heart-in-Hand, North street
Harris James, grocer, East street
Harris William, boot maker, North street
Harris William, relieving officer, St. John street
Haskins Henry, hair cutter, North street
Hatcher Rachael (Mrs.), baker, George street, Somers town
Hawkins Alfred, beer retailer, West street
Hayler George, butcher, Eastgate
Hayllar & Ballard, butchers, East street
Hearsey James, wood turner, St. Pancras
Heath John, Inkerman, New Broyle
Heather James, stationer, North street
Hellier Eliza (Mrs.), shoe maker, Hornet
Henderson James, china dealer &c. East street
Henley & Son, fellmongers, wool merchants, leather dressers & glove & gaiter manufacturers, Tower street; & at West street, Midhurst
Henshaw Richard, carpenter, St. Pancras
Henty & Son, brewers, Westgate
Hoad Mary (Miss), dress maker, St. Pancras
Hoare Samuel, Eagle, West street
Hoare Sarah Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Tower street
Hoare William, saddler, North street
Hobbs Joseph, baker, Cavendish street, Somers town
Hobgen Francis Neale, auctioneer, valuer, estate & house agent, East street
Hogg Henry Lee, surgeon, East street
Holden Edmund, market gardener, St. Pancras
Holden William, pastrycook, South street
Hollingdale William gardener, Priory street
Holloway William, grocer &c. South street
Holmes Thomas, King’s Head, South street
Holt Grange, currier, West street
Holt John, carpenter, Westgate
Hopf & Co. pork butchers, East street
Hopkins James, shopkeeper, West street
Horn William, Ship & Lighter, St. Pancras
Horsecraft Hannah (Mrs.), Three Tuns, Chapel street
Horwood John Child, builder, St. Pancras
Howard George, butcher, North street
Howard Richard, beer retailer, New Broyle
Hughes Thomas, Wheatsheaf, North street
Humphrey Frederick, baker, North street
Humphrey Richard, saddler, Hornet
Hunt Henry, shopkeeper, Hornet
Hunt Richard, boot maker, Franklin place
Hurry Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, St. Pancras
Hyatt Charles James, wine & spirit merchant & sole manufacturer of Hudson’s celebrated Chichester milk punch, East street
Ide Henry, Waggon & Lamb, Westgate
Ide James, dealer in wood, Hornet
Inkson Elizabeth (Miss), school, Lion street
Inkson William, butcher, East street
Jackman Thomas, tailor, North street
Jarman & Co. grocers, North street
Jelliff James, Golden Cross, Little London
Jenman Jane (Mrs.), fancy repository, North street
Jenman Thomas, fruiterer, North street
Jenman William, fishmonger, East street
Johnson & Raper, solicitors, West street
Johnson Edward William, solicitor, West street
Johnson John, boot maker, North street
Johnson William, builder, St. John street
Jones Charles Sturges, surgeon, West street
Jones John, bricklayer, High street, Somers town
Jones Richard Thomas, linen draper & silk mercer, East street
Joyes Frances (Mrs.), dress maker, East street
Kemp John, jun. grocer, East street
Kerwood George, outfitter, East street
Kerwood James, jun. builder, St. Martin’s street
Kerwood James, sen. builder, St. Martin’s street
Kilmister Thomas, shoe maker, East street
Kimbell Thomas, grocer, George street, Somers town
King William, blacksmith, Northgate
Kitson Thomas, stone mason, North street
Knapp Sarah (Mrs.), grocer, Cavendish street
Knight George, plumber, St. Martin’s street
Knight George William, plumber, St. Martin’s street
Knight Kempster, bookseller, East street
Lacy Richard Henry, farmer, Warren farm
Lambert Thomas, rope maker, The Hornet
Lambert William, rope & twine dealer, South street
Langley George, Fleece, East street
Langley Hasting, George & Dragon, North street
Langrish Ann (Miss), lodging house, West street
Latter William, Wellington, New Broyle
Lee Daniel, greengrocer, Southgate
Lee Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Orchard terrace
Lee Thomas, Unicorn, Eastgate
Leech Edward, surgeon, West Pallant
Lefeaux James, bookbinder, Richmond place
Leng John & William, cabinet makers, Northgate & Eastgate
Leslie & Battin, lodging house keepers, West street
Lewis Mary Ann (Miss), school, Chapel street
Lewis Ruth (Miss), corn dealer, North street
Light William, wholesale hardwareman, haberdasher, brush & mat warehouse, & stationer, Eastgate
Lomer William, grocer, The Cross
London Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, North street
London & County Joint Stock Bank (Joseph P. Benwell, manager), East street; draw on Head Office, 21 Lombard street, London e.c
Long Henry, currier, St. Pancras
Long William Elliott, chemist, West street
Louch Edward, Castle inn, West street
Lulham Thomas, boot maker, East street
Lyle Thomas James. boot maker, West street
Macaulay Charles Richmond, draper, East street
McCarogher Joseph, physician, West street
McClymont Peter, draper & tea dealer, Southgate
McColm William, linen draper, St. Martin’s street
McRonald James Wylie, nurseryman, South street
Major Elizabeth (Mrs,), dress maker, West Pallant
Malim Frederick John, solicitor, West Pallant
Mant Frank, dairyman, Southgate
Mant George, baker, North street
Mant James, confectioner, North street
Mant James, cooper, East street
Mant William, brewer, Westgate
Mantle George, furniture broker, North street
Markworth Henry, carpenter, George street, Somers town
Martin William, beer retailer, Franklin place
Mason & Wilmshurst, booksellers &c. East street
Mates Thomas, plumber, St. Pancras
Mathams James, boot maker, St, Martin’s street
Mellersh William, tailor, East Pallant
Merricks Samuel & Son, grocers, South street
Merricks George M. grocer &c. West street
Mills Alfred, butcher, North row
Mills Stephen, butcher, West street
Mills William, butcher, George street, Somers town
Molesworth George, linen draper, North street
Moore Henry Holding, nursery, seedsman, florist & market gardener, Orchard street
Morey John, boot maker, North row
Morey William, boot maker, North row
Morgan James, livery stables, St. Martin’s street
Morris William, tailor, St. Martin’s street
Moss Benjamin, edge tool maker, Southgate
Mudd William, surgeon, West Pallant
Muggridge Eliza (Mrs.), beer retailer, St. Paul’s road
Murray Patrick, inland revenue officer, North street
Mutual Cattle Insurance Company (limited) (James H. Legge esq, sec.), 84 East street
Myall James, bricklayer, St. Pancras
Need Benjamin, hair dresser, West street
Need Jemima (Miss), dress maker, North street
Newman & Son, wheelwrights &c. The Hornet
Newman James, general dealer, Northgate
Newman William, dairyman, South street
Newson Mary (Miss), milliner, Little London
Norris Ruth (Mrs.), dress maker, Eastgate
Northease Mary (Mrs.), milliner, St Pancras
Olden John W. Henry, shopkeeper, North Pallant
Orchard Alfred, shoe dealer, South street
Osborn John, plumber, North street
Osbourn John, bath chair proprietor, East Pallant
Osmond William, tailor, South street
Pannell Frances (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Little London
Parker James P. upholsterer & tobacconist, South street
Parsons Elizabeth & Sarah (Misses), dress makers, St. Martin’s street
Parsons Charles H. shopkeeper, Southgate
Pasco Edward, tailor, East street
Paull George, actuary of savings bank, St. Martin’s square
Peachey Edmund, solicitor, North Pallant
Pearce James, linen draper, The Cross
Pearse William hair dresser, North street
Pearson David White, upholsterer, Lion street
Peat Richard, furniture dealer, West street
Pennicot Joseph, coal dealer &c. Priory road
Pennicott Edward, baker, Lennox place
Percival Joseph M. surgeon, South street
Peryer Edward, beer retailer, New Broyle
Pescod Thomas, master of endowed school, West street
Pescott Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, East street
Pescott Kennett, baker, East street
Peskett Hezekiah, leather cutter, East street
Peskett Mary Ann (Mrs. ), ealenderer, St. Pancras
Pelham Caroline (Mrs.), bricklayer, St. Pancras
Penfold Frances (Mrs.), berlin wool repository, East street
Phillips John Perrin, china dealer, East street
Pillow William, music seller, East street
Pimbury Anselm D. inland revenue officer
Pink John, draper, East street
Plowman Elizabeth (Mrs.), watch maker, West street
Pope Henry, boot maker, Washington street, Somers town
Potter William & J. italian warehouse, South street
Powell & Arnold, solicitors, North Pallant & at Steyne, Bognor
Powell James, tinplate worker, St. Pancras
Powell James, jun. solicitor, North Pallant
Powell William, blacksmith, Chapel street
Pratt & Son, family & dispensing chemists & druggists, East street
Prior Henry, outfitter, East street
Prior John Wood, woolstapler, Little London
Probate Court Office (George Holmes, chief clerk), West st
Pullen John, cowkeeper, Old Broyle
Pullinger & Son, printers, North street
Purchase George Lambton, architect &c. Richmond place
Purchase Richard, coal merchant, agent to the Canal Company & artificial manure agent, Canal wharf
Purchase Thomas, Globe railway & commercial inn & posting house, railway carrier, wine & spirit merchant, brewer & maltster, Southgate
Purchase Tom, carrier, Franklin place
Randell George, shopkeeper, South street
Randell George, tailor, North street
Raper Robert George, solicitor, West street
Rasell Alfred, wire worker, North street
Rawlins & Gale, tailors, South street
Read Ellen (Mrs.), beer retailer, Eastgate
Redman Charles, builder, South Pallant
Reed Frederick, hair dresser, South street
Reynolds Samuel, chemist, East street
Richardson John, baker &c. South street
Richardson William, confectioner, East street
Robinson James Greenheat, watch maker &c. The Cross
Rodgers Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, St. Martin’s street
Rodgers Harriet (Mrs.), milliner, South street
Rodgers James, plumber, East street
Rodgers James, jun. saddler, East street
Rodgers Sidney, painter, East street
Rodgers Sarah & Mary (Misses), dress makers, North Pallant
Rose William, livery stable keeper, Little London
Rosseter John, beer retailer, Somers town
Rowland William, chemist, East street
Russell & Sons, photographers, &; protographic institute, & picture frame manufacturers, East street
Ryde William Henry, chemist, North street
St. Clair John, school
Sargent John Parnell, inland revenue officer, St. Pancras
Savage Henry, fruiterer & italian warehouseman, East st
Savings Bank (George Paull, actuary) (open on monday & wednesday), St. Martin’s square
Sawyer Thomas, advertisement agent, North street
Sayers James, coal & lime agent & railway carrier, Southgate
Scarterfield Thomas, Waggon & Horses, St. Paul’s road
Scott Alexander, nurseryman & seedsman, Northgate
Sharp Alexander, tea dealer, Southgate
Sharpe James, linen draper, North street
Shepherd Edmund, beer retailer, New Broyle
Shipley Thomas, carver & gilder, North street
Shippam Charles, pork butcher, East street
Shippam James, Star & Garter, St. Pancras
Shippam William, provision dealer, Chapel Street
Silverlock & Caffin, corn, seed & oil cake merchants, Northgate
Simmonds James, shoe warehouse & manufacturer, North street
Sims Samuel, Richmond, Canal basin
Sims William, beer retailer, North row
Slade William, tailor, St. Martin’s street
Slaney George, shoe maker, Somers town
Slaney William, beer retailer, Somers town
Smallwood Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, St. Pancras
Smart Charles, stone mason, Tower street
Smart Charles James, stone mason, Southgate
Smart Francis, verger & sexton to the cathedral, West street
Smith Thomas & Sons, curriers, Little London
Smith Charlotte (Mrs.), beer retailer, West Pallant
Smith Ellen (Miss), dress maker, St. Pancras
Smith Reuben, bath chair proprietor, Lion street
Smith Richard, plumber, South street
Smith Robert, tailor, East street
Smithers Benjamin, watch maker, East street
Smurthwaite Israel, wholesale & retail window glass merchant & dealer in oils, colors, paper hangings, lamps & lamp oils & gilt mouldings, North street
Sowton Matthias James, solicitor, West Pallant
Spring Charles, PH.D. grammar school, Northgate house. See advertisement
Stacey Joseph, pork butcher, North street
Stallard George Harrison, plumber, Orchard street
Stallard Sarah (Mrs.), plumber, West street
Stanbridge William, wardrobe dealer, Little London
Standen William, baker, Southgate
Stevens James, shopkeeper, Eastgate
Stevenson Charles & Co. tea dealers, East street
Stilwell John, cork cutter, Eastgate
Stokes William, grocer & tea dealer & british wine merchant, East street
Stone Sarah (Miss), tobacconist, East street
Stoneadge Eleanor (Mrs.), Rainbow, George street
Stonestreet James, Fountain, South street
Strond William, coach maker, Little London
Style William, baker, South street
Sussex School of Photography (Charles Clarke, proprietor), West street
Swan Ann (Mrs.), King’s Arms, St. Martin’s street
Tanner John Robert, White Horse, Northgate
Tester Richard, shopkeeper, St. Pancras
Teversham Thomas, boot maker, North street
Thorne Edward Henry, professor of music, South street
Thrift Henry, beer retailer, St. Pancras
Tippen George, whitesmith, locksmith, bell hanger, gas fitter, stove & range manufacturer, copper, zinc & tin plate worker, manufacturer of tomb & every other description of iron fencings, St. Paul’s road
Titchener Edward, solicitor, Little London
Toogood & Sons, nurserymen & seedsmen, East street
Townsend Daniel, supervisor of inland revenue, Southgate
Townsend John, pianoforte tuner, Franklin place
Trewin Frederick, cutler, Little London
Tribe Charles, Sun, Franklin place
Triggs Amelia (Mrs.), whitesmith, South street
Triggs Francis, baker, North street
Triggs Thomas, brewer, St. Martin’s street
Tuffin George, tailor, Eastgate
Tuffin William, tax collector, Franklin place
Turnbull Michael, linen draper &c. South street
Turner Albert, grocer, South street
Turner Mary Ann (Mrs.), fruiterer, East street
Turner Philip, chair maker, St. Pancras
Turner Phillip, chair maker, The Hornet
Tutte Charles, cane worker, St. Pancras
Tyacke Nicholas, physician, Westgate
Urry Richard, millwright, St. Pancras
Vaughan Joseph, baker, Westgate
Venus Charles, boot maker, Hornet
Vick Francis, carpenter, West street
Vick Frederick Mant, builder, Tower street
Vine Ellen (Miss), fruiterer, East street
Wade William, dairyman, South Pallant
Walker Ralph & Son. farmers, Broyle farm
Ward Charles Richard, boot maker, South street
Warren Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, St. Pancras
Warren Elizabeth (Mrs.), cooper, East street
Warren William, baker, St. Pancras
Wear John, watch maker, South street
Weller Frederick, auctioneer, Westgate
Weller George C. poor rate collector, West street
Wells George, Anchor, North street
Wells John, beer retailer, Chapel street
West Sussex, East Hampshire & Chichester Infirmary (J. McCarogher, M.D. & N. Tyacke M.D. physicians; Robert Elliott & Frederick John Freeland, surgeons; F. St. Quintin Bond, house surgeon ; Thomas Lambert Lack, assistant surgeon; Miss Maria Sharp, matron), New Broyle road
West James, builder, Priory street
White Edward, furniture broker, South street
White Thomas Foocks, grocer, East street
Wild William, wheelwright, St, Paul’s road
Wilds William, shopkeeper, St. Pancras
Willsher Thomas, carpenter, New town
Wilmhurst Archibald, jeweller, &c, East street
Wolfe James, boot maker, Eastgate place
Wood David Randall, wood turner, St. Martin’s street
Woodland Robert, Red Lion, West street
Woodland Thomas, poultry dealer, Back of the Barracks
Woods Jane Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, Southgate
Woods John, chemist, North street
Woods William, pork butcher, South street
Wood. William, shopkeeper, George street
Woodward Thomas, watch maker, East street
Woolgar Charles, confectioner, North street
Woolgar James, shopkeeper, Tower street
Woolgar William, parasol maker, South street
Wright Henry & Son, cabinet makers & auctioneers, North Pallant
Wright Arthur, wine & spirit merchant, North street
Wright Frederick, plumber & painter &c. Little London
Wyatt Edward, auctioneer &c. St. Martin’s square
Yorke Mrs. Joseph, lodging house, Southgate
Young Mary (Miss), agent for the Blind Institution, Little London
Youngs Joseph Richard, dyer, East street