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East Grinstead – Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c.

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

POST AND MONEY ORDER OFFICE, POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK, AND GOVERNMENT ANNUITY AND INSURANCE OFFICE.- Thomas Jackson Palmer, postmaster. Letters from London & East Sussex arrive at 5.10 a.m.; delivered at 7 a.m. Letters from London for the second delivery arrive at 11.30 a.m. Letters posted before 1.30 p.m. are delivered in London & Brighton the same evening. Letters for Worth, Crawley & all places in West Sussex must be posted before 1.30 p.m. or they will not be delivered till next day. Letters for East Kent & East Sussex dispatched at 6 p.m. Letters for London dispatched at 8.30 p.m.

MAGISTRATES FOR EAST GRINSTEAD DIVISION :- Earl De La Warr, Lord Colchester, Lord West, Col. St. Clair, Major Frederick Moor, John Pryce, esq. Charles Cheval Tooke, esq. John D. Magens, esq. Bernard Hale, esq. Charles H. Gatty, esq. Robert Trotter, esq. The Hon. R. C. E. Abbot. Capt. George Elliott Clarke, J. M. Montefiore, esq. F. S. Blunt, esq.

Magistrates’ Clerk, Mr. Arthur Hastie, Placeland

Atlas Fire & Life, Trayton Foster, Church street
Church of England, H. P. Berry
Clerical & Medical Life, Thomas Robert Burt, High st
Edinburgh Life, W. Pearless & Sons, The Hermitage
Guardian Fire & Life, James Elliott Morris, High street
Law Union Fire & Life, Arthur Hastie, Placeland
Liverpool & London & Globe Fire & Life, Thomas Gravett & Robert Pink, London road
London Assurance, George Frederick Playford, High st
London & Provincial Law Life, W. Pearless & Sons
Mutual Life, Thomas Furse, High street
Norwich Union, John Fowle & E. H. Playford
Pelican Life, Thomas Jackson Palmer, High street
Phoenix Fire, Thomas Jackson Palmer, High street
Plate Glass, James Elliott Morris, High street
Provincial Fire, William Alston Head, jun. High street
Rock Life, T. R. Burt, High street
Royal Fire & Life, D. Cooper & Co
Royal Exchange Fire & Life, W. Pearless & Sons
Royal Farmers’ Fire, Life & Hail, Wm. Rudge, High st
Sun Fire & Life, George Head, High street
United Kingdom Temperance & General Provident, Thomas Cramp, High street
Universal Life, Arthur Hastie, Placeland

County Court, William Furner, esq. judge, Palmeira square, Brighton; William Pearless, registrar, East Grinstead; Thomas Cramp, high bailiff, East Grinstead
Dispensary (open tuesday, thursday & saturday from 12 till 2), Henry Rogers, physician
East Grinstead Cottage Hospital, Dr. J. Henry Rogers, director &. medical officer
Railway Station, Robt. Joseph Chamberlain, station master
Literary Association, Rev. J. Peat, M.A. president; W. Pearless, jun. vice-president; G. Phipps West, secretary
Stamp Office, J. Sheppard & Son, sub-distributors
Savings Bank, William Rudge, actuary
Penny Savings Bank, Rev. John Peat, vicar, president; Arthur Hastie, esq. treasurer; Thomas Cramp, secretary
Sackville College, The Hon. R. W. Sackville West & Dr. Henry Rogers, assistant wardens
St. Margaret’s (Orphanage) Home, Miss Alice Crocker, mother superior
Union Workhouse, John Jallings, master; Mrs. Jallings, matron; John Betchley & John Crossman Dawe, relieving officers; William Alston Head & Son, clerks to board of Guardians; Mr. R. T. Head, medical officer; Rev. G. W. Tucker B.A. chaplain
Police Station, William Kenward, superintendent
Fire Engine, at Police station
Volunteer Fire Brigade, E. Steel, superintendent

Sussex & Express, published tuesday & saturday; T. J. James Hayward, 1 High street, agent
Sussex & Advertiser (people’s edition), published wednesday; T. J. Palmer, agent
South Eastern Gazette, published tuesday & saturday; Palmer & James Hayward, agents

PUBLIC OFFICERS:- Commissioner in all the Common Law Courts & Commissioner for taking Acknowledgements of Deeds by Married Women, & Steward to the Manor of Hedge Court, Arthur Hastie, Placeland
Commissioner in Chancery & Common Law, & Commissioner for taking Acknowledgements of Deeds by Married Women, William Alston Head, High street
Commissioner in all the Common Law Courts & Steward to the Manors of Brambletye, Sheffield Grinstead & Sheffield-Lingfield, Thomas R. Burt, High street
Commissioner in Chancery & Common Law, & Steward to the Manors of Wallhill & Ford, William Pearless, The Hermitage
Clerk to the Magistrates, Arthur Hastie, Placeland
Clerk to Burial Board, Arthur Hastie, Placeland
Clerk to Board of Guardians, East Grinstead Union, & Superintendent Registrar, William Alston Head, High street
Clerk to Board of Guardians, Godstone Union, William Alston Head, High street; Superintendent Registrar, William Alston Head jun. High street
Clerks to Godstone Highway Board, & Secretaries to the Edenbridge Cattle, Corn & Hop Exchange Company. W. A. Head & Son, High street
Registrar of County Court. Wm. Pearless, The Hermitage
Registrar of Marriages, Richard Payne, Church street
Deputy Registrar, Trayton Foster, Church street
Registrar of Birth & Deaths, John Crossman Dawe, Glen Vue
Inspector of Weights & Measures, Rchd. Payne, Church st
Sub-Distributor of Stamps, Joseph Sheppard & Son, High street
Collectors of Rates & Taxes, Payne & Foster, Church st
Surveyor of Highways, A. S. Hooker, High street

St. Swithin’s Church, Rev. John Peat, M.A. vicar
Congregational Chapel, ministers various
Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapel, Rev. David Davis, minister
Saint Hill Chapel (Undenominational), Mr. W. T. Berger, minister

SCHOOLS:- Free Grammar, Charles Richard Duplex, master
National, Henry Poole Berry, master; Mrs. Thirza Berry, mistress
Infants, Miss Catherine Knowles, mistress
Orphanage, Miss Alice Crocker, mother superior

CARRIERS TO:- CROYDON – Richd. May, from Ashurst wood, every friday
LONDON – Robert Payne, from Forest row, to George inn, Borough, every monday & thursday. returning on tuesday & friday: William Payne, railway carrier