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Details of the Accident

Place Shrewsbury
Date 15th October 1907, 1.30 a.m.
Railway Company London & North Western Railway
No. of Fatalities 18
Cause of Accident Derailment on a steep curve
Description The Crewe to Swansea night mail crashed just outside Shrewsbury. The train was derailed on the steep curve by Crewe Junction signal box, ploughing a furrow before falling over and taking most of the coaches with it. The speed limit on the sharp curve was 10 m.p.h, but the train approached at full speed. The exact cause of the accident has never been fully explained. Large numbers of people gathered at the Abbey where a double funeral took place for the two GPO men.

Sources/Further Reading

  • Cornish Cemeteries Index

List of Fatalities

17 of the 18 fatalities that have been identifed so far are listed in the table below together with brief notes on any other information found

The last column shows the General Register Office (England and Wales) or Statutory Register (Scotland) reference where this has been identified.

Surname First Names Age Occupation Residence Notes GRO/SR Reference
EDDIE Mary Williams Lugg 27 , Wife of John Joyner EDDIE of Aberdeen. Buried in Barnoon, CON 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 391
FLETCHER Frederick Owen 27 Train fireman Near Crewe, CHS 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 380
KELLY Cecil Tudor 24 Bank clerk Wells Road, Bath, SOM 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 391
MARTIN Samuel 54 Train driver , 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 389
DAVIES Joseph 34 Jockey 4 Duffryn Street, Mountain Ash, GLA Brother Harry DAVIES who survived the accident. 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390
COLOMBOTTI Antonio 31 Fish dealer 5 Prince's Street, Shrewsbury, SAL Married and left 5 children. Brother-in-law of Dominic FEENEY 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390
SNELGROVE Lewis 52 Train guard (GWR) Bristol, GLS 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 389
MORRIS Henry 35 Sorting clerk Queen Street, Shrewbury, SAL Newspaper report has him as Harry 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390
BRADLEY Leonard Denham 32 Postal clerk London Road, Shrewsbury, SAL 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390
HODGSON Stephen Crabtree 40 Postal clerk Cherry Orchard, Shrewsbury, SAL 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 391
DIMBELOW Fred 31 Taff Valley, GLA Died of injuries 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 391
BENNETT Robert Uran 38 Decorator Manly Terrace, Gorseinon, GLA 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390
PUGH William Thomas 41 Train guard Hereford, HEF 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390
WOODLAND Henry 30 96 Priory Grove, Everton, LAN Husband of Emma WOODLAND 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390
WOODLAND Emma 28 96 Priory Grove, Everton, LAN Wife of Henry WOODLAND 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390
JONES Elizabeth 58 Roger Street, Caersalem, Cardiff, GLA 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390
MORRIS Mary Ann 53 Caersalem, Cardiff, GLA Wife of David MORRIS 1907/Dec Atcham 6a 390