Railway Fatal Accident index

An index of people who have died as a consequence of a railway related accident in the UK and Ireland.

The index covers the period from the inception of the railways as we know them now (c1830), to an arbitrary cutoff of 1980, although the emphasis is on the Victorian period. Only records from United Kingdom and Ireland are included.

The index concentrates on the people who lost their lives. If you are interested in the technical background to the accidents or non-fatal accidents then the Railways Archives site has a very good index of all types of accidents and also has a large number of the associated accident reports online.

Up to 1997, just over 3000 passengers had been killed as a result of a train accidents. This number probably does not include railway staff killed in the course of their duties. By comparison on the Great Western Railway, there was only one passenger killed in the seven years to 1872. This death was due to a mistake by a signalman.

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