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Details of the Accident

Place Harrow and Wealdstone
Date 8th October 1952, 8.20 a.m.
Railway Company British Railways (London Midland Region)
No. of Fatalities 112
Cause of Accident Collision
Description A local train from Tring to London Euston was standing on the up fast platform line, when it was hit by the Perth to London Sleeper (locomotive 46242 City of Glasgow), this train having run past a warning distant and two stop signals in the fog. Despite the efforts of the signalman, the collided trains where then hit by the London to Liverpool Express (locomotive 46202 Princess Anne). Thirty five of the fatalities were railwaymen. Ten of the fatalities died of their injuries later.

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List of Fatalities

107 of the 112 fatalities that have been identifed so far are listed in the table below together with brief notes on any other information found

The last column shows the General Register Office (England and Wales) or Statutory Register (Scotland) reference where this has been identified.

Surname First Names Age Occupation Residence Notes GRO/SR Reference
BURGESS Walter Frederick 54 Duke's Avenue, Wealdstone, MDX Died of injuries 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 408
HARDY Louisa 36 Perth Street, Lancaster, LAN Wife of J.W Hardy 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 412
JONES Robert Stanley 43 Train driver Ford Lane, Crewe, CHS Of the Perth-London sleeper train. Based in Crewe. 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 414
NASH William 43 , Amateur railway photographer.
BEATTIE John McCann 18 , Son of J. Beattie, Powfoot Street, Glasgow 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 407
BENJAFIELD Albert Ernest 19 L.A.C. (R.A.F) Winchester Road, Edmonton, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 408
BENTLEY Clifford Maurice 18 Sapper (R.E.) , Next of kin, Alfred Street, Bloxwich, STS 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 408
BENTON Donald William 18 Elgin, MOR 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 408
BRIERS Janice Ellen Georgina 15 Summerfield Road, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 408
BROOKS Herbert Noel 22 Copse Close, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 408
BURTON Charles Harry 33 Sevington Road, Hendon, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 409
BURTON Henry 45 Q.C. Kensington Court, London W8, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 409
CHEETHAM Alice 45 c/o Gaphurst Railway Station, Wigan, LAN Married. 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 409
CLARKE George Ridge Lane, Watford, HRT
CLOUGH Edwin Milton 33 Longley Road, Harrow, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 409
COLE Reginald Douglas 46 Colindale Drive, Stanmore, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 410
KEATING Audrey 12 Victoria Road, Watford, MDX
COSIER Ronald Charles 54 Beaconsfield Road, Tring, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 410
CROCKER John William 20 Ridge Lane, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 410
CULVERHOUSE Raymond Henry 21 St. Albans Road, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 411
DENTIN Sapper (R.E.) , Attached to R.E. Elgin
DOBSON Arnold Norman 18 Sapper (R.E.) , Attached to R.E. Knaresborough, WRY 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 411
DOHERTY Bartholomew Thomas 58 Tudor Avenue, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 411
ELLINGTON Geoffrey David 18 Sapper (Army) West Avenue, Romsey, HAM 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 412
HARDY J.W. Perth Street, Lancaster, LAN Husband of Louisa Hardy
JEFFERSON Herbert James 57 Railway worker? , In possession of a railway pass between Wealdstone and Euston 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 413
KEMPSTER James William Miles 20 Aircraft hand R.A.F. , Based Biggin Hill, KEN 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 414
KEYNOR James R.E.M.E Wentworth Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL
MASTERS John Michael 18 National Service Westerham, KEN 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 415
MELDRUM Sapper (Army) , No. 33789096
MUIR James Myles 41 Dairsie, FIF 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 415
MULLINS Peter Village Way, Pinner, MDX
MURRAY Francis William 51 Hartford Avenue, Kenton, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 415
FARRINGTON Unknown (male) Lyngarth Grove, Harrow, MDX
FARRINGTON S. Mountbell Road, Stanmore, MDX
GRANT Thomas Frederick 57 Ford Road, Bermondsey, London S.E., SRY 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 412
HARDCASTLE M. F. Tenby Avenue, Kenton, MDX
MORCON W. E. Sapper (Army) Broomhall Grove, Acocks Green, Birmingham, WAR
HILTON Morris Harold 16 Milton Street, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 413
NEWLYN John William 18 R.A.F Alberta Street, London S.E., SRY 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 416
PINE Leslie 20 Liverpool Road, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 416
POULTNEY Albert William 51 Drummond Drive, Stanmore, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 417
PRATT David Edwin 20 Oakdene Road, Watford, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 417
PRESTON Leslie Charles 37 Bushey Mill Lane, Bushey, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 417
REID William 44 Kirkcaldy, FIF 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 418
RIDGEWAY Ernest 64 Beechwood Rise, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 418
RILEY Joseph 22 Sapper (Army) , No. 22014352. Next of kin aunt. Mrs A. Taylor, South Eldon Street, South Shields 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 418
ROBINSON John 18 Sapper (Army) , No. 22794751 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 418
ROGERS John Ernest 20 Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 419
ROWLEY Unknown c55 ,
RUSSELL Stanley James 50 Perivale Gardens, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 419
SABIN Margaret Ann 15 17 Devons Road, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 419
SAFE William George 18 Herbert Road, Salisbury, WIL 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 419
SCHOFIELD John Weldon Avenue, Sunderland, DUR
SHELTON Norman 18 Army? Basinhall Road, Whittlesea, CAM No. 2279513 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 419
SHEPHERD John Leslie 22 Army Bellingham, DUR 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 420
SIFTON Maurice Chief of British Railways' Midland Region research department Kynaston Close, Harrow Weald, MDX
SLACK Adam Guy Walter 29 Skirwith Hall, Penrith, CUL 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 420
SLATER Gordon William 19 Sapper (Army) Pensfield Camp, Elgin Molt Avenue, Spondon, Derby, DBY 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 420
TEBBENHAM Henry George 61 Bonderwood Road, West Wickham, KEN 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 421
TURNER Natalie Gabrielle 22 Common Lane, King's Langley, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 421
WATSON Roy Thomas 28 Eaton Close, Stanmore, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 422
WEBSTER William Edgar 53 Wemborough Road, Stanmore, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 422
WILSON W. Harvey , LAN
WHITFIELD Trevor Henry 22 Belmont Road, Hemel Hempstead, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 422
WOODALL D. G. U.S.A.F., H259 Maintenance G.P. Dept , Husband of Jean WOODALL
QUAYLE George 24 Sharp Street, Askam-in-Furness, LAN 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 417
WALTER Hilda Mary 54 Meadow Way, North Harrow, MDX Married 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 422
SWAINE Agnes 61 Torrence, Flint, Michigan, USA 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 421
NASH Weban Ridge Lane, Watford, HRT
MEACHAM S.A. Oak Drive Road, Watford, HRT
PARKINSON Peter Walton Drive, Wealdstone, HRT
PITMAN John George Hermitage Way, Stanmore, MDX
BURTON Polly 60 Pinconin, MI Married 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 409
BLAKE Reginald Stanley 51 Hartford Avenue, Kenton, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 308
HOLLAND George Edward East Dulwich Grove, Camberwell, SRY
TURNOCK Colin 23 Railway fireman Crewe, CHS Of the Perth express 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 421
LEDGER William The Lawns, Hatch End, MDX
GLOVER John Roughdown Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, HRT
HARGREAVES Alan Devonshire Road, Bolton, LAN
SMITH Jean Balmoral Road, Watford, HRT Unmarried
TAVERNER F.C. Church Street, Berkhamstead, HRT
WHITEHEAD Norman H. Berkhamstead, HRT
WILLIAMS Herbert Finchley, MDX Died of injuries
HEARD Ann Dover Way, Croxley Green, Watford, HRT
NELSON A.V. Fairway, North New Ferry, CHS
DERBYSHIRE Henry Walter 53 Harebreak, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 411
CROW John Norman 25 Lyonmeade, Stanmore, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 411
CHRISTOPHER George Michael Leggatt's Way, Watford, HRT
CUBB J.W. Beaconsfield Road, Tring, HRT
PASKINS Betty Irene 20 Herga Road, Wealdstone, MDX 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 416
COLBURN F. Abercorn Road, Stanmore, MDX
RODWELL Alan James 17 , 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 418
PERKINS Albert 53 Railway driver Chatterton Road, Knotty Ash, Liverpool, CHS Driver of the Euston to Manchester express 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 416
STRETCH Brenda Marion 23 23, West Avenue, Ramsey, HUN 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 420
BLUNDELL H. Woodcroft Avenue, Stanmore, MDX
BLUNDELL Unknown Grasmere Gardens, Harrow, MDX
EMERY William Frederick 48 Bradshaw Road, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 412
LAWRENCE Rosetta 56 C/o Stowe Road, Cippenham, BKM 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 414
TAYLOR Kathleen Gertrude 48 Bruce Grove, Watford, HRT Married 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 421
LAW Edith Eleanor 47 Tattenham Way, Tadworth nr Epsom, SRY Married 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 414
EDGE Norah Lomax 32 Kingswood Road, Garston, Watford, HRT 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 412
ROFF Charles H. 47 Coast Raod, West Mercia, Colchester, ESS Died of injuries 1952/Dec Harrow 5F 485
PROCTOR Mary Doris 53 Lord Street, Brierfield, nr Nelson, LAN
N/K 65 - 70 , Unidentified