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Brighton – Commercial (A – J)

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Aaronson Aaron, embroidery warehouse, 41 Duke street
Aaronson Catherine (Mrs.), ladies’ outfitter, 1 Pool valley
Abbey Henry, maltster, Eastern road
Abbott Napthali, shopkeeper, 39 Frederick street
Abbott Thomas, stationer & news agent, 72A, Queen’s road
Abraham James, lodging house, 24 Bedford square
Abrahams Abraham, clothier, 15 Meeting House lane
Abrahams Lawrence, tailor & woollen draper, 13 North street
Ackland George, lodging house, 12 Devonshire place
Ackworth Edward, physician, 3 Regency square
Acton Walter, curiosity dealer, 11 Ship street
Adams & Son, stove & range makers, 3 Marlborough street
Adams & Stace, gas fitters, 54 Preston street
Adams George, cabinet maker, 84 Church street
Adams Samuel, greengrocer, 68 Islingword road
Adams William, butcher, 15 Trafalgar street
Adams Wm. gentlemen’s boarding school, 99½ Marine parade
Adamson Laura Charlotte (Miss), children’s home, 39 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Addison William, physician, 48 Norfolk square
Ade Benjamin, artificial florist, 34 Western road
Ade Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, Beaufort house, 1 Bond st
Ade Stephen Richard, paper hanging warehouse, 157 Colonnade, North street
Adnam George, auctioneer, 144 Western road
Adnam William, house agent, 24 & 25 Grenville place
Agnew Institution for Training Servants (Mrs. Susannah Deane, matron), 21 Chatham place
Akehurst Samuel & Son, auctioneers, appraisers & house agents, 10 Prince Albert street
Akehurst & Son, saddlers & harness makers, 31 King’s road, & 125 St. James’s street
Akehurst Abraham, fruiterer, Market house, Market street
Akehurst Charles, lodging house, 41 Preston street
Akehurst Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, 32 Marlborough pl.
Akehurst Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Broad street
Akehurst Peter, Albion inn, 1 Church street, Hove
Akehurst Robert, linen draper, 49 Preston street
Akehurst Susan (Mrs.) dress maker, 18 Kensington gardens
Akehurst William, saddler & harness maker, 78 King’s road
Akehurst W. H. (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 6 Dorset gardens
Akhurst Charles, grocer, oil & italian warehouse, 81 St. James’s street
Akhurst James, greengrocer, 15 Islingword road
Aldersey Wm. Hugh, surgeon, 39 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Alderton Lacy (Mrs.), Victoria, 18 Upper North street
Aldridge Alexander John, chemist, & post office receiving house, 19 Bedford street
Aldridge James, lodging house, 42 York road, Hove
Aldridge Philip, lodging house, 48 Temple street
Aldrington, Hove & Brighton Gas Company (William Low, sec), 3 New road
Alexander Alexander, tobacconist, 92 St. James’s street
Alford & Quick, professors of fencing & gymnastics, 70 Western road, Hove
Alford James, butcher 49 Clifton street
Alford James, wholesale tea dealer, Windsor street
Alfree Thomas R. gentlemen’s school, 29 Sussex square
Algar William & Co. woollen drapers, 4 St James’s street
Allen Alfred, beer retailer, 33 Upper St. James’s street
Allen George, greengrocer, 46 Guildford street
Allen James, greengrocer, 44 New England street
Allen Jesse, gas fitter, 25 George street
Allen Jesse, marine store dealer, 22 Chapel street
Allen John, gas fitter, Russell street
Allen Richard, hair dresser, 7 Meeting House lane
Allen Thomas, physician, 16 Regency square
Allfrey Esther (Mrs.), butcher, 112 Southover street
Allfrey James, butcher, 134 London road
Allson Charles, Crown inn, 63 Queen’s road
Allsopp Samuel & Sons, brewers of east india pale & burton ales (Charles Stone, manager), 6 Marine parade
Ambrosoni Charles, picture dealer, 57 & 58 East street
Ames William Potter, tailor & outfitter, 55 North street
Amey John, lodging house, 10 Oriental place
Amore Michael, lodging house, 7 Oriental place
Ancock G. french polisher, 19 Gardiner street
Ancock G. french polisher, 13 Ship Street lane
Ancock Thomas, french polisher, 46 Sidney street
Ancock Thomas, Lamb inn, 29 Church street
Anderson Ann (Mrs.), tea dealer & tobacconist, 52 Queen’s rd
Anderson George, hair dresser & news agent, 169 Western rd
Anderson James, lodging house, 31 Oriental place
Anderson Margaret (Mrs.), lodging house. 18 Lower Rock gardens
Anderson Richard, greengrocer, 93 Trafalgar street
Andre James Edward, cabinet maker, 39 Devonshire place
Andre James Edward, upholsterer, 19 Prince Albert street
Andress William, general printer, 205 Western road
Andrew Jesse, tobacconist & hair dresser, 88 Edward street
Andrew John, lodging house, 8 Little East street
Andrew Samuel, rope & twine dealer, 7 Little East street
Andrew William, beer retailer, 3 Little East street
Andrews Ann (Mrs.), day school, 14 Whitecross street
Andrews James, blacksmith, 12 Hereford street
Andrews James, butcher, 27 Tidy street
Andrews James, shopkeeper, 21 Ann street
Andrews John, academy 7 Wellington Road villas
Andrews John, lodging house, 11 Victoria road
Andrews Thomas, lodging house, 105 Marine parade
Angell Frederick, beer retailer, 10 Lower Market street
Ankett John, grocer & tea dealer, 3 Cheapside
Anscomb Joseph Staker & Sons, wine & spirit merchants, 60 Waterloo street
Anscombe Allen, architect & surveyor, 116 Queen’s road
Anscombe David, baker, 115 London road
Anscombe George, baker, 8 Southover street
Anscombe Joseph, builder, 116 Queen’s road
Anscombe Samuel, paper hanger, 39 High street
Anscombe Thomas, builder, Hampton street
Ansell Henry, laundry, 33 Upper North street
Antill William Samuel, carver & gilder, 57 Preston street
Antram George, Crown & Sceptre, 28 Richmond Hill
Antram Henry, Stag inn, 50 Upper Bedford street
Archer & Ross, The New Steine family hotel, & wine & spirit merchants opposite the East pier, St. James street
Arkill Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Marine parade
Arminger Robert, silk dyer, 44 North street
Arnold & Brown (Misses), milliners, 9 Montpelier place
Arnold George, toy dealer, 43 Duke street
Arnold John, marine store dealer, 11 & 12 Francis street
Arnold Joseph, butcher, 5 Terminus road
Arnold Joshua John, chemist, 131 London road
Arnold Martha (Mrs.), baker, 81 Gloucester lane
Arnold William, beer retailer, 16 Church street
Arnould Sarah Ann (Miss), millinery & straw bonnet establishment, 18 Castle square & 59 Old Steine
Arthur Alfred, artist, architect & engraver, 11 West Hill pl.
Arthur Isabella (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 117 Lansdowne place, hove
Arthur William, lodging house, 28 Hampton place
Arthur William Henry, M.D. surgeon, 108 Queen’s road
Artillery Lodge & Baths (Mrs. Marian Hobden, proprietress), 100 King’s road
Ashbee Sarah Isabella (Mrs.), lodging house, 31 Waterloo at
Ashby & Co. pale ale brewers, Bedford brewery, Sillwood street & Castle street
Ashby Alfred James, Crown & Anchor, 19 Margaret street
Ashdown Fanny (Mrs.), grocer, 45 Carlton street
Ashdown William, baker & earthenware dealer, 13 Sussex st
Asher Benjamin, clothier, 8 Meeting House lane
Ashton Samuel, Caxton Arms, 36 & 37 North gardens
Ashwell Gaius, linen draper, 204 Western road
Ashworth & Bourner, auctioneers, house furnishers, decorators &c. The Pantechnicon, 120 & 121 Queen’s road
Asylum for the Blind (Rev. R. S. Smith & H. Herbert, esq. secretaries; Mrs. Elizabeth Burton, matron), Eastern road
Atkins Elizabeth (Miss), day school, 23 Egremont place
Atkinson Caroline (Miss), lodging house, 123 Western road
Attreall John, lodging house, 11 Charles street
Attree, Clarke & Howlett, solicitors, vestry clerks to the parish of Brighton & solicitors to the Brighton & Hove gas Company, 8 Ship street
Attree Edward, turner, 15 Bread street
Attree Edwin paper hanger, 80 Gloucester lane
Attree George, auctioneer, appraiser & estate agent, furnishing undertaker & proprietor of funeral carriages & horses, 136 North street
Attree – (Mrs.), lodging house, 35 Bedford square.
Attree’s Repository for Funeral Horses & Carriages, 113 & 114 Church street
Attwick, James, greengrocer, 36 Bond street
Attwood Charles, boot & shoe maker, 30 Clifton hill
Atwell John, hair dresser, 18 High street
Aubin Charles, greengrocer, 59 King street
Augener George & Co. music sellers, 5 New road
Aukett Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 14 West Hill place
Aukett John, grocer & provision merchant, 3 Cheapside
Auscombe Joseph, builder, 13 Gloucester street & Queen’s rd
Austin & Lee, timber, slate & coal merchants, 12 Upper Bedford street & 16 Warwick street; brick makers, Old Shoreham rd. & at Cliftonville works, Portslade, Shoreham
Austin Daniel, beer retailer, 8 Albion hill
Austin Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Montpelier place
Austin Fanny (Miss) dress maker, 30 Clarence square
Austin John, baker, 1 Nelson street
Austin Joseph Thomas, baker; 30 Gloucester lane
Austin Samuel, boot & shoe maker, 37 Portland street
Austin Thomas, lodging house, 9 Chesham road, Kemp town
Avery Ann (Mrs.), greengrocer, 50 Upper North street
Avery George, butcher, 13 Russell square
Avery William, greengrocer, 6 Terminus road
Avis William, tailor, 7 Victoria road
Awcock Edmund, tin plate worker, 51 Gardiner street
Awcock Edward, china & glass dealer, 29 Gardiner street
Aylen Samuel, bookseller, stationer & printer, 163 North st
Aylen Samuel, tea dealer, 85 Western road
Ayling – (Mrs.), laundress, 14 Regent hill
Aylmore Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Bedford place
Aylward Emery, lodging house, Upper Lewes road
Aylwin Mary (Mrs.) dress maker, 31 Hampton place
Aylwin William, builder, 31 Hampton place
Bachan Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 60 Upper Trafalgar st
Back John, beer retailer, 25 Upper Bedford street
Back Richard, coal dealer, 22 Richmond buildings
Bacon John, Queen’s hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, Grand Junction parade
Bacon Robert, Old Ship family hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, 38 King’s road
Baddeley George, sewing machine agent, 37 Ship street
Badrick Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 Montpelier road
Bagley Henry, school for young gentlemen, 3 Belmont Dyke rd
Bailey Charles, shoe maker, 19 Cheltenham place
Bailey Joseph, King’s Arms, 56 George street
Bailey Rose (Mrs.), dining rooms, 9 Sillwood street
Bailey William, dining rooms, 28 Surrey street
Baines Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house,. 41 Atlingworth st
Baker & Haines, china & glass dealer, 46 Preston street
Baker Albert, builder, 52 High street
Baker Ann (Mrs.), greengrocer, 9 Upper Bedford street
Baker Bernard, beer retailer, 27 George street
Baker Charles, marine store dealer, 15 & 91 Carlton street
Baker David, painter, 5 Gardiner street
Baker Emma H. (Miss), professor of the pianoforte, 110 St. James’s street
Baker Francis (Miss), lodging house, 48 Western rd. Hove
Baker Louisa (Miss), dress maker, 37 East street
Baker Richard, beer retailer, 14 Montague place
Baker Richard, chimney sweeper, Clarence yard, North st
Baker Richard, grocer, 2 Guildford road
Baker Richard, pork butcher, 79½ St. James’s street
Baker Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 9 Marine square
Baker Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Grafton street
Baker Sophia, (Mrs.), greengrocer, 2 High street
Baker Susan (Mrs.), lodging house, 116 King’s road
Baker Susan (Mrs.), lodging house, 132 King’s road
Baker Thomas, clothes dealer, 69 & 60 Lavender street
Baker Thomas, grocer, 110 Gloucester lane
Baker Thomas Bennett, tailor, 13 Upper North street
Baker William, coach maker, 16 Cumberland place
Baker William, dairyman, 55 Newhaven street
Baker William, grocer, 8 Church street, Hove
Baker William, violin maker, 23 Upper Russell street
Baker William, violin & musical instrument maker, 24 George street
Baker William, wine & spirit merchant, 120 Western road
Baker William Brook, tailor 10 Gardiner street
Baker William Tapsill, lace & fancy warehouse, 57 King’s rd
Balchan Thomas, beer retailer, 42 John street
Balchin & Neil, fruiterers & florists, 104 Western road, & Shoreham road, Hove
Balcomb Thomas, bricklayer, 21 Upper North street
Balcomb William, shopkeeper, 32 North lane
Baldock Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 39 Scotland street
Baldy Charles, grocer, & italian warehouse, IA, Chichester pl.
Baldry George, cabinet maker, 163 Western road
Baldwin Mary (Miss), day school, 24 Dean street
Baldwin William, lodging house, 3 Lower Rock gardens
Ballad Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house. 9 York road, Hove
Ballard Thomas Harker, William the Fourth, 4 Church st
Bambridge William, pianoforte tuner, 9 Gardiner street
Banfield Ebenezer, ironmonger & gas fitter, 9 Montpelier road & 1 Little Western street
Banfield George, scale maker & gas fitter, 53 Ship street
Banfield William, coal merchant, 12 Guildford road; 20 Ship street, & 17 Station street
Banister Wyndham, land surveyor, 64 Ship street
Banks Thomas Cheesman, boot maker, 2 North Quadrant
Bannister Alfred, grocer, 3 Victoria road
Bannister John, stone mason, 30 Sloane street
Barber Benjamin, butcher, 9 Baker street
Barber Charles, builder, 86 Gloucester lane
Barber Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Wood street
Barber John Henry, grocer, 41 Albion hill
Barber Thomas, shopkeeper, 6 Boyce’s street
Barber William, carpenter, 12 High street
Barber William James, lodging house, 2 York road, Hove
Barclay George, linen draper, 164 Edward street
Barcombe Flour Depot (Thomas Sayer, manager), 35 Spring gardens
Barfoot Robert Thomas, watch maker & jeweller, 48 North st
Barge Frederick, fruiterer, 13 Marlborough place
Barge Robert, greengrocer, 102 Richmond street
Barge Robert, greengrocer, 11 Russell street
Barker Joseph, ticket writer, 47 Cavendish street
Barker Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 128 Western road
Barker Samuel, physician, 14 Eaton place
Barker William, lodging house, 4 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Barlett Philip (Mrs.), gentlemen’s preparatory school, 35 Sussex square
Barnard Harriet & Frances (Misses), straw bonnet makers, 1 King street
Barnard David, hardware & china dealer, 132 North street & 48 Western road
Barnard George, tinman & brazier, 27 Gardiner street
Barnard George, window blind manufacturer, 12 Middle st
Barnard George Wheeler, hair dresser, 86 Trafalgar street
Barnard Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 22 Charles street
Barnard Joseph Benjamin, butcher, 41 Edward street
Barnard Nathaniel, shoeing smith, 1 King street
Barnard Thomas, baker & confectioner, 37 College place
Barnard William, beer retailer, 92 Carlton street
Barnden James, London Road inn, 120 London road
Barnden John, Star of Brunswick, Brunswick Street west
Barnes Edward James, boot & shoe maker, West Hill place
Barnes George, George the Fourth, 16 Carlton street
Barnes Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 18 Temple street
Barnes Thomas, marine store dealer, 49 Upper North street
Barnes William, Cricketers’ inn, 15 Black Lion street
Barnes William, rag dealer, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Chapel street
Barnet Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Lower Rock gardens
Barnett John, brewer & maltster, 16 Russell street
Barnett William, chemist, 84 St. James’s street
Barnett William, lodging house, 116 Marine parade
Barns Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, 121 Edward street
Barns Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, 54 St. James’s street
Barns Diana (Mrs.), day school, 9 Howard road
Barns Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 15 Queen’s road
Barns Uriah, working optician, 133 Edward street
Barratt Arthur Newton, M.D. surgeon, 10 St. James’s street
Barratt Elizabeth Miss), lodging house, 18 Western cottages
Barrett Amelia (Miss), dress maker, 14 Dorset gardens
Barrow Reuben, pork butcher, 7 Victoria road
Barrowcliff Frederick, tobacconist, 8 Upper Russell street
Barrymore William R. gentlemen’s boarding school, 39 & 40 Brunswick road
Bartholomew George & Co. cabinet manufacturers, upholsterers, auctioneers, undertakers & house agents, 59 East street
Bartholomew George, beer retailer, 6 Lavender street
Barlett & Roe, auctioneers, 101 King’s road
Bartlett & Warren, embroiderers, 30 West street
Bartlett Alexander Whyte, beer retailer & tobacconist, 119 Church street
Bartlett Alfred, builder, 30 Centurion road
Bartlett Charles, news agent, 37 Upper St. James’s Street
Bartlett Edwin, plasterer & modeller, 3 Clarence gardens
Bartlett Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 33 Old Steine
Bartlett E. W. A. galvanist & magnetist, 74 West street
Bartlett Fanny (Mrs.), chiropodist, 62 Queen’s road
Bartlett Henry, lodging house, 61 Preston street
Bartlett James bird fancier, 18 Bedford place
Bartlett John, baker, 10 Church street, Hove
Bartlett John James, boot & shoemaker, 8 Western rd. Hove
Bartlett Joseph, lodging house, 8 Montpelier street
Bartlett William, builder, 15 Montpelier street
Barton Brothers, pharmaceutical chemists, 77 King’s road
Barton Eliza (Mrs.), hosier & glover, 9 Western road
Barton Louisa (Mrs.), day school, 18 Terminus road
Bartrop Tamar (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Cannon place
Barttelot Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 33 Russell street
Bartup William, baker, 47 Edward street
Bartup William, baker, 55 Lavender street
Bastick Samuel, hat manufacturer 108A, St. James’s street
Batchelor Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Lower Rock gardens
Batchelor David, shoe maker, 14 High street
Batchelor Eliza (Mrs.), greengrocer, 4 Terminus road
Batchelor Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Norfolk square
Batchelor George, beer retailer, 13 Foundry street
Batchelor George, butcher, 36 Gloucester lane
Bate James, surgeon, 42 Preston street
Bates & Co. watch & clock maker, 28 Church Street, Hove
Bates John, straw worker, 81 Rose Hill terrace
Bath Henry, lodging house, 21 Great College street
Bath William, fly proprietor, Gloucester lane
Bathurst Maria Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 23 Lansdowne place, Hove
Batterbee Charles, stationer, 23 Trafalgar street
Batts John, parish clerk at Hove, 33 Waterloo street
Batup Edmund, Bricklayers’ Arms, 58 North street
Bann Adolphus, glover, 33 King’s road
Bax John, tailor, 9 Spring street
Bax William, clothier, 6 New road
Bayford Edward, fly proprietor, Brunswick street west
Bayly Mansel (Mrs.), boarding house, 41 King’s road
Bayly Mausel, sculptor, 41 King’s road
Beal Benjamin, juvenile warehouse, 50 Ship Street
Beal George, baker, 34 Cheltenham place
Beal George, bookseller & stationer, 207 Western road
Beal John, lodging house, 43 Grenville place
Beal John, stationer, publisher, account book manufacturer, news & advertising agent, & publishing office of the ‘West Sussex Gazette,’ & dealer in waste paper, 55 East street
Beal Robert, baker, 24 Richmond street
Beal Tam Hyde, cork cutter, 7 Market Street
Beale Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 33 Russell square
Beale James, lodging house, 17 Temple street
Bealff James, chocolate manufacturer, 25 St. George’s road
Bean Louisa (Miss), lodging house, 30 Black Lion street
Beard Charles Izard, physician, 64 Grand parade
Beard Elizabeth (Mrs.), pork butcher, 102 London road
Beard Henry, Golden Fleece, 2 Market street
Beaumont Thomas, general dealer, 5 York road, London rd
Beck Eliza (Mrs.), dress maker, 20 Upper North street
Beck William, fancy repository, 80A, St. James’s street
Beck William, house agent & coal merchant 123 King’s rd
Beck William Henry, fruiterer, 58 Preston street
Bedford Henry William, ironmonger, 28 St. George’s road
Bedford Hotel Co. (limited) (William Hatley Bacon, sec. & manager), 137 King’s road
Bedford William, ironmonger 1 Sillwood street
Bedwell Eli, lodging house, 18 Clifton street
Beeching Richard, Saddler, 62 Waterloo street, & 1A, Hove place, Cliftonville
Behr Jacob, beer retailer, 140 Edward street
Belcham Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 German place
Belfour Joseph, lodging house, 16 Bedford place
Bell Charlotte (Mrs.), grocer, 53 Carlton street
Bell Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Clifton hill
Bell Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Chesham road, 1 Kemp town
Bell Henry W. G. auctioneer, 31A, Preston street
Bell Richard, shopkeeper, 15 Elder street
Bellchamber Naomi (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 53 Kensington place
Belsey William, dairyman, 43 Victoria street
Beney Thomas, cowkeeper, 9 Mount street
Benham William, fruiterer, 113, Western road
Benham William, lodging house, 15 Wyndham street
Bennet Caroline (Mrs.), greengrocer, 54 Upper Bedford st
Bennett Benjamin, monumental mason & sculptor, 41 Church street & Lewes road
Bennett Benjamin, shoe maker, 72 George st. Cliftonville
Bennett Edward, carpenter, 2 Hampton place
Bennett Elizabeth (Mrs,), laundress, 6 Howard terrace
Bennett Francis, Bedford, 30 Western street
Bennett Fras. Graham, orthopaedic surgeon, 28 Grand parade
Bennett Frederick, grocer & cheesemonger, 100 St. James’s St
Bennett George, tobacconist, 10 Sussex street
Bennett Henry, laceman, 64 King’s road
Bennett James, beer retailer, Hove street, Cliftonville
Bennett James lodging house, 10 Hampton place
Bennett John, hair dresser, 95 Church street
Bennett John, hair dresser, 31 Market street
Bennett Richard Christopher, house agent, 45 Middle street
Bennett Thomas, grocer, 1 Eastern quadrant, St. George’s rd
Bennett Thomas, lodging house, 24 Portland place
Bennett William, cooper, 22 Windsor street
Bennett William, Robin Hood, 3 Norfolk place
Bennett William, undertaker, 51 Sloan Street
Bennett William Craven, Carpenters’ Arms, & builder, 57 West street
Bennetts Ellen (Miss), milliner &c. 3 Gardiner street
Benney William George, academy, 29 Devonshire place
Bentley Eliza (Mrs.), confectioner, 169 Edward street
Bentley Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, 134 Queen’s road
Bentley Frederick, fishmonger, 94 Church street
Bentley Henry William, solicitor, 10 Ship street
Bentley William, law stationer, 62 Ship street
Berncastle (Misses), ladies’ boarding School, 19 & 20 Portland place
Berres Frances, lodging house, 5 Bedford square
Berry Ellen (Mrs.), lodging house, Hove terrace, Hove
Berry John Charles, printer, bookseller & stationer, 26 St. James’s street
Berry Thomas, importer of wines & spirits & ale & stout merchant, 9 & 10 Black Lion street & High street, Lewes
Best Henry, greengrocer, 22 Guildford terrace.
Best Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 50 Meeting House lane
Best William, beer retailer & shopkeeper, 24 Mount Zion pl.
Bethell’s Chemical Works (John Whitehead, manager), Black rock
Bettenge Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, 109 North street
Betton Walter, pork butcher, 34 Gloucester lane
Beves John, builder, 29 Marlborough place
Beves John May, letterpress & copper plate printer, 31 Portland street
Beves William, plumber, 39 Marlborough place
Bex Frederick, Black Horse, & smith, 112 Church street, & livery stables, 70 Jubilee street
Bidan Anna (Miss), teacher of french, 5 Hampton place
Biddle Charles, picture frame maker & artists’ colorman, 16 St. James’s street
Biddle Wm. Henry, lodging house, 14 Lansdowne st. Hove
Bieneman John, professor of gymnastics, Rock villa, College road
Biggs & Hill, corn, seed & coal merchants & millers, 17, 18 & 19 Upper St. James’s street, & livery stables, Bristol rd
Biggs Elizabeth (Mrs.), pork butcher, 21 Bond street
Biggs James, Lion inn, 65 St. James’s street
Biggs Joshua, lodging house, 1 Temple street
Biggs Joshua, poulterer, 30 Cobden place
Biggs William, pork butcher, 31 Ship street
Bignell Frederick, beer retailer, 4 Richmond street
Billinghurst Alfred, dining rooms, 36 Market street
Billinghurst John, cheesemonger, 61 North street
Bills Richard, bird dealer, 17 Meeting House lane
Bingham Elizabeth (Mrs.), greengrocer, 17 King’s street
Binney Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Osborne st. Cliftonville
Bioletti Joseph Theodore & Sons, hair dressers, 123 St. James’s street, & 36 Western road, Hove
Birchall William, greengrocer & bird dealer, 78 Edward st
Bird – (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Oriental place
Bird Charles, coal & wood dealer, 22 Marlborough street
Bird James, trimming & berlin wool warehouse, 10 Castle sq.
Bird James Collis, ham, beef & tongue warehouse, 5 Western road
Bird Richard, Fitters’ Arms, 25 York road, London road
Bird Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Clifton street
Bird Thomas, brewer & beer retailer, 65 Ship street
Birch Thomas, grocer, 53 Upper Bedford street
Birmingham Herbert, tobacconist, 15 New road
Biscoe Thomas, boot maker, 2 Cranbourn street
Bishop & Welfare, fishmongers, 2 Oxford terrace, Church street, Hove
Bishop Ann (Mrs ), lodging house, 7 Brunswick place
Bishop Frederick, hair dresser, 2 King street
Bishop George Baker, hair dresser & perfumer, 18 Marlborough place
Bishop Helen (Miss), ladies’ school, 24 Clifton road
Bishop Henry, lodging house, 11 German place
Bishop James, chair bottomer, 10 Regent row
Bishop John, City of Hereford inn, 29 Upper St. James’s st
Bishop Mary (Miss), lodging house, 60 Marine parade
Bishop Rebecca (Miss), lodging house, 27 Waterloo street
Bishop Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Clifton street
Bixley George, shopkeeper 14 Blackman street
Blaber Elizabeth, ladies’ school, 53 York road, Hove
Blaber Frederick, Lord Nelson inn, 36 Trafalgar street
Blaber James, Saracen’s Head, Windsor street
Black & Freeman, solicitors, 58 Ship street
Black David, town clerk & coroner for the borough, 58 Ship street
Black Peter, agent for the General Navigation Co. & vice consul of France & Denmark, 47 Queen’s road
Blackburn Charles Francis, bookseller, 16 Western road
Blackburn John, lodging house, 26 Russell square
Blacklock Joseph Davison, chemist, 32 Old Steine
Blackman Charles, fishmonger, 35 Western road, Hove
Blackmore Mary (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, 8 Brunswick place, Hove
Blake Thomas, butcher, 30 Grand parade
Blaker Mary & Sarah Trangmer (Misses), grocers, 49 Cannon street
Blaker Charles Oliver, architect & surveyor, 62 Ship street
Blaker Frances (Mrs.), grocer, 107 Church street
Blaker Frank, shoe maker, 31 Sillwood street
Blaker Frederick, shoe maker, 30 Upper Russell street
Blaker George, greengrocer, 11 Upper Russell street
Blaker Harry Mills surgeon, 29 Old Steine
Blaker John George, grocer, 28 York road. London road
Blakeway Charles, tobacconist, 25 Edward street
Bland William, greengrocer, 6 Church street
Blann William, beer retailer, 3 Windsor cottages
Blary William, greengrocer, 4 Russell street
Blockley Thomas, grainer & writer, 38 Sidney street
Blondel Louis, importer of eggs, 22 Market street
Bloomfield Eliza (Mrs.), habit maker, 14 Bond street
Bloomfield John, lodging house, 2 Preston street
Blower Mary Ann (Mrs.), pestalozzian preparatory school, 89 Upper North street
Bluck Caroline (Miss), ladies’ school, 34 & 35 Montpelier cres
Bluck William Henry, lodging house, 3 Chichester place, Kemp town
Blundell & During, ladies’ school, 6 & 7 Eaton place
Blundell Charles Paine, plumber & decorative painter, 9 Bond street
Blunden Samuel, shopkeeper, 143 Edward street
Boardman John, lodging house, 70 Grand parade
Body Richard George, cabinet maker, 43 Grosvenor street
Bogg William Barton, grocer, 28 Church street
Bollen James, cook & confectioner, 72 Western road
Bollen Thomas, confectioner & baker, 38 Grand parade
Bollingbrooke Arthur, greengrocer, 13 Cheapside
Bond Charles John, professor of music, 47 Montpelier road
Bond Edmund, beer retailer, 22 Hanover street
Bond Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 23 Clarence square
Bond Peter, linen draper, 78 North street
Bond Thomas, builder, 40 Hampton road
Boniface Alfred, lodging house, 11 Farm road, Hove
Boniface James, licensed to let horses for hire, 1 Hampston st
Boniface Walter, carpenter & coal dealer, 87 Carlton street
Bonner George, bookseller & stationer, 75 King’s road
Bonner Richard, shoe maker, 15 Gardiner street
Bonner Robert, lead, glass, oil & color man, 62 & 63 Edward street
Bonner Thomas, jeweller, 23 King’s road
Bonney William, lodging house, 12 Guildford street
Booker Frances (Miss), lodging house, 23 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Boon Hannah (Mrs.), butcher, 100 Richmond street
Boon John, butcher, 27 Church street
Boon John, butcher, 8 Sillwood street
Boore John, bookbinder, 6 Castle street
Boorman Francis, grocer, 23 Cheapside
Booth Edwin, pastrycook & confectioner, 70 East street
Boother George, fishmonger, 30 East street
Boots Esther & Louisa (Misses), dress makers, 28 Terminus rd
Booty Edward & Son, artists 23 & 24 Western road
Booty Sarah (Mrs.), stay maker, 2 Pool valley
Bordman Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging ho. 12 & 13 Marine parade
Borvin Joseph, jeweller, 2½ Market street
Bostel Daniel, lodging house, 102 King’s road
Bostell David Thomas, plumber & painter, 21 Ship street
Botham Benjamin William, photographer, 33 Clarence square & 43 Western road
Botting Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 21 West Hill street
Botting John, beer retailer, 93 Church street
Botting John, confectioner, 66 St. George’s road
Botting John, lodging house, 23 Waterloo street
Botting Michael, grocer, 57 Edward street
Botting Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 80 West street
Boulton Alfred, lodging house, 7 Devonshire place
Bourne Amos, greengrocer, 80½ St. James’s street
Bourne Charles, Somerset Arms, 58 St. George’s road
Bourne William, shoe maker, 25 Duke street
Bourner George, linen draper, 108 St. James’s street
Bourner James, milliner, 7 St. James’s street
Boutcher Mary Ann (Mrs.), furniture warehouse, 24, 25 & 26 Gardiner street
Bower Christopher, upholsterer, 30 Upper St. James’s street
Bower Christopher Fabian, cabinet maker, 1 Bedford street
Bowers Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 21 Bedford street
Bowles John Alfred, billiard rooms, 10A, Ship street
Bowles John, tailor, 55 George street
Bowley John, baker, 47 West Hill street
Bow Jane (Miss), dress maker, 35 Camelford street
Bowron Richard, lodging house, 1 Atlingworth street
Bowron Richard, lodging house, 1 Royal crescent
Bowron T. lodging house, 43 & 44 Marine parade
Box Thomas, beer retailer, 55 Edward street
Box William, Jolly Fisherman, 35 Market street
Boxall Edwin, solicitor & notary public, 63 Ship street
Boxall Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress, 9 Union street east
Boxall James, coach builder, 3, 27 & 28 Mount street & 7 Rock place
Boxall John, butcher, 173 Edward street
Boxall John, tailor, 11A, Upper St. James’s street
Boxall Mary (Mrs.), greengrocer, 18 Russell street
Boxell Joseph, loan office, 40 Windsor street
Boxell Thomas, watch maker & jeweller, 43 King’s road
Boyd Elizabeth (Miss), preparatory school for young gentlemen, 9 Eaton place
Boyd William Brown, french polisher, 4 Spring street
Boyell John, hair dresser, 85 Albion hill
Boyes James, tailor, 28 Russell street
Boyle Martha (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 118 London road
Boyles William, fruiterer, Market house, Market street
Braby Benjamin, baker, 54 Church street
Braby William, bricklayer, 23 Essex street
Braby Anthony George, tobacconist 44 St. James’s street
Bradley John, Coach & Horses, 29 North street
Bradley Thomas, chemist & dentist, 83 Bond street
Bradshaw William, hosier & haberdasher, 208 Western road
Bradshaw William, shoe maker, 8 Belmont street
Brand Thomas greengrocer, 10 Baker street
Brann Louisa (Miss), lodging house, 4 Oriental place
Branwell Richard, surgeon, 3 Cambridge road
Branwhite John, livery stables, Shoreham road
Brass Josiah, Norfolk Arms, 52 Grand parade
Bravery Thomas, furniture broker, 37 Edward street
Bray Henry & Son, fly proprietors, 46 Essex street
Bray Elizabeth, lodging house, 52 Waterloo street
Bray John, stationer & news agent, 82 St. James’s street
Bray Mark, shoe maker, 79 Edward street
Bray William, fly proprietor, 6 Brunswick street west
Braybon Thomas Frederick, lodging house, 4 Charlotte st
Brayne William, tailor, 27 Kensington street
Brazier Thomas, corn dealer, 8 Cheapside
Brazier Thomas Turner, miller & corn chandler, Tower mill, Ditchling road
Breach Benjamin, coal dealer, 2 Sidney street
Breach Caroline (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 14 Osborne street, Cliftonville
Breach Dennis, carpenter, 65 High street
Breach George, superintendent of police for the Hove division, Brunswick street west
Breads George, tobacconist, 42 Trafalgar street
Breeze George, Britannia inn, 5 Cavendish street
Breeze Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 23 Bedford square
Brett Henry, butcher, 37 Brunswick place
Brett – (Mrs.), ladies’ boarding school, 76 Montpelier road
Brew Thomas Archer, operative chemist, 71 East street
Brewer Eliza (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 23 Vernon terrace
Brewer Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 2 Windsor cottages
Bridge Henry, printer, 33 Marlborough place
Bridge William, beer retailer & shoe maker, 30 Bond street
Bridgeman Clara (Mrs.), milliner, 10 Duke street
Bridger George & James, plumbers, painters & glaziers, 25 Sillwood street & 58 Waterloo street
Bridger Emily (Miss), establishment for young gentlemen, 4 Buckingham road
Bridger Louisa (Miss), milliner, 58 Waterloo street
Bridger Thomas, greengrocer, 35 Cheapside
Brigden George, tailor, 10 Market street
Brigden John, coach builder, 17 & 18 Margaret street & 187 Western road
Brigden Richard, stationer & news agent, 2 Grand parade
Briggs Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 47 Norfolk square
Briggs Phoebe (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Norfolk square
Bright Edward, manufacturing jeweller, silversmith & watch maker, 13 Pavilion buildings
Brighton Asylum for Poor Female Orphans (Rev. J. H. North, M.A. & Mr. Henry Moor treasurers; Rev. H. M. Wagner & Rev. Thomas Cooke, hon. secs.), Eastern road
Brighton Benefit Building Society (T. J. Sabine, sec.), 49 East street
Brighton Bible Association (George Hall, agent), 18 Prince Albert street
Brighton Bible Repository (George Harvey, agent), 2 Eastern quadrant, St. George’s road
Brighton Bread & Flour Company (Thomas Hampton, manager), 5 North street, Quadrant
Brighton Coal Company (Richard Jameson, manager), 2 Marine parade
Brighton College (Rev. John Griffith, M.A. principal; Michael Turner, esq. sec.), Eastern road
Brighton Dispensary (Charles Verrall Willett, esq. house surgeon; Mr. Robert Glaisyer, dispenser; Mr. B. Chalfield, house keeper), 112 Queen’s road
Brighton Examiner (John Frederic Eyles, printer & publisher), 77 North street
Brighton Extramural Cemetery (Harry Alderton, sec.), Lewes road
Brighton Gazette Printing Office (Curtis & Son, proprietors), Prince’s place
Brighton Guardian Newspaper Office (Cohen Nathan, printer & publisher), 34 North street
Brighton Herald Printing Office (Charles Fleet & John George Bishop proprietors), Prince’s place
Brighton & Hove Dispensary (Western branch) (Charles Lewis Badcock, house surgeon, Mrs. Sophia Green, housekeeper, 4 farm road, Hove
Brighton & Hove Gas Works (John B. Paddon, superintendent), Hove street, Cliftonville
Brighton Hotel Company, 99 King’s road
Brighton & Hove General Gas Company (J. B. Paddon, engineer & superintendent; C. Sandeman, chief inspector), office, 9 ship street
Brighton, Hove & Preston Mutual Benefit Building Society (No. 1) (T. J. Saline, sec.), 49 East street
Brighton, Hove & Preston Water Company Offices (Mr. S. R. Legg, clerk), 12 Bond street
Brighton Institution & Reading Rooms (Henry Scrase, sec.), 39 Queen’s road
Brighton Laundry Company (limited) (George Legge, manager), Lewes road
Brighton Loan Society Office (John Dennant, sec.), 4 Duke st
Brighton Lying-in Institution & Dispensary for Women & Children (Mr. John Gettings, house surgeon), 76 West st
Brighton Observer (Ebenezer Lewis, proprietor & publisher), 53½ North street
Brighton Proprietary School (Philip Capon, head master), 7 Ship street
Brighton Proprietary School (Mrs. M. Coates, head governess; Mr. B. Newman, sec.), 12 Marlborough place
Brighton Provident & District Society & Benevolent Loan Fund & Mendicity & Sick Relief Fund (Mr. F. Beal, clerk & agent), 108 Church street
Brighton Savings Bank (William Hatton, actuary), 30 New road
Brighton & Sussex Club (John Wright, proprietor), 66 Old Steine
Brighton & Sussex Equitable Permanent Benefit Building Society (Ludd Christian, sec.), 17 Prince Albert street
Brighton & Sussex Mutual Provident Society for Life Insurance (John Hatton, sec.), 11 Prince Albert street
Brighton & Sussex School of Art (Mr. John White, head master; Frederic Menefield & Horatio N. Goulty, hon. secs.), Palace place
Brighton Times (Wm. Pearce, proprietor), 205 Western rd
Brighton Union Club (Mr. H. Livesay, sec.), 138 King’s rd
Brighton Workhouse (Alfred Morris, esq. clerk & superintendent registrar; Rev. John Image, chaplain; Edward Sattin, master; Mrs. Emma Sattin, matron) Dyke road
Brill’s Brighton Baths Co. (limited), royal tepid swimming baths for ladies & gentlemen, East street; shampooing, hot air, vapour & douche baths, 1 King’s road
Brinton Robert & Thomas, jewellers, 12 King’s road
Brion Charles, lodging house, 25 Portland place
Bristow Samuel, beer retailer, 125 Sussex street
Brittain Charles, Norfolk shades, Norfolk street
Broadbridge Edward, artificial florist, 6A, East street
Broadbridge Edward, upholsterer, cabinet & bedding manufacturer, 162 Western road
Broadbridge Frederick, furniture broker, 28 Islingword road
Broadbridge Henry, lodging house, 9 & 10 Cannon place
Broadbridge John, furniture broker, 1 Norfolk place
Broadbridge Richard, shopkeeper, 33 Oxford street
Brogden Sarah (Mrs.), glove cleaner, 4 Norfolk street
Brook Alfred, tailor, 19 Little Preston street
Brook Harriet (Mrs.), dairy, 5 Montpelier road
Brooker James, shell fishmonger, 38 Queen’s gardens
Brooker John, coal dealer, 67 New England street
Brooker Robert, beer retailer, 3 Lower Market street
Brooker William Edward, lodging house, 152 King’s road
Brooks George, milliner, 113 St. James’s street
Brooks Henry, lodging house, 55 Regency square
Brooks John, lodging house, 20 Oriental place
Brooks Thomas, shawl & mantle warehouse, 22 Western road
Broomfield Matilda (Mrs.), lodging house, 37 Cannon place
Broomfield William, boot maker, 45 Upper Bedford street
Brotheridge Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, 11 Gardiner street
Brown Charles & Son, surgeon dentists 23 Old Steine
Brown Jane & Mary Ann (Misses), milliners, 30 Ship street
Brown A. W. (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 52 Middle st
Brown David, lodging house, 24 Marine parade
Brown Eliza (Miss), preparatory school for boys, 31 Montpelier crescent
Brown Elizabeth (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 10 Howard place
Brown Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress, 6 North gardens
Brown George, birdcage maker, 111 North street
Brown George, brass founder, caster, finisher & beer machine manufacturer, 2 & 36 Whitecross street
Brown George, tailor & woollen draper, 95 Trafalgar street
Brown Henrietta (Miss), ladies’ school, 2 Hanover place
Brown Henry, wardrobe dealer, 32 Upper North street
Brown Henry, York Arms, 25 New York street
Brown James, professor of dancing, 60 West street
Brown Jane (Mrs.), ladies’ ready made linen warehouse, 52 North street
Brown John, boot & shoe maker, 52 Middle street & 8 Ship street lane
Brown John, fly proprietor, 21 Artillery street
Brown John, saddler & harness maker, 20 Marlborough place
Brown John, tailor, 8 Terminus road
Brown Lancelot, hosier & glover, 52 North street
Brown Mary Ann (Mrs.), tobacconist, 25 New road
Brown Richard, physician, Adelaide lodge, St. Catherine terrace, Hove
Brown Richard, railway surveyor, 2 Chatham place
Brown Robert, fruiterer, 35 Preston street
Brown William, coal & coke dealer, 10 Derby place
Brown William, market gardener, Baker’s bottom, Eastern road, & 6 Bryanston terrace, Elm grove
Browne Audley, tunbridge ware rooms, 68 East street
Browne George, surgeon, 35 Montpelier road
Bruce John, engraver, 6 Pool valley
Brumfit Charles, tobacconist, 90 King’s road
Bryan George, confectioner, 59 Edward street
Bryan James, writer & grainer, 41 Bond street
Bryant Brothers, dyers, 27 St. James’s street, & at 203 Western road
Bryce Charles, physician, 59 Old Steine
Bryer Jane (Miss), lodging house, 16 Montpelier street
Bryne Daniel, artist, 8 West Hill place
Buchel Charles, lodging house, 31 Broad street
Buckingham William, lodging house, 30 Broad street
Buckland George, baker, 8 Baker street
Buckman Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Middle street
Buckman William Bailey, Royal Yacht, 129 Sussex street
Buckwell Ruth (Miss), milliner, 9 Guildford street
Buer Sarah (Miss), hosier & glover, 50 Western road
Bugden George, Horse & Groom, 70 Islingword road
Buggins Henry, Royal Brunswick baths & lodging house, 2 Western street
Bulbeck Martha (Miss), dress maker, 35 Montpelier street
Bulgin James, dentist, 11 East street
Bull George, grocer & cheesemonger, 71 North street
Bull Henry, haberdasher &c. 63 North street
Bull John, linen draper, 3 & 4 Western road
Bull Sarah (Mrs.), greengrocer, 18 Market street
Bunney George Frederick, stationer, 6 Lewes road
Burch Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 24 Dorset gardens
Burcher William, upholsterer, 63 High street
Burchett Esther (Mrs.), milliner, 2 Crown street
Burchett James, coach maker, 41 & 42 High street
Burden Edwin Benjamin, cooper, 21 Sillwood street
Burden Thomas, cooper, 34 John street
Burfield William, butcher, 8 York road, London road
Burford William, lodging louse, 5 Burlington street
Burges Henry, lodging house, 13 New Steine
Burgess Martha & Fanny (Misses), dress makers, 43 Buckingham road
Burgess Charles Paul, linen draper, 148 Edward street
Burgess Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Bloomsbury place
Burkenshaw Caleb, shoe maker, 28 Newhaven street
Burley Frederick Edward, baker & confectioner, 94 St. George’s road
Burluraux John Nicholas, fancy repository, 62 North street
Burmann Robert (Mrs.), preparatory school, Arlington house, Eastern road
Burn Edmundus, bookseller & stationer, 23 North street
Burn Esther (Mrs.), lodging house, 23 Hampton place
Burn Mary Ann (Miss), plain & fancy stationer, 40 Ship st
Burnett Thomas, tailor, 30 Windsor street
Burnham Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 7 Upper Rock gardens
Burrage Henry, plumber & painter, 1A, Hampton place
Burrage Henry, plumber, painter & glazier, 35 Temple st
Burrell & Mounsey Misses, ladies’ boarding school, 29 Brunswick road
Burrell Charles, beer retailer, 78 North lane
Barrett William, stationer, news agent & library, 4 Waterloo street
Burridge John, hatter, 5 Meeting House lane
Barrow Mary (Miss), private boarding house, 11 Devonshire pl.
Burrows & Taaffe, surgeons, 62 Old Steine
Burt Jane (Miss), lodging house, 7 Regency square
Burt William, veterinary surgeon, 27 Grand parade
Burtenshaw Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, 27 Hampton place
Burtenshaw Thomas A. general agent, 14 Prince Albert st
Burton David, shopkeeper, 21 Lewis street
Burton Henry, Druid’s Head, 9 Brighton pl. Market st
Burton Henry, earthenware dealer, 8 Gardiner street
Burton Leonard, Lamb & Flag, 10 Cranbourn street
Bushby David, tailor, 117 Eastern road
Bushby George, greengrocer, 19 London road
Bushnell George, lodging house, 2 Oriental place
Bussey Isaac, confectioner & grocer, 2 Terminus road
Bussey Thomas, builder, 33 Devonshire street
Butcher Benjamin, shopkeeper, 27 Elder street
Butcher Charles, tailor, 2 Clarence street
Butcher George, beer retailer, 11 Bartholomew’s
Butcher James, builder, 38 Clifton street
Butcher John, chimney sweeper, 13 New Dorset street
Butcher John, greengrocer, 10 Western street
Butcher John, lodging house, 39 Marine parade
Butcher John, painter & glazier, 49 Surrey street
Butcher John Frederick, cloak maker & fancy draper, 12 St. James’s street
Butcher Henry (Mrs.), lodging house, 39 Montpelier road
Butcher Thomas, Alexander inn, Lewes road
Butland Isaac, carpenter, 83 George street, Cliftonville
Butler Alfred, carpenter. 5 Clifton place
Butler Arthur, bricklayer, 31 Crown street
Butler David Edward, milliner, 23 New road
Butter Emily (Miss), lodging house, 19 Marine square
Butler Frank, poor’s rate collector, 21 Princes street
Butler George, news agent, 39A, Ship Street
Butler J. W. working jeweller, 6 Edward street
Butt John Ede, timber & slate merchant, 58 North lane, & 30 Windsor terrace, Queen’s road
Button Benjamin, bookseller, 76½ St. James’s street
Button Benjamin, shoe maker, 9 George street
Buzzacott Charlotte (Mrs.), cabinet maker, 1 Dean street
Bytham Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Lower Rock gardens
Caddy Charles, beer retailer, 31 Bond street
Cade Harriet (Mrs.), day school, 15 Victoria road
Caffyn George, fruiterer & greengrocer, 23 Up. St. James’s st
Cain James, Nag’s Head, Queen’s place
Caire Charles, tailor, 12 St. George’s road
Callan Charles, carver & gilder, 29½ St. James’s street
Callan Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Mighell street
Callan William, carpenter, 10 Mighell street
Calrow Harland (Miss), lodging house, 11 Richmond place
Camfield William, brush manufacturer, 76 St. James’s street
Campbell Robert, tailor, 54 Waterloo street & 7 Temple street
Cane Edward, saddler & harness maker, 26 Camelford street
Cane Thomas, builder, 31 Frederick place; & at High street, Lindfield, Cuckfield
Cane Thomas, corn dealer, 1 Circus street
Capps Thomas Ward, accountant, 26 Windsor ter. Queen’s rd
Carden John, hatter, 82 Western road
Carden Robert, rope & twine dealer, 30 Market street
Carden William, shopkeeper, 17 West street
Cardy Alfred, shoe maker, Brunswick street east
Carey Jesse, beer retailer, 10 Marlborough street
Cargill Richard, chemist, 32 Marine parade
Carlton James, linen draper, 31 Western road, Hove
Carnes Ellen (Miss), lodging house, 29 Waterloo street
Carpenter Ambrose, shopkeeper, 87 Southover street
Carpenter Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 8 Temple street
Carpenter Carey (Mrs.), lodging house, 20 Lower Rock gardens
Carpenter Charles, stay maker, 13 East street
Carpenter Edward, corn & seed factor, & secretary to the Brighton & Sussex Floricultural & Horticultural Society, 96 St. James’s street
Carr Henry, general dealer, 7 Elm grove
Carr Joseph, boot & shoe maker 15 Sillwood street
Carrington George, furniture dealer, 102 Edward street & 2 Chesterfield street
Carrington George, shoe maker, 19 St. George’s road
Carroll Thomas, shoe maker, 22 King street
Carter Maria & Jane (Misses), dress makers, 34 Grenville pl.
Carter Charles, house painter, 13 Redcross street
Carter Charles John, tailor, 2 St. James’s street
Carter Edward, family grocer, 114 London road
Carter George, baker & confectioner, 103 London road
Carter George, lodging house, 34 Russell square
Carter Henry Freeland, physician, 83 Grand parade
Carter James, beer retailer, 21 Edward street
Carter John, plumber & glazier, 11 St. George’s road
Carter John Joseph, carpenter & beer retailer, 5 Surrey st
Carter Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Montpelier street
Carter William, beer retailer, 76 Trafalgar street
Carter William, paper hanger, 4 Cavendish street
Carter William, shoe maker, 77 North lane
Cartwright John Henry, stationer & news agent, 16 St. George’s road
Carver Edwin, butcher, 18 Islingword road
Cash Stephen, painter & glazier, 45 Duke street
Casher Edward, wine & spirit merchant, 19 German place
Casselden William, boot & shoe maker, 22 Meeting House la
Casselden William, shoe maker, 83 Church street
Cassinello G. & Co. portrait & landscape photographers, Middle street
Castagnola George, lodging house, 19 Waterloo street
Caswell James, lodging house, 154 King’s road
Catling Frederick, tobacconist, 133 London road
Caton Alfred & Edward, engravers, 11A, Ship street
Catt William & Sons, millers & merchants, Albion mills, Eastern road
Cattlin William Alfred Newman, surgeon dentist, 50 Brunswick square
Cave Richard, Prestonville Arms, Hamilton road
Cavell Frederick, perfumer, 63 King’s road
Caveney. John, umbrella maker, 54 Lavender street
Caverley Richard, lodging house, 12 Lansdowne street, Hove
Cayford Charles, lodging house, 56 Waterloo street
Cecil Frederick, tailor, 1 Upper Market street
Chadwick Richard, news agent, 181 Edward street
Chalk Charles, solicitor to the Hove, Cliftonville & Preston Permanent Benefit Building Society, 68 Ship street
Challen James, grocer, 62 Preston street
Challen John, tobacconist, 60B, St. James’s street
Challen William, watch maker & jeweller, 85 King’s road
Chalybeate Spa (attached to the Wick), Wick hill
Chamberlain Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Cannon pl.
Chamberlain William, greengrocer, 3 Hova place, Cliftonville
Chamberlain William, lodging house, 65 Regency square
Chambers James, beer retailer, 76 London road
Chambers James, greengrocer, 78 Trafalgar street
Chambers William Dent, silversmith, 118 St. James’s street
Champion Samuel, butcher, 1 Grand parade
Chandler William & Son, dairymen, 43 St. James’s street
Chandler Ann (Mrs), grocer, 115 Sussex street
Chandler John, grocer, 49 Edward street
Chandler Richard, grocer, 9 Sussex street
Chandler Thomas, baker & confectioner, 90 St. James’s street
Chandler Thomas, confectioner, 42 Waterloo street
Chandler William, cowkeeper & dairy, 16 High street
Chaplin H. & Co. brewers (John Yeomans, agent), 16 Queen’s road; & at Stockwell, London
Chaplin Frederick, haberdasher, 16 Kensington gardens
Chaplin Robert, tea dealer & grocer, 15 Hampton place
Chapman Allen, greengrocer, 88 North lane
Chapman Edmund, surgeon, 23 Cannon place
Chapman Edward, wood carver, 3 Duke street
Chapman Edward Mulford, linen draper, 6 Dyke road
Chapman George, law stationer, 17 Ship street
Chapman John, fruiterer, 23 Prince Albert street
Chapman Louisa Elizabeth (Miss), ladies’ school, Belvedere, 5 & 6 Belmont, Dyke road
Chapman Richard John, monumental mason, 64 North street
Chapman Thomas, law stationer, 21A, Ship street
Chappel Caroline (Miss), dressmaker, 74 Upper Gloucester la
Chagois Peter, clothes dealer, 50 Gardiner street
Charlish Edward, fly proprietor, 12 Russell square
Charlwood Daniel, lodging house, 51 Great College street
Charman William, bill poster & advertising agent, 13 Robert street
Chart Henry, baker, 49 King street
Chassereau Henry, lodging house, 11 Bedford place
Chate George, laundry, 48 Carlton street
Chate William, cowkeeper, 34 Richmond street
Chates John, Hampton wine & spirit vaults, 55 Upper North street
Chatfield Alfred, shoe maker, 22 Ann street
Chatfield Benjamin, Alexandra hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, confectioner & pastry cook, 54 Queen’s road
Chatfield Ebenezer, confectioner, 13 Church street
Chatfield Edward, beer retailer, 31 Rose Hill terrace
Chatfield Edward, Chatfield’s hotel, 81 West street
Chatfield Edward, wholesale confectioner, 15 Bond street
Chatfield Henry, greengrocer & pork butcher, 19 West Hill pl.
Chatfield John Isaac, shopkeeper, 13 Cranbourn street
Chatfield Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Old Steine
Chatfield Samuel, shoemaker, 24½ Upper Bedford street
Chatfield Sophia (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, 32 Cheapside
Chatterton Seth, builder, 14 Upper Rock gardens
Cheal Charles, van proprietor & furniture warehouseman, 23 Jubilee street
Cheale Alfred, hair dresser, 9 Duke street
Cheale Eliza (Mrs.), fancy stationer & printer, 24 East street
Cheer William, fruiterer, 39 Grand parade
Cheeseman Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Camelford street
Cheesman George & Co. builders, 68 Trafalgar street, 30 Kensington street & 6 Station street
Cheesman Charles, shell fishmonger, 4 Pool valley
Cheesman Charles Taylor, fruiterer, 37 Western road, Hove
Cheesmen Edward, chief bailiff at the county court, 33 Wood street
Cheesman Francis, grocer &c. 65 Spa street
Cheesman Mary (Miss), ladies’ school, 29 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Cheesman Samuel, town crier & bill poster, 10 Frederick pl.
Cheesman William Oliver, china & glass dealer, 169 North st
Chefiers Charles Vincent, chemist, 52 Preston street
Cherriman John, surgeon dentist, 24 Ship street
Chesright Richard, lodging house, 19 Oriental place
Cheyne Elizabeth (Miss), preparatory school for young gentlemen, 25 Lansdowne place, Hove
Chief Office of the Furniture Packing & Removal Department in connection with the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway (William Hudson, manager & contractor), 71 Queen’s road. See advertisement
Child Cole William, lodging house, 67 Regency square
Child Jane (Mrs.), baker, 66 Upper Bedford street
Child Joseph, tailor, 81 St. James’s street
Child Mary (Mrs.), embroidery warehouse, 5 Duke street
Childs James, fruiterer & greengrocer, 12 Upper St. James’s street
Childs Louisa (Miss), furrier, 174 Western road
Childs Louisa (Mrs.), furrier, 127 Edward street
Childs William, wholesale & retail english & foreign fancy, & toy, cabinet & papier mache warehouse, 51 & 51A, King’s road. See advertisement
Chilmaid & Tinkler, lacemen, 37 King’s road
Chipp Abraham, lodging house, 153 King’s road
Chipperfield & Butler, linen drapers & mercers, 75 & 76 Western road
Chipping William, fly proprietor, 26 Victoria street
Chiverall Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Regency square
Christian Ludd, accountant, 17 Prince Albert street
Christmas James, builder, Brunswick street east
Christmas John, boot & shoe maker 31 New York street
Churchill Christopher, shoe maker, 82 Edward street
Churchill John, house agent, 39 Preston street
Clare Jane (Miss), lodging house, 6 Charlotte street
Clark Hannah & Rhoda (Misses), hosiers, 35 Western road
Clark Andrew, dentist, 2 Black Lion street
Clark Ann (Miss), lodging house, 16 Preston street
Clark Hugh, draper, 19 Bond street
Clark John, lodging house, 31 Cannon place
Clark John, lodging house, 63 Regency square
Clark Samuel, draper, 89 Church street
Clark Sarah (Miss), draper, 138 London road
Clark Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Cannon place
Clark William, photographer, 59 North street
Clark Wyndham, Canterbury Hall, 87 Church street
Clarke George, lodging house, 30 Marine parade
Clarke Maria (Miss), lodging house, 104 King’s road
Clarke Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Charles street
Clarke Thomas, lodging house, 22 York road, Hove
Clarke William, fly proprietor, 7 Howard terrace
Clayton Louisa (Miss), lodging house, 47 Waterloo street
Clayton Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, 24 New Dorset street
Clements Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Grand parade
Clements George Henry, auctioneer, valuer, land, house & estate agent, 43A, Western road, Hove
Clements William, jun. butcher, 25 Preston street
Clent William, lodging house, 15 Victoria street
Clifford Charles, boot & shoe maker, 63 Preston street
Clifford Frederick, beer retailer, 11 Edward street
Clifford James, boot & shoe maker, 17 Upper North street
Clifford James, lodging house, 6 Clifton place
Clifton Elmutt Syson, bookseller & perfumer, & post & money order office, 30 Preston street
Clifton Mercy (Mrs.), fancy repository, 1 Dyke road
Clinch Christopher, dyer, 16 Bond street
Clough Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 79 Marine parade
Clough John, boot & shoe maker, 40 Clifton hill
Clout George bricklayer, 122 Sussex street
Clout William, bricklayer, 6 Grosvenor street
Clowser Charles, french polisher, 16 Cranbourn street
Cluer Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 37 Upper Russell street
Coates Lucy (Miss), milliner, 88 St. James’s street
Coates Mary Ann (Mrs.), greengrocer, 34 Edward street
Cobbett John, collector of queen’s taxes, 19 Lansdowne street, Hove
Cochran James Charles, tea dealer & grocer, 49 North street
Cockburn & Campbell, wine merchants, 62 King’s road
Cockerell George J. & Co. coal & coke merchants to Her Majesty & H. R. H. the Prince of Wales, 5 Pavilion buildings; Church street, Cliftonville; Brighton Railway station; & New Canal basin, Shoreham; central office, 13 Cornhill, London e.c
Cockinge Rachel (Mrs.), boarding house, 49 St. James’s street & 1 Devonshire place
Coe Joseph, dairyman, 29½ St James’s street
Cogan Harriett (Mrs.), laundress, 78 Albion hill
Coger George, Blacksmiths’ Arms, 111 North lane
Cohen Edward H. linen draper & milliner, 56 & 57 North st
Cohen Eleazer, clothier, 17 St. James’s street
Colbert Hannah (Mrs.), catholic repository, 24 Upper St. James’s street
Colbran George, beer retailer, 55 Russell street
Colbran Henry, baker, Upper Lewes road
Colbran James Baker, builder, 60½ St. James’s street
Colbran Mary (Mrs.), milliner, 3 Middle street
Colbron Joseph Parkin, West Hove district surveyor, 2 & 3 Osborne street, Cliftonville
Colby John, chemist & druggist, 101 Western Road
Cole Alfred, confectioner, 35 Chatham place
Cole Ann (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 22 Vernon terrace
Cole Henry, confectioner, baker & wine merchant, 22 St. James’s Street
Cole Richard, shoe maker, 3 Elm grove
Cole Samuel, shopkeeper, 1 York terrace
Colebrook John, baker, 19 Gloucester lane
Coleby James & Sons, plumbers & glaziers, 1 Mill place
Coleman Alfred John, greengrocer, 5 Church street, Hove
Coleman James, fruiterer, 108 Western road
Coleman James, fruiterer, 31 Windsor terrace, Queen’s road
Coleman Joseph, grocer, 2 Hove place, Cliftonville
Coles Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 12 Spring gardens
Coles John, painter & glazier, 36 Cobden place
Coles John, shopkeeper, 105 Southover street
Coles Joseph, grocer & carpenter, 19 Albion hill
Collens Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 28 Preston street
Colling Joseph, upholsterer, 33 West street
Collings Thomas, french polisher, 15 Upper North street
Collingwood. Rebecca (Miss), preparatory school, 18 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Collins & Son, linen drapers, silk mercers & carpet warehousemen, 47 & 48 St. James’s street
Collins Charles, artificial flower dealer, Windsor street
Collins Charles, greengrocer, 79 St. George’s road
Collins Edward John, surveyor, 12 Prince Albert street
Collins Edwin, beer retailer, 48 Upper North street
Collins Howard (Miss), ladies’ school, 33 Brunswick road
Collins James, draper, 28 London road
Collins James, Masons’ Arms, Seymour street
Collins Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 48 Atlingworth street
Collins John, beer retailer, 71 Rose Hill terrace
Collins Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 19 Russell square
Collins Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 35 Oriental place
Collins William, Albemarle hotel, 7 Marine parade
Collis Charles Cox, Albion, 7 Albion street
Collis William, dairyman, 3 Islingword road
Collison Andrew, beer retailer, 14 Edward street
Colman John, lodging house, 5 College place
Colville Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 50 Lansdowne place, Hove
Corwen Frederick Thomas, builder & undertaker, 34 Whitecross street
Colwell James, builder & house agent, 16 St. George’s street
Comber Alfred, pork butcher, Market house, Market street
Comber Anson, Five Butt inn, 25 Albion street
Comber John, greengrocer, 52 Russell street
Comber John saddler, 15A, Edward street
Combes Charles, photographer, 32 Preston street
Combridge Daniel T. butcher, 26 Western road, Hove
Comfort Thomas, fruiterer, 2 Cannon terrace
Comlidge George, shoe maker, 5 Norfolk street
Comper George, beer retailer, 14 Lower Market street
Conisbee George, butcher, 92 Albion hill
Constable Michael, Admiral Napier, 2 Elm grove
Conway Henry, builder, 9 Montpelier place
Cook Frances (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Cook Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 79 New England street
Cook James, lodging house. 8 Mill terrace, Hove
Cook Kemball (Mrs.), preparatory school for boys, 21, 22 & 23 Montpelier crescent
Cook Nathaniel, teacher of music, 84 Upper North street
Cook Thomas, lodging house, 1 Camelford street
Cook Thomas, statuary & mason, 7 St. George’s street
Cook William, working jeweller, 32 Portland street
Coomber William, baker, 17 Trafalgar street
Coombes James, lodging house, 17 Princes street
Cooper & Williams, solicitors, 55 Middle street
Cooper Abraham, grocer, Edinburgh road
Cooper Emily (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 112 Lansdowne place, Hove
Cooper Frederick, lodging house, 40 Norfolk square
Cooper Henry Charles, Cliftonville inn, 1 Hove place, Cliftonville
Cooper John, lodging house, 124 Marine parade
Cooper Thomas, beer retailer, 12 Portland street
Cooper Thomas James, surgeon, 55 West street
Cooper William painter, 52 Upper Gloucester lane
Co-operative Stores (Albert Chart, manager), 42, bakery 22, London street
Copbard Stephen, lodging house, 44 Temple street
Copestake, Moore & Crampton, lace warehouse, 74½ West st
Copley Ann (Mrs.), Freemasons’ tavern, 33 Terminus road
Coppard Caroline (Mrs.), dress maker, 3 Clifton place
Coppard Lawrence, carver & gilder, 160 Colonnade, North st
Coppard Mary (Mrs.), cowkeeper, 98 Church street
Coppard William, carpenter, 18 King street
Coppard William, lodging house, 3 Boyd crescent
Corbin John, George & Dragon, 32 Sidney street
Cordell Henry, watch material dealer, 41 Gardiner street
Corder & Sons, linen drapers, haberdashers, shawl & mantle warehouse, & hosiers, glovers shirt makers, 32 & 33 North street
Cordingley Thomas, lodging house, 5 Marine parade
Cordwell Joseph, drawing master, 79 West street
Corney Caroline (Miss), milliner, 127 London road
Corney Eli, writer & grainer, 10 Belmont street
Corney George, coal merchant, 11 Manchester street
Corney George, timber & slate merchant, 167 Edward street
Corney Jane (Mrs.), laundress, 23 Whitecross street
Corney John, grocer, 23 St. George’s road
Corney William, carpenter, 127 London road
Cornford Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress, 31 Ivory place
Cornford John, Buckingham Arms, Dyke road
Cornish William, pharmaceutical chemist, 174 Western road
Corporation Fire Engine House (William T. Quartermaine, inspector), New road
Corrall James, coal merchant, 38 Cheapside
Corroll James & Co. coal merchants, 40 Queen’s road, & at Hurstpierpoint
Cosham Caleb, watch maker, 66 William street
Cosham George, shopkeeper, 12 Cobden road
Cosham William, invalid chair maker, 15 Brunswick place
Cosstick George, lodging house, 46 Lansdowne place, Hove
Cosstick Frederick, grocer & provision dealer, 42 & 43 Western road, Hove
Cosstick George Frederick, jun. music seller, 68 Western road, Hove
Cotterell John, greengrocer, 18 Lavender street
Cottingham Amos, beer retailer, 7 Queen’s gardens
Cottrell Philip, Queen’s Head, Steine street
Coulstock William, Unicorn, 133 North street
Court Charles, fancy repository, 75 North street
Cousins Hannah (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 59 & 61 Lansdowne place, Hove
Coveney John, wire worker, 22 Windsor street
Cowdrey Charles, baker, 80 Trafalgar street
Cowdrey Thomas, photographer, 64A, North street
Cowell Samuel, grocer, 145 North street
Cowley Edwin, dairyman, 78 St. George’s road
Cowley Francis, bread & biscuit baker, 9 Pool valley
Cowley Louisa (Miss), milliner, 24 Trafalgar street
Cowley Stephen, dairyman, 41A, Russell square
Cowley Thomas, baker & confectioner, 106 Western road
Cowley Thomas, dairyman, 94 St. James’s street
Cowley William, farmer & dairyman, Black rock
Cox Alfred, boarding & day school, 14 & 15 Clarence square
Cox Arthur Hawker, chemist, 32 Ship street
Cox Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Bedford street
Cox Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 20 Norfolk square
Cox John, greengrocer, 6 Newhaven street
Cox John, Mitre tavern, 65 Queen’s road
Cox R. Flowing Tide, Artillery street
Cox Richard, Morning Star, 61 Church street
Cox Samuel Lane, lodging house, 137 Marine parade
Cox Thomas, cork cutter, 18 Cavendish street
Cox Thomas, linen draper, 34 St. James’s street
Cozens Fanny (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Oriental place
Cozens Henry, ironmonger, gas fitter, hot water apparatus manufacturer, stove, range & iron fence maker, 23 Bond street
Crabb William Joseph, wine, spirit, ale & stout merchant, 24 New road
Cracklow William, chimney sweeper, 2 Spring street
Crakanthorp Jane (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 34 Brunswick square
Cramer & Co. pianoforte warerooms, 64 West street & 60 East street
Cramp Thomas, coal dealer, 73 John street
Craven John C. engineer & superintendent of locomotives, Railway station
Crawther Alfred, butterman & cheesemonger, 14 Western road, Hove
Creak Albert, M.A. gentlemen’s boarding school, The Wick, Wick hill
Creak Daniel, commission agent, 43 Gardiner street
Creamer Charles, fly owner, 8 & 9 Queensbury mews
Cresswell Esther (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, 16 Susses sq.
Cresswell John, hair dresser, 9 Cross street
Creswell James Hurst, Artillery Arms, 22 Artillery str
Creswell Thomas, lodging house, 29 Borough street
Crick Ann (Miss), lodging house, 6 Regency square
Cripps Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 44 Grand parade
Cripps Edward, telegraph superintendent, Railway terminus
Cripps Georgina (Miss), ladies, school, 38 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Cripps John, coach maker, 25 & 20 Mighell street
Critcher Martha Miss), lodging house, 9 Pavilion parade
Crocker George, fly proprietor, 8 Regent street
Crocker Henry Radcliffe, pharmaceutical chemist, 9 Western road, Hove
Crockford George, greengrocer, 12 Rock street, Kemp town
Crone James, greengrocer, 20 Hampton road
Crook Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Marine square
Crook William, lodging house, 15 York place
Crook William James, coal agent, 68 Queen’s road
Croskey Thomas, shoe maker, 1 Little St. James’s street
Cross Emily (Miss), lodging house, 19 Cannon place
Cross Henry, gentlemen’s school, 27 Sussex square
Crossley Harriet (Mrs.), day school, 44 Ashton street
Crossley William, fishmonger, 4 Spring gardens
Crossmith John, shoeing smith, 5 Marlborough street
Crouch & Strevens, auctioneers & estate agents, 6 Oxford terrace, Church street, Hove, & 96 Western road
Crouch John, pork butcher, 30 Clifton hill
Crouch Richard, carpenter, 12 Howard terrace
Croucher John, marine store dealer, 3 York road, London road
Crowe Matilda (Miss), professor of music, 42 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Crowhurst Albert, beer retaller, Rose hill east
Crowhurst Godfrey James, greengrocer, 179 Edward street
Crowhurst Henry, printer, 15 Market street
Crowhurst John James, beer retailer, 4 Gardiner street
Crowhurst Mark, pork butcher, Market house, Market st
Crowhurst Mark William, greengrocer, 37 Tidy street
Crowhurst Raphael A. berlin wool & fancy repository, 22½ & 23 East street
Crowhurst Sarah Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, 9 & 10 Bedford st
Crowhurst William, fishmonger, 26 Duke street
Croxford Henry, lodging house, 3 Hampton terrace
Crude Mary Ann (Miss), milliner, 172 Western road
Crump John, shopkeeper, 28 Ann street
Crunden Thomas & Sons, upholsterers, cabinet makers, appraisers & undertakers, 20 & 21 New road
Crunden John, beer retailer, 15 Redcross street
Cruse Edward, artist, Harmony villa, York terrace
Cruttenden Henry, plumber, 24 Trafalgar street
Cruttenden John, nurseryman, Rose Hill nursery, Rose hill east
Cruyes & Hallett, boot & shoe makers, 147 Edward street
Cryer Thomas, beer retailer, 49 Islingword road
Cullen Harriet (Mrs.), linen draper, 1 Grafton street & 44 Upper St. James’s street
Culling Robert, schoolmaster, 3 Vine place
Cullum Jane (Mrs.), milliner, 67 St. James’s street
Cully Emily (Mrs.), cheesemonger & poulterer, 102 St. James’s street
Cully John, brush manufacturer, 191 Western road
Cunditt Robert & Frederick, watch makers & jewellers, 54 North street
Cunningham Ann (Mrs.), tobacconist, 110 Church street
Cupit Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, l3 Bedford square
Curd Albert, butcher, 9 Church street, Hove
Curd Charles, professor of music, 9 Egremont place
Curd William, cabinet maker, 24 Upper north street
Curling Owen (Mrs.), lace cleaner & mender, 67 King’s road
Curtis & Son, proprietors of the ‘Brighton Gazette,’ & general printers, & agents to the Sun Fire & Life Office, 168 North, street
Curtis Edward, trunk & box maker, 11 St. James’s street
Curtis Frederick, stationer, printer & artists’ colorman, 63 Western road
Curtis James, music warehouse, 69 East street
Curtis James, surgeon, 29 Norfolk square
Curtis Louisa (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Brunswick place
Curtis Margaret (Mrs.), dyer, 20 Kemp street
Curtis Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 York road, Hove
Curtis Simon, lodging house, 9 Belgrave place, Kemp town
Cuthbert Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 German place
Cutler Richard, milliner, 6 North Street quadrant
Cutress Edward, miller & corn dealer, 18 Dyke road
Dagg & Foster, milliners & dress makers, 163 North street
Dagg John, haberdasher & trimming warehouse, 17A, North st
Dalby Joseph, refreshment rooms, 71 Ship street
Dale Thomas, beer retailer, 2 Wentworth street
Dalllimore Frank, tobacconist, 108 Gloucester lane
D’Alquen Francis M. professor of music, 8 Montpelier ter
D’Alquen Frank, professor of singing, 8 Montpelier terrace
Dancy Stephen & William, builders, 28 Portland street
Dancy William, 33 Montpelier street
Danells John, shoe maker, 17 Carlton street
Danells William, pork butcher, 62 St. James’s street
Daniells Thomas, confectioner, 10 George street
Daniels William, lodging house, 46 Marine parade
Dann Mary (Mrs.), Devonshire Arms, 52 Carlton street
Dapp Thomas, shopkeeper, 3 Sidney street
Dapp Trayton, pork butcher, 87 & 88 Trafalgar street
Darch William, gentlemen’s boarding school, 21 Sussex sq.
Dare James, wine merchant, & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, 167 Western road
Darley Middleton, chemist, 25 Gloucester lane
Darling Robert, music seller, 45 Western road
Dash Harry, tobacconist & importer of cigars, 8 Castle sq.
Dash Henry, hatter & tailor, 10 King’s road
Dash Henry, lodging house, 14 Waterloo street
Dash James, lodging house, 15 Waterloo street
Dash James, surgeon dentist, 37 Queen’s road
Dannatt William, shoe maker, 11 Upper Gardiner street
Davey Daniel, fly proprietor, 8 Great College street
Davey Edward, butcher, 21 Black Lion street
Davey Henry & George, leather sellers, 8 Edward street
Davey Jabez, beer retailer, 5 George street
Davey John, Northern tavern, 39 Brunswick place
Davey William, tailor, 13 Cavendish street
David Theophilus James, ham & beef dealer, 1 North Street quadrant
Davidge Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 48 Lavender street
Davidson Angus, tailor, 11½ Ship street
Davies Mary (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 36 & 37 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Davies Nathaniel, baker & confectioner, 7 Dyke road
Davis Benjamin, millwright &c. 12 Robert street
Davis Emma (Mrs.), lodging, house, 4A, Marine parade
Davis Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 York road, Hove
Davis George William, academy, 3 West Hill road
Davis Henry, builder, 11 Essex street
Davis Henry Charles, furnishing ironmonger & gas fitter, 33 St. James’s street
Davis James, lodging house, 9 Norfolk square
Davis John, coal dealer, 13 North lane
Davis John, lodging house, 22 Western cottages
Davis John Frederick, paper hanger, 108 North street
Davis Joseph, toy dealer, 36 St. James’s street
Davis Martha (Mrs.), milliner, 30 Sidney street
Davis Walter, clock & watch maker, 14 George street
Davis Wolff, watch & clock maker, 27 North street
Davy John, plasterer, 2 West Hill street
Dawes Thomas George, greengrocer, 28 North lane
Dawes William, dining rooms, 103 North lane
Dawney Virgine (Madame), french milliner, 14A, East st
Dawson Betsey (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Burlington street
Dawson Daniel, Western tavern, 21 Western road, Hove
Dawson Richard, physician, York lodge, 1 York road, Hove
Day & Perry, paper hanging warehouse, 197 Western road
Day Matthew, greengrocer, 71 Preston street
Deacon Ann (Miss), lodging house, 3 Lansdowne terrace west, Western road, Hove
Deacon George, dairyman, 30 Mighell street
Dean Caroline (Mliss), milliner & dress maker, 33 Islingword road
Dean Charles Richard, Tierney Arms tavern, & wine & spirit merchant, 64 Edward street
Dean Joseph, lodging house, 19 Bedford square
Dean William, lodging house, 9 Charles street
Deane William & Son ironmongers, 11 Trafalgar street
Dearman William, lodging house, 48 Regency square
Deberey George, shopkeeperp 39 Islingword road
Dedman William, lodging house, 9 Lansdowne street, Hove
Deeble Thomas & Co. boot & shoe makers, 84 Western road
De Fauebe Madame, teacher of music, 15 Old Steine
Defries Louis, china & glass dealer, 188 Western road
Dell Brothers, furniture repository, 48 Queen’s road
Dell A. & Son, auctioneers, 48 Queen’s road
Dell Samuel, lamp & oil merchant, 60 Queen’s road
Demner Joseph, lodging house, 9 Waterloo street
Dench Abraham, greengrocer, 5½ Boyce’s street
Dench George, lodging house, 10 Farm road, Hove
Dench James, naturalist, 57 St. James’s street
Dench John, bricklayer, 25 Dean street
Dendy Sidney, furniture broker, 60 Edward street
Dendy William, Outfitter & linen draper, 27 & 28 Eastern rd
Dendy William, tobacconist, 74 North street
Dandy William, tobacconist, 34 Preston street
Denham Henry, tailor, 44 Gardiner street
Dennant John, surgeon dentist, 1 Western cottages
Dennett Stephen, lodging house, 17 Marine parade
Dennett William, lodging house, 147 King’s road
Denton John Alfred, importer of foreign wines & spirits & beer merchant, 1 St. James’s street
De Paris E. professor of music, 17 Charlotte street
De Paris George, professor of drawing & painting, Stanstead house, 55A, Marine parade
Deval Harry, professor of musie, 38 Buckingham road
De Valon A. S. professor of languages, 26 Grenvill place
Deves James, beer retailer, 48 Spring gardens
Devin Susan (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 69 Ship street
Devin William, professor of music, 69 Ship street
Dewdney Thomas, grocer, 102 Gloucester lane
Dewey Elizabeth (Mrs.), baker, 41 Lavender street
Dibbs – (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Clarence square
Dibden Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Oriental place
Dickinson Brothers, artists & photograpbers, 107 King’s rd
Dill John, consulting surgeon, 21 Regency square
Dill Richard, physician, 19 Regency square
Diplock Henry, furniture broker, 64 St. James’s street
Diplock Joseph, shoe maker, 11 King street
Diplock Samuel, china & glass dealer, 29 Western rd. Hove
Directors’ & Guardians’ Offices (Alfred Morris, clerk to the board of guardians), Church street
Dival Benjamin, shoe maker, 63 Frederick street
Divall George, beer retailer, 4 Albion hill
Divall Stephen, butcher, 25 Cheapside
Divall Stephen greengrocer, 111 Southover street
Dives George (Mrs.), lodging house, 31 Bedford square
Dix Edward, surgeon, 7 Old Steine
Dixey Lewis, optician, 21 King’s road
Dixey Lewis, photographer, 23 Ship street
Dixon John, grocer, 94 Trafalgar street
Dixon Joseph, surgeon, 6 Lansdowne terrace east, Western road, Hove
Dixon Robert, stationer & bookseller, 125 London road
Dixon Thomas, lodging house, 16 Lansdowne street, Hove
Dockerill Robert, fruiterer, 31A, Church street
Dodd, Henry, wood turner, 62 Cavendish street
Dodd James Henry, wood turner, 3 Rock place
Dodd – (Miss), ladies’ school, 23 Sussex square
Dodson Jeremiah William, collector to gas company, 69 London road
Dold George, clock maker, 131 Edward street
Dolibo Louis, picture frame maker, 24 St. George’s road
Dollman Alexander P. accountant, 202 Western road
Dollman John Charles, bookseller & stationer, 7 Western road Hove
Donn Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 20 Waterloo street
Donne George, baker, 61 West street
Donne James, cook & confectioner, 120 St. James’s street
Donne Richard, baker & confectioner, 13 Kensington gardens
Donne William, builder, estate & house agent, 11 York place & Trafalgar street
Dore William, Little Globe, 153 Edward street
Dorney William, furniture dealer, 25 Upper Russell street
Dove Alfred, shopkeeper, 20 London road
Dovey Benjamin, shell fishmonger, North quadrant
Dove Henry, working jeweller, 46 Western road
Dowding Harriet (Miss), lodging house, 23 Russell square
Dowlen James, gardener, 38 Upper North street
Dowlen Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 York road, Hove
Dowling Henry, fly proprietor, 7 & 8 Princes street
Dowling John, brewer, 122 Gloucester lane
Dowling Lucy (Mrs.), stay maker, 49 Tidy street
Downard Charlotte (Mrs.), boot & slice maker, 2 Western road, Hove
Downden William, upholsterer, 9 Spring street
Downer William, tea dealer, 40 Rose hill terrace
Downes Alfred, gentlemen’s boarding school, 64 Upper Brunswick piece, Hove
Downs James, builder, 68 West street
Downs Robert, watch maker, 10A, Manchester street
Dowsett Arthur, dispensing & family chemist, 16 North st
Doxford Julia (Mrs.), lodging house, 29 King’s road
Drape John, tobacco pipe maker, 1 Sussex pl. Richmond st
Dray James, pork butcher, 64 Islingword road
Dray William John, Cavendish Arms, 44 & 45 Regent st
Drogrez Eliza (Mrs.), french confectioner, 11 East street
Drummond Ellen (Miss), artist, 5 Clarendon place
Drury Henry, artist in fireworks, 81 Church street
Drury Stephen, builder, 16 Lewes road
Dubbin Eliza (Miss), lodging house, 20 Devonshire place
Dubbin Jesse, lodging house, 17 Bedford street
Dubbin John, lodging house, 66 Regency square
Dubbin Thomas, shoe maker, 80 St. James’s street
Dubbins Edward, lodging ho. 25 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Dubois L. E. & Co. Royal Albion hotel, & wine, spirit & liqueur merchants, Old Steine
Duddridge James, baker, 2 Lewes road
Dudeny Alvan Buckman, grocer, 32 Edward street
Dudgeon Margaret Jennet (Miss), lodging house, 41 York road, Hove
Duke Edwin, greengrocer, 19 Upper Russell street
Duke Esau, shopkeeper, 120 Southover street
Duke Jane (Mrs.), fancy repository, 17 Preston street
Duke Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Atlingworth street
Duly James, locksmith, 11 Western street
Duly John, grocer, 30 George street
Duly John, shoe maker, 54 Carlton street
Duly Samuel, inspector of weights & measures, 20 Windsor terrace, Queen’s road
Drumbrell Charles, collector of coal duties, 97½ St. James’s st
Dumbrell Elizabeth (Mrs.), drew & mantle maker, 97½ St. James’s street
Dumbrell George, grocer, 93 Eastern road
Dumbrell Philip, cabinet maker, 24 & 25 King street
Dumfries John, marine store dealer, 12 Upper North street
Duncan Rebecca (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Burlington street
Duncombe George, upholsterer, 30 & 186 Western road
Dunford & Ticehurst, dress & corset makers, 35 Portland st
Dunford Ann (Mrs.), day school, 6 Victoria street
Dunk John, tailor, 55 & 56 Queen’s road
Dunn Jane (Miss), ladies’ school, Rockingham house, 52 Lansdowne place
Dunsford William, brass founder & gas fitter, 3 Queen’s rd
Dunstall Thomas, india rubber depot, 34 Bond street
Dunstone Alfred William, painter, 8A, Whitecross street
Durling John, greengrocer, 22 Albion hill
Durrant Caleb, greengrocer, 137 Edward street
Durrant Edward, lodging house, 16 Charlotte street
Durrant Edward Parker, auctioneer, & registry office for servants, 18 Old Steine
Durtnall John & Sons (late Hope & Durtnall), railway & general carriers, & Brighton old warehousing depot (established 1812), 149 North street, & store & warehouses, Upper Gardner street
Dury Thomas, house decorator, 32 New road
Dusart Charles E. organist 34 Park street
Dusart Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 36 Grenville place
Dutton & Thorowgood, boot & shoe manufacturers, 46 East street & 12 Castle square
Dyer George, Prince of Wales, 29 Western road & 47 Clarence square
Dyer John, fruiterer, 3 Lewes road
Eade George, coal & coke dealer, 9 Nelson street
Eade James, coal dealer, 5 Albion hill
Earl Henry, beer retailer, 10 Elm grove
Earp Frederick, drawing master, 39 Egremont place
Earp George, artist in drawing, 5 St. George’s road
Earp Henry, professor of drawing & painting, 16 Upper St. James’s street
Earwaker Robert Parsons, butcher, 51 Grand parade
Easton Peter, fishmonger, 117 London road
Eastwood George, furniture broker, 17 & 18 Edward street
Eatton James, coal dealer, 33 Laurel row
Eberall Eliza (Mrs.), corset maker, 64 Western road
Eberall William, lodging house, 25 York road, Hove
Eden Thomas Edward, surgeon dentist, 26 Old Steine
Edmonds Charles, beer retailer, 168 Edward street
Edmonds Charles, ladies’ shoe warehouse, 35 King’s road
Edmonstone David Gordon, perfumer, 37 Western road
Edmunds Letitia (Miss), milliner, 213 Western road
Edwards & Ireland, Brighton saw mills, 15 Church street
Edwards Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Waterloo street
Edwards Edward, private tutor, 42 West Hill street
Edwards Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Waterloo place
Edwards Henry, builder, 17 Victoria road
Edwards Henry, lace dealer, 42 Western road
Edwards Isaac, shopkeeper, 69 St. George’s road
Edwards Joseph, medical botanist, 5 Lewes road
Edwards Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 27 Dorset gardens
Edwards Mary Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 10 Windsor street
Edwards Richard, beer retailer, 16 Elm grove
Edwards Richard, shoe maker, 13 Station street
Edwards Richard, surveyor, Wakefield villa, Upper Lewes rd
Edwards Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Hampton place
Edwin John, Colonnade tavern, 10 New road
Egerton John, job master, Norfolk street
Egerton John, livery stable keeper, 39 Waterloo street
Egg William Henry, lodging house, 101 Queen’s road
Egglesden Edward, Palmeira tavern, Palmeira mews
Eldridge Ann (Mrs.), boarding house, 1 Clarence street
Eldridge Jonathan, Phoenix, 27 York road, London road
Electric & International Telegraph Company (George Field, chief clerk), 18 Old Steine
Elliott Alfred Courtney, butcher, 40 North street
Elliott George, builder, 104 Southover street
Elliott George, painter & glazier, 41 Trafalgar street
Elliott Henry, boot maker, 38 Bond street
Elliott John, lodging house & bell hanger, 23 Bloomsbury pl
Elliott John Edwd. timber & slate merchant, 48 Gloucester la
Elliott John Edwin, beer retailer, 42 Middle street
Elliott Thomas, lodging house, 3 Broad street
Elliott William, glass & earthenware dealer, 84 Trafalgar st
Elliott William Duke, beer retailer & furniture dealer, 81 & 82 Trafalgar street
Elliott William Duke, butcher, 1 Elm grove
Ellis Frederick & Josiah, cheesemongers, 56 East street
Ellis & Wilson, wine merchants, & sole agents for Max Greger’s Hungarian wines for Brighton & county, 6 & 7 Preston street; bonded stores at Newhaven
Ellis Caroline (Mrs.), Camden Arms, 34 Kemp street
Ellis Charles Morgan, grocer, 21 Carlton street
Ellis Ebenezer, baker & confectioner, 61 Edward street
Ellis Edward, beer retailer, 31 Camelford street
Ellis James, beer retailer, 1 North Quadrant
Ellis Mary Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 70 Osborne street, Cliftonville
Ellis Matthew, beer retailer, 21 Sidney street
Ellis Samuel, beer retailer, 34 Cheapside
Ellis Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 39 Clifton street
Ellis William, carpenter, 3 College street
Ellis William, fly owner, Little Preston st. & 33 Victoria st
Ellison Matthew. beer retailer, 6 York road, London road
Ellman E. (Miss), ladies’ school, 57 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Elmes Edward, butcher, 24 Edward street
Elmsley John P. riding master, 84½ King’s road
Elphick Edward, beer retailer, 81 St. George’s road
Elphick Eli, livery stables & horse dealer, Waterloo street
Elphick George, shoe maker, 50 St. George’s road
Elphick Sarah (Miss), milliner, 20 Victoria street
Elterton Henry, tailor, 82 St. George’s road
Embling Albert James & Co. brewers, Chapel Street brewery, Chapel street
Embling William, bookseller, stationer, newsagent & library, 66 King’s road
Emery George, linen draper & carpet warehouse, 164 & 165 Western road
Emery Mary (Mrs.), coffee rooms, 118 Queen’s road
Emery Peter, shopkeeper, 36 Brunswick place
Emmerson William, Queen’s Park tavern, Reservoir road
Emrey Henry, Mazeppa, 19 Ann street
England Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Charlotte street
English William & Sons, cutlers & opticians, 156 North street
English James, hair dresser, 20 Duke street
Ensor Joseph, hair dresser, 37 Bond street
Epps William, tailor, 107 Gloucester lane
Erredge Robert A. coal agent, 51 Queen’s road
Esmond William, lodging house, 2 Lower Rock gardens
Essex Emily & Caroline (Misses), miilliners, 13 Western road, Hove
Estate Auction Mart, 135 North street
European & Colonial Wine Company (Thomas Sentance, manager), 1 Marine parade
European & Guarantee Society (Branch Office) (W. J. Bramwell, district manager), 17 Prince Albert street
Evans – (Miss), lodging houses, 6 & 7 Portland place
Evans George, livery stable keeper & riding master, 30 St. James’s street
Evans George, riding master, 32 Camelford street
Evans George, riding master & livery Stables, 75A, East st
Evans William, carpenter, Windsor street
Evans William, cowkeeper, 19 Marlborough street
Evans William, lodging house, 31 Russell square
Everest Alfred, grocer, 15 Trafalgar street
Everett John, dairyman, Carlton place
Everett John, jun. cooper, Carlton place
Everitt James, clerk to St. Mary’s chapel, & insurance agent, 8 St. George’s terrace
Evershed George Henry & William Thomas, soap makers, 2 Station Street
Evershed John & Sons, tallow chandlers, 36 Eastern road
Evershed Ewen solicitor, registrar of county court, clerk of the peace for the borough of Brighton, secretary to the Brighton, Hove & Preston Constant Service Water Works Company & commissioner for all the superior courts, Princes street
Every & Newman, iron & brass founders, 26 & 27 Station st
Every John, beer retailer, 37 Wood street
Eves James, painter, 10 Russell square
Eves James Thomas, fancy stationer, 85 St. James’s street
Eves William, boot & shoe maker, 18 West street
Ewbank Rev. George, M.A. young gentlemen’s boarding school, 3 & 4 Belvedere terrace
Ewell Thomas, livery stables, 2 Hampton street
Ewens Henry, horse dealer, 123 Gloucester lane
Ewer Caroline (Mrs.), Barley Mow, 91 St. George’s road
Ewer Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 38 Trafalgar street
Ewer Henry, baker & confectioner, 15 Western street
Ewer Richard, grocer, 44 Waterloo street
Excell Benjamin, shoe maker, 5 Ivory place
Eyre George, coffee rooms, 25 Ann street
Fabian John, builder, 6 Western street
Fairbank James Hack, chemist, 95 St. James’s street
Fairhall Catherine (Mrs.), gas fitter & ironmonger, 49 & 50 George street
Fairman William, fruiterer, 29 Preston street
Fairs George, shoe maker, 21 Kensington street
Faithfull, Son & Coode, solicitors, & solicitors to the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Company, 15 Ship street
Faithfull Henry, jun. solicitor, 1 Howard place
Faithfull Robert, solicitor, 64 Middle street
Faithfull William John, solicitor, 33 Queen’s road
Farmaner John, shopkeeper, 53 Upper Gloucester lane
Farmer & Rogers, shawl & mantle warehousemen, 41 & 42 East street
Farmer Frederick, truss maker, 141 North street
Farncombe Henry Sanders, drawing master, 5 Tilbury place
Farncombe John, printer stationer & news agent, 92 Eastern rd
Farncombe Leonora (Mrs.), dress maker, 36 Kensington grdns
Farnworth Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Clarence square
Farquharson John, news agent, 6 Belmont street
Farr William, tobacconist & news agent, 32 Trafalgar street
Farrant Henry, baker, 90 Richmond street
Farrant John, beer retailer, 2 Rock street
Farrant John, coal & wood dealer, 8 Mount street
Farrant William, chimney sweeper, 25 Carlton row
Farrar Tomkins, confectioner & baker. 1 Western rd. Hove
Farrish Thomas, travelling draper, 6 Sidney street
Fathers James, loding house, 33 Norfolk square
Fawkes Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Grafton street
Fawkes Henry, wine & spirit merchant, 43 & 44 Queen’s rd
Feast Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 27 Marine square
Feast Luke, Royal George, 93 George street, Cliftonville
Feast Richard, hair dresser, 18 Ann street
Feast William, shoe maker, 35 Blackman street
Feist Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Portland place
Feist George, statuary & mason, marble & stone works, 57 George street, Cliftonville
Feist Henry, poulterer & licensed dealer in game, Market house, Market street
Feist James, glass head warehouse, 28 Duke street
Feist, Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Dorset gardens
Feist Thomas, beer retailer, 10 Upper Market street
Feist Thomas M. advertising & general commision agent, 66 Queen’s road
Feldwick Charles, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 56 West st
Feldwicke Mary Ann, lodging house, 17 King’s road
Fellingham Thomas, lodging house, 35 Clarence square
Felton William, confectioner & baker, 86 St. James’s street
Female Servants’ Registry Office (Mrs. Emma Allen), 100 Queen’s road
Fennell William. hatter & tailor, 37 North street
Fenner Edward, tailor, 37 Osborne street, Cliftonville
Fenner James, pork butcher, 18 St. George’s road
Fenner William, tailor, 10 Sidney street
Field & Walton, surgeons, 28 Old Steine
Field William A. & Benjamin, builders, 20 Preston street
Field Frederick, baker, 49 North gardens
Field John, chemist, 56½ Marine parade
Field John, fruiterer & dairyman, 5 Montpelier place
Fielder James, greengrocer, 19 Mount Zion place
Fielder Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 18 Egremont street
Fielding Daniel, marine store dealer, 33 North lane
Fieldus John, furniture dealer, 73 Edward street
Fillis Esther (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 18 Middle st
Filtness David, medical rubber, 19 Manchester street
Findlater, Mackie & Co. wine, spirit, ale & stout merchants, 16 Prince Albert street
Fisher Ann (Mrs.), Royal Sovereign, 66 Preston street
Fisk James & Co. grocers, 25 Trafalgar street
Fisk David, grocer, 6 Brighton place, Market street
Fisk George, boarding & lodging house, 14 German place
Fisk George, wine & spirit merchant, 107 St. James’s street
Fisk George Edward, grocer, 19 Church street
Fitch Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Wyndham street
Fitch John, cabinet maker, 43 Ivory place
Fitch William, furniture dealer, 5 Edward street
Fitzgerald John, marine store dealer, 45 George street.
Fitzgerald John, marine store dealer, 43 Lavender street
Fitzgerald John, marine store dealer, 16 Richmond street
Flather Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 8 Crescent place, Marine parade
Fleming John, establishment for young gentlemen, 4 & 5 Powis square
Fleming William, hat maker, 27 New road
Fletcher David, boarding school for young gentlemen, 1 Goldsmid road
Fletcher George, beer retailer, 100 Gloucester lane
Flint Harriet (Mrs.), milliner, 10 East street
Flint Henry Wyatt, chemist & druggist, 48 East street
Flint William, fly proprietor, 32 West Hill street
Flood John, butcher, 25 Bond street
Flood Mary (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 25 Lavender street
Flowers James, lodging house, 11 New Steine
Foad Andrew Baker, clock & watch maker, 18 Trafalgar st
Foakes Edward Lindsay, assessor of taxes, 97½ St. James’s st
Foakes William Henry linen draper, 124 St. James’s Street
Foat Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress, 45 King street
Foat Samuel Thomas, draper & milliner, 79 North street
Folkard & Son, silversmiths & jewellers, 29A King’s road
Folkard Daniel, pawnbroker, silversmith & jeweller, 138 & 139 North street
Folthorp’s Royal Library & Reading Rooms (Thomas Page, proprietor), 173 North street
Foord Henry, coal merchant, 60A, St. James’s street
Foord James, Dorset Arms, 60 John street
Ford John, shoe maker, 9 Somerset street
Ford Joshua, carpenter, 3 Victoria place
Ford Sylvester, fishmonger & poulterer, 11 Western rd. Hove
Ford William, baker, 27 Albion hill
Ford William, lodging house, 5 New Steine
Foreman Henry, lodging house, 2 Lansdowne street, Hove
Foreshew Robert, grocer, 26 Ship street
Forrester Robert, saddler & harness maker, 10 St. George’s rd
Forster Fredk. schl. for young gentlemen, 29 Buckingham rd
Forward Charles, wine, spirit, liqeur & beer merchant, wine cooper & dealer in bottled ales & stout, 19, 40, 41 & 42 Upper St. James’s street, & 5 & 6 Bedford street
Foster & Else, pharmaceutical chemists, 52 King’s road
Foster Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Norfolk road
Foster Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Grafton street
Fovargue William, earthenware dealer, 35 George street
Fowle James, carpenter, 15 College street
Fowler George Cupit & Thos. oil & color men &c. 84 North st
Fowler Ann (Mrs.), greengrocer, 11 Russell square
Fowler John Stokes, riding & job master. livery & hunting stables by appointment to the Prince & Princess of Wales, & the Duke of Cambridge, Kerrison mews, Waterloo street
Fox Edward & Son, artists, 44 Market street
Fox Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Montpelier street
Fox Mary (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, 111 Marine parade
Fox Octavius A. surgeon dentist, 12 Pavilion parade
Fox Thomas, livery stables, 3 Hampton street
Francis Thomas & Samuel, linen & woollen drapers, 21 St. James’s street
Francis Frederick, lodging house, 6 Bedford place
Francis John, greengrocer, 21 Trafalgar street
Francis Robert, draper & silk mercer, 40 East street
Francis Thomas, cheesemonger & poulterer, 78 Western road
Francis Thomas, grocer, 74 Western road
Francis William, beer retailer, 2 Norfolk street
Francis William, dairyman, 104 North lane
Fraser Donnal, draper, 67 Upper Trafalgar street
Freehold Land & Building Society (William Savage, sec.), 11 Prince Albert street
Freeland Samuel, butcher, 31 Ann street
Freeman George, whiting manufacturer, Elm grove
Freeman Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Guildford road
Freeman Margaret (Miss), lodging house, 17 Marine parade
Freeman Mary Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 16 Sillwood street
Freeman Thomas, butcher, 7 Albert terrace, Hove
French Edward John, oil & color man, 1 Queen’s road
French Frederick, lodging house, 8 Bedford place
Frewer (Misses), ladies’ boarding school, 8 Sussex square
Friend Daniel Burchell, bookseller, stationer & librarian, 51 Preston street
Friend Jacob, fruiterer, 33 Western street
Friend Thomas Humphrey, leather seller, 10 Bond street
Frost Daniel, boot & shoe maker, 116 London road
Frost Rev. P. boarding school, 11 Sussex square
Fry Edmund (Mrs.), preparatory school for young gentlemen, 25 Gloucester place
Fry John, blacksmith, 45 St. George’s road & Mill place
Fry William Hough, surgeon, 32 London road
Fryer James, butcher, 27 Kemp street
Fryer Martha (Mrs.), lodging ho. 10 Chesham rd. Kemp town
Fuggle Thomas, grocer &c. 117 North street
Fulford Harry, Egremont hotel, 111 Western rd. & Norfolk sq
Fuller Charles, greengrocer, 14 Upper Russell street
Fuller Cornelius commission agent, 58 Grand parade
Fuller Edward, basket maker, 38 Market street
Fuller James, dairyman, 65 Jubilee street
Fuller James, greengrocer, 93 Edward street
Fuller James, private tutor, 27 Baker street
Fuller John, grocer, 174 Edward street
Fuller Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 17 Richmond street
Fuller Thomas, butcher, 30 Russell street
Fullick Mary (Mrs.), Brighton Packet, 8 Steine street
Funnell Edward, watch & clock maker, 53 & 54 East street
Funnell Frederick, bookseller, 23 Marlborough place
Funnell George, greengrocer, 32 Terminus road
Funnell Henry, baker, 87 Gloucester lane & 1 Kemp street
Funnell Henry, King & Queen commercial & family hotel, & Corn Market house, Marlborough place
Funnell Henry Williamson, greengrocer, 51 Cheapside
Funnell Herbert, Founders’ Arms, 24 Spring gardens
Funnell James, coal dealer, 35 Mighell street
Funnell John, baker & confectioner, 27 Church street, Hove
Funnell John, printer, 28 New road
Funnell John, shopkeeper, 23 New York street
Funnell Luke, Reeve inn, 1 Eastern road
Funnell Thomas, butcher, 85 Edward street
Funnell William, pork butcher &c. 21 Gardiner street
Funnell William, Rose & Crown, 7 North gardens
Funnell William Henry, chemist & cupper, 50 Queen’s road
Furlonger George, boot & shoe maker, 1 Regency colonnade
Furlonger Henry, Rose & Crown, 1 Chesham rd. Kemp town
Furnell Benjamin, beer retailer, Cumberland place
Furner Edmund Joseph, surgeon, 111 King’s road
Furse & Son, watch makers & jewellers, 60 North street
Fussell Edward Francis, physician, 34 Queens road
Gallard Emma (Mrs.), toy dealer & stationer, 4 Hove place, Cliftonville
Gallard George, brewer & maltster, Brighton brewery, Osborne street, Cliftonville
Gallard William, upholsterer, 7 Cranbourn street
Galliers Charles William, tailor, 7 Warwick street
Galloway Alexander, linen draper, 92 Gloucester lane
Gallprall George, lodging house, 16 Bedford square
Gander Mark, pork butcher, 139 Edward street
Gander Mary (Miss), lodging house, 41 Regency square
Gander William, lodging house, 21 Marlborough place
Garbett Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Bedford place
Garbutt George Griffith, builder, 10 Clarence street
Garbutt Henry Newsum, painter & glazier, 2 Edinburgh terrace, Lewes road
Gardener Edward, lithographic printer, engraver, & shipping agent for the United States & Canada, 72A, Queen’s road
Gardiner Edward Henry, beer retailer, 101 North lane
Gardner & Warneford, chemists, 37 St. James’s street
Gardner Charles, City of Brunswick, Golden lane
Gardner Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 105 King’s road
Gardner Henry, jeweller, 32 Preston street
Gardner John Turville, surgeon, 37 St. James’s street
Gardner Peter, printer, 16 & 20 George street
Gardner Sophia (Mrs.), printer, 16 Edward street
Gardner Thomas, saddler, 30 Warwick street
Garlick Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Waterloo street
Garner James, hair dresser, 1 John street
Garnham Barrington, chemist, 22 London road
Garnsey Samuel, carpenter, 1 Farm road, Hove
Garrard Harriet (Mrs.), milliner, 2 St. James’s place
Garrett Isaac, chemist, 206 Western road
Garrett Mary (Mrs.), dealer in old clothes, 98 Carlton street
Garrett Rhoda (Mrs.), dress maker, 54 Gardiner street
Garrett William, builder & carpenter, 25 Manchester street & 57 Middle street
Garrett William, lodging house, 1 Margaret street
Gaston Henry, livery stables, 117 King’s road

Gates Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, 34 Brunswick place
Gates Benjamin, beer retailer, Shoreham road, Hove
Gates Edward shoe maker, 14 Cannon street
Gates Edwin, builder, 11 Kingsbury road
Gates George, Richmond Arms, 33 Richmond place
Gates John, lodging house, 2 Pavilion colonnade
Gates Maria Caroline (Mrs.), milliner, 29 Ship street
Gates Oliver, lapidary & jeweller, 5 Pool valley & Chain pier
Gates S. professor of music, 5 Lansdowne terrace east, Western road, Hove
Gates Stephen (Mrs.), jeweller, Chain pier
Gates Stephen, organ builder, 83 Upper North street
Gates Thomas, working jeweller, 36 Upper St. James’s street & Chain pier
Gates Thomas Dean, academy, 30 Gloucester street
Gawen William, sail maker, Mount Pleasant
Gay George Henry, currier & leather seller, 50 & 51 High st
Gearing Henry, joiner, 4 Dean street
Gearing William, fruiterer & grocer, 19 Spring street
Geere Edward, White Horse family hotel, 75 East street
Geere Edward, wine merchant, 3 Pool valley
Geere Elias, carpenter, 14 Gloucester street
Geere George, surgeon, 26 Broad street
Geere William, lodging house, 69 Regency square
Georges Julius, drawing master, 7 Clarence square
Gerard Fanny (Madame), glover, 65 East street
Germain William, working jeweller, 26 Western road
Gibbs Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Bedford place
Gibbs George, boot & shoe maker, 108 London road
Gibbs George, butcher, 50 Gloucester lane
Gibbs George, writer & grainer, 9 Mighell street
Gibbs James, chimney sweeper, 9 Upper Russell street
Gibbs Stephen Edward, butcher, 17 Church street
Gibbs Susan (Miss), dress maker, 15 Russell square
Gibbs William, tailor, 3 Upper Bedford street
Gibbs William Albert, boot maker, 35 Clifton street
Giddins Frederick George, lodging house, 30 New Steine
Gilbert Thomas Joseph, surveyor of taxes, 6 Bath street
Gilbert William John, boarding school for young gentlemen, 111 Lansdowne place, Hove
Gilbertson Josephine Cable (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, 33 Brunswick square
Gilbard William & Son, Pier hotel, & wine merchants, 10 Marine parade
Giles George, carpenter, 4 Clifton place
Giles James, lodging house, 6 New Steine
Giles James William, pianoforte & music warehouse, 2 Castle sq.
Giles Samuel, lodging house, 38 Waterloo street
Giles Susan (Mrs.), lodging house, Wyndham street
Giles William, shoe maker, 20 Upper Russell street
Giles William, town crier & bill poster, 70 Jubilee street
Gilkes John, grocer, 44 Buckingham road
Gill Alfred, cowkeeper & coal dealer, 1 & 2 St. George’s road
Gill Joseph Dunwoody, young gentlemen’s school, 82 Montpelier road
Gillam Edward, plumber, 28 Brunswick place
Gillam William, shoe maker, 8 Church street
Gillham Isaac, marine store dealer, 28 Upper Russell street
Gillham John, shopkeeper, 46 Lavender street
Gilligan Mark, beer retailer, 18 Cheapside
Gillman William, dyer, 8 St. James’s street
Glading Francis, silversmith & jeweller, 46 & 47 King’s road
Gladman Henry, dining rooms, 81 George st. Cliftonville
Glaisyer & Kemp, pharmaceutical chemists, 11 & 12 North st
Glouton Sebastian, teacher of mathematics, 98 Western road
Gobell Mary (Miss) lodging house, 1 Lansdowne terrace west, Western road, Hove
Gobell Richard, lodging house, 44 Western road, Hove
Godard Eliza (Mrs.), milliner, 6 Oxford terrace, Church street, Hove
Godard William Strudwick, boot maker, 6 Oxford terrace, Church street, Hove
Goddard William & Richard, grocers, 17 St. George’s place
Goddard Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 72 Western road, Hove
Goddard G. O. jeweller, 8 Market street
Godden Alfred, butcher, 61 Upper North street
Godfree Edward Mills, beer retailer, 19 Eastern road
Godfree Henry, baker, 169 Eastern road
Godfree Richard, grocer, 5 Dyke road
Godfrey Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Norfolk road
Godley George, beer retailer, 39 Sloane street
Godley John, marine store dealer, 12 Little Western street
Gold Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 18 Albion street
Golden John, coal dealer, 4 Vine place
Golden John, iron bedstead & bedding manufacturer, 123 Queen’s road
Golden William, whitesmith, 61 Lavender street
Goldring Charles, Reservoir tavern, Howard road
Goldsmith Albert, beer retailer, 33 Tidy street
Goldsmith Elizabeth (Mrs.), stationer &c. 6 Upper St. James’s street
Goldsmith Emma (Mrs.), York Arms, 11 Sillwood street
Goldsmith Isabella (Mrs.), Royal Oak, 46 St. James’s st
Goldsmith James, coal & wood dealer, 22 High street
Goldsmith James, tailor, 44 North gardens
Goldsmith James, trunk maker, 42 Upper Russell street
Goldsmith Jane (Miss), milliner, 106 North street
Goodbarne Charles, chemist, 12 Edward street
Goodearl Henry, carpenter, 90 St. George’s road
Gooderham Lewis, Globe, 39 Edward street
Goodhart A. H. (Mrs.), preparatory school for boys, 24 & 25 Montpelier crescent
Goodman John, lodging house, 28 Broad street
Goodman Sarah (Miss), lodging house, Lansdowne st. Hove
Goodman Selina (Mrs.), professor of music, 23 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Goodman Thomas, butcher, 34 Market street
Goodwin Leonard, lodging house, 94 King’s road
Gordon Henry, lodging house, 27 Bedford square
Gordon John, lodging house, 22 Bedford square
Gordring Sarah Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Bedford street
Gorringe Ann (Mrs.), baker, Black rock
Gorringe Edward, lodging house, 40 Preston street
Gorringe George, tailor, 55 Russell square
Gorringe Henry, shoe maker, 10 Little Russell street
Gorringe James, Hare & Hounds, 75 London road
Gorringe Mary Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 47 West street
Gorringe Thomas, shell fishmonger, 54 Russell square
Gorringe Walter grocer, 8 & 9 Carlton street
Gorringe William, coal dealer, 7 Francis street
Gorringe William, shoe maker, 1 Boyce’s street
Gorringe William Penington, grocer, 25 Carlton street
Gosling Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 146 King’s road
Gosling Thomas, lodging houses, 144 & 145 King’s road
Gostling John, tailor, 20A, Norfolk square
Gould & Son, brewers, Star brewery, Church street
Goulty Horatio Nelson, architect & surveyor, 12 Union st
Governesses’ Institute (Mrs. Jane Hodson, superintendent), 179 Western road
Gower Levi, Waggon & Horses, 109 Church street
Gower William, coal dealer, 14 Grosvenor street
Graham Andrew & Charles, linen & woollen drapes, 4 North quadrant
Graham Charles, chair maker, Windsor street
Graham Charles Henry, wood turner, Windsor street
Graham Henry, carver & glider, 6 Market street
Graimes Caroline (Miss), grocer, 64 New England street
Graimes M. (Mrs.), milliner & straw hat maker, 5 Prince Albert street
Grainger George, shopkeeper, 66 St. James’s street
Grainger Robert, shoe maker, 6 Prince’s street
Gramshaw Robert, solicitor, 1A, Prince Albert street
Granfield Edward Edwin, day school, 34 Kensington place
Grant Alexander, baker & confectioner, 62 Carlton street
Grave John, chimney sweeper & tobacconist, 20 Cross street
Gravett John, bricklayer, 25 Upper Park place
Gray Edwin, lodging house, 17 Bedford square
Gray Emma (Mrs.), dress & mantle maker, 18 York terrace
Gray Jane (Mrs.), baker, 20 Ann street
Gray John, cabinet maker, 196 Western road
Gray Thomas, Black Horse, 16 Montague place
Gray Thomas, grocer & provision dealer, 75 Edward street
Grayling William, hair dresser, 43 Ship street
Green Sarah & Jane (Misses), ladies’ school, 66 Grand parade
Green Charles, gas fitter & machinist, 185 Western road
Green Emily (Mrs.), young ladies’ school, 40 Grand parade
Green George, lodging house, 9 Farm road, Hove
Green James, baker, 146 Edward street
Green James, greengrocer, 43 Francis street
Green Thomas, lodging house, 34 Terminus road
Green William, hardware dealer, 2 Bond street
Greenbury Mathew Gale, jet ornament maker, 12 East st
Greene Henry, lamp & china & glass manufacturer & oil merchant, 8 Pavilion buildings
Greenfield Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Great College st
Greenfield John, grocer, 75 Albion hill
Greenfield Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, 17 Gloucester lane
Greenfield Walter, lodging house, 10 Norfolk square
Greenfield William, day school, 21 Islingword road
Greenin Daniel Harding, fancy repository, 20 & 21 East st
Greenway Stephen, coal dealer, 38 Gloucester lane
Greenwood Thomas Harry, tailor, 54 Middle street
Greenyer George & Son, tobacconists, 209 Western road,
Gregory Emma H. (Miss), lodging house, 32 Norfolk square
Gregory James, coffin maker & furnishing undertaker, estate agent & appraiser, 8 Bond street
Gregory John, baker, 15 Upper Bedford street
Gregory Richard William undertaker, 25 St. George’s st
Gregory Samuel, lodging house, 13 Guildford street
Grellett Isabella (Miss), young ladies’ school, 62 Grand parade
Grenville Eliza & Ellen (Misses), milliners, 39 East street
Grenville George, butcher, 87 St. James’s street
Grevatt George, lodging house, 6 Bedford square
Grey Stephen, photographer, 144 Western road
Griffin George, beer retailer, 8 Queen’s road
Griffin Irene (Mrs.), milliner, 65 East street
Griffiths Henry, tailor, 52 George street
Griffiths Thomas, upholsterer, 13 St. George’s road
Grinyer Thomas, shopkeeper, 47 Upper Bedford street
Grinyer Thomas John, reporter, 8 Richmond place
Grisbrook Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 German place
Grix William, boarding school, Cliff house, Hove street, Cliftonville
Groom Emily (Miss), lodging house, 59 Old Steine
Grotton John, fly proprietor, Sillwood street
Grotton John, lodging house, 17 Montpelier road
Grove James Henry, grocer, 98 Southover street
Grover Jane & Emma (Misses), milliners, 22 Devonshire Pl
Grover Ebenezer, baker, 3 Regent hill
Grover Edward, lodging house, 13 Waterloo street
Grover Henry, builder, 3 Montpelier street
Grover John, baker, 29 Portland street
Gruby James, Brunswick Arms, 21 Brunswick place
Grumbridge Jane (Mrs.), butcher, 26 London road
Guildford James, hat manufacturer, 42 Edward street
Guildford Otho, ironmonger, 134 North street
Gunn & Taylor, fishmongers, Market house, Market street
Gunn George, shell fishmonger, 10 Brighton place, Market st
Gunn Joseph Bray, fishmonger, 10 Pool valley
Gunn Nathan, shell fish dealer, 27 North lane
Gunn Nathaniel, rope & twine dealer, 19 King’s road
Gunner James, shopkeeper, 13 Upper Russell street
Gurd Samuel, boot & shoe maker, 13 Manchester street
Gurr Elizabeth (Mrs.), tea dealer, Dorset buildings
Gutteridge Weichsels Frederick, solicitor, 74 Ship street
Gutteridge Rev. William Henry, M.A. classical & mathematical school, The Temple, Montpelier road
Guy Benjamin, coal dealer, 8 Spring gardens
Guy James, shopkeeper, 25 Cobden road
Guy Jesse, manufacturing jeweller, 96 Upper North street
Guy John, baker, 94 Albion hill
Guy Peter, lodging house, 16 Clifton terrace
Guy Robert shopkeeper, 9 Oxford street
Guymer Robert, greengrocer, 36 Frederick street
Gwatkin James Thomas, chemist, 49 Grand parade
Gwinnell Edwin, lodging house, 103 King’s road
Habens Matthew, boot & shoe maker, 27 London road
Hackman William, builder, 26 Western cottages
Hadlow Frederick, heraldic & general engraver, 8 Prince Alfred street
Haestler Emile Henry, beer retailer, 3 John street
Haffenden Walter, beer retailer, 6 Russell square
Haighton James, baker, 16 Russell square
Heighten James, Running Horse, 21 King street
Hailey Charles, physician, 2 Lansdown terrace west, Western road, Hove
Hailey William Henry, Northern hotel, 31 York place
Haines Charles Churchill, watch & clock maker, 27 St. George’s road
Haines Christopher, grocer, 16 Sussex street
Haines Henry, beer retailer, 12 Somerset street
Hake William A. G. barrister, 3 Old Steine
Hale & Oxenham, brewers, 14 Black Lion street
Hale Ann (Miss), lodging house, 14 Marine parade
Hale Phoebe (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Grand Junction parade
Hall, Lloyd, Bevan & West, bankers (Union Bank), 7 North street; draw on London & Westminster Bank, Lothbury, London e.c.
Hall, Smith & Holford, wine & brandy merchants, 8 North st
Hall Alfred, physician, 30 Old Steine
Hall Benjamin, baker, 39 Cheapside
Hall Caroline (Mrs.), greengrocer, 31 North lane
Hall Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 50 Middle street
Hall George, baker, 84 Edward street
Hall George, baker, 27 Guildford terrace
Hall Henry, butcher, 100 Church street
Hall James, butcher, 101 St. James’s street
Hall James, grocer, provision merchant & manufacturer of washing compounds, 40 Upper North street
Hall Joseph, builder, 46 North gardens
Hall Laura (Miss), boarding house, 58 Regency square
Hall Maurice, baker, 46 Regent street
Hall Richard, baker, 99 St. George’s road
Hall Richard, glover, 49 King’s road
Hall Samuel, blacksmith, 16 Henry street
Hall Samuel Edward, beer retailer, 2 Sussex street
Hall Thomas, Pelham Arms, 38 Russell street
Hall William, photographer, 21 North street
Hallam & Cutlack, family grocers, 67 East street
Hallett & Abbey, india pale ale brewers & maltsters, Seymour street, & 17 Western rd. Hove. See advertisement
Hallett Francis, corn merchant, 17 Russell street
Hallett George, grocer, 40 Gloucester lane
Hallett Martha (Mrs.), dress maker, 3 Bristol terrace, Bristol road
Hamblin Abernethy, lodging house, 121 King’s road
Hamilton William, bedding manufacturer & upholsterer, 45 Ship street. See advertisement
Hamlin Thomas, boot & shoemaker, 14 Spring street
Hammond Benjamin, beer retailer, 35 Lower Market street
Hammond Henry, shopkeeper, 18 Cross street
Hammond Isaac, grocer & tea dealer, 1 Rock street, Kemp town & 80 St. George’s road
Hammond John, tailor, 26 Market street
Hammond Lucy (Mrs.), lodging house, 53 Waterloo street
Hammond Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Charlotte street
Hammond Samuel, coffee rooms, 30 Kemp street
Hammond Samuel, lodging house, 2 Borough street
Hammond Walter, builder, 5 Cross street
Hamper John, beer retailer, 40 Borough street
Hampshire Banking Company (Archibald Young, esq. manager), 14 North street, branch (Mr. Telford Sharp, manager), Western road & 46 Norfolk square; draw on London Joint Stock Bank & Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. London
Hampton Absalom, lodging house, 17 Buckingham road
Hampton George, builder, Sussex street
Hampton George, lodging house, 19 Grand parade
Hanbury Mary Ann (Miss), greengrocer, 8 Duke street
Hannay James Blair, feather merchant, wholesale & retail, bedding & mattress manufacturer & purifier, 49 Western road. See advertisement
Hannell Francis, currier & leather seller, 33 Meeting House lane
Hanningtons & Sons, silk mercers, linen & woollen drapers, furriers, carpet upholstery & general warehousemen & undertakers, 2, 3, 4, 5, 171 & 172 North street, 52 Market street & 2 Pavilion buildings
Hanson George Henry, physician, 28 Cannon place
Hardey Mary (Miss), ladies’ school, 30 Sussex square
Hardham Sarah (Mrs.), bread & biscuit baker, 7 Black Lion street
Hardiman Thomas, riding master & livery stable keeper, Alexandra mews, 61 Middle street
Hards James, greengrocer, 29 Clifton hill
Harker John Thomas, china & glass dealer, 176 Edward st
Harley Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 33 Egremont place
Harman Ann (Mrs.), corset maker, 12 Jubilee street
Harman Arthur Mitchell, lodging house, 8 Cannon place
Harman James, fishmonger, 7 Terminus road
Harman Richard, beer retailer, 96 Gloucester lane
Harman Richard, greengrocer, 40 King street
Harman Sarah Ann (Miss), stationer & news agent, 3O Sillwood street
Harman Sergeant William, greengrocer, 33 Sillwood street
Harmen Jane (Mrs.), beer retailer, 110 Southover street
Harmes Walter, coal & coke dealer, 49 Carlton street
Harper Henry, hosier & glover, 72 King’s road
Harper Henry, lodging house, 61 Marine parade
Harrington James & Son, tobacconists & tobacco pipe makers, 5 Queen’s road
Harrington Daniel, beer retailer, 101 Edward street
Harrington James, tobacco pipe maker, 41 Nelson street
Harriott Daniel, beer retailer, 26 Jubilee street
Harris Charles John, linen draper, 14 Trafalgar street
Harris Edward, chemist, 30 Richmond place
Harris Edward, grocer & tea dealer, 58 Western road
Harris George, ham & beef dealer, 95 Gloucester lane
Harris Henry Edward, boarding school, 17 Cannon place
Harris Jesse, grocer & furniture dealer, 40 Sloane street
Harris John, lodging house, 6 German place
Harris Sophia (Mrs.), general dealer, 32 York rd. London rd
Harris William, boot & shoe maker. 29 Meeting House lane
Harrison Frederick Edward, accountant, 13 Montpelier st
Harrison George, Harrison’s family hotel, 24 & 25 King’s rd
Harrison Henry John, lodging house, 15 Oriental place
Harrison James George, upholsterer, 14 Queen’s road
Harrison William, lodging house, 32 Devonshire place
Harron Lewis & Co. tobacconists, 67 Queen’s road
Hart Cornelius, City of York inn, 114 Western road
Hart David, beer retailer, 40 Ashton street
Hart Henry, boot machinist, 39 Portland street
Hart Henry, pork butcher, 7 Cheapside
Hart Isaac, shopkeeper, 13 Albion hill
Hart James, greengrocer, 80 North lane
Hart John, butcher, 33 Preston street
Hart John, cheesemonger & pork butcher, 51 & 52 West st
Hart Richard, plasterer, 29 Eastern road
Hart William, Farriers’ Arms, 22 Lavender street
Hart William, lodging house, 8 Crown street
Hart William, manufacturing hatter, 62A, North street
Harvey Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Upper Bedford street
Harvey Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 York road, Hove
Harvey Joseph, greengrocer, 124 Sussex street
Harvey Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Low. Rock gardens
Haselgrove William, beer retailer, 18 Regent row
Haselwood James Edmund, solicitor (firm, Stevens & Haselwood), 8 Gloucester place
Haslin Samuel, bricklayer, 44 Cavendish street
Hassell John, baker & confectioner, 64 Preston street
Hastin Mary (Mrs.), professional rubber, 37 Grenville pl
Hatch Maria (Miss), berlin & fancy repository, 47 Western rd
Hatch William, shoe maker, 20 Edward street
Hatcher William, coach builder, wheelwright & smith, corn & coal merchant & sack dealer, 57, 58, 63 & 64, Jubilee st
Hatt Cecilia (Miss), lodging house, 71 Western road, Hove
Hatton Brothers, hosiers & drapers, 13 Trafalgar street
Hatton Sarah (Miss), ladies’ school, 92 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Havers Clara (Mrs.), beer retailer, 18 Gardiner street
Hawker Eliza (Mrs.), dress maker, 32 College gardens
Hawkes Alfred John, agent to the British Equitable Assurance Company, 2 St. James’s street
Hawkes Charles, beer retailer, 8 George street
Hawkes Clara (Mrs.), dress & mantle maker, 2 St. James’s st
Hawkes James, shopkeeper, 39 Cheltenham place
Hawkins Charles, photographer, 12 East street
Hawkins Charles, photographer, 38 Preston street
Hawkins Henry, Sir John Falstaff, 93 Albion hill
Hawkins John, house agent, 19 Brunswick place
Hawkins Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Low. Rock gdns
Haxill Robert, beer retailer, 3 Black Lion street
Hay Richard, greengrocer, 178 Eastern road
Hayatt Eliza (Mrs.), dyer, 3½ Market street
Hayden Robert, tailor, Brunswick street west
Hayes Christopher Daniel, sauce warehouse, 31 West street
Hayes Cornelius, marine store dealer, 81 Church street
Hayes Samuel Ford, Abergavenny Arms, Black Rock
Hayler Richard, baker & corn dealer, 16 Islingword road
Hayler William, beer retailer, 47 Islingword road
Hayllar, Caroline Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Oriental place
Hayllar Emma (Miss), milliner, 19 Middle street
Hayllar Frederick, fishmonger & ice merchant, 1 Prince Albert street; ice stores, 1 Centurion road
Hayllar Henry, furniture broker, 21 Meeting House lane
Hayllar Price, lodging house, 73 West street
Hayllar Thomas, baker, 1 Cannon street
Hayllar William, carpenter, 7 Centurion road
Hayward George, beer retailer, 31 Guildford terrace
Hayward Thomas Francis, grocer, 9 Church street
Head Misses, milliners, 9 Upper street, St. James’s street
Head Richard, beer retailer, 20 St. George’s road
Head Richard, market gardener, 15 Upper Lewes road
Headland & Williams, homeopathic chemists, 40 Old Steine
Headland Alfred, homoeopathic chemist, 148 Western road
Heard Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Hampton place
Heasman Anne (Mrs.), milliner 7 Church street
Heasman Henry, butcher 21 Church street
Heasman Henry, shoe maker, 24 Essex street
Heasman Henry, shoe maker, 13 Upper Bedford street
Heasman Joseph, beer retailer, 5 Cannon street
Heasman Walter, furniture broker, 36 Russell street
Heath Henry, shoe maker, 28 Camelford street
Heather Fredk. & Son, coal & wood dealers, 3 Eastern road
Heather Henry, shopkeeper, 1 New Dorset street
Heather Stephen, fly proprietor, 4 Clarence street
Heathorn James, baker & confectioner, 50 Gardiner street
Heatley Rev. Henry Davis, M.A. gentlemen’s boarding school, 7 Sussex square
Hebden Joseph, nurseryman &c. Elm grove
Hebden Stephen, boot shoe maker, 16 Market street
Hedges & Butler wine & spirit merchants, 30 King’s road
Hellis William Henry, builder, 8 Queen’s square
Hemmings Joseph Watts, tea dealer & grocer, 1 Bartholomews
Hempel Rev. Charles Arthur, M.A. collegiate school, 9 Rose Hill terrace
Henderson Misses, ladies’ school, 12½ & 13 Marine parade
Henderson Mary Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 1 St. James’s street
Henley William, lodging house, 10 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Hennah & Kent, photographers, 108 King’s road
Henry James, tailor, 2 Upper Bedford street
Henton James, corn merchant, 44 Preston street
Henty Ann (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse, 102 Trafalgar st
Henwick Samuel, furniture broker, 4 Union street
Henwood Joseph, lodging house, 22 Old Steine
Herbert Paul, hair dresser & perfumer, 4 & 5 Boot street
Herbert William, Railway inn, 29 & 30 Surrey street
Herman William, Engineer inn, 27 Cheapside
Hermitage Edward, shopkeeper, 27 Upper Bedford street
Herridge William, shoe maker, 36 Mount Zion place
Herriman Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Osborne villas
Herrington Henry, grainer & painter, 34 Dean street
Herriott Daniel, beer retailer, 1 Montpelier road
Herriott Horace, King’s Head inn, & livery stables, 9 West st
Herriott Jane (Mrs.), beer retailer, 26 Edward street
Herriott William, fly proprietor, 7 St. Mary’s street
Hessey George, beer retailer, 56 Lavender street
Hewett William & Co. chinese tea importers &c. 41 East st
Hewitt Joseph Henry, dancing academy, 43 George street
Hewitt Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Western cottages
Hewlett George, Albert boarding house, 17 & 18 German place
Hibberdine Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 20 Cannon place
Hibling Everitt, perfumer & hair dresser, 56 Preston street
Hickley George, chemist, 101 Church street
Hickling Thomas, beer retailer, 143 London road
Hickmott Edwin, linen draper, 27 Edward street
Hicks Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 36 Cannon place
Hicks Thomas, livery stables, Palmeira mews
Higginson Arthur, greengrocer, 3 Cross street
Higginson George, fancy repository, 76½ St. James’s street
Higginson John, boot & shoe maker, 6 Wentworth street
Higginson William, beer retailer, 9 Wentworth street
Higgs James, dairy, 92 St. George’s road
Higgs Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Cannon place
Higlett Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Hilbers George James, physician, 112 King’s road
Hilditch John, surgeon, 7 Pavilion parade
Hiles Caroline (Mrs.), professor of music, 20 Powis road
Hill & Co. (Misses), berlin & fancy repository, 4 Castle sq
Hill & FitzHugh, solicitors, 1 Pavilion parade
Hill Charles, chimney sweeper, 4 High street
Hill Daniel, chimney sweeper, 59 Russell street
Hill George, beer retailer, 6 Montpelier road
Hill James, plasterer, 21 Eastern road
Hill James, shopkeeper, 20 Wood street
Hill John, chimney sweeper, 1 Montague place
Hill Maria (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 38 Egremont place
Hill Reuben, coal dealer, 16 Bloomsbury street
Hill Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 84 King’s road
Hill Sarah Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 York road, Hove
Hill Thomas, berlin & fancy repository, 66 East street
Hill William, grocer, 46 Edward street
Hilliar Henry, Royal Crescent hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, 100 & 101 Marine parade
Hillier William, coal dealer, 57 King street
Hillier William, greengrocer, 80 Edward street
Hillier William, lodging house, 16 Temple street
Hillman Alfred, cheesemonger & poulterer, 20 Western road, Hove
Hillman James, shell fishmonger, 31 Brunswick place
Hillman Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Cannon place
Hills & Stenning, butchers, 15 St. James’s street
Hills Richard, butcher, 116 Queen’s road
Hills Thomas, butcher, 59 Preston street
Hills William, greengrocer, 24 New England street
Hilton Edward Lorenzo, beer retailer, 44 Trafalgar street
Hilton Fanny (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 111 Church street
Hilton James, shoe maker, 2 York road, London road
Hilton John, beer retailer, 11 Upper Market street
Hilton Sarah (Miss), day school, 52 Clarence square
Hilton Sarah (Mrs.), grocer, 99 Church st. & 1 Gardiner st
Hindess Caleb, greengrocer, 11 Gloucester street
Histed & Fullick, dairymen, 14 Carlton street
Histed George, cowkeeper, 16 Kensington place
Histed John, dairyman, 37 Cheapside
Histed John, wine, spirit & italian merchant & army contractor, 6 Pavilion buildings
Hoad Charles, fruiterer, 35 Waterloo street
Hoad Jane (Miss), lodging house, 121 Western road
Hoad Joseph, fruiterer & greengrocer, 20 Bedford street
Hoad Thomas, lodging house, 17 Middle street
Hoad Thomas Crompton, baker & confectioner, 38 North st
Hoadly Edward, family grocer & provision merchant, & post office, 1 York place
Hoare Elizabeth (Miss), greengrocer, 4 St. George’s road
Hoare Francis, lodging house, 8 Bedford square
Hoare Joseph, lodging house, 3 Camelford street
Hobbs Robert, shell fishmonger, 56 Upper Bedford street
Hobbs William, cowkeeper, 23 Mount street
Hobday & Co. wine & spirit merchants & agents to Bass & Co. & Guinness Co. 66 Western road, Hove
Hobday Thomas, lodging house, 18 Charles street
Hobden John, dairyman, 18 Redcross street
Hobden John, dairyman, 22 Upper Bedford street
Hobden John, seedsman, 1 Holland street
Hobson John, lodging house, 19 Gloucester place
Hobson Mrs. lodging house, 24 Holland road, Hove
Hodd Stephen Alden & Co. tea, coffee & spice merchants, 147 North street
Hodges Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 35 Lewes road
Hodgson George Frederick, surgeon, 52 Montpelier road
Hodgson William, dairyman, 16 Centurion road
Hodson Harry F. agricultural agent, 179 Western road
Hoffenden Thomas, dealer in building materials, 38 Gloucester street
Hogben Joseph, hosier, 79 Western road
Hogbin Thomas Henry, baker, 62 Upper North street
Hogbin William, baker, 11 New England street
Holden Edward, paperhanger, 12 Camelford street
Holden Henry, blacksmith, 6 Carlton street
Holden Henry, upholsterer, 91½ & 98 St. George’s road
Holden James, tobacconist, 39 Gloucester lane
Holden Joseph, beer retailer, 19 Richmond street
Holden William, working jeweller, 113 North street
Holder Brothers, china & glass warehouse, 20 Black Lion st
Holder Fredk. boot & shoe maker, 3 North Street quadrant
Holder William, greengrocer, 3 Nelson street
Holding Richard, Yorkshire Stingo, 61 Western road
Holford George, brewer, 8 & 51 Henry street
Holford John, baker, 82 Southover street
Holford William Henry, pork butcher, 31 Trafalgar street
Hollamby Henry, beer retailer, 56 King street
Hollamby Hen. livery stables, Gloucester mews, Gloucester st
Hollamby Henry, livery stables, & corn dealer, 56 Grand par
Holland & Birch, milliners &c. 2 Eastern quadrant, St. George’s road
Holland Ellen (Mrs.), laundress, Mill place
Holland John, shoe maker, 88 Edward street
Holland Sarah (Miss), dress maker, 14 Temple street
Holland William Edward, collector of water rates, 41 St. George’s road
Hollands Matilda (Mrs.), shell fishmonger, 18 Sillwood st
Hollingdale Isaac Alfred, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 16 Brunswick place
Hollingdale Mark, West Hill inn, West Hill street
Hollingdale Thomas, shopkeeper, 17 Wood street
Hollingham Elizabeth (Mrs.), baker, 50 Regency square
Hollingham John, baker, 8 Victoria road
Hollingham Thomas, lodging house, 48 York road, Hove
Hollis William Mellitt, surgeon, 7 St. George’s place
Holloway George, bookbinder & stationer, 19 Trafalgar st
Holloway Henry, builder, 92 Upper North street
Holloway John, tailor, 13 Ann street
Holloway John, tailor, 57 London street
Holloway Thomas, builder, Brigden road
Holman Caroline (Mrs.), laundress, Toronto terrace
Holman Joseph, shopkeeper, 35 Brunswick place
Holman Maria (Mrs.), Millers’ Arms, Sussex street
Holmes Thomas, pianoforte tuner, 2 Howard place
Holmes Thomas, turner, 43 King street
Holsner Matilda (Mrs.), dress maker, 44 Sidney street
Holt Charles, greengrocer, 14 Sussex street
Homan William, bottle dealer, 16 Lavender street
Home for Orphan Boys (Miss Emily Akhurst, matron), 2 Cobden place
Homewood Bartley, lodging house, 93 & 95 King’s road
Homewood Elizabeth (Mrs.), day school, 13 Clifton street
Homewood George, collector to Brighton Gas Company, 45 Clifton street
Homewood Mary (Mrs.), toy dealer, 35 Gloucester lane
Homewood Robert, butcher, 4 Dyke road
Homewood William, firewood dealer, 15 Scotland street
Homewood William, tobacconist, 10 Western road
Homeopathic Dispensary, 6 Prince Albert street
Hone George, fruiterer &c. Church street,
Honeysett Jesse, baker, 22 Blackman street
Honnor Lucy (Mrs.), dress maker, 9 Temple street
Honour George, pianoforte tuner, 15 Preston street
Honywood Frances (Mrs.), lodging house, 82 West street
Hood Robert, pork butcher, 92 Edward street
Hook Benjamin, beer retailer, 53 London road
Hook George, lodging house, 119 King’s road
Hooker George, beer retailer, 1 Albert terrace, Hove
Hooker John, coal dealer, 3 Sussex road, Hove
Hooker John, sand dealer, Shoreham road, Hove
Hooker Matthew, carpenter, 21 London road
Hooper Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 9 Western cottages
Hooper Henry, pharmaceutical chemist, 57 Western road
Hopkins Richard, baker. 23 Spring gardens
Hopwood Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Oriental place
Horn Harriet (Miss), lodging house, 2 Bedford place
Hornsby Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Waterloo street
Hornsey Mark, Star, 12 Trafalgar street
Horscroft George, shopkeeper 76 Islingword road
Horscroft Michael, grocer, 135 Edward street
Horscroft Michael, shoe maker, 8 Nelson street
Horsley John, fly proprietor, 7 Spring street
Horwell William, dyer, 46 Queen’s road
Hounsell Ebenezer, blacksmith, 100 North street
Hounsell Ebenezer, news agent, stationer &c. 86 North lane
Hove Town Hall, Brunswick street west
Hovenden George, blacksmith, 38 Marlborough place
Howard Owen, grocer, 83 Edward street
Howell Edward, carpenter, 15 Howard road
Howell James, school, 7 Guildford road
Howell William, butcher, 41 Western road, Hove
Howells Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Lower Rock gardens
Howey Augustus, shoe maker, 55 Gardiner street
Howick John, builder, 36 Waterloo street
Howlett William, bill poster, 10 Regent street
Howse George Frederick, ivory turner &c. 10 High street
Howse Robert, painter &c. 17 George street
Howse Samuel, hair dresser & perfumer, 117 St. James’s st
Hubbard George, greengrocer, 7 Kingsbury road
Huckwell Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Bedford square
Hudson & Barrett, shirt makers & hosiers, 44 Western road
Hudson & Mills, toy warehouse, 9 Clarence street
Hudson George, poulterer & licensed dealer in game, Market house, Market street
Hudson Mary (Mrs.), fruiterer, Market house, Market st
Hudson William, railway carrier for furniture &c. in connection with the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway, 71 Queen’s road. See advertisement
Hudson’s Household Furniture Depository, offices, Railway terminus gates, Station street; warehouses, Trafalgar street. See advertisement
Hueser George, beer retailer, 85 Sussex street
Huggett Bryant Frederick, grocer & oilman, 8 Upper St. James’s street
Hugett William, lodging house, 41 Norfolk square
Hughes A. (Mrs.), seminary, 17 St. George’s street
Hughes Charles, printer, 7 George Street gardens
Hughes Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 99 North lane
Hughes James, bird preserver & plumber, 89 Trafalgar st
Hughes James Vaughan, physician, 5 Pavilion parade
Hughes John, harness maker, 31 John street
Hughes Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Bedford square
Hughes Richard, lodging house, 14 Upper St. James’s st
Hughes Richard, physician, 10 Pavillion parade
Hughes Robert, pork butcher, 20 Market street
Hughes Robert, sen. poulterer, 21 Market street
Hughes William, chimney sweeper, Nelson row
Hughson Emma (Mrs.), dress maker, 27 Blackman street
Humby William Warren, physician, 56 Brunswick road
Humphrey Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 26 Western street
Humphrey Ellen (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 German place
Humphrey Frederick Abell, surgeon, 23 Marine parade
Humphrey George, shopkeeper, 26 Upper Bedford street
Humphrey John, oyster dealer, 43 Upper Russell street
Humphrey Peter, grocer, 10 Sillwood street
Humphrey William, greengrocer, 5 Kemp street
Humphrey William, picture frame maker, 11 Ship Street la
Humphrey William, tailor, 6 Cranbourn street
Humphreys George, shoe maker, 11 Upper St. James’s st
Humphreys William, shoe maker, 20 Montague place
Humphry John, fishmonger, 35 Crown street
Humphry Richard, shopkeeper, 10 York grove
Hunnisett Jesse, baker, 35 Trafalgar street
Hunt & Allen, wardrobe dealers, 39 Duke street
Hunt Edward H. billiard table maker, 47 Preston street
Hunt George, lodging house, 42 Lansdowne place, Hove
Hunt Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Pelham square
Hunt Samuel, corn & coal dealer, 15 Western road, Hove
Hunt Tom, breeches maker, 5 Steine lane
Hunt William, Bristol Shades, Paston pl. Marine parade
Hunt Wm. Henry, fancy shell box maker, 40 St. James’s st
Hunter Ann (Mrs.), dairy, Old Oak farm, 26 Church street, Hove
Hunter Robert, shoe maker, 3 Mighell street
Hunter Thomas, grocer, 26 Carlton street
Hunter William Danby, refreshment rooms & ale stores, 3 & 4 West street
Hunwick Samuel, furniture dealer, 27 Meeting House lane
Hurdle John, shoemaker, 61 Coleman street
Hurst Henry & Hugh, cutlers, 149 North street
Hurst Thomas, milliner, artificial flower & straw bonnet maker, 10 North street
Hussey Ann (Mrs.), brewer, Temple brewery, 21 Temple s
Hussey Henry, lodging house, 15 Margaret street
Hutchings James, fly proprietor, 24 Somerset street
Hutchins Henry, cork cutter, 53 Meeting House lane
Hutchinson Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 68 Regency sq
Hutten Joseph Henry, boarding school, Hove terrace, Hove
Hutton William, accountant, 30 New road
Hutton William, furniture dealer, 170 Western road
Hyde Ann (Miss), lodging house, 27 Western cottages
Hyde Edward, tailor, 6 Rock street, Kemp town
Hyde William, assistant collector of taxes, 71 Upper North st
Hylands Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Clifton street
Hylden John, beer retailer, 8 Upper Bedford street
Ide Benjamin, beer retailer, 32 Dean street
Ide Charles, bricklayer, 11 Somerset street
Ide Elizabeth (Miss), toy dealer, 9 High street
Ind, Coope & Co. pale ale brewers (William J. Smith, manager), 58 King’s road, & at Burton-on-Trent & Romford
Infants’ Schools, Miss Annie Callen, mistress, 47 Regency sq
Ingarfield John, fishmonger, 72 Preston street
Ingledew Louisa (Mrs.), baker, 78 St. James’s street
Ingledew Martha (Miss), lodging house, 10 Lower Rock grdns
Inker Edward, grocer, 20 Western street
Inkpen Benjamin, greengrocer, 4 Elm grove
Inland Revenue & Stamp & Assessed Taxes Office, Ship street
Inman Edmund, tailor, 14½ Cross street
Institution for the Instruction of Deaf & Dumb Children, (R. C. Glyn, esq. treasurer; W. Sleight, master), Eastern road
Ireland James, builder, 11 Bond street
Ireland Samuel S. cabinet maker, 198 Western road
Isaac Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 4 Crescent place, Marine parade
Izard William, boarding house, Lion mansion, Old Steine
Jackman Eliza (Mrs.), dress maker, 1 Cannon terrace
Jackman James, boot & shoe maker, 18 Upper Russell st
Jackson Charles, greengrocer, 6 West street
Jackson David, livery stables, South street
Jackson Hannah (Mrs.), greengrocer, 126 Edward street
Jackson James, engineer & wheelwright, 29 London road
Jackson Joseph, practical hatter, 130 North street
Jackson William, carpenter, 12 Vine street
Jackson William, Fountain Head inn, London road
Jacob Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Charlotte street
Jacobs Henry, china & glass dealer, 8 North Street quadrant
Jacot Victor Louis, academy, 2 Clarendon place
Jadis Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 28 Bedford square
James & Cubison, milliners, 64 East street
James George William, soda & mineral water manufacturer, 1 & 2 Regent street, & 104 Church street
Jarman Aaron, wheelwright, 76 George street, Cliftonville
Jarrold John, boot & shoe warehouse, 147 Western road
Jarvis Edward, basket maker, 42 Sidney street
Jay George, beer retailer, 38 Brunswick place
Jeaffreson Caroline A.& A. (Misses), ladies’ boarding school, 15 Sussex square
Jeal Benjamin, builder, 40 St. George’s road
Jeeves Thomas, druggist, 88 St. George’s road
Jefferies James, house & estate agent & fancy repository, Hove place, Cliftonville
Jefferies William Henry, beer retailer, 11 Richmond street
Jeffery Emma (Miss), ladies’ school, 35 Buckingham road
Jeffery James, lodging house, 3 Sillwood street
Jeffray Richard, artist, 13 St. James’s street
Jeffrey Robert, cabinet maker, 13 Ship Street lane
Jeffreys Daved, shopkeeper, 4 Islingword road
Jeffries Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Montpelier street
Jeffries Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 12 Mighell street
Jeffs Edward James, auctioneer, appraiser, house & estate agent & coal merchant, 1A, St. James’s street
Jeffs Sidney Daniel, foreign bookseller, 69 King’s road
Jenkin William Henry, house painter, 36 Baker street
Jenkins Andrew, looking glass maker, 195 Western road
Jenkins William, lodging house, 26 Cannon place
Jenner & Son, appraisers & house agents, 22 Regency square
Jenner Benjamin, clothier, 37 Ann street
Jenner Charles, butcher, 2 Rock street, Kemp town
Jenner Elizabeth (Mrs.), 49 Montpelier road
Jenner Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Marine parade
Jenner Sarah (Mrs.), general dealer, 9 Albion hill
Jenner Stephen, linen draper, 96 & 97 Trafalgar street
Jenner Thomas, news agent, 36 Islingword road
Jenner Walter, lodging house, 1 Crescent place, Marine parade
Jenner Walter, lodging house, 13 Lower Rock gardens
Jenner William James, builder, 57 Southover street
Jennings Richard, lodging house, 3 German place
Joel Jacob, silversmith & tobacconist, 89 St. James’s street
Joel Morris, fruiterer & tobacconist, 114 & 115 St. James’s street & 6 Western road
Joel Samuel, fruiterer, 47 North street
John Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, 9 Boyce’s street
Johnson, Hale & Bellingham, naval & military tailors, 18 North street
Johnson Alfred, fancy stationer, 14 East street
Johnson Athol Archibald Wood, consulting surgeon, 20 Regency square
Johnson Ebenezer, surveyor, 20 Rose Hill terrace
Johnson George Frederick, chemist, 143 & 144 North street
Johnson Henry T. Religions Tract Society depot, 31 Western road
Johnson Jane (Mrs.), ladies’ surgical bandage maker, 143 & 144 North street
Johnson John, butcher, 20 Upper Bedford street
Johnson William, grocer, 71½ Islingword road
Johnson William, marine store dealer, 10 Russell street
Johnson William, shoe maker, 32 Jubilee street
Johnston William, Clarence commercial & family hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, 30 & 31 North street
Johnstone George, lodging house, 15 Cannon place
Jones Thomas Alexander & Co. tailors & outfitters, 18 St. James’s street
Jones Edward, greengrocer, 1 George street
Jones Eliza (Miss), ladies’ day school, 20 Dyke road
Jones Eliza (Miss), lodging house, 12 Waterloo street
Jones Eliza (Mrs.), shoe warehouse, 15 Edward street
Jones Eliza Ann (Miss), ladies’ school, 22 Chatham place
Jones Elizabeth (Mrs.) ladies’ school 130 & 131 Eastern rd
Jones Harriett (Mrs.), lodging house, 79 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Jones Henry, baker, 18 Peel place
Jones Henry, butcher, 15 Sussex street
Jones Henry, Sussex family hotel, billiard rooms & livery stables, St. Catherine terrace, Hove
Jones John, photographer, 36 High street
Jones John, Victory, 6 Duke street
Jones Joseph, baker, 14 York road, London road
Jones Julia (Miss), day school, 12 London road
Jones Julias, clothes dealer, 123 Edward street
Jones Mary (Miss), ladies’ school, 12 Western cottages
Jones Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 50 Norfolk square
Jones Mary Ann (Miss), pestalozzian classes, 19 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Jones Michael, butcher, 125 Edward street
Jones Obadiah, boot & shoe maker, 2 Dyke road
Jones Robert, beer retailer, 39 Lavender street
Jones Sarah Elizabeth (Miss), ladies’ school, 16 Powis sq
Jones Thomas C. lodging house, 1 Preston street
Jones Thomas Charles, baker, 23 Edward street
Jordan (Misses) milliners & dress makers, 63 East street
Jordan Amelia (Mrs.), laundress, 8 Sussex road, Hove
Jordan George, jeweller, 1 Ship Street gardens
Jordan Samuel, lodging house, 20 York road, Hove
Jorden William, bookseller & stationer, 4 Kensington gardens
Judge William, Pump house, 46 Market street
Juniper Charles, ironmonger, 115 North street
Juniper Samuel, ironmonger, 140 London road
Junor William, bookseller & news agent, 131 North street
Jupp Edward, chimney sweeper, 20 Windsor street
Jupp Edward, greengrocer, 12 Richmond street
Jupp George, baker, 22 Grosvenor street
Jupp Henry, coal & wood dealer, 14 Mount Pleasant
Jupp James, marine store stealer, 9½ Boyce’s street
Jupp Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house 33 Hova vils. Cliftonville
Jutten Charles, beer retailer, 18 Montague place
Jutten James, carpenter, 8 High street