This is one of my projects – a One Place Study of New Fishbourne, West Sussex – and is intended to be a resource for family and local historians with interests in this area of the UK.

Please do not copy information to other sites without giving credit. I am happy to hear if you have been helped by the information, where there are inaccuracies or if you have further information to add.

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Fishbourne (disambiguation)
There are a number of other places named Fishbourne:

  • Fishbourne, Isle of Wight, UK
  • Fishbourne Green, Isle of Wight, UK
  • Fishburn, a village and civil parish in County Durham, England
  • Fishbourne, New Jersey, USA
  • Old Fishbourne, West Sussex, UK – a tything of Bosham, but now incorporated into Fishbourne

This is study is about none of these places listed above, but of New Fishbourne, West Sussex, a place near Chichester that has existed at least since the time of the Romans.