Brighton – Commercial (K – Z)

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Kearns William Mosson, lodging house, 5 Lower Reek grdns
Keates & Welch, dress & mantle makers, 84 Western road
Keating James, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 50 Edward street
Kebbell William, physician, 7 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Keeble David, beer retailer, 116 Edward street
Keeble David, lodging house, 15 Egremont place
Keen Francis, Kerrison Arms Hotel, 3 Waterloo street
Keeping John, brewer & maltster, Albion brewery, 10 Albion st
Keeys Charles Henry, plumber, 1 Little Preston street
Kelsey Mary (Miss), dress maker, 5 Powis road
Kemble John, coal dealer, 26 Black Lion street
Kemp Charles, builder, 6 Stone street
Kemp Charles E. builder, 7 Lansdowne terrace east, Western road, Hove
Kemp John Adam, shoe maker, 2 Upper Market street
Kendall Jonah, lodging house, 4 Borough street
Kendall William Nathaniel, house painter, 49 Mighell street
Kennedy Edwin, shopkeeper, 22 Sloane street
Kennedy John Pitt, lodging house, 133 King’s road
Kennedy William, linen draper, 33 Edward street
Kenney Ann (Mrs.), butcher, 26 Upper St. James’s street
Kensett Absalom, Green Dragon, 9 Sidney street
Kent Benjamin, tin plate worker, 26 Sillwood street
Kent Christiana (Mrs.), laundress 77 Albion hill
Kent Frederick, beer retailer, 13 Edward street
Kent I. (Mrs.), lodging house, 47 Regency square
Kent Richard, boot maker, 91 Trafalgar street
Kent William, North Star, Peel street
Kent William, Stag, 98 Richmond street
Kentfield Edwin, billiard rooms, 16 Manchester street
Kenyon Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Black Lion st
Keppey Peter, chimney sweeper, 44 Spring gardens
Keywood Richard, builder & plumber, 35 St. George’s road
Kidd Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Waterloo street
Kidd Elias Newman, corn & seed merchant, 25 Windsor terrace, Queen’s road
Killick George, greengrocer, 9 York road, London road
Killner Stephen, toy dealer, 75 Upper Gloucester lane
Kilmister Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 137 North street
Kilmister Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 105 St. James’s st
Kinch John, corn dealer, 21 Newhaven street
Kinders John, plasterer, 14 Eastern road
King Thomas & Son, solicitors, 31 Richmond place
King Caroline (Mrs.), pork butcher, 26 Church street
King Charles, fly proprietor, 72 John street
King Charles, grocer & boot maker, 80 Gloucester lane
King Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 20 Bedford place
King George, baker, 12 Church street
King George, Elephant & Castle inn, & spirit merchant, 113 London road
King George, livery stable keeper, 61 Waterloo street
King George M. professor of music, 28 Burlington street
King George W. gentlemen’s boarding school, 40 & 41 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
King Henry, harness maker, 29 George street
King Henry, pork butcher, 36 Duke street
King Isaac, coal dealer, 29 Carlton street
King John, carpenter, 11 Baker street
King John, greengrocer & pork butcher, 7 Church st. Hove
King Joseph, grocer, 50 Russell street
King Richard, pork butcher, 62 Western road
King Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 23 Grand parade
King Sophia (Mrs.), laundress, 10 Sussex road, Hove
King Susan (Mrs.), lodging house, 39 Guildford street
King T. H. private hotel & apartments, 1, 2 & 3, Oriental terrace, Kings road
King Thomas, solicitor, perpetual commissioner & commissioner in Chancery & all the superior courts, 31 Richmond place
King William, baker, 3 Guildford road
King William, fruiterer & greengrocer, 3 Powis road
King William, grocer, 7 Russell square
Kingsman William, brass finisher, 30 Crown street
Kirby Charles, greengrocer, 7 Upper Bedford street
Kirkham William & Charles, dealers in brushes, brooms & patent knife cleaners, 149 Western road
Kite Thomas, lodging house, 2 Grand Junction parade
Kittle Benjamin, lodging house, 44 Victoria street
Knight Charity (Mrs.), lodging house, 34 Cannon place
Knight Charles Clement, tailor, 8 Trafalgar street
Knight Edwin, lodging house, 24 Russell square
Knight George, baker, 12 Upper Russell street
Knight George, beer retailer, 16 Southover street
Knight George, grainer & painter, 33 Clifton street
Knight George, shopkeeper, 7 Marlborough street
Knight James, beer retailer, 9½ Oxford street
Knight James, tailor, 9 Camelford street
Knight John, lodging house, 2 Norfolk square
Knight Joseph, Dolphin, 79 North lane
Knight Mark, butcher, 26 Gloucester lane
Knight Philip, fishmonger, 126 Sussex street
Knight Solomon, shopkeeper, 39 Surrey street
Knight Thomas, beer retailer & basket maker, 12 Gloucester la
Knight Thomas, corn chandler, 154 Edward street
Knight William, auctioneer, 18 Church street, Hove
Knight William, gardener, 12 Viaduct terrace
Knott Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 12 Windsor street
Knott Charles, beer retailer, 116 Gloucester lane
Knowles David, Quadrant hotel, 12 & 13 North Street quadrant
Knowles Frederick, shopkeeper, 7 George street
Kottawn Thomas, beer retailer, 27 High street
Kuhe William, professor of music, 8 Lower Rock gardens
Lacey James, grocer, 4 Oxford terrace, Church street, Hove
Lacey T. lodging house, 21 Western cottages
Lacroix Edward, egg merchant, 12 Bartholomews
Ladd James, The Fox inn, 117 Southover street
Lakeband Henry, beer retailer, 79 & 80 Church street
Laker Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 26 Marine parade
Lamb Charles, solicitor, 13 Ship street, & at Henfield
Lambert & Potter, baby linen warehouse, 26, 27 & 28 East street
Lambert Charles, jeweller & watch maker, 18 Cranbourn at
Lambert Charles, shoe maker, 3 Eastern quadrant, St. George’s road
Lambert Charles Henry, dentist, 18 Cranbourn street
Lambert Harriet (Miss), lace warehouse, 13½ East street
Lambert Henry, surgeon dentist, 177 Western road
Lambert Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Bedford place
Lambert Singer, civil engineer, architect & surveyor, 64 Ship street
Lanaway Thomas, butcher, 6 Victoria road
Lancaster Charles, builder, 1 Lansdowne street, Hove
Lander William, lodging house, 47 St. George’s road
Lane Frederick, galvanized iron works, 48 George street
Lane John, lodging house, 126 King’s road
Lane John, tailor, 107 Upper North street
Lane William, photographic artist, 32 Queen’s road
Langharne Caroline & Elizabeth (Misses), ladies’ school, 18 & 19 Vernon terrace
Langley Harriet (Mrs.), beer retailer, 33 Surrey street
Langley Harriet (Mrs.), potato dealer, 7 Montpelier road nth
Langlois Camille, portrait painter, 38 Queen’s road
Langridge Henry, shopkeeper, 26 Brunswick place
Langridge Martin, cowkeeper, Jersey street, Southover st
Langrish Thomas, lodging house, 17 Norfolk road
Langtry Charles (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 25 Sussex square
Lansdown J. Chester, surveyor, 12 Union street
Lansdo Matilda (Mrs.), teacher of the pianoforte, 6 Grafton street
Lapworth Zechariah coach builder, 31 & 32 Upper Russell st
Lardelli. Maurizis (Signor & Madame), professors of singing & music, 40 Norfolk road
Large Joseph, grocer & cheesemonger, 2 West street
Larkcombe Thomas, lodging house, 13 Clifton hill
Lashford Mary (Mrs.), laundress & shopkeeper, 76 Albion hill
Lashford William, shopkeeper, 16 Cheltenham place
Lashmar John Tuppen, tailor, 3 Ship street
Lashmar Richard, lodging house, 61 Grand parade
Lashmar William, linen draper, 38 East street
Laslett George, linen draper, 180 Edward street
Laslett Richard, linen draper, 20 Western road
Latham Robert, fruiterer, Market house, Market street
Lathy Mary (Mrs.), registry off. for servants, 55 Western rd
Laughton Bryan Ward, job & riding master &c. George Street mews, Cliftonville
Lavezzolo Domenico, grocer, 64 Carlton street
Lavoine Mons. teacher of french, 23 Norfolk square
Law Catherine (Miss), lodging house, 7 German place
Lawless John, tailor & draper, 63 West street
Lawn Francis, lodging house, 27 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Lawrence Frederick, Bridge inn, York terrace
Lawrence Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 38 Norfolk square
Lawrence James, livery stables, 55 St. James’ street
Lawrence James, lodging house, 3 Oriental place
Lawrence Lewis, beer retailer, 41 Surrey street
Law Joseph Christopher, dining rooms & wine & spirit merchant, 12 & 13 Preston street
Lawson Thomas, lodging house, 20 Princes street
Lawson Thomas & Son, watch & clock makers, 17 Old Steine
Layzell John, tailor, 9 Lower Market street
Leach Henry, Gardeners’ Arms, 9 Terminus road
Leach Thomas, tailor, 5 King street
Leadley Lewis, lodging house, 3 Pavilion street
Leal Henry, tailor, 2 Prince Albert street
Leallotte Louis, professor of languages, 36 Clifton road
Lean Ebenezer Jutson, auctioneer, house agent & valuer, 112 Western road
Lean Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 26 Waterloo street
Leapman Moss & Lewis, jewellers, 50 King’s road
Leaver Jonathan, school for young gentlemen, 20 & 21 Powis square
Leavers Edward tailor, 106 St. George’s road
Leavers Sarah (Miss), dress maker, 11 Margaret street
Ledger Susanna (Miss), preparatory school for boys, 23 Powis square
Ledgers & Freeman, ladies’ boarding school, 1 Western place, Western road, Hove
Ledigo Andrew, lithographic & copperplate printer, 31 Portland street
Ledworth Thomas, baker & confectioner, 4 Western street
Lee Frederick Henry, brush warehouse, 10 Western rd. Hove
Lee Henry Job, paper hanger, Little Preston street
Lea James, shell fishmonger, 40 Bond street
Lea John, beer retailer, Pimlico
Lee John, grocer, 45 Borough street
Lea John Stanford, jeweller & watch maker, 65 Western rd.
Lea William, shoe maker, 15 Warwick street
Lee William Rendall, gentlemen’s preparatory school, 8 & 9 Norfolk terrace
Leech William, chemist & druggist, 83 Southover street
Leeney Howard, tailor, 12 Western road, Hove
Lefebore Rosalie (Mdlle.), milliner & dress ma. 1 Western st
Legg James, military tailor, 12 Pavilion buildings
Legg James, military tailoring establishment, 4 Princes pl
Legg Mary (Miss), lodging house, 17 Regency square
Leggatt Henry, builder, 14 Chapel street
Leggatt James T. ticket writer, 29 Grenville place
Leighton Margaret (Miss), lodging house, 4 Charles street
Leith John, commission agent, 8 Gloucester lane
Lelliott Peter, linen draper, 105 & 106 Trafalgar street
Lemere Auguste, importer of eggs, 24 Black Lion street
Leney Abraham, beer retailer, 11 Cranbourn street
Leney Elizabeth (Mrs.), baker, 40 Sidney street
Lenty Henry, cap maker, 13 King street
Leopard William & John, corn & seed mers. 39 Queen’s rd
Lerido Andrew, Albany inn, 23 Duke street
Lester Thomas, grocer, italian & provision warehouse, 24 St. James’s street
Lever William, pharmaceutical chemist, 5 Preston street
Levett Japheth, carpenter, 116½ Western road
Levett Joseph Hy. miller & corn dealer, 6 & 7 Gloucester st
Lewis & Sons, jewellers & watch makers, 35 & 36 Ship st
Lewer Clement, builder, 18 Wellington Road villa
Lewer Harvey, bricklayer, 8 Farm road, Hove
Lewis Abraham, lodging house, 2 Norfolk road
Lewis David, lodging house, 15 Lansdowne street, Hove
Lewis Ebenezer, proprietor & publisher of the ‘Brighton Observer,’ & general printer 53½ North street
Lewis Jannet (Mrs.), lodging house, 73 Marine parade
Lewis John, coal merchant & house & estate agent, 69 Western road, Hove
Lewis John, lodging house, 42 Norfolk square
Lewis Joseph, watch & clock maker, 32 Western rd. Hove
Lewis Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 33 Norfolk road
Lewis William, beer retailer, 1 Spring street
Lewry Henry, beer retailer, 70 Edward street
Lewry Henry, clothier, 128 Edward street
Lewry John carpenter, 15½ Church street
Lewry Robert, grocer, 94 Richmond street
Lewry William, marine store dealer, 96 Richmond street
Library & Lecture Room, Essex street
Lidbetter William, greengrocer, 80 George st. Cliftonville
Liebich Henry J. professor of music, 8 Buckingham road
Light George, boot & shoe maker, 21 Camelford street
Likeman William, lodging house, 15 Montpelier road
Lilliott Peter, linen draper, 68 Edward street
Lillywhite Richard, tailor, 34 Victoria street
Lindfield John, London tavern, 66 North street
Lindfield Mary Ann (Mrs.), Freemasons’ tavern, 39 Western road, Hove
Linfield Henry, lodging house, 38 Montpelier street
Linsted Harriet (Mrs.), professional rubber, Delhi house, Eastern road
Lintott Edward & Co. house agents & valuers, 116 North st
Lintott Henry, butcher, 23 Market street
Lintott John, tailor, 19 Marlborough place
Lintott Richard, beer retailer, 55 Upper Bedford street
Lipscombe John, clothes cleaner &c. 1 St. George’s terrace
Lipscombe John, grocer, 19 Montague place
Lister Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 4 Cannon place
Livesay Erasmus Gilbert, boarding school, Seafield ho. Hove
Lloyd A. (Miss) lodging house, 15 Marine parade
Lloyd Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 159 Western road
Lloyd Daniel, plumber glazier & brush maker, 14 St. James’s street
Loader Ann (Miss), milliner & dress maker, 14 Preston street
Loader Nathaniel, poulterer, 10 Preston street
Loan Office (Henry Wood, manager), 21A, Ship street
Lock & Whitfield, photographers, 109 King’s road
Lock Mary Ann (Mrs.), news agent, 13 Newhaven street
Locke Thomas, news agent, 1 Norfolk street
Lockwood Philip, town surveyor, 1 Gloucester place
Lockwood Thomas, grocer, 14 Ann street
Lockyer George Robert, builder, 16 King street
Lodder Edward, coal dealer, 32 Gloucester lane
Loewe Dr. Louis, young gentlemen’s school, 46 & 48 Buckingham place
Lombard & Fri, photographers, 113 King’s road
London Association for the Protection of Trade (W. J. Brainwell local agent), 17 Prince Albert street
London & Brighton & South Coast Railway Station (George Hawkins, esq. traffic manager; Mr. Frederick D. Banister, resident engineer, & Mr. James C. Craven, superintendent of the locomotives; Jacob Webley, station master), Queen’s road
London & County Joint Stock Bank, (branches) (John Geddes Cockburn, esq. manager) 10 & 11 Pavilion buildings, & (W. H. Brooker, manager) 65 Western road, Hove; draw on head office, 21 Lombard st e.c
Long Ann (Mrs.), Sun commercial inn, 76 East street
Long Edward, gas fitter, 14 Sidney street
Long Henry, chemist, 7 Oxford terrace, Church street, Hove
Long Henry, chemist, 34 Western road, Hove
Long William, shoe maker & news agent, 61 Lewes street
Longhurst Henry, brewer, Amber ale brewery, London road
Longhurst Henry, maltster, Hove street, Cliftonville
Longhurst James, farmer, Mount Street cottage, Mount st
Longland Rev. George N. day school, 20 Eaton place
Longley Brothers, general outfitters, 37 Gloucester lane
Longley John, tailor, 88 Gloucester lane
Louisa Louisa (Madame), milliner, 11 St. James’s street
Loveday William, gentlemen’s boarding school, 9 & 10 Compton terrace, Clifton road
Loveless Caroline & Emma (Misses), dyers, 7 Eastern road
Loveridge S. (Mrs.), trimming warehouse, 66 Western road
Lowdell George, surgeon, 24 Cannon place
Lowden Henry, wine merchant, 94 western road
Lower George, baker, 48 Market street
Lower James, beer retailer, 32 Carlton street
Lower James, cooper & brush maker, 111 St. James’s street
Lower Jonathan, brush & turnery warehouse, 60 Preston st
Lowery Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 40 Waterloo street
Lucas George, fruiterer, 10 Waterloo street
Lucas Mary (Miss), lodging house, 36 Marine parade
Lucas William, fruiterer & greengrocer, 48 King’s road
Luff John, importer of foreign winos & brandy, & agent for Gardner, Godden & Co.’s ales, 155 Western road
Lugard Joseph & Henry, cork cutter, 2 North street, Quadrant
Lulham Thomas & Son, boot & shoe manufacturers, 24, 25 & 164 & 165 North street
Lunham Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, 72 Trafalgar street
Lunnis Elizabeth & Sarah (Misses), juvenile outfitters, 40 West street
Lurway Frederick, shopkeeper, 18 Church street, Hove
Lutley James, engineer, machinist, agricultural implement maker & patent saw mills, 44 Kemp st. & 117 Queen’s rd
Luxford Sophia (Mrs.), greengrocer, 90 Church street
Lye Emily (Miss), ladies’ school, 4 Portland place
Lynn George & Sons, builders, 31 & 32 Marlborough street
Lynn John & Son, wholesale grocers & tallow chandlers, 5, 6 & 7 Spring gardens, & 92, 93, 94, 95 & 96 North lane
Lynn John, old iron dealer, 83 North lane
Lion & Hall, pianoforte warerooms, Grand Junction parade
Lyons Lewis, pawnbroker & silversmith, 17 & 19 New road
McBean William, jet ornament manufacturer, 60 King’s rd
McDonald George, glover & shirt maker, 45 King’s road
Mackay Hugh, bread & biscuit baker, 12 West street
Mackay John Charles, ornamental painter, 10 Devonshire st
McKellow William, coal & wood dealer, 36 Cheltenham place
McKellow William, woodcutter, Lewes road
McLauchlan James, boot maker, 6 King street
McLean Alexander, travelling draper, 37 Sidney street
McLean William B. boot & shoe maker, 166 Western road
McNair Lindsey, boarding school, 25 Ventnor vils. Cliftonville
Macquire Jane (Mrs.), boarding & lodging house, 29 Cannon pl
Macrae – (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Regency square
McShane John, lodging house, 41 Devonshire place
Maddocks William, woollen draper, 22 East street
Madgwick Ellen (Mrs.), Albion inn, 28 Albion hill
Magnier & Alphonsine, milliners & dress makers, 3 Castle sq
Mahomed Frederick, professor of fencing & gymnastics, 67 Western road, Lansdowne road, & Eastern road
Mahon Lacy (Mrs.), fruiterer 37 Duke street
Mahon Owen, lodging house, 8 Marine parade
Mahon Thomas, watch maker, 27 Duke street
Maidlow Caroline (Mrs.), beer retailer, 21 Up. Gardiner st
Maidlow Caroline (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 15 Kensington pl
Maidlow William, beer retailer, 83 St. George’s road
Mainguet G. P. & Co. importers of french wines, 57 Queen’s road
Mainwood George, grocer, 32 Church street
Major & Spiers, linen drapers, 23 Western road, Hove
Major Frederick Earl, baker, 26 Preston street
Major George, confectioner, 152 Marine parade
Major Henry, shoe maker, 71 St. George’s road
Major John Grayling, cook & confectioner, 40 Western road, Hove
Malthouse Amelia (Mrs.) & Emily (Miss), dress makers, 5 Mighell street
Mann Henry, lodging house, 7 Bedford square
Mann Samuel, greengrocer, 11 Church street
Mann William, dyer &c. 51 Queen’s road
Mannering Ebenezer, draper & tailor, 37 & 38 West street
Manning Thomas, lodging house, 20 Western cottages
Mannington John, veterinary surgeon & shoeing forge, 66 Middle street
Mansell William, lodging house, 37 Montpelier street
Manser John William, greengrocer, 97 Carlton street
Manser Peter, licensed to let horses, 4 Queensbury mews
Mantel John, fly proprietor, 22 Mount street
Manwaring George, builder, 14 Western street
Manwaring James, fruiterer, 32 King’s road
Manwaring Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Bedford place
March Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 59 Marine parade
Marchant Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 42 Marine parade
Marchant Thomas, grocer, 17 Islingword road
Marchant Thomas, fruiterer, 45 St. James’s street
Marchant William, greengrocer, 29 Cheapside
Marchant William, house painter & paper dealer, 154 North st
Mardall J. W. solicitor, perpetual commissioner & commissioner in chancery & common law, & clerk to the New Shoreham Local Board, 17 Ship street
Marine Mansions Hotel Company (Limited) (Mr. George Lenian, sec.), Victoria house 54, Belvedere house, 61 King’s road
Market House (Robert Rutherford, clerk & collector), Market street
Marks John, cabinet maker, 24 Middle street
Markwick Alfred, tailor & draper, 43 Upper North street
Markwick Edwin, builder, 1 Clifton place
Markwick George, beer retailer, 18 Western street
Markwick George, bird cage maker, 47 Queen’s road
Markwick John, coach builder, 17 Borough st. & Waterloo st
Marler John, painter, 18 Lewis street
Marr John, wholesale rag, skin & metal dealer, 20 Sussex road, Hove
Marrison James Thomas, baker, 6 Kingsbury road
Marsden Christopher, lodging house, 34 Waterloo street
Marsh George, lodging house, 139 Marine square
Marsh Henry, chimney sweeper, 9 Sussex road, Hove
Marsh Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Clarence square
Marsh Robert, chimney sweeper, 18 Upper Market street
Marsh William, beer retailer, 5 Gloucester place
Marshall Charles, beer retailer, 4 Montpelier road north
Marshall Charles, brewer & maltster, 16 Montague place
Marshall Elizabeth (Mrs.), toy dealer, 73 Trafalgar street
Marshall E. J. head master of proprietary school, 47 Grand parade
Marshall Edward, shell fishmonger, 55 King street
Marshall Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 45 Atlingworth st
Marshall Frederick oil & italian warehouse, 156 Western rd
Marshall John William, greengrocer, 1½ Eastern road
Marshall Lydia (Miss), lodging house, 15 Richmond place
Marshall Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Brunswick rd
Marshall Richard, chimney sweeper, 58 Albion street
Marshall Thomas, upholsterer, 31 St. James’s street
Marsham Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Lansdown terrace east, Western road, Hove
Marten George, baker, 99 Richmond street
Marten John, hair dresser, 10 Upper St. James’s street
Martin & Co. auctioneers, surveyors, estate & house agents, 36 West street, & Western road, Hove
Martin Edwin & Co. Gloucester family hotel, & wine & spirit merchants, 27 Gloucester place, & luncheon bar, 3 Gloucester street
Martin Charles, coal dealer, 47 Redcross street
Martin D. Maria (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 16 Dorset gardens
Martin Edward, silversmith & pawnbroker, 6 Bartholomews
Martin George Wm. saddler & harness maker, 9 Preston st
Martin Henry, saddler & harness maker, 153 North street
Martin James, Half Moon, 62 West street
Martin Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Charlotte street
Martin Job, cab proprietor, 35 Marlborough street
Martin Joseph, butcher, 77 Trafalgar street
Martin Thomas, academy, 57 High street
Martin William, bread & biscuit baker, 83 Trafalgar street
Martine Frances Jane (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, 8 Lewes crescent
Martinucci Antonio, professor of languages, 28 New Steine
Martyn John Jones, pharmaceutical chemist, 3 Church street, Hove
Mascall Thomas, cooper & brush maker, 19 Ship street
Mash Frederick, lace & embroidery warehouse, 87 King’s rd
Maskell Francis, beer retailer, 4 George street
Maskell Lucy (Mrs.), beer retailer, 70 High street
Maskell Stephen, glass cutter, 1 Spring gardens
Maslin Joseph, beer retailer, 8 Rock street, Kemp town
Mason Frederick, livery stable keeper, Seymour street
Mason Richard M. builder & plumber, 100 Carlton street
Mason Walter Russell, shopkeeper, 44 Newhaven street
Mason William Henry, repository of arts, 108 King’s road
Massie Eleanor (Miss), boarding house, 6 Sillwood street
Masterman Thomas, Star, 7 Manchester street
Masters Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 26 Marine square
Mather Susan, Caroline & Ann (Misses), ladies’ school, 25 Clifton road
Mathews James, Shakspeare’s Head, 1 Chatham place
Matthews Ellen (Mrs.), home for invalid ladies, 77 London rd
Matthews Francis, Brunswick inn, & livery stables, Holland road, Hove
Matthews George, butcher, 64 St. George’s road
Matthews George, butcher, 5 Western road, Hove
Matthews George, pier master, Chain pier
Matthews Isaac, lodging house, 39 Russell square
Matthews James, artificial stone manufacturer, 41 Ann st
Matthews John, news agent, 103 Church street
Matthews Samuel, greengrocer, 3 Cranbourn street
Matley Sophia (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Farm road, Hove
Maxfield & Stuart, wine & spirit merchants, 184 Western rd
Maxwell John, tailor, 40 Ann street
May & Thwaites, boat builders & coal dealers, Shoreham road, Hove
May George Henry, Prince George inn, 5 Trafalgar street
May Robert, shoe maker, 92 George street, Cliftonville
Mayall John, photographer, 91 King’s road
Maynard Frank, fishmonger, 53 Preston street
Maynard George, laundry, North place, George street, Cliftonville
Maynard James, fly proprietor, 28 Somerset street
Maynard Josiah, whitesmith, 34 College place
Maynard John Goddard, wholesale & retail confectioner & lozenge manufacturer, 39, 40 & 41 West street
Meades George, baker, 14 Russell square
Meads Thomas, greengrocer, 18 Southover street
Meakin Joseph, shell fishmonger 171 Edward street
Measor Allen, beer retailer, 5 Albert terrace, Hove
Measor Edward, painter, 50 Kensington place
Measor Henry, greengrocer, 53 Hanover terrace
Measor James, beer retailer, 71 Islingword road
Measor James, shell fishmonger, 56 Upper Gloucester lane
Measures Henry, lodging house, 18 Bedford square
Mecatti Signor, professor of music, 61 East street
Medhurst James, plumber, 61 St. James’s street
Meetins James, beer retailer, 51 Russell street
Meginnis Selinda (Mrs.), veterinary surgeon, Castle street
Meginnis William, blacksmith, 11 Sussex road, Hove
Meginnis William, veterinary surgeon. Montague place
Mellis William, beer retailer, 9 South street
Mellish Selina (Mrs.), dress maker, 3 Dean street
Mellish Thomas, builder, 4 Hampton street
Mellish Thomas, plasterer, 3 Dean street
Mennich Ann (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 27 Grenville pl
Mepham Joseph, pork butcher, 21 Upper Bedford street
Mercer James, wheelwright, 52 North lane
Mercer James, wheelwright, 33 Queen’s gardens
Mercer Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 65 Upper Bedford street
Mercier Madame, milliner, 68 East street
Meredith George, lodging house, 32 College place
Merrelees Andrew, professor of dancing, 52 High street
Merrick & Co. photographers, 33 Western road
Merrick Joseph, photographer, 43 Clarence square
Merrifield Frederic, barrister, 3 Prince Albert street
Merrifield John, barrister, 2 Dorset gardens
Merrix William, Lord Nelson inn, 5 Russell street
Merry Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, 34 King’s road
Metcalfe Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 7 Lower Rock gardens
Metropolitan Steam Bleaching & Dyeing Company, 7 Pavilion buildings
Metzler & Vickers, music warehouse, 55 King’s road
Meuron F. (Madame), lodging house, 52 Regency square
Miall Sarah (Mrs.), bookseller & chapel library, 8 Union st
Michau Adelaide (Mademoiselle), professor of dancing, 11 Cannon place
Michau Egville (Madame), professor of dancing, Codrington house, Hampton place
Milbank Richard Tyler, lodging house, 5 German place
Milburn William, house painter, 26 Wellington terrace, Elm grove
Miles John & William, nurserymen, Church pl. Kemp town
Miles Henry, lodging house, 6 Lansdowne street, Hove
Miles Michael, butcher, 76 Edward street
Miles William, shopkeeper, 11 Gloucester lane
Mill Tertia (Miss), ladies’ school, 114 Lansdowne place, Hove
Milbard George, carpenter, 66 Queen’s road
Millard James, builder, 10 Rock place
Millard John B. glover, 46A, East street
Miller George, lodging house, 13 Cannon place
Miller Henry Edward, printer, 10 Manchester street
Miller James, watch & clock maker, 214 Western road
Miller Kate (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Waterloo street
Miller Mary (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 37 Brunswick road
Miller Samuel, watch & clock maker, 29 Trafalgar street
Millett James, Bush inn, Arundel road, Kemp town
Milligan James, draper, 43 Trafalgar street
Millis Ann (Miss), Mariners’ Arms, Shoreham road, Hove
Mills Alfred, grocer & tea dealer, 20 St. James street
Mills Alfred Thorncroft, solicitor & solicitor to the Hove Permanent Building Society, 42 Bond street
Mills Ann Maria (Miss), ladies’ school, 8 Charlotte street
Mills Edmund, lodging house, 8 Marine parade
Mills George, dining rooms, 84 Church street
Mills George, dining rooms, 27 Lavender street
Mills James, fly proprietor, 24 Princes street
Mills James, grocer & cheesemonger, 36 North street
Mills John, licensed to let horses, 6 Queensbury mews
Mills Percival, draper & hosier, 103 Western road
Mills Sarah (Mrs.), laundress, Sussex street
Mills Stephen, shoe maker, 6 Temple street
Milsom Henry, beer retailer, 24 Gloucester lane
Milton Frances (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Grafton street
Milton Thomas, lodging house, 7 St. Mary’s place
Mission Hall (Frederick Vaughan, agent to the town missionary), 5 Kensington gardens
Mitchell Edward, boot & shoe maker, 39 Osborne street, Cliftonville
Mitchell Edward, lodging house, 34 Crown street
Mitchell Ellen (Miss), lodging house, 49 Waterloo street
Mitchell Henry, beer retailer, 25 Richmond street
Mitchell James, beer retailer, 31 Church street
Mitchell John, corn & coal dealer, 11 Church street, Hove
Mitchell John, shopkeeper, 80 New England street
Mitchell Stephen, beer retailer, 22 Newhaven street
Mobray Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Preston street
Mobsby William, gardener, 4 Lansdowne street, Hove
Mockford Bertha (Mrs.), confectioner, 3 Upper Russell st
Mockford Maria (Mrs.), milliner, 26 Portland street
Mockford Richard Thomas, undertaker, 29 High street
Mair Mary & Jane (Misses), teachers of music & illuminating, 14 Dyke road
Molineaux John A. engineer, 19 Buckingham road
Molson George, private tutor, 6 & 7 Mills terrace, Hove
Money Frederick John, M.D. surgeon, 8 Marlborough place
Montgomery Thomas R tailor, 72 Queen’s road
Montgomery William, lodging house, 52 London road
Moody Harriet (Mrs.), Horse & Groom, 1 Mount street
Moon Francis, lodging house, 49 Queen’s road
Moon Henry, dairyman, Farm road, Hove
Moon Henry, physician, 9 Old Steine
Moon James, shopkeeper, 27 Upper North street
Moon Jane (Mrs.), grocer, 66 Islingword road
Moon Reuben, lodging house, 23 Holland road, Hove
Moon Thos. Union inn, & sprit merchant, 28 Gloucester la
Moon William, F.R.G.S., F.S.A. publisher of maps & books for the blind, & stereotypist, 104 Queen’s road
Moore R. C. & Son, chemists, 67 Preston street
Moore Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Egremont place
Moore Harriet (Mrs.), laundress, 23 Eastern road
Moore Henry, dentist, 19 Preston street
Moore James, dining rooms, 144 Edward street
Moore Joseph, tobacconist, 22 Trafalgar street
Moore Louisa (Miss), dress maker, 38 Grenville place
Moore Mary Ann (Miss), ladies’ school, 25 Norfolk road
Moore Thomas, baker, 16 Albion hill
Moore Thomas, fly proprietor & lodging house, 12 Bedford st
Moore Walter, painter, 19 Farm road, Hove
Moore William, fly proprietor, 29 Somerset street
Moore W. Withers, physician, 19 Montpelier place
Moorecraft Frederick, printer & stationer & publisher of the ‘Brighton Fashionable Visitors’ List,’ 5 Bartholomews
Moppett Ann (Mrs.), saddler & harness maker, 50 West st
Moppett Edward, dairyman, 10 Sloane street
Moppett Ellen (Mrs.), laundress, 1 Church pl. Kemp town
Moreling Anna (Mrs.), Spread Eagle, 20 Albion hill
Morgan David, physician, 9 Atlingworth street
Morgan James Charles, shopkeeper, 18 Brunswick place
Morgan Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Waterloo street
Morgan John, marine store dealer, 20 St. George’s road
Morgan John Richard, lodging house, 1 Crown street
Morganti Frederick, surgeon dentist, 12 Broad street
Morganti Frederick, surgeon dentist, 31 Old Steine
Morley Edward, Jolly Brewers, Ditchling road
Morley Frederick, builder & undertaker, 36 Warwick street
Morley Richard, bricklayer, 9 Warwick street
Morley Thomas, painter, plumber &c. 42½ Portland street
Morling Edward (Mrs.), lodging house, 29 Camelford street
Morling Susannah (Miss), dress maker, 29 Camelford street
Morrey George, lodging house, 9 & 38 Bedford square
Morris Mary Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 69 Upper North st
Morris Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 8 Cranbourn street
Mort Arnold, baker, 44 Upper Bedford street
Mortimer Thomas, solicitor, 13 Upper Rock gardens
Morton Dan, Queen’s Road tavern, 12 Queen’s road
Moseley Sarah (Mrs.), embroidress, 19 Bedford place
Mosely Maurice, watch maker & jeweller, 44 King’s road
Mosey Betsey (Miss), ladies’ school, 104 London road
Moss Robert, lodging house, 6 Middle street
Moss Ruth (Miss), lodging house, 41 Montpelier road
Mott Francis & Co. bedding manufacturers, 122 Queen’s road
Mowbray Henry, auctioneer, 50 Grand parade
Moy Joseph & Son, greengrocers, 51 St. James’s street
Moy Benjamin, Battle of Waterloo, 6 Rock place
Moy Edward, shell fishmonger, 55 St. James’s street
Moy Joseph, Cadogan Arms, 47 Sloane street
Mulvey George, tea dealer, 8 George Street gardens
Munger James, greengrocer, Brunswick street west
Munns William, lodging house, 10 Crescent place, Marine parade
Murray John Jardine, surgeon, 99 Western road
Murray Mary (Mrs.), Battle of Trafalgar, 61 & 62 Upper Trafalgar street
Murrell Henry, shopkeeper, 32 Spring street
Murrell Jane (Miss), dress & mantle maker, 1½ Clifton place
Murrell William, coal dealer, 7 Russell street
Museum (Sir Charles Dick, bart. curator), Church street
Muston & Fairchild (Misses), dress makers, 50 Temple st
Mutch William, shopkeeper, 31 Blackman street
Mutton Thomas & Co. hatters, 71 King’s road
Mutton David, butcher, 13 West street
Mutton Richard, dairyman, 14 Cobden place
Mutton William Sexton, Mutton’s hotel & refreshment rooms, 81 & 82, & confectioner, 83 King’s road
Muzzell Harriett (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 62 George street, Cliftonville
Napper Benjamin, grocer & baker, 16 Little Russell street
Napper Frederick, miller & baker, 25 Ship street
Nash George, tea dealer & grocer, 22 Western road, Hove
Nash Louisa, (Mrs.), lodging house, 64 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Nash Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Brunswick place
Nash William, beer retailer & shoe maker, 49 Gloucester la
Nash William, saddler, 42 Gloucester street
Nash William, shoe maker, 31 Frederick gardens
Naylor John Frederick, watch maker, 60 Ship street
Nazer Henry Leopold, surgeon, 10 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Neal Hannah (Mrs.), milliner, 4 Cranbourn street
Neal Charles John, lodging house, 34 Western street
Neale Fanny (Miss), lodging house, 16 Western cottages
Neale Henry, lodging house, 7 West street
Neale William, tailor, 24 Kingsbury road
Needham Robert, hosier, glover, shirt maker, general outfitter & trunk & box maker, 13 & 14 Castle square, & Palace place
Needham Robert (Mrs.), baby linen & ladies’ outfitting warehouse, & stay & corset maker, 15 Castle square
Neineger William, watch & clock maker, 39 North street
Nell & Tuxford, builders & house decorators, 77 St. George’s road
Nelson James, beer retailer, 83 Ann street
Neve David, linen draper, 51B, King’s road
Nevill William, baker, 17 Albion street
Newing Thomas, Crescent inn, 6 Clifton hill
Newman George, leather seller, 101 Gloucester lane
Newman Henry, brewer, Edward street
Newman Henry William, builder, 7 Whitecross street
Newman Henry William, carpenter, 14 Kemp street
Newman John M. builder, 13 Circus street, & 6 Carlton street
Newman Robert, bricklayer, 99 & 100 Edward street
Newman William Child, lodging house & fly proprietor, 85 Western street
Newnham Henry, Seven Stars inn, 27 Ship street
Newnham Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Lansdown terrace west, Western road, Hove
Newton George, painter & plumber, 3 Market street
Newton George, plumber, 22 Marlborough place
Newton John, lodging house, 32 Waterloo street
Newton Rev. Joseph, M.A. boarding school, 123, 124 & 125 Eastern road
Nias John Martin, auctioneer & valuer, 38 Marine parade
Nibbs Henry Richard, artist, 8 Howard place
Niblett J. builder, Upper Bedford street, & 10 Addison terrace, Notting hill, London w
Nicholls Charlotte Mary (Miss), preparatory school, 11 Dorset gardens
Nicholls Mary (Mrs.), boarding house, Belvedere house, 61 Queen’s road
Nicholls Thomas, working jeweller, Windsor street
Nichols Marian (Miss), lodging house, 99A, Montpelier road
Nicholson Edward, teacher of music, 25 Great College street
Nicholson Henry, watch & clock maker, 38 Western road
Nicholson Richard, lodging house 46 Waterloo street
Nickolson William, coal dealer, 13 Little Western, street
Nicks James, house painter, 39 Kensington gardens
Niebour Williams, professor of music, 21 Richmond place
Nieman Adolphe, wardrobe dealer, 38 Duke street
Nightingale Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Mills ter. Hove
Nisbett David, tailor, 4 North Street quadrant
Noakes Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Regency square
Noakes Richard, pharmaceutical chemist, 35 North street
Noakes Samuel, tea dealer & grocer to the Queen & H.R.H. the Duchess of Cambridge, & wine & spirit merchant, 27 Preston street
Nobbs Sarah (Mrs.), laundress, 1 Sussex street
Noble James, chimney sweeper, 21 Union street east
Noble James, lodging house, 29 Terminus road
Nockolds Elizabeth (Miss), ladies’ school, 16 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Nokes George, blacksmith, 16 Duke street
Nokes Susan (Mrs.), stay & corset maker, 16 Duke street
Norbury – (Miss), day school, 21 Eaton place
Norfolk Hotel Co. (John Collis manager), 149 King’s road
Norman Charles, beer retailer, 151 Edward street
Norman James, shoe maker, 11 Meeting House lane
Norman Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Upper St. James’s street
Norman Nathan, french boot & shoe warehouse, 5 King’s rd
Normanville Madame, milliner, 25 East street
Norris Anabella (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, Belvedere, Montpelier road
Norris J. jeweller & silversmith, 32 West street
Norrish Robert, butcher, 21 Southover street
North William, beer retailer, 3 Montague place
Northey John, Swan inn, 59 High street
Nott William, boot maker, 42 St. James’s street
Nourse William Edward Charles, surgeon, 11 Marlborough place
Novis George, shopkeeper, 17 Little Russell street
Noyes & Marchant, stationers & booksellers, 77 Western rd
Nunn Benjamin R. surveyor, 27 Chatham place
Nunn John, baker & confectioner, 60 Western road
Nunn John, Castle inn, Castle street
Nunn John, stationer, 55 Ship street
Nurse Charles, plane maker, 135 Queen’s road
Nutley James, beer retailer, 36 Edward street
Nutley Joseph, picture frame maker, 7 Gardiner street
Nutley Joseph, picture frame maker, 8 Upper Gardiner st
Nye William & Son, livery stables, Castle street
Nye Charles, lodging house, 37 Western street
Nye Charles Henry, umbrella & parasol maker, 1 Western rd
Nye Henry, upholsterer & furniture dealer, 45 Market street
Nye James, Lennox Arms, 13 Richmond street
Nye John, pork butcher, 3 George street
Nye Mary (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 41 & 42 Meeting House lane
Nye Richard Thomas, umbrella & parasol maker, 55 Western road
Nye William, corn merchant, 31 Preston street
Nye William, fruiterer, Market house, Market street
Nye William, job master, St. George’s livery stables, 9 St. George’s road & 13 Burlington street
Nyren Eliza Frances (Mrs.), lodging house, 26 Dorset grdns
Oakes Emma & Mary Ann (Misses), ladies’ school, 118 Lansdown place, Hove
Oakes George Owen, shoe maker, 94 Gloucester lane
Oakes William, greengrocer, 2 Ivory place
Oakley Susanna (Mrs.), milliner, 8 Clarence street
Ockenden Ann (Mrs.), grocer & beer retailer, 168 Eastern rd
Ockenden Edmund Jury, stone mason, 12 Temple street
Ockenden Henry, lodging house, 47 York road, Hove
Ockenden John, homeopathic chemist, 6 Prince Albert st
Ockenden Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 71 West street
Oddy Thomas, lodging house, 5 Sillwood street
Oddy Thomas Joseph, contractor, 1 Cheapside
Offen Sophia (Mrs.), laundress, 80 Richmond street
Office for Testing Gas Meters (William Thomas Quartermain, Inspector) Bartholomews
Ogburn Frederick John, grocer & baker, 7 & 17 Montague pl
Ogilvie Thomas, tailor, 16 Regent street
Old Brighton Gas Light & Coke Company (J. O. N. Rutter, superintendent), Black road (Henry Homewood, Inspector), 1 Duke street
Older Vincent Edwin, collegiate school, 40 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Oldham James, surgeon, 53 Norfolk square
Olding William, gentlemen’s boarding school, Upper Camden house, 4, 5 & 6 Brunswick road
Olding William, Camden house lower school, 60 Brunswick rd
Oldmeadow Louisa (Miss), ladies’ school, 67 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Oliver Clement, lodging houses, 25 & 26 Lower Rock gardens
Oliver Clements, lodging house, 10 New Steine
Oliver George, builder, 2 Montpelier road north
Oliver Jane Frances (Miss), lodging house, 30 Montpelier rd
Olney Thomas, linen draper 79 Trafalgar street
Onions John Coldbatch, solicitor, perpetual commissioner & commissioner in the Irish courts of chancery & common law, 56 Middle street
Oram Charles, baker, 18 Bread street
Oram Charles Edward, professor of german, 9 Clifton place
Ormerod Edward Latham, physician, 14 Old Steine
Osborn Betsey (Mrs.), lodging house, 97 Upper North street
Osborne Charles, beer retailer, 3 Manchester street
Osborne Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 201 Eastern road
Osborne William, shopkeeper, 59 Surrey street
Ottaway Philip, greengrocer, Brigden road
Ottaway Walter, tailor, 7 Bond street
Otway George, grocer, 141 Edward street
Outon Charles Richard Smith, Prince Albert inn, 48 Trafalgar street
Overall William, baker, 7 Montpelier place
Pace Richard Verrall, builder, 10 Gloucester place
Packer Joseph, baker, 20 Church street
Packham & Son, ironmongers, iron founders, & blacksmiths, 68 Western road, North street, 85 & 71 Church street & 27 Western road Hove
Packham Amelia (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 Great College st
Packham Annie (Mrs.), milliner, 65 King’s road
Packham Benjamin, Wheatsheaf, 27 Bond street
Packham Ebenezer A. lodging house, 48 Waterloo street
Packham George, invalid chair proprietor, 6 Camelford st
Packham George, shopkeeper 84 Gloucester lane
Packham Henry, carpenter, 1 West Hill street
Packham James, blacksmith & wheelwright, Marshall’s row, London road
Packham James, Mitre tavern, & wheelwright, 13 Baker st
Packham John, beer retailer, 71 Edward street
Packham John, coal dealer, 32 Baker street
Packham John, general dealer, 132 Edward street
Packham Thomas, carpenter & joiner, 3 Southover street
Packham Thomas, Marlborough inn & tavern, 4 Pavilion street & Princes street
Packham William, wood & coal dealer, 10 Kingsbury road
Paddon John, superintendent of the Brighton & Hove gasworks, Hove street, Cliftonville
Padgham Henry, Regent tavern, 3 Church street
Page Caroline (Mrs.), laundress, Sussex street
Page Charles, Lion & Unicorn, 26 Sussex street
Page Eliza (Mrs.), toy dealer, 47 George street
Page James, Black Lion inn, 77 Upper Gloucester lane
Page James, tobacconist, 55 Meetinghouse lane
Page John, beer retailer, 109 Southover street
Page John, butcher, 51 Upper Trafalgar street
Page Matilda (Mrs.), dining rooms, 34 St. George’s road
Page Thomas, bookseller & stationer, & publisher of the ‘Brighton Directory’, 173 North street
Page William, beer retailer, 27 Islingword road
Paige Charles, baker, 49 Upper Bedford street
Paine Charles, beer retailer, 34 Trafalgar street
Paine Charles, bricklayer, 20 High street
Paine Charles, tailor, 126 St. James’s street
Paine Charlotte (Mrs.), shoe maker, 5 George Street gardns
Paine George Henry, lodging house, 13 York road, Hove
Paine Samuel, surgeon, 8 Grand Junction parade
Paine Sophia (Mrs.), haberdasher, 64 Upper Bedford street
Palgrave William, lodging house, 148 King’s road
Paling John, lodging house, 64 Regency square
Palmer & Co. manufacturing & furnishing ironmongers, iron founders, engineers, agricultural implement makers, & gas apparatus manufacturers, 146 North street. See advertisement
Palmer Charles, baker, 67 Islingword road
Palmer Charles, Thatched House tavern, 22 Black Lion st
Palmer Edward, grocer, 73 Upper Gloucester lane
Palmer Joseph, livery stables, 9 & 10 Dyke road
Pannell George, grocer, 2 Richmond street
Pannell William, shopkeeper & wood & coal dealer, 75 George street, Cliftonville
Pannett Stephen, corn dealer, 4 Alma ter. Albert ter. Hove
Panormo Edward, musical instrument maker, 19 Devonshire place
Parfett Henry, butcher, 22 St. George’s road
Parish Sarah (Miss), dress maker, 213 Western road
Park Owen & Co. linen & woollen drapers, 4 Western road, Hove
Park Samuel, linen draper, 6 Western road, Hove
Parker & Smith, tailors, habit makers & military outfitters, 9 North street
Parker & Watts, laundresses & clear starchers, Watts’ laundry, Wick villa
Parker George, tailor, 9 Crown street
Parker Henry, fly proprietor, 15 Stone street
Parker Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Norfolk square
Parker James, beer retailer, 13 Farm road, Hove
Parker James, leather seller, 54 Edward street
Parker John, grocer, 14 Cheapside
Parker John, hatter, 51 Meeting house lane
Parker John, lodging house, 31 New Steine
Parker John Pullen, butcher, 43 Waterloo street
Parker Kate (Miss), milliner, 25 Upper St. Jamess street
Parkes Thomas, greengrocer, 89 North lane
Parkinson Edward, dentist, 10 Old Steine
Parkinson Elizabeth (Miss), ladies’ school, 6 Peel terrace, Dyke road
Parochial Relief Offices, Church street
Parr William, lodging house, 37 Bedford square
Parry William, boot & shoe maker, 3 St. James’s street
Parsons George &. Co. livery stables & riding masters, 7 Steine street
Parsons & Son, auctioneers & valuers, & estate agents, 9 Marine parade
Parsons Charles, plumber, 44 Duke street
Parsons George, nursery & seedsman & florist to the Queen, 27 & 28 Western road; 17 Vernon terrace, & at Hassock’s Gate nursery, near Keymer
Parsons Georgiana (Mrs.), stay maker, 82 North street
Parsons Henry, builder, 1 Clifton street
Parsons James, grocer, 61 St. George’s road
Parsons John, stone mason, Hove street, Cliftonville
Parsons John, trunk maker, 32 Mighell street
Parsons William, carpenter, Toronto terrace
Paskins Charles, Compton Arms, 8 Dyke road
Passmore John George, surgeon, 1 Clarence square
Patchin Thomas, plumber & glazier, Dyke road
Patching R. & Son, builders & brick & cement manufacturers, 43 & 44 Portland street
Patching S. & Co. artists’ repository & stationer, 100 Western road
Patching Henry, paper hanger 39 Bread street
Patching Henry, tailor & habit maker, 10 West street
Patching John, fly roprietor, 4 Osborne street, Cliftonville
Patching Richard, lodging house, 30 Camelford street
Patching Thomas (Mrs.), professor of dancing, 26 Norfolk sq
Patching Thomas, teacher of military drill, 26 Norfolk square
Patching William, paper hanger, 9 Portland street
Patey Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Marine parade
Patmer Edward Charles, grocer & wine merchant, 2 Church street, Hove
Patmore Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Burlington street
Patrick Edward, beer retailer & van proprietor, 7 Henry st
Pattenden Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 181 Western rd
Patton James, iron & brass founder, 21, 22 & 23 Bread street, & 104 Upper North street
Paul Margaret (Miss), lodging house, 63 Waterloo street
Paul Walter, tailor, 21 Upper Market street
Pavett Henry, box & trunk maker, 2 Union street
Pavey Iden, grocer, 20 Trafalgar street
Pawson Ambrose, clothier, 211 & 212 Western road
Payne Abel, baker & confectioner, 1 Powis road
Payne Ellen (Mrs.), bear retailer, 90 Carlton street
Payne Henry, baker, 35 Edward street
Payne Henry, dining rooms, 33 Market street
Payne Henry, lodging house, 28 Cannon place
Payne Henry, lodging house, 33 Temple street
Payne Henry, Marine hotel, 25 Market street
Payne Henry, tobacconist, 32 Market street
Payne John, lodging house, 42 King’s road
Payne Robert, beer retailer, 17 Kensington place
Payne Robert, beer retailer, 2 Regency Colonnade
Payne Sarah (Mrs.), day school, 28 Cheapside
Payne Sarah (Mrs.), laundress, 29 Lennox street
Payne Thomas Henry, baker, 30 Ann street
Payne William, shoe maker, 175 Edward street
Peach Sophia (Miss), ladies’ school, 24 Powis square
Peachey Thomas, grocer, Brigden road
Peacock Jonathan, grocer, 49 Lavender street
Peake Hugh Budgen, barrister, 39 Cambridge road
Pearce Ravenhill physician, 4 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Pearce Richard, lodging house, 20 Manches street
Pearce William, proprietor of ‘ Brighton Times,’ 206 Western road
Pearmain Elizabeth (Miss), milliner, 73 King’s road
Pearson James, Terminus commercial & family hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, Railway terminus, Queen’s road. See advertisement
Pearson Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 47 Atlingworth street
Peckham Fanny (Mrs.), haberdasher, 67 St. George’s road
Peel James, lodging house, 19 Lower Rock gardens
Peerless Emily (Miss), dress maker, 5 Bond street
Peerless Emily (Mrs.), stay maker, 33 Middle street
Peerless Thomas, timber & mahogany merchant, 41 Middle st
Pegg Harry, Royal York hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, Old Steine
Pegg Harry, wine & spirit merchant & agent for Bass & Guinness’s ale & stout, 11 & 12 Pool valley
Pegler Richard, confectioner, 9 Montpelier place
Pegler Richard, house agent, 23 Preston street
Pierce George, butcher, 26 Western road
Peirce Nathaniel, hair dresser, 4 Sussex road, Hove
Peirce William, lodging house, 11 Grafton street
Peirce William Henry, shopkeeper, 20 John street
Peirpoint Christopher, grocer, 25 Richmond buildings
Pelfold Alfred, whitesmith, 12 Washington street
Pell Christopher & Son, printers, 105 Church street
Pellegrini Raffaelo, figure modeller, 41 St. Jamess street
Pellett Catherine (Mrs.), Eight Bells inn, 49 West street
Pelling Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Bedford street
Pelling Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 44 Russell square
Penfold William & Son, solicitors, perpetual commissioners, commissioners in chancery & common law courts, 26 Middle street
Penfold George, working cutler, 1 Devonshire street
Penfold Henry, surgeon, 33 Old Steine
Penfold John, baker & confectioner, 9 Prince Albert street
Penfold John C. (firm, Penfold & Son), solicitor, solicitor to the Brighton, Hove & Preston Mutual Benefit Societies, & to the London Association for the Protection of Trade, 20 Middle street
Penfold Elizabeth (Mrs.), Wellington Arms, 27 Wellington terrace, Elm grove
Penfold Lydia (Mrs.), milliner, 7 Trafalgar street
Penfold Maria (Mrs.), laundress, 22 Wellington terrace, Elm grove
Penfold Peter, grocer & baker, 44 Upper North street
Penfold Richard, shoeing smith & farrier, Steine gardens & Edward street
Penfold William, lodging house, 80 Bedford square
Penfold William, New inn, Upper Lewes road
Penikett George, hair dresser, 53 Western road
Penley Montague J. J. artist, 3 Montpelier crescent
Penney Robert Horn, corn & coal merchant, Waterloo street
Pennicott William, beer retailer, 2 Brunswick street west
Penny James, grocer, 15 Terminus road
Penticost Dennis William, billiard rooms, 4 Steine lane
Pentlow Charles, veterinary surgeon, 28 Osborne st. Cliftonville
Pepper Sampson, wood carver, 17 Cranbourn street
Pepper William, lodging house, 10 Burlington street
Pepper William, sculptor, 39 Western road
Perkins Catherine (Miss), lodging house, 115 Marine parade
Perkins William, Burlington Arms, 8 St. George’s road
Perriman Clara (Miss), teacher of pianoforte, 80 London rd
Perrin James Risley, boot maker, 4 Market street
Perry Archibald Hewison, railway inspector, 7 York grove
Perry Uriah, carver & gilder, 21½ Western road
Perry Uriah (Mrs.), stay maker, 21 Western road
Pescott Henry, City of London, 40 London street
Pescott Joseph, beer retailer, 24 Cheapside
Pestcott Andrew, pork butcher, 48 North gardens
Peters Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 38 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Peters Edward, boarding school for young gentlemen, 4 Belmont, Dyke road
Peters Edward, dyer, 50 Waterloo street
Peters Edward John, dyer, 20 Temple street
Peters Elizabeth & Susannah (Misses), ladies’ school. 5 Clifton road
Peters Ellen (Mrs.), servants’ registry office, 19 Duke street
Peters Henry, cowkeeper, 28 North gardens
Peters Jeanette (Mrs.), lodging ho. 23 Lower Rock gardens
Pethrick R. G. riding master, 24 Preston street
Peto Henry, beer retailer, 49 Trafalgar street
Peto John, boarding school for young gentlemen, 49 Buckingham place
Pettit William, commercial day school, 14 York place
Petty John David, butcher, 4 Church street, Hove
Phelps Charles, beer retailer, 21 Little Preston street
Philips John, boarding house, 6 Ship street
Phillips John & Son, horse slaughterers, 29 Henry street
Phillips Thomas & Co. general printers, 13 New road
Phillips William & Son, statuaries & masons, 85 Gloucester la
Phillips Charles, coach maker, Steine gardens, Edward street
Phillips Charles, printer, 7 Brighton place, Market street
Phillips Charles, shopkeeper, Lewes road
Phillips Charles Train, coach maker, 6 Steine gardens
Phillips Edward, shoe maker, 31 Western street
Phillips George, greengrocer, 20½ Clarence square
Phillips George, grocer, 136 & 137 London road
Phillips Harriet (Mrs.), grocer, 13 Carlton street
Phillips Harriet, smith, 15 Regent row
Phillips James, cheesemonger, 7 Sillwood street
Phillips John, beer retailer, 2 Norfolk place
Phillips John, chemist & druggist, 17 St. George’s road
Phillips John, chemist, & post office receiving house, 154 Marine parade
Phillips John, coal dealer, 13 Gloucester lane
Phillips John, lodging house, 16 Lower Rock gardens
Phillips John, shoe maker, 3 Norfolk street
Phillips Mary Ann (Miss), dress maker, 39 Victoria street
Phillips Sarah Ann (Miss), ladies’ school, 15 Vernon terrace
Phillips Sarah (Mrs.), chiropodist, 36 Windsor street
Phillips Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Charles street
Phillips Thomas, grocer & wine & spirit merchant, 35 & 36 Middle street
Phillips Thomas, lodging house, 6 Broad street
Phillips Thomas Bacon, surgeon, 3 Lansdowne place, Hove
Phillips William, shoe maker, 28 Crown street
Phillips William, stone mason, 31 Cheapside
Philp Henry, travelling bag maker, 150 Western road
Philpott Henry Gray, surgeon, 97 Western road
Phippin (Mrs.), boarding house, 26 Regency square
Pickering Joseph, railway contractor, Albany house, Albany villas, Cliftonville
Pickering William, railway contractor, 6 Compton terraces, Clifton road
Pickett Francis, boot & shoe maker, 20 Cheapside
Pickford & Co. general carriers (John Taylor, agent), 3 Bond street
Picknell Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 8 Broad street
Picknell George, lodging house, 12 Hampton place
Picknell Henry, Belle Vue inn, 67 Buckingham place
Piedot W. (Mrs.), furrier, 14 Queen’s gardens
Pierce Harriet Sarah (Mrs.), Maltsters’ Arms, 210 Western rd
Piercy Cornelius, builder, 41 George street
Piercy John Bishop, bricklayer, 14 King street
Piercy Percival, shoe maker, 11 Stone street
Pierre Alexandre Caesar, surgical corset, steel petticoat & elastic stocking manufacturer, 2 King’s road
Pigg George, grocer & italian warehouse, 20 Bedford square
Piggott Eliza & Mary (Misses), ladies’ school, 19 Chatham pl
Pike George, lodging house, 34 York road, Hove
Pilbean Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 25 West street
Pilbrick Thomas, physician, Middleton lodge, College road
Pilfold William, grocer, 163 Edward street
Pilfold William, shoe maker, 43 Gardiner street
Pill Phillip, lodging house, 4 New Steine
Pillefant Adelaide (Miss), lodging house, 24 Charlotte street
Pincott Henry, greengrocer, 4 Upper Market street
Pinder Thomas, insurance agent, 21 Elm grove
Pink Sarah Ann (Miss), dress maker, 12 Osborne street, Cliftonville
Pinker Henry, stone mason, Church street, Hove
Piper Matthew, shopkeeper, 44 Lavender street
Piper Thomas Richard, grocer, 1 Coleman street
Piper William, baker, 8 Carlton row
Piper William, baker, 89 George street, Cliftonville
Piper William, grocer, 7 Lewes road
Piper William John, grocer & draper, 107 Southover street
Pitcher George, beer retailer, 85 Trafalgar street
Pitfield Ezra, tailor, 50 Preston street
Pitney James, lodging house, 47 Temple street
Pitt William, furniture dealer, 7 Gloucester place
Pizzey Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Montpelier road
Plaister Charles, milliner & straw hat maker, 2 New road
Planner Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 114 & 115 King’s rd
Planterose Ernest, perfumer & glover, 40 King’s road
Pledger Richard, pork butcher, 162 Edward street
Pockney John, boat & shoe maker 20 Spring street
Pocock Crawford J. surgeon, 45 Clarence square
Pocock Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Wyndham street
Pocock Gavin Elliot, surgeon, 42 Cannon place
Pocock George, silk mercer, 22 King’s road
Pocock Henry, fishmonger, 54 Western road
Pocock Mary Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 12 Ship street
Pocock Thomas, shoe maker, 35 Meeting House lane
Podmore Laura (Mrs.), preparatory school for boys, 21 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Pointer Harriet (Mrs.), Windmill, 63 Upper North street
Pointer Henry, photographer, 15 Bloomsbury place
Pointer John, Lewes Road inn, Lewes road
Pointing James, builder, 32 St. George’s road
Pointing John, beer retailer, 47 Church street
Pointing John, confectioner & grocer, 20 & 21 Upper St. James’s street
Pollard James & Richard, wheelwrights, 16½ Windsor street
Pollard Henry, cabinet maker, Circus street
Pollard Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 2 Tidy street
Pollard William, marine store dealer, 33½ Lower Market st
Pollard William Walls, lodging house, 6 Pavilion parade
Pollington Mary (Mrs.), shop keeper, 33 Brunswick place
Pollock Matilda (Mrs.), lodging, house, 29 York place
Poole Benjamin, beer retailer, 56 Edward street
Poole Benjamin, marine store dealer, 21 Chapel street
Poole George, fly proprietor, 5 Clifton hill
Poole Thomas, livery & private stables, Albion mews, Prince’s street, & 5½ St. James’s street
Pooley Joshua, milliner, 131 St. James’s st. & 16 Old Steine
Pooley Richard, haberdasher, 21 Norfolk square
Pope Francis, shopkeeper, 8 Kemp street
Port Elisha, butcher, 28 Ship street
Porter Henry, butcher, 90 St. George’s road
Porter Henry C. general engravers, 15 West street
Porter Mary Ann (Mrs.), draper & milliner, 20 St. George’s rd
Postan Mary Ann Caley (Miss), ladies’ school, 5 Grand parade
Postlethwaite Charles, hair dresser, 141 Edward street
Postlethwaite James, paper hanger, 13 Kew street
Postlethwaite William, hair dresser, 14 Nile street
Potter Edward, Borough tavern, 39 Borough street
Potter George, baker, 29 William street
Potter James, Black Lion, 42 Mighell street
Potter John, Thurlow Arms, 161 Edward street
Potter Walter, hair dresser, 11 North Street quadrant
Potter William, lodging house, 9 Lansdowne place, Hove
Potter William Thomas, marine store dealer, 4 Lavender st
Pottle Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 & 22 Marine parade
Potts Robert & Co. music & Pianoforte dealers & music publishers, 167 North st.; 106 King’s road, & 16 New road
Poune John, undertaker, 31 New road
Pounesbury Henry, greengrocer, 34 Spring street
Povey Matthew, greengrocer, 51 George street
Powell Frederick, beer retailer, 103 Richmond street
Powell Henry, physician, 1 Denmark terrace
Powell Joseph, livery stables, 38½ St. George’s road
Powell Robert B. grocer, 33 College place
Powell Susan (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Chichester place, Kemp town
Powk Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 38 College place
Pratt Henry, naturalist, 44 Ship street
Pratt Henry, jun. watch maker, 44 Ship street
Pratt Samuel, commission agent, 29 Dorset gardens
Pressland Caleb, linen draper & silk mercer, 17 North street
Price Edward (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Dorset gardens
Price Robert, lodging house, 3 York road, Hove
Prichard Morice, linen draper, 99 St. James’s street
Pridames George, coach maker, 70 John street
Prior Charles, invalid chair owner, Castle street
Pritchard & Pritchard, tailors & habit makers, 10 Castle sq
Pritchard William, baker & confectioner, 53 North street
Proctor Henry, fly proprietor, 4 St. Mary’s street
Prodgger George, butcher, 2 Alma terrace, Albert terrace, Hove
Prouten George, confectioner, 14 Rock street, Kemp town
Prouten George, lodging house, 9 Charlotte street
Provident Dispensary (Geo. Smith, clerk), Middle street
Prudden William, working bookbinder, 14 Spring gardens
Pucknell Thomas, lodging house, 11 Waterloo street
Puget School (Richard Bessant, master), Meeting House lane
Pugh Thomas, supervisor of inland revenue, 6 Howard place
Pullen John, market gardener, 4 Bartholomews
Pullinger Hannah (Mrs.), carver & gilder, 11 Union street
Punchard Charles, livery stable keeper, 12 Farm road, Hove
Purcell Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Hampton place
Purcell Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Bedford place
Purchett Richard, beer retailer, 1 Carlton street
Purdy Charles, lodging house, 11 Broad street
Purdy Mary Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, 56 St. James’s street
Pursell John, physician, 27 Park crescent
Purser Thomas, shopkeeper, 86 Albion Hill
Puttfarcken Fanny (Mrs.), lodging house, 143 King’s road
Puttick Frank, shoe maker, 21 Frederick gardens
Puttock Henry, shopkeeper, 53 Islingword road
Puttock Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 101 Carlton street
Puxley George, lodging house, 17 Wyndham street
Pyeman (Mrs.), lodging house, 151 King’s road
Pyement Amelia (Miss), milliner & straw hat maker, 4 New road
Pyemont George William, academy, 21 Middle street
Pyemont Henry, shopkeeper, 57 Upper Gloucester lane
Quelch George, florist, 8 Lewes road
Quick Jane (Mrs.), laundress, Hove street, Cliftonville
Radford Wm. Rangeley, chemist, 7 York road, London road
Radway Mary (Miss), lodging house, 22 Waterloo street
Rae Emma (Miss), milliner, 119 St. James’s street, Raggett
George, lodging house, 70 Preston street
Railway Booking Office (George Grainger, clerk), 9 Castle square
Railway Goods Department (Edwd. Richardson, manager), Trafalgar street
Ramsey James, Cross Keys, 17 Cheapside
Randall Robert, baker, 18 Lennox street
Randall Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Preston street
Randall James, dairyman & fruiterer, 168 Western road
Randall Rebecca (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Rose Hill east
Randall William, boot maker, 13 Temple street
Randall William, shoe maker, Windsor street
Randell John, carpenter, 16 Windsor street
Ransley Thomas, confectioner, 27 King street
Ransom John, lodging house, 24 Waterloo street
Ransom John, shopkeeper, 4 Little East street
Ratcliff & Byers, plumbers, painters & glaziers, 5 Borough st
Ratcliff Nicholas, lodging house, 15 Norfolk square
Ratcliff Eliza (Mrs.), beer retailer, 13 Bartholomews
Ratto John Baptiste, Importer of foreign goods, 41 Buckingham road
Ratty Caroline (Miss), toll collector & dress maker, Chain pier
Raven John, St. James’s tavern, 30 St. James’s street
Rawe James, mourning warehouse, 15 Old Steine
Rawley Edward, hair dresser & artificial florist, 7 East street
Ray Wm. Slovens, watch maker & jeweller 17 Western road
Rayner William, whitesmith, 38 Western road, Hove
Razell Frederick, saddle & harness maker, 8 Bedford street
Read Charles John, Greyhound, 74 East street
Read Siderick, shopkeeper, 17 Newhaven street
Read William, dentist, 12 Old Steine
Reader Stephen Robert, beer retailer, 35 Whitecross street
Reading Margaret (Mrs.), greengrocer, 5 Lavender street
Redman Edward, tutor, 25 Victoria street
Redman George, baker, 16 Cross street
Redman James, fruiterer, Market house, Market street
Redman William Edward, lodging house, 7 Hampton place
Reecks John James, grocer, 24 Upper Bedford street
Reed Charles & John, furnishing ironmongers, iron founders & gas engineers, 26 North street & 117 Gloucester lane
Reed Frederick, sign painter, 4 Regent street
Reed Frederick James, sign painter, 23 Windsor terrace, Queen’s road
Reed Thomas, beer retailer, 38 Cavendish street
Reed Thomas, shoe maker, 177 Edward street
Reed Thomas, White Horse, 30½ Camelford street
Reeder Cook, tailor, 35 Mulborough place
Reeds Francis (Mrs.), dress maker, 28 Dorset gardens
Reeve Henry, fishmonger, 37 Upper North street
Reeves Edward James, wholesale grocer, 36, 37 & 38 George street, & 160 Edward street
Reeves Edward James, grocer, 114 Southover street
Refreshment Rooms (John Perrett, proprietor), Railway station & at London bridge
Regend Pauline (Mdlle.), artist, 2 Powis road
Reilly Maurice, lodging house, 27 Terminus road
Relf Samuel, beer retailer, 72 Islingword road
Rendell Edwin, wood carver, 31 Grenville place
Renge Arnold, teacher of german, 7 Park crescent
Revell Charles, furniture broker, 3 Grand parade
Reynolds L. & E. (Misses), importers of foreign lace, 19 East st
Reynolds Ann (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 1 Clarence grdns
Reynolds Jabez, builder & contractor, 107 North street
Rice Catherine (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 24 Eaton place
Rice James, basket maker, 9 Cranbourn street
Rich Isaac, baker, 2 Redcross street
Rich James, baker, 134 Edward street
Rich Thomas, Cannon, 3 Cannon terrace
Rich Thomas, greengrocer, 42 William street
Rich William, cabinet maker, 18 North gardens
Rich William, carpenter, 11 Chapel street
Richards David, surgeon, 8 St. George’s place
Richard Thomas, greengrocer, 53 Russell square
Richard Thomas , beer retailer, 49 Guildford street
Richardson Thos. Hen.& Richard, nurserymen, Up. Lewes rd
Richardson Benjamin, butcher, 45 Edward street
Richardson Daniel, surgeon, 21 Hampton place
Richardson Edward, goods manager for the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Company, Trafalgar street
Richardson Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Old Steine
Richardson Ellen (Mrs.), Buckingham Arms, 45 Buckingham road
Richardson Frances (Mrs.), beer retailer, 19 Sussex road
Richardson Henry, butcher, 88 Albion hill
Richardson Henry, greengrocer, 19 Lavender street
Richardson Henry, marine store dealer, Chapel street
Richardson Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 67 Middle street
Richardson Mary (Mrs.), laundress, 29 Sloane street
Richardson Mary Ann (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 69 Islingword road
Richardson Philip, academy, 32 Grenville place
Richardson Richard, baker, 69 Edward street
Richardson William, perambulator maker & upholsterer, 13, 14 & 15 Lavender street
Rickard Frederick, Globe family & commercial hotel, 4 Manchester street
Rickards Prideux, boarding house, 57 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Rickman & Co. coal & corn merchants & lime burners, 22, Prince Albert street
Riddlestorffer George, mantle maker, 8 & 9 King’s road
Rider Mary Ann (Mrs.), dyer, 12 Dean street
Ridge James & Son, manufacturers & distillers of mineral waters, 98 Queen’s road
Ridge Isaac, baker, 55 Upper Gloucester lane
Ridley Hannah (Mrs.), teacher of drawing, 98 Western road
Ridley Samuel, auctioneer, valuer, estate agent & undertaker, 155 North street
Rigan Thomas, marine store dealer, 12 Carlton street
Rigden William, farmer, Hove house, Hove
Riley Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 1 Charlotte street
Rix Wilton Parker, silversmith & watch maker, 1 Pavilion bldgs
Robbin Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house 20 Grafton street
Robbins Isaac, beer retailer, 44 Cheapside
Roberts & Chamberlain, upholsterers, 153 Western road
Roberts George, baker, 38 Lavender street
Roberts Henry, shopkeeper, 68 Hereford street
Roberts Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 36 East street
Roberts Jesse, dining rooms, 65 Islingword road
Roberts John Robert, house painter, 24 Whitecross street
Roberts Walter, riding master & riding school, 30 & 31 Edward st
Roberts William, shopkeeper, 52 Jubilee street
Robins & Son, brewers, wine & spirit & coal merchants, Anchor brewery, 57 Waterloo street
Robinson Jane (Miss), ladies’ school, 17 Lewes crescent
Robinson John, beer retailer, 46 Church street
Robinson John, shawl warehouse, 11 King’s road
Robinson, William, Bath Arms, Union street
Robinson William, dining rooms, 1, 2 & 3 Meeting house la
Robinson William, greengrocer, 116 Sussex street
Robson Thomas, chemist & druggist, 4 Victoria road
Rochester David, coal dealer, 1 Newhaven street
Roe Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 184 Eastern road
Roe John Edward, professor of music, 29 Clifton road
Roff Edward, grocer, 23 St. James’s street
Roffey Isaac, lodging house, 21 Russell square
Rogers Sarah, Mary & Abigail (Misses), ladies’ school, 2 Powis grv
Rogers Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 New Steine
Rogers John, carpet agent, 17 Prince Albert street
Rogers Robert James, surgeon, 40 Cannon place
Roinel Rhoda (Mrs.), dress maker, 11 Bedford street
Relf Obed, coal & wood dealer, 7 Upper Russell street
Romaine Charles, confectioner, 11 Upper Bedford street
Romaine John, beer retailer, 60 Carlton st. & 28 Grosvenor st
Roney Edward, laundry, 4 West Hill street
Rooke John, stationary & monumental mason, Cemetery terrace, Lewes road
Rooker Thomas, tobacconist &c. 43 North lane
Rosamond Charles, baker, 29 York road, London road
Rose George, tailor, 1 Richmond street
Rose Philip, pawnbroker, 119 Queen’s road
Rose Thomas, dyer, 20 Charles street
Rosenburg Lucy (Mrs.), gentlemen’s preparatory school, 77½ Montpelier road
Roser Thomas Henry, rope maker, 60 Jubilee street
Ross & Sons, hosiers & glovers & general ready made linen warehouse, 129 & 130 St. James’s street
Rossey Heather (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Oriental place
Roth Matthias, physician, 22 Gloucester place
Rotten Mary (Miss), lodging house, 41 Waterloo street
Roussel Antoine, hair dresser & perfumer, 17 Bedford place
Roxby Rebecca (Mrs.), greengrocer, 12 Margaret street
Rowell Philip George, watch maker & jeweller, 17 Castle sq
Rowland Frederick, tailor, 108 Upper North street
Rowley Thomas, optician, 128 St. James’s street
Royal German Spa & Pump Room (Struve & Co. proprietors; Mr. Frederick Busse, director), Queen’s park; open from 6 to 10 a.m. See advertisement
Royal Library & Reading Rooms (George Wakeling, proprietor, late Folthorp), 170 North street
Royal Pavilion, Old Steine
Rubbra Edmund & Co. chemists & photographers, 2 Upper St. James’s street
Rudge William, hair dresser, 18 George street
Ruff George, photographic artist, 45 Queen’s road
Rugg Richard, surgeon, 65 Middle street
Rumsley Thomas, beer retailer, 3 Russell street
Runnacles Anthony, solicitor, 21A, Ship street
Runting Henry, trunk maker, 39 Bond street
Rushbridge Edward, house agent, 67 West street
Russell William & Samuel, builders, carpenters & timber dealers 50 Henry street & 40 Marlborough place
Russell Elizabeth (Mrs.), dyer, 22 Upper St. James’s street
Russell Henry, locksmith, 13 Frederick place
Russell John, fishmonger, 10 Meeting House lane
Russell John, shoe maker, 39 Vine street
Russell Mary Ann (Mrs.), baker, 18 London road
Russell Thomas, hair dresser, 122 Edward street
Russell William, builder & surveyor, 40 Marlborough place
Rutherford James, boot & shoe maker, 82 & 91 North lane
Rutherford Robert, clerk & collector of Brighton market, 34 George street
Rutter Joseph, surgeon, 142 Western road
Ryan John M. furniture dealer, 103 St. George’s road
Ryde George W. artists’ repository, 73 Western road
Ryland John Collet, private tutor, 54 Brunswick road
Sabine Thomas & Son, window blind makers, 49 East street
Sabine Thomas, lodging house, 92 King’s road
Sainson Richard Mead, confectioner, 64 Waterloo street
St. John’s Reading Rooms (Robert Campbell, librarian), Mighell street
St. Joseph’s Convent (Sisters of Mercy), Bedford lodge, Bristol road
St. Mary’s Hall (for educating the daughters of poor clergy) (Rev. John Babington, M.A. sec.), Eastern road
Salaman Simeon Kensington, lodging house, 23 Western cots
Saldles William, grocer, 77 Southover street
Salisbury William John, lodging house, 4 German place
Salmon Frederick William, chemist, 30 Western road, Hove
Salter George Frank & Co. dyers, 67 Western road, Hove
Salter Ellen (Mrs.), lodging house, 28 Waterloo street
Salter George, confectioner, 25 Western road, Hove
Salter Joseph, carpenter, 76 Upper North street
Salter Robert, artist, 9 Norfolk road
Salter William, baker & confectioner, 135 London road
Samuel Joseph, clothier, 12 Western road
Samways Peter, fancy stationer, 22 Upper Russell street
Sanders Eliza (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 79 Upper North street
Sanders Mary (Miss), private boarding house, 81 Grand parade
Sanderson William, fancy repository, 54 Grand parade
Sandford Vincer, lodging house, 33 Bedford square
Sands James, bookseller & stationer, 6 Montpelier place
Sarel James, chemist & druggist, 5 St. James’s street
Sargant Thomas, lodging house, 6 Royal crescent
Sargood William Francis, Prince Arthur, 38 Dean street
Sarjant James, wood dealer, 24 Peel place
Sattin Edward, tinman &c. 19 Edward street
Sattin Joseph, builder, 24 Prince’s street
Sattin Sophia (Mrs.), dress maker, 24 Prince’s street
Saunders & Son, booksellers, stationers & librarians, & agents for the Guarantee Society, 112 St. James’s street
Saunders Alfred, pianoforte tuner, 6 Guildford road
Saunders Charles, bookseller & stationer, 60 Upper North st
Saunders Charles William, french polisher, Windsor street
Saunders Edward, stationer, toy & fancy repository, Western road, Hove
Saunders Elizabeth (Mrs.), greengrocer, 12 College place
Saunders Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 44 Lansdowne place, Hove
Saunders Emily Matilda (Miss), ladies’ school, 36 Montpelier crescent
Saunders Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Saunders Henry, plumber & glazier, 46 Buckingham road
Saunders Henry, wood turner, 21 Devonshire place
Saunders Hugh, Blacksmiths’ Arms, & wine & spirit merchant, 142 North street
Saunders James, dealer in all kinds of building materials, 34 Ivory place
Saunders John, Bristol hotel, 143 Marine parade
Saunders John, plumber &c. 133 Sussex street
Saunders John, plumber, 21 Terminus road
Saunders William, Star in the East, 32 Eastern road
Savage William Dawson & Son, pharmaceutical chemists, 65 Edward street
Savage Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.), lodging house 29 Broad St
Saville Sarah Ann (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 11 Clarence square
Sawyer & Brattle, fancy repository, 103 St. James’s street
Sawyer & Hill, manufacturers of mineral waters, 25 Henry st
Sawyer Alfred Joseph, builder, 93 Gloucester lane
Sawyer George David, timber merchant & brick maker, 99 North street
Sawyer John, Crown & Thistle, 46 & 47 Frederick street
Sawyer John, stationer & engraver, 104 St. James’s street
Sawyer Thomas, soda water & ginger beer maker, 21 & 22 Margaret street
Saxby Samuel William, plumber, painter &c. 30 Upper St. James’s street
Sayer James & Alban, silk mercers & linen drapers, 50 North street
Sayer Daniel, shell fish dealer, 5 Upper Gardiner street
Sayer John, butcher, 30 North lane
Sayer Robert, butcher, 37 North lane
Sayer Robert, carman, 1 & 2 Upper Gardiner street
Sayer Samuel, lodging house, 13 Regency square
Sayers Henry, Hippopotamus, 62 & 63 New England st
Sayers James, shopkeeper, 15 Kew street
Sayers Josiah, linen draper, 71 Western road
Sayers Richard, butcher, 28 Elm grove
Sayers William, patent yeast maker, 7 Richmond street
Scarborow John, china & earthenware dealer, 135 North st
Scarce John, cowkeeper, 41 Queen’s gardens
Schenk Frederick, clock & watch maker, 42 Duke street
Schilling William, confectioner, 77 Edward street
Schleicher Nicholas, watch & clock maker, 79 St. James’s st
Schmitnagel Joseph, watch maker, 18 East street
Schneider & Co. manufacturers of mineral, german seltzer & soda waters, ginger beer & lemonade 54 King’s road
Schofield Thomas, lodging house, 11 Charlotte street
Schweitzer Herman, dispensing & analytical chemist, 86 King’s road
Scott Edmund, architect, 46A, Regency square
Scott Frederick, hardware & china dealer, 19 St. James’s st
Scott G. surgeon dentist, 6 Western cottages
Scott Job, greengrocer, 91 Church street
Scott John, dyer, 48 Preston street
Scott John H. professor of drawing, 59 Brunswick road
Scott J. H. (Mrs.), professor of singing, 59 Brunswick road
Scott Joseph, fly proprietor, 95 George street, Cliftonville
Scott Mary (Miss), ladies’ school, Talbot house, 2 Powis sq
Scott William, beer retailer, 42 Cheapside
Scrase Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, 30 Waterloo street
Scrase Henry, mason & shopkeeper, 34 Lewes road
Scrine William, lodging house, 124 King’s road
Scriven Henry, Allen Arms, Lewes road
Scrump George, lodging house, 58 York road, Hove
Seager John Henry, baker & confectioner, & post office, 3 Albert terrace, Hove
Seamer Joseph, beer retailer, 95 Edward street
Searle Andrew, shirt maker & outfitter, 50 East street
Searle Maria (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse, 51 & 52 East st
Seaward Sarah (Mrs.), Royal Pavilion hotel, 7 & 8 Castle square & 3 Steine lane
Self William, Wick inn, 52 Western road, Hove
Sendall & Son, house decorators, 42 Ship street
Sendall William, house decorator, 10 Prince Albert street
Servants’ Friend Institution (Miss Mary Ann Warren), 29½ West street
Servants’ Training School (Miss Louisa Gordon, superintendent), 1 Pavilion colonnade
Seward Mrs. lodging house, 7 Atlingworth street
Sewell John Jessup, surgeon, 36 Grand parade
Seymer Stephen, beer retailer, 29 Edward street
Seymour Almeric Walter, physician, 53 Montpelier road
Shackelford John, cement manufacturer, Farm road, Hove
Sharood Charles, solicitor, perpetual commissioner, & commissioner in chancery & in common law, 73 Ship street
Sharp Charles, shoe maker, 21 Cross street
Sharp Christopher, stationer, 26 Clifton terrace
Sharp Cornelius Lashmar, baker, 17A, Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Sharp Ebenezer, shoe maker, 19 Cranbourn street
Sharp Frederick, gutta percha & india rubber warehouse, 22 Bond street
Sharp Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 97 Southover street
Sharp Joseph, butcher, 107 Western road
Sharp Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 34 Mount Zion place
Sharp Thomas Edward, shoe maker, 8 Union street north
Sharp William, furniture broker, 13 Brunswick place
Sharp William, grocer, 54 Ship street
Sharp William, trunk maker, 10½ East street
Sharp William Alfred, lodging house, 51 Clarence square
Sharpe & Holloway, baby linen warehouse, 39 King’s road
Shaw Abraham, grocer, 5 Russell square
Shaw Caroline (Mrs.), corset maker, 11 West street
Shaw Charles, livery stables, 2 Edward street
Shaw Daniel, grocer, 12 Church street, Hove
Shaw David, china & glass dealer, 13 Church street, Hove
Shaw David, grocer, 193 Eastern road
Shaw Isaac, grocer, 102 North lane
Shaw William, lodging house, 53 Regency square
Shearman Samuel, beer retailer & dining rooms, 16 Western street
Shee Jane (Miss), lodging house, 65 West street
Sheen William, brass founder, 9 Gloucester street
Sheerman Thomas William, trunk & box maker, 73 North st
Shelborne Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Chesham road, Kemp town
Sheldrick William, Sea House hotel, 1 Middle street
Shellaker William, lodging house, 26 New Steine
Shelley Alfred, tailor, 5 Black Lion street
Shelley Charles, grocer, 5 Richmond street
Shelley Edward, gas fitter, 33 Upper Russell street
Shelley Francis, watch maker, 35 Upper Russell street
Shelley Francis Blake, Fountain, 15 Upper Russell street
Shelley George, butcher, 48 & 49 Grenville place
Shelley Henry, Windsor Castle, 115 Queen’s road
Shelley John, jun. sexton at St. Nicholas church, 47 Church street
Shelley Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 16 Gloucester lane
Shelley Urith, (Mrs.), greengrocer, 71 Trafalgar street
Shelley John, hatter, 158 Colonnade, North street
Shelly William, tailor, 28 Clifton hill
Shepherd George, fruiterer & seedsman, 7 Prince Albert st
Shepherd Richard, beer retailer, 8 Red Cross street
Shepherd Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 26 Islingwood road
Sheppard James, shopkeeper, 34 Sussex street
Sherlock Richard, beer retailer, 21 Oxford street
Sherman Martha (Mrs.), Chichester Arms, 106 North lane
Sherriff Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 21 Bedford square
Sheward Harriet (Mrs.), greengrocer, 3 Waterloo street north
Shiles John, dairyman, 9 Lewes road
Shillibeer George, undertaker, 7 North Street quadrant
Shilling Rosa (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 College gardens
Shoesmith James Sears, corn merchant, 24 West street
Shoesmith William, baker, 55 Cavendish street
Shoesmith William, baker, 13 High street
Shoowith Hope (Miss), ladies’ school, 23 London road
Short Charles, tailor, 59 Middle street
Shout Ann (Miss), milliner, 3 East street
Shrimpton Phillip, Brighton Arms, 55 Essex street
Shrivel Robert, watch maker, 68 King’s road
Shrivell Ellen (Mrs.), laundress, 36 Temple street
Shrubshall Edward, bookseller, 42A, Ship street
Shuckard Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Russell square
Shugar George, solicitor, 69 Ship street
Sibley George, lodging house, 9 New Steine
Sickelmore George, greengrocer, 22 Gloucester lane
Sickelmore George, painter & grainer, 66 Upper North street
Sickelmore Matilda (Mrs.), letterpress, copperplate & label printer, 45 & 46 High street
Sickelmore William, muffin baker, 24 Duke street
Sidford Eliza (Mrs.), tobacconist, 4 King’s road
Siller Albrecht E. professor of music, 3 Western place, Western road, Hove
Siller John Edward, gun maker, 112 North street
Silvani Joseph, jeweller, 13 & 14 King’s road
Silver Joseph, fruiterer, 121 St. James’s street
Silverthorne & Co. livery stables & job master, Regency mews & Cannon place
Silverthorne Isaac, livery stables, Portland mews, St. George’s road
Simmonds Edward, carpenter, 13 Cobden road
Simmonds Harriet (Mrs.), dress maker, 5 Victoria street
Simmonds Henry, beer retailer, 68 North lane
Simmonds Hugh, Wellington inn, 15 College place
Simmonds John, beer retailer, 28 Station street
Simmonds Thomas, Rock inn, 7 Rock street, Kemp town
Simmonds William, fruiterer, Market house, Market street, & Meeting House lane
Simmons Anne (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Victoria street
Simmons Henry, lodging house, 14 Guildford street
Simmons Hugh, fruiterer, 97 St. George’s road
Simmons James, engineer, 20 York place
Simmons James, potato salesman, 14 Ashton street, & 36½ Marlborough place
Simmons Joseph, cabinet maker, 18 Upper Bedford street
Simmons Richard, shoe maker, 20 Carlton street
Simpson Ellen (Miss), milliner, 2 Brunswick place
Simpson Thomas, architect & surveyor, 16 Ship street
Sinclair John Archibald, dentist, 22 West street
Sinden & Ellis, manufacturers of mineral waters, 1 Cheltenham place
Sinden Edmund John, brewer, Crown brewery, Jubilee st
Sinnick John, poulterer & licensed dealer in game, 29 East st
Sinnock George, leather seller, 151 Western road
Sisley Delia (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Farm road, Hove
Sisley Laurence, lodging house, 11 Lansdowne street, Hove
Sizer David, lodging house, 34 Lansdowne place, Hove
Skeats William, zinc & galvanized iron works, 123 Queen’s road, & 6 Vine place
Skegg Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 15 York road, Hove
Skevington Samuel, chemist, 6 Waterloo street
Skinner Ann (Miss), dress & corset maker, 65 East street
Skinner Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, 40 Wood street
Skuse William, beer retailer, 24 Frederick place
Slade George, lodging house, 21 Charlotte street
Slater George, tailor, 6 Spring street
Slater Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 18 Surrey street
Slater Henry, hair dresser & tobacconist, 6 Upper Bedford street
Slatter Charles, grocer & Italian warehouse, 65 Waterloo street
Slatter Charles, lodging house, 6 Grand parade
Slatter John, tinman & brazier, 31 East street
Slatter William, ironmonger, 6 Albert terrace, Hove
Slaughter Charlotte (Mrs.), baker, 49 Lower Market street
Sloan James, linen & woollen draper, 97 Queen’s road
Smart, Brown & Stuart, coal merchants, 17 Queen’s road
Smart Caroline (Mrs.), lodging house, 32 Montpelier road
Smart Horatio, laceman, 7 Western road
Smart John, beer retailer, 27 Surrey street
Smith Brothers, wine & spirit merchants & agents for Bass’s ale &c. 55 Marine parade; & at High street, Wapping, London e
Smith Louisa & Son, window blind makers, 199 Western rd
Smith, Stafford & Co. fancy stationers & foreign stamp sellers, 1 New road
Smith Thomas & Sons, Star & Garter, 15 King’s road
Smith Thomas & Son, lead & glass merchants, 47 Ship street
Smith Alfred, butcher, 116 St. James’s street
Smith Alfred, plumber & greengrocer, 4 Albert terrace, Hove
Smith Caroline (Miss), milliner, 8 Boyce’s street
Smith Charles, fish curer, 21 Mighell street
Smith Charles, leather seller, 66 Edward street
Smith Charles, Sussex Yeoman, 55 Upper Trafalgar street
Smith Christopher, tailor, 14 London road
Smith Edward, chimney sweeper, 28 Ronrel row
Smith Edward, gardener, 14 Hampton place
Smith Edwin, dining rooms, 162 Carlton street
Smith Eliza (Mrs.), coal dealer, 32 Sillwood street
Smith Ellen (Mrs.), greengrocer, 21 Sussex road, Hove
Smith Emily Sophia (Miss), ladies’ school, 38 Brunswick rd
Smith Frederick, leather seller, 56 Ship street
Smith George, Brewers’ Arms, & brewer, 93 & 94 Carlton st
Smith George, fruiterer, 36 St. George’s road
Smith George, Hope, 4 Cannon street
Smith George, plumber, 30 London road
Smith George (Mrs.), plumber, painter & glazier, 81 Western road
Smith George, registrar of births, marriages & deaths for the Palace district, & clerk to the Provident Dispensary, 32 Middle street
Smith George, Scotch Stores, 12 William street
Smith George, tailor & habit maker, 19 Western road
Smith George, watch maker, 34 West street
Smith Heckstall, surgeon, 30 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Smith Henry, baker & confectioner, 14 Cranbourn street
Smith Isabella (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Norfolk road
Smith James, butcher, 25 North lane
Smith James, greengrocer, 13 Cross street
Smith James. jeweller, 59 King’s road
Smith James Samuel, beer retailer, 103 Trafalgar street
Smith Jane (Miss), preparatory school, 102 Lansdowne place, Hove
Smith Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Grafton street
Smith John, beer retailer & grocer, 47 Carlton street
Smith John, builder, painter, plumber & glazier, 25 St. James’s street
Smith John, fishmonger, 115 Church street
Smith John, greengrocer, 23 Church street
Smith John, lodging house, 9 Broad street
Smith John, paraffin lamp maker, 48 Edward street
Smith John, printer & photographer, 8 Pool valley
Smith John, tailor & draper, 20 King’s road
Smith John P. surgeon, 118 Western road
Smith John William, cabinet maker, 3 Lavender street
Smith Jonathan, manager of iron works, 6 Kensington place
Smith Joseph, linen draper, 63 & 64 North street
Smith Joseph, plumber, 139 London road
Smith Joseph, trimming warehouse, 65 North street
Smith M. riding & job master, Marlborough place
Smith Mary Ann (Mrs.), brass founder & gas fitter, 18 Nile st
Smith Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Bedford place
Smith Robert, cabinet maker, 29 Sillwood street
Smith Samuel, auctioneer, 1 New Steine
Smith Samuel, beer retailer, 135 Sussex street
Smith Samuel, coffee rooms, 4 Portland street
Smith Samuel, fruiterer & greengrocer, 55 Waterloo street
Smith Susan (Miss), ladies’ school, 28 & 29 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Smith Susanah (Mrs.), lodging house, 31 Upper North Street
Smith Thomas, baker 63 & 64 John street
Smith Thomas, shoe maker, 16 Nile street
Smith Thomas, shopkeeper, 17 Thomas street
Smith Thomas Crosweller, beer retailer, 51 Newhaven street
Smith Thomas John, Colonnade tavern, 68 Gloucester lane & at Queen’s road
Smith Trayton, butcher, 33 Trafalgar street
Smith William, beer retailer, 8 Boyce’s street
Smith William, boot & shoe maker, 48 West street
Smith William, chemist, 83 Western road
Smith William, french shoe warehouse, 9 East street
Smith William, gas fitter, 43 Regent street
Smith William, greengrocer, 15 Peel place
Smith William, ironmonger, 15 Middle street
Smith William, lodging house, 50 Atlingworth street
Smith William, patent lead pipe maker & marine store warehouse, 27 Foundry street
Smith William George, lodging ho. 63 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Smith William Henry, boarding house & beer retailer, 69 & 70 Queen’s road
Smith William John, tea dealer, wine & spirit merchant, & agent for Ind, Coope & Co.’s Romford & Burton ales, 105 Western road
Smith William Joshua, new & second hand bookseller &c 41, 42 & 43 North street
Smither Fanny (Miss), ladies’ school, Hove villa, Dyke road
Smithers & Son, brewers, coal merchants & Maltsters, 90 North street & 201 Western road
Smithers William H. accountant & collector of poor rates, 70 Ship street
Smokar Joseph, greengrocer, 116 Southover street
Smyth Thomas, grocer, 1 Edinburgh terrace, Lewes road
Smythe Henry, florist & seedsman, 70 Western road, Hove
Smythe Henry, gardener, 20 Centurian road
Snashall John William, timber, brick & slate merchant, 30 & 31 Devonshire place, & 129 & 130 Edward street; & at commercial wharf, Southwick, Shoreham
Snelling Edward, fruiterer, 35 St. James’ street
Snelling Edward, proprietor of billiard rooms, 63 Cavendish st
Snelling George, fruiterer, 26 New road
Snelling Hugh, clerk to Pier Company, Chain pier
Snelling Sarah (Mrs.), upholstress, 56 Clarence square
Snelling William B. fruiterer, 9½ Sillwood street
Sneyd Charles, watch maker, 5 Market street
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Miss B. Beal, librarian), 106 Church street
Solomon Nathan, tobacconist, 46 North street
Solomon Samuel, pawnbroker, 57 Ship street
Sone John, butcher, 55 Preston street
Songhurst George, beer retailer, 3 Edward street
Soper John, commmission agent, 22 Windsor ter. Queen’s rd
Soper Samuel Henry, linen draper, 80, 81 & 83 North street
Sorrell John, fly proprietor, Bristol road
Soughton William, baker, 63 Church street
South Thomas, smith & farrier, 9 Rock place
Southerton John Gosden, plumber, 14 Church street, Hove
Southon Sarah & Emily (Misses), dress makers, 3 Oxford terrace, Church street, Hove
Southon George, baker & confectioner, 2 Trafalgar street
Southon William, gas fitter, 16 King’s road
Sparkes Joseph, beer retailer, 52 Lavender street
Sparks Charles, lodging house, 47 Russell square
Sparks James, beer retailer, 13 Middle street
Sparrow Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 27 York road, Hove
Spary Edward, nurseryman, seedsman & florist & horticultural valuer, 176 Western road, & at Park street. See advertisement
Spearing Henry Thomas, paper hanger, 21 George street
Spearing Jno. assessor & collector of queen’s taxes, 47 Queen’s rd
Spencer Abraham, Three Tuns inn, 10 Bartholomew’s
Spencer Elizabeth (Mrs.), tobacconist, 18 Church street
Spencer George, lodging house, 48 Grand parade
Spencer George, shell fishmonger, 22 Little East street
Spink Henry, photographer, 109 Western road
Sprake Charles, baker, 12 Sillwood street
Spyer Richard, shopkeeper, 1 Peel street
Stable Rachael (Miss), ladies’ school, 31 Up. Brunswick pl. Hove
Stace Frederick, gas fitter, 103 Upper North street
Stace George, shoe maker, 21 Prince’s street
Stacey Uriah, lodging house, 20 Wyndham street
Stafford Charles B. boarding & lodging house, 42 Queen’s rd
Stafford Thomas, boot shoe maker, 5 Centurion road
Staley Joseph, lodging house, 88 King’s road
Stammer George, carpenter, 39 Cannon street
Stammer Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 33 Dorset gardens
Stamp Thomas, blacksmith, 5 Gloucester street
Stanbury Philip, painter, 40 Clifton street
Standen George, hair dresser, 38 Surrey street
Standen Grace (Mrs.), grocer, 40 Elm grove
Standen Richard, shoe maker, 38 Grosvenor street
Standen Richard. shoe maker, 9 Russell square
Standing George, lodging house, 58 Brunswick road
Stanford George, greengrocer, 37 Temple street
Stanford Thomas, fire wood cutter, Sussex place & at 3 Richmond street
Stanford William, cheesemonger, 24 Prince Albert street
Stanley Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Borough street
Stanley Richard, shopkeeper, 21 lavender street
Staples Jemima Sophia (Miss), day school, 10 Crown street
Staples John William, poulterer & dealer in game, 53 West st
Staples Thomas, inspector of meat, 10 Crown street
Stapleton James, dining rooms, 81 North lane
Stapleton Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Clifton place
Stapleton Mary (Mrs.), greengrocer, 14 Brunswick place
Stapleton Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Dean street
Stapley Robert, beer retailer, 119 London road
Starley George, fly proprietor, 29 Hampton place
Starley William, furniture broker, 5 & 46 Cheapside
Stedman George, stationer, 68 St. James’s street
Stedman Isaac, tailor, 31 Tidy street
Stedman Nathan, blacksmith, Shoreham road, Hove
Steer & Adams general drapers, 161 Western road
Steer William, lodging house 18 Marine parade
Steers William, jobmaster, fly, cab & omnibus proprietor, Railway station, 48 Trafalgar street, & at 10 Richmond st
Steggle John, lodging house, 3 Preston street
Stening Cornelius, watch & clock maker, 16 Western road, Hove
Stening John, carpenter, 6 Crown street
Stening Stephen, shoe maker 21 Vine street
Stennig Morris, tailor, 171 Western road
Stenning James, linen draper, 5 West street
Stenning John, butcher, 34 Surrey street
Stenning John Little, butcher, 123 London road
Stenning William, butcher, 7 Duke street
Stenning William, lodging house, 31 Marine parade
Stent & Son, china & glass dealers, 24 Western road, Hove
Stephens Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Burlington st
Stephens George, brush manufacturer & cooper, 40A, North street & 41 Market street
Stephens James Horton, dairyman, Hove Church dairy, St. Aubyn’s place, Cliftonville
Stephens John, coach builder, 9 Elden street
Stephens Joseph, physician, 5 Pavilion parade
Stepney George, gilder, 32 Spring gardens
Stepney – (Miss), ladies’ school, 31 Brunswick road
Stevens & Haslewood, solicitors, 8 Gloucester place
Stevens David, shoe maker, 41 Grenville place
Stevens Edward, shoe maker, 58 Edward street
Stevens Frederick William, military tutor, 18 Windsor terrace, Queen’s road
Stevens George, jun. lodging house, 7 Broad street
Stevens Henry, boot & shoe maker, 25 Western road
Stevens Henry, builder, 13 Dean street
Stevens Henry, milliner, 6 East street
Stevens James, greengrocer, 30 Russell street
Stevens John, boot maker, 90 Trafalgar street
Stevens John, lodging house, 36 Western street
Stevens John, poulterer, 13 Upper St. James’s street
Stevens Margaret Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, 50 Montpelier road
Stevens William, fishmonger, 37 John street
Stevens Wm. greengrocer & pork butcher, 17 Church st. Hove
Stevens William, Evening Star, 56 Surrey street
Stevens William, New England, 10 Montpelier road north
Stevens Wm. solicitor & notary public, 8 Gloucester place
Stevenson & Co. tea merchants, 51 North street, & 25 Holland road; & at 45 High street, Lewes, & 67 East street, Chichester
Stevenson James, coffee rooms, 29 Bond street
Stevenson John, grocer &c. 82 Gloucester lane
Stevenson Rebecca (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Viaduct terrace
Stewart Elizabeth (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 22 Terminus road
Still Robert, draper, 1 Alma terrace, Albert terrace, Hove
Still Robert, dealer in marine stores, 47 Upper North street
Still William, cooper, Windsor street
Stillwell & Walls, fly proprietors, Hampton street
Stillwell Emma (Mrs.), laundress, 23 Spring street
Stimpson Henry, dining rooms, 16 Upper Russell street
Stocker Robert, writing & drawing master, 36 Egremont pl
Stodhart Selina (Mrs.), furrier, 28 Middle street
Stone Edward, plumber, 44 Borough street
Stone Sarah (Mrs.), stay maker, 15 North street
Stone William, greengrocer, 32 Lavender street
Stone William Harris, wine, spirit, ale & porter merchant, 162 North street & Prince’s place
Stoner Adolphus, tobacconist, 10 North Street quadrant
Stoner Henry, dentist, 145 Western road
Stoner James, beer retailer, 12 Meeting House lane
Stoner John, builder, 1 Victoria street
Stoner John Nathan, surgeon dentist, 30 Grenville place
Store John, potato salesman, 125 Gloucester lane
Store Joseph, wholesale fruiterer, 33 Gloucester lane
Storr Thomas, Lansdowne inn, & livery stable keeper, 3 Farm road, Hove
Stowell Thomas, surgeon, 3A, Church street
Strange George, Ship, Hove street, Cliftonville
Stratton Sophia (Miss), lodging house, 27 Cannon place
Street George Bushby, beer retailer, 58 William street
Streeter Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Oriental place
Stretch Caroline (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Montpelier road
Strevens Mar (Mrs.), cab proprietor, 5 Station street
Stride James William, auctioneer, estate agent & valuer, 61 Buckingham place
Stringer Jesse, grocer, 24 Bond street
Stringer Thomas, carpenter, 38 Clarence square
Stringer Walter, grocer, 30 Trafalgar street
Strong Absolom, butcher, 138 Edward street
Strong Mary (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 40 Middle street
Strong Samuel, brick maker, 8 Providence place, Hove
Strong Thomas, painter & glazier, 21 Cannon place
Strong Thomas, plumber &c. 40 Middle street
Strongitharia Mary (Miss), ladies’ school, 17 & 18 Powis sq
Struve & Co. proprietors of the Royal German Spa & Pump Room & manufacturers of the Brighton seltzer waters, Queen’s park. See advertisement
Stubberfield Henry, dealer in bats, balls & stumps, 40 Temple street
Stubbs William, lodging house, 46 Temple street
Stuckey Wilson Aylesbury, solicitor, & commissioner in chancery, 50 Old Steine
Stuntt Sarah (Mrs.), laundress, 27 Spring street
Sturdy Frederick, Regency tavern, 3 Regency colonnade
Sturgess Edward Smith, tailor, 2 Ashton street
Sturgess Henry, tailor, 16 Mighell street
Sturgess William, tailor, 63 St. George’s road
Sturgess William, tailor, 2 Powis road
Sturt Samuel & Alfred, linen drapers, 21½ & 22 North street
Sturt Amelia (Mrs.), butcher, 54 Upper Gloucester lane
Sturt John, toy dealer, 6 Bond street
Sturt Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 German place
Sturt Thomas, Travellers’ Joy, & baker, Albert terrace, Hove
Suckling Ann (Mrs.), china warehouse, 12 Upper St. James’s street
Summers Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 37 Waterloo street
Summers John, shopkeeper, 174 Eastern road
Sunley David, beer retailer, 124 London road
Surman Robert, cooper, 12 Oxford street
Sussex & Brighton Infirmary for Diseases of the Eye (Mrs. Emma Bowden, matron), Queen’s road
Sussex County Hospital for the Reception of the Sick & Lame Poor of every Country & Nation (Mr. N. P. Blaker, house surgeon, Mr. G. G. Hornsby, dispenser; Arthur Veysey, esq. sec.; Miss Louisa Whiteman, matron; Mr. James Bennett house steward), Eastern road
Sussex County Cricket Ground & inn (Richard Beasley, proprietor), Shoreham road, Hove
Sussex Rifle Volunteer (First) Office (Lieut.-Col. H. A. Crofton, commanding; George Bidden, sergeant-major), Prince’s place
Sutcliffe Benjamin, tobacconist, 81 Edward street
Suttle William, lodging house, 20 Clifton terrace
Sutton & Hopewell, soda water manufacturers, 9 Middle street
Sutton Geo. carpenter & shopkeeper, 79 George st. Cliftonville
Sutton George, shopkeeper, 8 Gloucester street
Sutton James, ironmonger, 9 Gloucester street
Sutton Letitia (Miss), professor of singing, 31 Chatham place
Swain George, bread & biscuit baker, 51 Middle street
Swane Henry, bookbinder, 20 Lavender street
Swane John Henry, bookbinder & machine ruler, 51 Market st
Swaysland George, naturalist, 4 Queen’s road
Sweetman George, boot & shoe maker, 18 Victoria road
Sweetman Joseph, greengrocer, 51 Edward street
Sweetman William, beer retailer, 31 Cannon street
Swepson Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 35 Russell square
Swepson Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Marine parade
Swift William & Co. cabinet makers, 50 Church street
Swindells William, beer retailer, 96 Church street
Sykes Mary (Mrs.), corset maker, 1 Castle square
Symonds James Francis, chemist, 3 North quadrant
Symons & Wilson, ladies’ boarding school, Arundel house, Arundel terrace, Kemp town
Szapira Jacob, jeweller, 14 New road
Tacey William, beer retailer, 51 North lane
Tacey William, shoe maker, 34 Upper St. James’s street
Tacey William George, pawnbroker, 97 & 98 St. James’s
Tampling H. P. & Son, brewers & maltsters, Phoenix brewery, Waterloo street north
Tanner Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Osborne vils. Cliftonville
Tanner Edwin Charles, lodging house, 63 & 64 Marine parade
Tanner H. H. lodging house, 8 New Steine
Tanner Richard Canning, chemist & druggist, 109 St.James’s
Tansley George, embroidery warehouse, 4 Bond street
Tansley George, furniture broker, 37 Meeting House lane
Tapling Thomas, lodging house, 17 New Steine
Targett Charles, lodging house, 29 New Steine
Tate Catherine (Miss), seminary, 5 Queen’s road
Tate James, wine & spirit merchant, 3 Bartholomews
Tatham George, surgeon, 46 Old Steine
Tatler James, saddler & harness maker, 6 St. James’s street
Tayler, Furner & Jowers, surgeons, 27 Old Steine
Tayler Robert, surgeon, 25 Old Steine
Taylor & Bedwell, milliners, 156 North street
Taylor Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 47 Baker street
Taylor Charles, painter & glazier, 23 Lennox street
Taylor Charles, tailor, 76 King’s road
Taylor Edmund, butcher, 33 Church street
Taylor Elizabeth (Miss), tobacconist, 24 Marlborough place
Taylor Francis, lodging house, 19 Charlotte street
Taylor Frederic, boarding school for young gentlemen, 2 & 4 Buckingham place
Taylor Frederic, photographer, 40½ North street
Taylor George, fish salesman, 4 Black Lion street
Taylor George, plumber, 100 Trafalgar street
Taylor George James, hair dresser, 73 East street
Taylor Henry, Brewery Shades, 13 Black Lion street
Taylor James, linen draper & shoe maker, 3 Upper St. James’s street
Taylor Jane (Miss), draper & milliner, 89 St. George’s road
Taylor John, livery stables, 12 Clifton hill
Taylor Mary Anne (Mrs.), milliner, 40½ North street
Taylor Robert, Rising Sun, 23 Tidy street
Taylor Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Taylor Selina (Mrs.), lodging house, Leicester house, 28 & 29 Black Lion street
Taylor Thomas, baker, 17 Southover street
Taylor William, fancy repository, 27½ King’s road
Taylor William, lodging house, 7 Farm road, Hove
Teeling Edmund, shopkeeper & baker, 14 Chesterfield street
Teeling William, beer retailer, 50 Thomas street
Teesdale Ralph, butcher, 145 Edward street
Tellick Peter, tailor, 70 St. George’s road
Temperance Hall, Windsor street
Temple Emily (Madame), importer of foreign fancy goods, 62 East street
Temporary Home for Friendless Girls (Mrs. Hannah Powell, matron), 35 West Hill road
Terry Alfred, tinman, 17 Mighell street
Terry Charles, basket maker, 16 Gardiner street
Terry Edwin, greengrocer, 44 Edward street
Terry Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 42 Montpelier street
Terry Henry, Belgrave Arms, 68 St. George’s road
Terry John, baker, 14 Gardiner street
Terry John, confectioner, Chain pier
Terry John, shopkeeper, 132 London road
Terry Peter, Eagle inn, 124 Gloucester lane
Terry Sophia (Miss), dress maker, 55 Grand parade
Terry William Richard, greengrocer, 43 Edward street
Tester Mrs. lodging house, 117 Western road
Tester Richard, beer retailer, 36 Lavender street
Thackthwaite Thomas, riding & job master, 18 Princes st
Thackthwaites Thomas, livery stables, 20 German place
Thatcher George, baker, 2 Southover street
Theatre Royal, New road
The Library Co. (limited) (William Butler Fawley, sec.), 80 King’s road
Thirkettle Thomas, dentist, 21 German place
Thoburn Robert, White Hart, 38 Upper Russell street
Thomas David, baby linen warehouse, 53 Kings’s road
Thomas Edward, grocer, 13 York road, London road
Thomas Evan, boot maker, 21 Prince Albert street
Thomas Evan, lodging house, 7 Grand Junction parade
Thomas Frederick, draper, 40 Tidy street
Thomas Frederick Job, grocer, 97 Gloucester lane
Thomas Frederick Job, lodging house, 58 High street
Thomas Henry, fly proprietor, 50 John street
Thomas Richard, lodging house, 51 Waterloo street
Thomas S. D. boot & shoe maker, 46 Western road
Thomas Thomas, dining rooms, 36 Church street
Thompson & Waller, lodging house, 49 Norfolk square
Thompson Barnett, confectioner, 39 Trafalgar street
Thompson Eliza & Mary (Misses), ladies’ school, 7 Vernon ter
Thompson James & Son, gas fitters, 2 Cavendish street
Thompson John William, George inn, 1 West street
Thompson Joseph, blacksmith, 11 Circus street
Thompson Joseph, furniture dealer, 25 Meeting House lane
Thompson Rebecca (Mrs.), lodging house, 30 Cannon place
Thompson Samuel, milliner, 18 Meeting House lane
Thompson William, collector to Brighton & Hove Gas Company, 13 Lansdowne street, Hove
Thompson William, lodging house, 27 Marine parade
Thorncroft Samuel, registrar of births & deaths for St. Peter’s district, Milton house, Jubilee street
Thorncroft Thomas, corn merchant &c. & deputy registrar of births & deaths for St. Peter’s district, 87 North lane
Thornhill George, greengrocer, 87 Albion hill
Thornton George, beer retailer, 92 Church street
Thornton Joseph, carver & gilder, 36 Preston street
Thornton Joseph, shopkeeper, 47 North gardens
Thorpe Harriet (Mrs.), Dorset Arms, 28 Gardiner street
Thunder Edwin, boot & shoe maker, 15 East street
Thurston Thomas, general dealer & chimney sweeper, 1 Trafalgar street
Thwaites John Augustus, lodging house, 37 Egremont pl
Thwaites Thomas, boat builder, 32 Temple street
Thwaites Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 42 Upper North st
Ticehurst James, house agent, 32 Upper Park place
Ticehurst John, commission agent, 39 Redcross street
Ticehurst Samuel, builder, Brigden road
Ticehurst Samuel, lodging houses, 49 & 50 Western road
Ticehurst Sarah (Mrs.), baker, 20 North lane
Ticehurst Thomas, coal & firewood dealer, 43 Tidy street
Ticehurst William, builder, 10 Peel street
Tickner Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Temple street
Tider Dinah (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 7 Wyndham street
Tidey James, Good Intent, 1 Upper Russell street
Tidey James, Volunteer inn, 1 Church street & 25 New rd
Tilley James, lodging house, 24 Norfolk road
Tilley Thomas, lodging house, 40 Montpelier street
Tilley Walter, Race Hill inn, & livery stables, 1 Lewes road
Tilly William, corn factor, 21 Lewes road
Tippett John, builder 2 West Hill road
Titcomb Lawrence, plumber &c. 60 High street
Titcombe John, paraffin lamp dealer, 50 Lavender street
Toby George James, boot & shoe maker, 13 & 14 Western rd
Todman John, hair dresser, 36 North lane
Tombs Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 23 Charlotte street
Tomkinson Ellen & Susannah (Misses), ladies’ school, 45 Sussex square
Tomlinson John, news agent, 26 Oxford street
Tompkins Brothers, Brighton racket court, 62 Middle street
Took Robert, hair dresser, 23 Western street
Tooth & Co. timber & slate merchants, 117 Church street
Tourle James, grocer, 25 Grand parade
Town Hall (Mrs. Sarah Payne, hall keeper), Bartholomews
Towner Arthur, bricklayer, 5 Spring street
Towner Eleazer Frederick, baker, 4 Edward street
Towner James, Eastern tavern, 143 Eastern road
Towner James, painter, 32 Hampton road
Townsend Alfred, shopkeeper, 17 Upper Russell street
Townsend Elizabeth (Miss), stationer & news agent, 41 Queen’s road
Townsend George, shopkeeper, 9 Frederick place
Townsend William, hair dresser, 15½ Upper Bedford street
Toye Anne (Miss), stationer & news agent, 28 Upper St. James’s street
Tozer William, boot & shoe maker, manufacturer & patentee of the improved cork sole boot, 161 Colonnade, North street; & at 40 Gracechurch street, London e.c. See advertisement
Trangmar William George & Co. accountants & commission agents, 96 Queen’s road
Trangmer Mary (Mrs.), lodging house 25 Russell square
Trangmar Tanner, writer on glass, 21 St. George’s street
Trantham James, tailor, 2 Kensington gardens
Travis Peter, Clifton Arms inn, 25 Clifton terrace
Treacher Harry & Charles, booksellers, stationers, printers, engravers, publishers & librarians, 1 North street & 44 & 45 East street
Tree Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Osborne st. Cliftonville
Tree John, shell fishmonger, 13 Queen’s road
Tree William, coal dealer, 4 Montague place
Trevett Caroline (Mrs,), dress maker, 59 Upper North st
Trevis Mary Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, & lodging house, 7 Margaret street
Tribe Charles, Chequers tavern, 45 Preston street
Tribe Mary (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 65 Gloucester lane
Tribe Thomas, carpenter, Hampton street
Tricker James, beer retailer, 70 Upper Gloucester lane
Triggs Joseph Henry, brush maker, 10 Wellington terrace, Elm grove
Trigwell James, greengrocer, 19 George street st
Trill Edwin, hosier, 54½ West street
Trill Edwin, milliner, 37 Trafalgar street
Trill Henry, stationer, 77 St. James’s street
Trimmer William, Flying Dutchman, 27 Elm grove
Tripp Arthur, grocer, 12 Baker street
Trist John & Sons, wine & spirit merchants, 59 & 60 St James’s street
Trott Henry, fishmonger, 52 Edward street
Trowbridge Frances (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 45 Sidney street
Trowbridge Martin, beer retailer, 15 Cross street
Truefitt Henry, hair dresser & perfumer, 56 King’s road
Truelove William Henry, baker, 33 Lewes road
Trussell Alfred, laundry, Upper Bedford street
Trussell Henry, fancy stationer & ladies’ work box manufacturer, 16 & 17 East street
Trussler George Frederick shoe maker, 30 Lavender street
Trussler Hannah (Mrs.), laundress, 18 Montague street
Trussler James, fishmonger, 27 Upper St. James’s street
Trussler Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 41 Norfolk road
Tubbs Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 49 York road, Hove
Tucker Benjamin, Sea Serpent, 83 Gloucester lane
Tucker Edward, artist, 21 Norfolk square
Tucker Harriet, lodging house, 20 Clifton street
Tucker Mary (Mrs.), teacher of music, 2 Cambridge road
Tucknett Henry, greengrocer, 126 London road
Tucknott Alice (Miss), day school, 12 Mount Zion place
Tucknott John, printer, 7 Kensington gardens
Tucknutt Henry, marine store dealer, Union street north
Tuddenham Richard, beer retailer, 32 Grosvenor street
Tugwell John, shoe maker, 12 Holland street
Tugwell William, boot & shoe maker, 6 Trafalgar street
Tuke James Kingdon, surgeon, 1 Devonshire place
Tulett Daniel, stone mason, 57 Middle street
Tullett John, chimney sweeper, 2 Little Western street
Tullett Peter, shopkeeper, 16 Upper North street
Tully Benjamin, carpenter, 8 Foundry street
Tully Edwin, beer retailer, 18 Elder street
Tully James, butcher, 109 Gloucester lane, & Market house, Market street
Tully Robert, baker, 47 Cheapside
Tully William, shopkeeper, 1 George street, Cliftonville
Tully George, lath render, 71 Upper Gloucester lane
Tune Lydia (Mrs.), grocer, 76 Upper Gloucester lane
Tune Mary Ann (Mrs.), toy dealer, 3 St. George’s road
Tunstell John, lodging house, 67 Upper Bedford street
Tuppen George, grocer, 48 Upper Bedford street
Tuppen George, Morning Star, 61 Carlton street
Tuppen George Harry, butcher, 32 East street
Tuppen Richard, butcher, 9 Market street
Tuppen Thomas, corn dealer, 97 North lane
Tuppen William, linen draper & stationer, 15 & 16 Church street, Hove
Tuppen William, Montague Arms, 1 Montague street
Turner Edward & Co. wine merchants, exporters & shippers of champagnes, hocks & moselles, 18 Marine parade; & at Wisbaden, Germany, & Epernay France
Turner A. J. commercial traveller & book agent, 42 Windsor street
Turner Edward, lodging house, 25 Bedford square
Turner Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 150 King’s road
Turner Mrs. boarding house, German house, 23 & 24 German place
Turner William Smith, Crown inn, 24 Grafton street
Turpin George, butcher, 4 & 5 Upper St. James’s street
Turpin Thomas, oil lamp warehouse, 35 East street
Turrell Alfred, beer retailer, 84 Carlton street
Tusler Albert James, tailor & outfitter, 45 & 46 Trafalgar st
Tutt Edmund, butcher, 86 Southover street
Tutt Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Upper North street
Tutt Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 1 Station street
Twine George, lodging house, 7 Cannon place
Tyler Ruel, blacksmith, 33 Whitecross street
Tyson Henry, tailor, 30 Brunswick place
Underwood Henry, billiard rooms, Cannon place
Underwood Walter, deputy overseer, 19 Windsor terrace, Queen’s road
Unsted George, greengrocer, 36 Scotland street
Unsted John, blacksmith, 8 Circus street
Unwin Jonah Stephen, tea dealer, 43 East street
Upperton & Upperton, solicitors, clerks to magistrates of the Hove division,  commissioners in chancery & all the common law courts, 5½ Pavilion buildings
Upperton William, tea dealer, 6 Church street, Hove
Upton Charles plumber & lead & glass merchant, 192 Western road
Upton Edward John, greengrocer, 7 Surrey street
Upton Maria (Mrs.), beer retailer, 12 Gardiner street
Upton William, coffee roaster, 28 Spring gardens
Uwins Alfred, draper & tailor, 27 & 28 Trafagar street
Valiant Jeremiah, shoe maker, Lewes road
Vallance, Catt & Co. brewers, maltsters & coal merchants, West street
Van Dieren Herman, manufacturing jeweller, 11 Black Lion street
Vaughan Henry, livery stables, 12 Atlingworth street
Vaughan Thomas Henry, lodging house, 34 Bedford square
Vaughan William Edward, carver & gilder, 10 Ship Street lane
Vaughan William, Crown inn, 63 Queen’s road
Vaughan William, fly proprietor, 29 North gardens
Vaughan William, New Ship hotel, & wine stores, 4 Ship st
Venus Thomas, greengrocer & beer retailer, 14 & 15 Broad st
Verey Edward, pork butcher, 52 Upper Bedford street
Vergo William, beer retailer, Quebec street
Verly Dennis, professor of french, 16 St. George’s place
Vernall Henry, beer retailer, 1 New England street
Verrall Charles, auctioneer, 7 Bristol terrace, Bristol road
Verrall Charles, butcher, 55 Grand parade
Verrall Charles Ebenezer, reporter & bookseller, 4 Prince Albert street
Verrall Edward, printer, 44 Meeting House lane
Verrall Eliza (Miss), day school, 128 London road
Verrall Elizabeth Jane (Miss), ladies’ school, 7 Bristol terrace, Bristol road
Verrall Henry, cabinet maker, 33 New road
Verrall Henry, solicitor, clerk to justices for the borough of Brighton, commissioner to administer oaths in chancery & all the common law courts, 4 New road
Verrall Jane Louisa (Mrs.), linen draper, 76 St. George’s rd
Verrall William, surgeon, 3 Gloucester place
Verrier Charles, hair dresser, 122 London road
Vesey Arthur, solicitor, 27 Burlington street
Venner & Harman, dress makers, 160 Colonnade, North st
Vickridge Frederick Jas. china & glass dealer, 143 Western rd
Vigar James, greengrocer, 3 Dyke road
Vigor John, seedsman, 1 Baker street
Vinall Francis, shopkeeper, 55 Washington street
Vince John, lodging house, 24 Lower Rock gardens
Vincent Eleanor (Miss), lodging house, 22 Old Steine
Vincent F. J. White Lion commercial & family hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, 128 North street & Queen’s road
Vine William, china & glass dealer, 21 Duke street
Vineall Henry, grocer, 16 Holland street
Viner George, lodging house, 4 Bedford square
Viner Henry Charles, Eagle inn, 5 Charles street
Viner Joseph John, builder, decorator, lead & glass merchant, 22 New road
Vinson William, boot maker, 189 Western road
Virgo David, cowkeeper, Richmond street
Virgo George, basket maker, 9 King street
Virgo George, ironmonger, 40 Edward street
Virgo Henry, baker, 27 Little East street
Virgo Sarah (Miss), dress maker, 44 Clarence square
Virgo Warren, baker, 44 North lane
Virgol William, beer retailer 76 Southover street
Vivian Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 73 Lansdowne place, Hove
Vobes Thomas, fruiterer, 65 St. George’s road
Volk Magnus, watch & clock maker, 40 Western road
Voysey Richard, coal merchant & stationer, 2 Albert terrace, Hove
Wade Joseph, coach trimmer, 54 George street
Wadey Stephen, chimney sweeper, 7 Circus street
Wadey Wiliam, beer retailer, 4 Crown street
Waghorn Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, 19 Western street
Waind Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Wyndham street
Waite Elizabeth & Mary Ann (Misses), milliners & dress makers, 7 St. George’s road
Waite Isaac, grocer & wine merchant, 38 & 39 Upper St. James’s street
Wakeling George (late Folthorp), The Royal library & reading rooms, bookseller & stationer, 170 North street
Walder Charles, tailor, 35 Dean street
Wales Misses, ladies’ school, 52 Norfolk square
Walker Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Devonshire place
Walker Augusta (Mrs.), lodging house, 129 King’s road
Walker Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Bedford place
Walker George, cabinet maker, 146 Western road
Walker George, lodging house, 118 King’s road
Walker Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 45 York road, Hove
Walker Mrs. dairy, London road
Walker R. B. (Mrs.), boarding school, Connaught house, 14 & 15 Sillwood place
Walker T. Ann (Miss), day school, 31 London road
Walker William, hair dresser & perfumer, 47 East street
Walker William, painter & plumber, 106 Upper North st
Wall George, tailor, 2 Gardiner street
Wall James, painter, 24 Ivory place
Waller David, fly proprietor, 31 Spring street
Wallis & Hack, wholesale grocers & provision merchants, & manufacturers of patent tallow candles, 2 Bartholomews; 14 Market street & 25 Spring Gardens
Wallis Thomas Swales, boot maker, 15 Hanover street
Walls Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 32 Bedford square
Walter Thomas, Sir Charles Napier inn, 50 Southover st
Walton George, livery stable keeper, 29 Western street
Walton Henry Mabson, watch maker & jeweller, 79 King’s rd
Walwyn & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 74 King’s road
Ward & Bektogler, tobacconists, 173 Western road
Ward Caroline Harriet (Mrs.), hairdresser & manufacturing perfumer, 159 Colonnade, North street
Ward James, day school, 2 Centurion road
Ward James, dining rooms, 53 Edward street
Ward James, lodging house, 138 Marine parade
Ward James, schoolmaster, 45 Upper North street
Ward Josiah, beer retailer, 37 Kensington gardens
Ward Richard, last & boot tree maker, 43 Meeting House la
Ward Thomas, builder, 28 Chatham place
Ward Thomas Richard, dining rooms, 3 Terminus road
Ward Zion, publisher, 1 High street
Wardman Cornelius, lodging house, 28 Russell square
Warmingham Walter, grocer, 67 Ship street
Warner Charles, cabinet maker, 28 Upper North street
Warner Joseph, beer retailer & dining rooms, 15 South st
Warr George William, hair dresser, 90 North lane
Warr Thomas, fly proprietor, 10 Montpelier street
Warren & Perry, milliners, 27 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Washer William, leather seller, 98 North lane
Wassell Albert E. china & glass dealer, 14 Pavilion buildings
Waterfield & Burgess, hardwaremen, 43 Market street
Waterfield Thomas, wholesale & retail stationer, 42 Market st
Waterman Thomas, tailor, 17 Lewes street
Waterman William, shoe maker, Bristol road
Wathew Emma (Miss), ladies’ school, 89 Lansdowne place, Hove
Watkins Alfred, greengrocer & coal dealer, 3 Castle street
Watkins Fanny (Miss), lodging house, 6 Egremont place
Watkins Frederick, Sussex Arms tavern, & billiard rooms, 33 East street
Watkins Henry, upholsterer, 32 Duke street
Watkins Henry V. lodging house, 26 & 27 King’s road
Watkins Henry V. Montpelier inn, 8 Montpelier place
Watkins Joseph, grocer, 34 Hanover terrace
Watkins Thomas, plumber, 10 Rock street, Kemp town
Watson William & John, dairymen & cowkeepers, Alice street, Lansdowne place, Hove
Watson Alexander, greengrocer, 26 Trafalgar street
Watson George, lodging house, 24 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Watson Sarah (Mrs.), haberdasher, 102 Church street
Watson Susan (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 German place
Watson Thomas, milliner, 11 Western road
Watson Thomas, milliner, 32 Western road
Watson William, greengrocer, 37 Surrey street
Watson William Augustus, lodging house, 36 Camelford st
Watton Thomas, fly proprietor, 21 Mount street
Watts Eliza & Elizabeth (Misses), stay makers, 56 Western rd
Watts Thomas & Son, tailors, 80 Western road
Watts William, corn & coal merchant & ship owner, 51 Western road, Hove. see advertisement
Watts Charles, lodging house, 54 Clarence square
Watts Daniel, lodging house, 7 Lansdowne street, Hove
Watts James, carpenter, 8 Hampton road
Watts James, shoe maker, 50 Cumberland place
Watts Jesse, fishmonger, 3 Bedford street
Watts Jesse, fishmonger, 93 St. George’s road
Watts John, builder, 40 Upper Russell street
Watts Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Oriental place
Watts Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Clifton place
Wavell Charles, tea dealer, 42 Elm grove
Waydin Richard, cheesemonger, 18 Western road
Weaver Mary Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 32 Bond street
Webb & Baker, insurance agents, 2 Baker street
Webb Benjamin, auctioneer & house agent, 1 Marine parade
Webb Charles William, dancing academy, 24 Broad street
Webb Emily (Miss), lodging house, 41 Cannon place
Webb Henry, ironmonger, 29 West street
Webb James Carolus, accountant, 47 Clifton street
Webb Job, tailor, 48 Grosvenor street
Webb Maria (Mrs.), laundress, 2 Howard terrace
Webb Richard, Hanover Arms inn, 115 Southover street
Webb William, academy, 130 London road
Webb William, carpenter, 1 Howard terrace
Webber Clara (Mrs.), Wick inn, 41 Gloucester lane
Webber Edward, lodging house, 22 Lower Rock gardens
Webling William, grocer, 3 Alma ter. Albert terrace, Hove
Webster Richard, lodging house, 24 Oriental place
Weeks James, carpenter, 14 & 100 St. George’s road
Weisser Joseph, beer retailer, 67 Edward street
Welch Charles, chemist, 70 & 92 Trafalgar street
Welch George, beer retailer, 52 St. James’s street
Welch Jas. Edward, chemist & surgeon dentist, 19 Norfolk sq
Welfare Joseph, locksmith, 17 Chapel street
Welfare Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, 4 Chapel street
Welfare William, Neptune inn, 8 Albert terrace, Hove
Weller Charles, Golden Cross, 175 Western road
Weller Elizabeth (Miss), china & glass dealer, 37 St. George’s rd
Weller Elizabeth (Mrs.), cowkeeper, 5 Upper Bedford street
Weller George, shopkeeper, 35 Albion street
Weller James, accountant, 10 Queens square
Weller Richard, dairy & coal dealer, 54 St. George’s road
Wells & Co. tea dealers & merchants, 151 & 152 North street
Wells George, hair dresser, 43 Russell street
Wells Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 120 King’s road
Wells James, gardener, 9 Dean street
Wells James, lodging house, 78 Marine parade
Wells James, shoe maker, 15 St. George’s road
Wells Lewis, draper & milliner, 3 Islingword road
Wells Thomas, firework manufacturer, 31 Francis street
Wells William, coal dealer, 30 Belmont street
Wells William, Royal Standard, 59 Queens’s road
Welstead Anna (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Montpelier street
Wenham William, beer retailer, 5 Brunswick street west
Werne Jane (Mrs.), milliner, 20 Brunswick place
West Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 30 Western cottages
West Anne (Miss), milliner, 19 Western road, Hove
West Henry, chimney sweeper, Spa street
West James, news agent, 28 Edward street
West Jane (Miss), lodging house, 6 Old Steine
West John, beer retailer, 85 North lane
West John, coal dealer, 4 Cheapside
West Samuel, Olive Branch, Sillwood street
West Hove Commissioners’ Office (Mr. Joseph Parkin Colbron, district surveyor), 2 & 3 Osborne st. Cliftonville
Westcott Charles, dairyman, 16 Park street
Westlake Henry, beer retailer, 1 Peel place
Weston, Spencer & Oliver, grocers, outfitters & drapers, 79 North lane
Weston Eliza (Mrs.), ladies’ boarding school, 11 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Weston George, saddler, 40 Dean street
Weston Joseph, dyer, 49 Gardiner street
Weston Oliver, auctioneer & appraiser, 1 & 2 Queen’s gardens & at 79 North lane
Weston Spencer, grocer, 33 Western road, Hove
Weston Thomas, baker, 84 North lane
Weston Thomas, shoe maker, 47 Guildford street
Weston Thomas Richard, Feathers’ tavern, 53 Queen’s rd
Weston William, gun maker, 7 New road
Whale Henry, boot & shoe maker, Brunswick street west
Whale Thos. Wakeman, wholesale tobacconist, 73 Queen’s rd
Whaplate Thomas, corn, hay & coal merchant, 3 Western street. See advertisement
Whately Edward, surgeon, 33 Vernon terrace
Whatford Jack Thomas, dentist, 79 Grand parade
Whatford William Starr, surgeon dentist, 95 Western road
Wheatley Catherine (Mrs.), laundress, 3 West Hill street
Wheeler Albert, beer retailer, 10 Edward street
Wheeler Arthur, tobacconist, 9 Edward street
Wheeler George, beer retailer, 24 Upper Park place
Wheeler James, draper & hosier, 45 North street
Wheeler Richard, hair dresser, 3 Carlton street
Wheeler Wm. Abner, corn, seed & coal dealer, 27 Richmond pl
Wheels William, fly proprietor, 32 West Hill road
Whetton Robert, dining & coffee rooms, 5 North quadrant
Whitaker Benjamin, engineer, 10 Centurion road
White Brothers, photographers, 69 East street
White Charles & George, coach makers, 41A, George street
White Catherine (Mrs.), toy dealer, 52 Western road
White Charles, LL.D. boarding school, Hove lodge, Hove street, Cliftonville
White Charles William, beer retailer, 95 Carlton street
White David, carpenter, Union street north
White Frederick, shoe maker, 5 Hove place, Cliftonville
White George, chief officer of police, 12 Prince Albert street
White Jabez, stationer & bookseller, 70 West street
White Rebecca (Miss), lodging house, 3 Crescent place, Marine parade
White Thomas, grocer, 4 Montpelier place
White Thomas, professor of music, 9 Clarence square
White William, artist, 5 York grove
White William, shopkeeper, 17 Brunswick place
Whitehead George, lodging house, 27 New Steine
Whitehead John, lodging house, 3 Regency square
Whitemore Arthur, carter, Shoreham road, Hove
Whiting Ellen & Ann (Misses), fancy repository, 50 Waterloo street
Whitington Henry, millwright, 34 London street
Whitington Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 27 Camelford street
Whittaker James, boot & shoe maker, 16 Meeting House lane
Whitting Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Upper Rock gardens
Whitwell Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 32 Grand parade
Wiber Charles Lewis, dyer & scourer, 104 Trafalgar street
Wich Lucy (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Oriental place
Wickham Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 1 Cambridge road
Wicks Anna Maria (Miss), lodging house, 28 New Steine
Wicks Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Cannon place
Wicks John, provision merchant, Market house, Market st
Wiggins Thomas, beer retailer, 69 North lane
Wilcock William, beer retailer, 2 Margaret street
Wilcox James, baker & confectioner, 29 New road
Wildbore Frederick, surgeon, 2 Brunswick road
Wilder Leonard, Hero of Waterloo, 34 Lower Market st
Wilding William, baker, 2 George street
Wileman Joseph, china & glass warehouse, 32 St. James’s st
Wiles George Henry, veterinary surgeon & shoeing forge, 46 George street
Wilkins James, Temple inn, 1 Victoria road
Wilkinson Peter Richard & Son, auctioneers & appraisers, stock & share brokers, undertakers, house agents & agents for furnished houses, 168 North street
Wilkinson & Sharp, lodging house, 5 Mill’s terrace, Hove
Wilkinson Eliza (Miss), ladies’ school, 91 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Wilkinson Thomas, private hotel & boarding house, 3, 4 & 5 Grand Junction parade
Wilkinson William, greengrocer, Sidney street
Willard George, shopkeeper, 15 Southover street
Willard John, furniture broker, Queen’s place
Willard Richard, tailor & woollen draper, 2 Western road
Willard Smith, toy dealer, 29 Upper North street
Willard William, shopkeeper, 95 Albion hill
Willcock William, bookbinder & account book manufacturer, 7 Bartholomews
Willett Brothers, carvers & gilders, 39 Ship street
Willett William & Son, brewers & maltsters, Rock brewery, St. James’s street
Willett David, shopkeeper, Hove street, Cliftonville
Willett William, maltster, 14 Warwick street
Williams Edward, hair dresser, 8 Oxford street
Williams Isabella (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Regency square
Williams James Chappell, printer & bookseller, 3 Prince Albert street
Williams John, boot & shoe maker, 13 Union street
Williams John, coffee rooms, 40 Trafalgar street
Williams John, lodging house, 5 Devonshire place
Williams John E. dairyman, 28 Western road, Hove
Williams Louisa (Miss), ladies’ school, 11 Bloomsbury place
Williams Mary Eliza (Miss), ladies’ school, 31 & 32 Norfolk road
Williams Nicholas, surgeon, 9 Kingsbury road
Williams William John, lodging house, 12 Charles street
Williamson James Bridger, tobacconist, 22A, Little East st
Willmer Aaron, dairy, 2 Church place, Kemp town
Willmer Thomas, carpenter, 18 Rock street, Kemp town
Willmer William, florist, 6 Providence place, Hove
Wills John, tailor, 5 Oxford terrace, Church street, Hove
Wilson George & Son, jobmasters, & livery stables, St. James’s mews, St. James’s street
Willson William, shoe maker, 72 Edward street
Wilmshurst Mary & Juliana (Misses), ladies’ school, 22 Sussex square
Wilmshurst Edward, blacksmith, 12 Meeting House lane
Wilmshurst William, smith, 39 Middle street
Wilson Alexander, LL.D. boarding school, St. Aubyn house, 38 Montpelier crescent
Wilson Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Temple street
Wilson Frederick, tailor, Norfolk street
Wilson Henry, whitesmith, 1 Lavender street
Wilson James, physician, 18 Regency square
Wilson John, professor of phrenology, 34 Norfolk road
Wilson Joseph, lodging house, 5 Bloomsbury place
Wilson Mary Ann (Miss), day school, 7 North gardens
Wilson Walter, surgeon, 15 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Wilson William, boot & shoe maker, 8 Montpelier road
Wilson William, paperhanger, 1 Charles street
Wilson William, shoe maker, 12 Cross street
Wilson William, whitesmith, 6 Union street north
Wilton John, greengrocer & beer retailer, 39 Upper North st
Wilton William, surgeon, 21 Old Steine
Wimpress Thomas, lodging house, 1 Black Lion street
Winchester William & Son, tailors & army clothiers, 122 St. James’s street
Winchester James, Fountain inn, 10 Upper Bedford street
Winder John (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Crescent place, Marine parade
Winder Richard, builder, 62 Lavender street
Wingfield Henry, stationer, 5 Victoria road
Wingfield Nicholas, fruiterer, 37 Market street
Wingham Thomas, lodging house, 51 Montpelier road
Winser Albert, watch & clock maker, 37 Preston street
Winslow George, school, 9 & 10 Wellington Road villas
Winter John, builder, 9 York grove
Winter John Newnham, surgeon, 28 Montpelier road
Winter Thomas Bradbury, surgeon, 28 Montpelier road
Winterflood William, writer & grainer, 4 New York street
Winyard William, fishmonger, 4 York road, London road
Wisden Isaac, pilot, Pimlico
Wisden Thomas, fishmonger, 24 Upper Russell street
Wisden William, baker, 17 Over street
Wisden William, cricket bat maker, 3 Duke street
Wisdon Jonathan Warner, hair dresser, 24 Lavender street
Wise Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Western street
Witherden Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Cannon place
Witmer Ann (Miss), outfitter, 110 Western road
Woldron James William, shoe maker, 105 North lane
Woledge Ann & Lucy (Misses), teachers of music, 114 North st
Woledge Frederick, drawing master, 3 Norfolk road
Wood Frederick & Sons, upholsterers & undertakers, 36 Western road & 12 Ship street
Wood Alfred, gas fitter, 6 Russell street
Wood Andrew, lodging house, 29 Marine parade
Wood Charlotte (Miss), dress maker, 1 St. George’s street
Wood Charlotte (Mrs.), dress maker, 47 Rose Hill terrace
Wood Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 10 Pelham square
Wood George, fruiterer, 91 St. James’s street
Wood George, hosier, 17 Albion hill
Wood Henry, greengrocer, 6 Montague place
Wood Hugh Charles, lodging house, 122 Western road
Wood James, blacksmith, 11 Little Western street
Wood James, white & shoeing smith, 2 College place
Wood Joseph, music dealer, 76 North street
Wood Mary (Miss), dress maker, 11 Pelham square
Wood Susan (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 18 Duke street
Wood Thomas Norman, beer retailer, 11 Hereford street
Wood Timothy, lodging house & china & glass warehouse, 83 West street
Wood William Robert, surgeon dentist, Carlisle house, Pavilion buildings, & at Lewes
Woodgates Samuel Henry, physician, 6 Regency square
Woodham Thomas, shopkeeper, 13 New England street
Woodhams Jane S. (Miss), day school, 28 George street
Woodhams Obed, tailor, 69 Preston street
Woodhams William, british wine maker, 20½ Middle street
Woodhams William, confectioner, 10 Queen’s road
Woodings Charles, coffee & dining rooms, 58 Queen’s road
Woodman Benjamin, shopkeeper, 53 George street
Woodman James, architect & surveyor, 26 Albany villas, Cliftonville, & 17 Prince Albert street
Woodman Thomas, private tutor, 31 York road, Hove
Woodrow John, butcher, 4 Lewes road
Woods & Dempster, solicitors, perpetual commissioners, commissioners in chancery & common law, 64 Ship street
Woods Joseph Thomas, accountant, 81A, St. James’s street
Woods Thomas, lodging house, 14 York road, Hove
Woods William, grocer & house agent, 68 Rose Hill terrace
Woodward Lucy (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Norfolk square
Woodward Thomas, carpenter, 30 Somerset street
Woolard Jane (Mrs.), milliner, 2 Prince’s place
Woolard John, bookbinder, 2 Prince’s place
Woolcock Richard, beer engine ma. & pewterer, 58 Middle st
Wooldridge William, cigar depot & billiard rooms, 28 North st
Woolger Alfred, beer retailer & carpenter, 52 Regent street
Wooller Henry, beer retailer, Holland road, Hove
Wooller Thomas, beer retailer, 34 Upper North street
Woollett Henry, furnishing ironmonger, 140 North street & 51 Western road
Woolley Elizabeth (Mrs.), professor of drawing & flower painting, 110 St. James’s street
Woolley James Priestnall, hat maker, 110 St. James’s street
Woolven Jane (Miss), milliner & dress maker, 28 Clifton hill
Woolven John, butcher, 8 & 9 Western street
Worger Edward, builder, 13 Bond street
Worger William James, painter, 8 Camelford street
Working Men’s Club & Reading Rooms (Henry Snelling, sec.), Windsor street
Working Men’s Union & Reading Room (William Buster, librarian), Belgrave street
Worledge Isaac, shoe maker, 21 Albion hill
Worsley George, jun. china dealer, 35 Duke street
Worsley Joseph, earthenware dealer, 114 & 115 Edward st
Worthing Laundry Land & Building Company (limited) (James Inglis. secretary), Union street
Wortley Margaret (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Manchester st
Wrathall Susannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Oriental place
Wray Annie (Miss), lodging house, 4 Regency square
Wren Christopher, auctioneer, appraiser & house agent, 2 Duke street
Wren Jemina (Miss), corset & juvenile dress ma. 7 King’s rd
Wrench Mary Ann (Mrs.), boarding house, 9 Cavendish pl
Wright Charlotte Jane (Miss), ladies’ school, 30 Round Hill cres
Wright Henry, clerk of works, Royal Engineers’ office, 121 Church street
Wright John, fishmonger, 19 Market street
Wright John, invalid chairman, 12 Crown street
Wright John Daniel, grocer & italian warehouse, 19 North st
Wright William, bird preserver, 15 Osborne st. Cliftonvllle
Wright William, cloth cap maker, 39 Gardiner street
Wright William, hosier, 56 Cavendish street
Wright William, lodging house, 2 Charlotte street
Wright William, lodging house, 34 Marine parade
Wyatt George, young gentlemen’s boarding school, 5 & 6 Victoria terrace, Hove
Wyer Joseph, dairyman & fruiterer, 70 Western road
Wyett Emma (Mrs.), ladies’ school, 17 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Wymark James & Co. grocers, 41 Western road
Wymark David (Mrs.), stationer, 2 Mighell street
Wymark Jane (Mrs,), milliner & straw bonnet maker, 59 Western road
Wymark Joseph, plumber, 4 George Street gardens
Yabsley James, watch maker, 9 Upper St. James’s street
Yabsley James, watch & clock maker, 8 Western road & 16 West street
Yarnell George & Son, butchers, 93 St. James’s street
Yates Andrew, watch & clock maker, 39 Clarence square
Yates Charles, tinman & brazier, 5 Cranbourne street
Yeandle Thomas, beer retailer, 10 & 11 Carlton street
Yeates Andrew, watch maker, 21 Prince Albert street
Yeates William, tailor, 11 Preston street
Yeomans John, beer retailer, 70 Carlton street
Yeomans John, brewers’ agent, 16 Queen’s road
York Charles, boot & shoe maker, 11 Rock st. Kemp town
York Charles, boot & shoe maker, 18 West Hill place
Youens John, Oxford Music Hall, 18 New road
Young Emily & Frances (Mesdames), school, 12 Goldsmid rd
Young Thomas & Son, boot makers, 117 Queen’s road
Young Abraham, furniture dealer, 88 Church street
Young Alfred James, carpenter, 1 Bryanstone ter. Elm grove
Young Rev. Charles, M.A. gentlemen’s boarding school, 36 Sussex square
Young Edward, lodging house, 14 Cannon place
Young John, Dolphin inn, 42 College place
Young Robert, laundry, 13 Osborn street, Cliftonville
Young Samuel, news agent, 32 Ann street
Young Thomas, beer retailer, 86 Edward street
Young Women’s Home (Mrs. Elizabeth Gasson, matron), 59 West street