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Brighton – Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c. Pt 1

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Brighton, with Hove and Cliftonville


Postmaster-C. J. Whiting, esq. Chief office, Ship street


  General Box. Letters, &c. can be Registered until Late Registered Letters, Double Fee
London and the Continent 8.15 a.m. 7.45 a.m. 8.15 a.m.
Lewes and Hastings, London and Towns beyond, Brighton Line of Railway, and Portsmouth 10.45 a.m. 10.15 a.m. 10.45 p.m.
London & Towns beyond 1 p.m. 12.30 p.m. 1 p.m.
London and Towns beyond and the Continent 3 p.m. 2.30 p.m. 2.45 p.m.
Hurst Green, East Sussex, and Parts of Kent 1 p.m. 6.30 p.m. 7 p.m.
Portsmouth 8 p.m. 7.30 p.m. 8 p.m.
London and Towns beyond, Brighton Line of Railway, Chichester ditto, & Lewes 10 p.m. 10 p.m.  
Hurst Green, East Sussex, and Parts of Kent 6 p.m. 10 a.m.  
Portsmouth 8 p.m. 10 a.m.  
London and Towns beyond, Brighton Line of Railway, Chichester ditto, & Lewes 8.30 p.m. 10 a.m.  

LONDON DELIVERIES.- Letters from Brighton are delivered in London, as follows:- 8.15 a.m. about noon; 10.45 a.m. about 3 p.m; 1 p.m. about 6 p.m; 3 p.m. about 8 p.m; 11 p.m. by first delivery next morning

BRIGHTON DELIVERIES.-7 a.m. 12.15 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Letters for the Brighton deliveries posted by 11.30 a.m. and at the branch offices by 1st and 2nd collections, are delivered 12.15 p.m; if posted between 11.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. & at the branch offices by 3rd & 4th collections, are delivered the same evening; if after 6 p.m. & at the branch offices by last collection, are delivered the following morning


  a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.
Sussex-square 9 55 11 20 1 55 5 55
Marine-square 10 0 11 25 2 0 6 0
St. James’s-street 10 0 11 25 2 0 6 0
Egremont-place 9 40 11 5 1 40 5 40
Grand-parade 9 40 11 5 1 40 5 40
Old-steine 10 0 11 25 2 0 6 0
London-road 9 35 11 0 1 35 5 35
Park-crescent 9 35 11 0 1 35 5 35
King’s-road 10 10 11 40 2 10 6 10
Cavendish-place 10 0 11 30 2 0 6 0
Holland-road 10 0 11 20 2 0 5 50
Medina-villas 9 45 11 20 1 45 5 45
Montpellier-road 10 0 11 30 2 0 6 0
Dyke-road 9 30 11 0 1 30 5 30
Railway-station 9 25 11 0 1 25 5 25

Collections on Sundays, 5. p.m. only.


  a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.
Belgrave-terrace 9 55 11 20 1 55 5 55
* 19, Bedford-street 10 0 11 23 2 0 6 0
+ 30, Preston-street 10 0 11 30 2 0 6 0
+ 4, Waterloo-street 9 50 11 20 1 59 5 50
* Western-road, Hove 9 50 11 0 1 55 5 35
* 3, Victoria-road 9 45 11 0 1 45 5 30
+ 52, Queen’s-road 9 25 10 40 1 25 5 25
+ l, York-place 9 40 11 0 1 40 5 35
* Hove, 3, Albert-terrace 9 45 11 20 1 45 5 45

Marked thus * are also Money Order Offices and Post Office Savings Banks

Marked thus + are also Money Order Offices.

There is also a general late collection from the above at 9 p.m.


  a.m. p.m.
Preston and Patcham 11 0 5 0
Rottingdean 9 30 4 30
Ovingdean   4 0
Lewes-road   6 0

Letters for the eastern part of the county (which leave at 7 p.m.) must be posted at the receiving houses before the departure of the last despatch but one.

LATE LETTERS are received for the Night Malls, with an extra stamp, from 10 p.m. until 11 p.m.


Mails for Must be posted before ½oz. ¼oz.
France 3 and 11 p.m. daily   4d
Continent of Europe ditto    
India (via Southampton) 11 p.m. 3rd, 11th, 19th, 26th 6d  
India (via Marseilles) 3 p.m. 3rd, 10th, 18th, 26th 10d  
Australia (via Southampton) 11 p.m. 19th 6d  
Australia (via Marseilles) 3 p.m. 26th 10d  
China (via Southampton) 11 p.m. 3rd and 19th 12d  
China (via Marseilles) 3 p.m. 10th and 26th 16d  
Cape of Good Hope 3 p.m. 9th 12d  
United States & California 3 p.m. every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 12d  
Canada 3 p.m. every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 6d  
British West Indies 11 p.m. 1st and 16th 12d  

The chief office is open daily for inquiries and sale of stamps, from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. except on Sundays, when it closes at 10 a.m. but stamped and unpaid letters can be posted in the general letter box throughout the day. Sunday collection from the receiving houses is discontinued. A collection from the pillar letter boxes only is made at 5 p.m. but letters (except for the Eastern part of Sussex, which leaves at 6 p.m.) can be posted at the Ship-street office up to 8.30 p.m.

James White, esq. 14 Chichester terrace, Brighton; & 2 Queen’s gate, Hyde park, London w
Henry Fawcett, esq. Trinity hall, Cambridge; 123 Cambridge street s.w. & 7 Stone buildings, London w.c.

Thomas Wisden, esq.; steward, George Faithfull, esq.
Charles Scrase Dickens, esq.; steward, Somers Clarke, esq.

The Corporation consists of the Mayor, 12 Aldermen & 36 Councillors. (The charter of incorporation is dated April 1st, 1854)


MAYOR.-Henry Martin, esq.

Bowdidge William
Alger William
Lewis John
Brigden John Leonhardt
Martin Henry
Cox Arthur Hawker
Ridley Samuel
Hallett William Henry
Smithers Henry
Lester Thomas
Wilson Richard
Webb Richard Mallam

Pavilion Ward.

Langworthy William
Potter Henry
Thunder Edwin
Lucas William
Bacon John
Martin Edward

Park Ward.
Abbey Henry
Hill George
Frape David Phillips
Webb Benjamin
Goulty Horatio Nelson
Peek Richard

St. Nicholas’ Ward.
Saunders Henry
Newman James
Jenner William
Ireland James
Jennings James
Johnston William

Pier Ward.
Jeffs Edward James
Davey Henry
Bastick Samuel
Bastick Samuel
Hill William
Reeves Edward James

St. Peter’s Ward.
Ashdown John
Pierson William
Weller Charles
Barns Charles Fredk, C
Friend Daniel
Reason William

West Ward.
Lamb Charles
King Thomas Henry
Darling Robert
Nunn John
Fabian John
Silverthorne James Wm.

Recorder, John Locke, esq. Q.C., M.P.
Town Clerk, David Black, esq. Town hall
Clerk of the Peace, Ewen Evershed, esq.
Coroner, David Black, esq.
Treasurer, E. N. Hall, esq.
Clerks to the Commissioners of Shoreham Harbour & to the Pycombe, Hickstead & Enfield Turnpike Roads, Messrs. Upperton & Upperton, 5½ Pavilion buildings
Chief Constable of the Borough Police, Mr. George White; office, Town hall
Chief Clerk, Mr. F. J. Tillstone; office, Town hall
Borough Accountant, Mr. Henry Stevens; office, Town hall
Borough Surveyor, Philip C. Lockwood; office, Town hall
Royal Pavilion, Francis Edward du Val, custodian
Corporation Fire Brigade & Engine House, New road, William Thos. Quartermain, inspector; & engine houses, 115 Western road & Grafton street

Borough, The Mayor; the Ex-Mayor, John L. Brigden, esq.; W. Alger, esq. John Cordy Burrows, esq. Arthur Bigge, esq. (stipendiary), Lieut.-Col. John Fawcett, John Allfree, esq. M. D. Scott, esq., W. Furner, esq. W. F. Smythe, esq. Thomas Warner, esq. William M. Hollis, esq. Bridger Stent, esq. J. W. Silverthorne, esq.
Clerk, Henry Verrall, esq. 4 New road
County (Hove), Charles Carpenter, esq. (chairman), Wm. Furner, esq. R. Henty, esq. Col. Paine, Montagu David Scott, esq. F. S. Hurlock, esq. J. H. Pickford, esq. W. M. Foster Smithe, esq. Sir G. A. Westphal, P. Salomons, esq. & J. G. Young, esq.
Clerks, R. Upperton & R. Upperton, jun. esqrs. 5½ Pavilion buildings

Brighton & Sussex Mutual Provident Society for Life Insurance (John Hatton, sec.), 11 Prince Albert street
European Life & Guarantee Society (W. J, Bramwell, district manager), 17 Prince Albert street

Accidental Death, Cornelius Fuller, 58 Grand parade; W. T. Joyce, 42 Red Cross street, E. Lintott & Co. 116 North street; Christopher Wren, 2 Duke street
Alliance Fire & Life, George Henry Clements, 43A, Western road, Hove; Richard Patching, 35 Duke street Atlas, William Beck, 123 King’s road
British Empire Mutual Life, W. J. Crabb, 24 New road; A. Martin, Prince Albert street; George Nash, 22 western road, Hove; Thomas Pollard, 33 West Hill street; William Parker Rix, 1 Pavilion buildings; J. Warner
British Equitable, Daniel Burchell Friend, 51 Preston street
British Prudential & Consolidated, T. Pinder, 21 Elm grove, Lewis road, (superintendent of agents); E. Lintott & Co. 116 North street; Frederick Morley, 39 Warwick street; John Nunn, 55 Ship street; Webb & Baker, Baker street; W. Baker 187½ Western road; W. Callam, 10 Mighell street; L. Plunkett, Upper North street
Briton Medical & General Life, John Dennant, 4 Duke street; John Frederick Eyles, 77 North street
Caledonian, George Adnam, 144 Western road
Church of England, P. Black, 47 Queen’s road
City & County, J. C. Dollman, 7 Western road, Hove; E. Lintott & Co. 116 North street
Clerical, Medical & General, W. H. English, 156 North street; T. J. Tillstone, 95 Upper North street
Commercial Union, H. Clayton, 14 Chatham place; J. Cochran, 49 North street
County Fire & Provident Life, George Homewood, 45 Clifton street; G D Sawyer, 99 North street
Crown Life, Thomas S. K. Brown; Maxfield & Stuart, 184 Western road; Isaac Smith; W. H. Spearing
Economic Life, Thomas Page, 173 North street
Economic Norwich Union, Parsons & Sons, 9 Marine parade
Empire, J. Adnam, 25 Grenville place; J. Austin, 6 Park street; A. B. Foad, 18 Trafalgar street
European Life, E. Lintott & Co. 116 North street
Friend-in-Need Life, George Smith, 30 London road
General, W. J. Crabb, 24 New road; A. Dell, 48 Queen’s road; W. P. Rix, 1 Pavilion buildings; T. J. Sabine, 40 East Street
Gresham, George Adnam, 144 Western road
Guardian, Day & Perry, 197 Western road; Frank Holford, 8 North street
Hand-in-Hand Fire & Life, George Wakeling, 170 North street
Hercules Fire & Life, John Howick, 36 Waterloo street; Ebenezer Jutson Lean, 112 Western road; Isaac Waite, Upper St. James’s street
Imperial Fire, Henry Mowbray, 50 Grand parade
Imperial Life, J. & N. Boxell; & William Sendall, Prince Albert street
Lancashire Fire & Life, Charles Dumbrell, 97½ St. James’s street; John Martin Nias, 38 Marine parade
Law Union Fire & Life, R. Gramshaw, 1½ Prince Albert street; Upperton & Upperton, 5½ Pavilion buildings; Henry Verrall, 4 New road; C. Wren, 2 Duke street
Life Association of Scotland, S. E. Roberts, 153 Western road
Liverpool & London & Globe, Charles Baldey, Chichester place; William Bentley, 62 Ship street; E. Boxall, 63 Ship street; J. Buckwell, 34 Mighell street; John Carden, 82 Western road; J. Everitt, 8 St. George’s terrace; Robert Faithfull, 64 Middle street; James Gregory, 8 Bond street; John Hatton, 11 Prince Albert street; Kennard & Eggar, Bedford street, Marine parade; W. Kirkham, 149 Western road; John Lewis, 69 Western road, Hove; R. M. Mason, 100 Carlton street; J. M. Newnham, 14 Circus street; John Pankhurst, Clifton terrace; J. Parsons & Son, 9 Marine parade; R. Pegler, 23 Preston street; William Heaves Smithers, 70 Ship street; James William Stride, 61 Buckingham place; William George Trangmar, 96 Queen’s road; Arthur Vesey, 27 Burlington street; & Oliver Weston, 1 Queen’s gardens
London Assurance, W. Baker, 120 Western road; Henry N. Jenner, jun. 22 Regency square; C. E. Kemp, 7 Lansdown terrace east, Hove; E. A. Packham, 48 Waterloo street; R. M. & B. Webb, 1 Marine parade
London & General Plate Glass, Henry Mowbray, 50 Grand parade
London & Lancashire, Bartlett & Roe, 101 King’s road; W. H. Webber
London & Southwark, J Carter, 9 Chatham place
London Union Fire & Life, William Donne, 11 York place
Manchester Fire, Akehurst & Son, Prince Albert Street; Robert Faithfull, 64 Middle street; James Ireland, 11 Bond street
Midland Counties, Martin & Co. 36 West street
Mutual Life, W. H. Moody, Athenaeum
National Provident, John C. Bull, 3 & 4 Western road; Hollis Clayton, 14 Chatham place; Ludd Christian, 17 Prince Albert street; Martin & Co. 36 West street
Norfolk Fire & Life, Thomas Simpson, 16 Ship street
North British & Mercantile, T. A. Brew, 71 East street; Joseph Cordwell, 79 West street; R. Noakes, 35 North street; J. O. N. Rutter, Black rack
Northern Assurance, S. R. Legg; Thomas Simpson, 16 Ship street
Norwich Union, John Jones Martyn, 3 Church street, Hove; John Pocock, Union bank; W. W. Savage, 65 Edward street
Pelican Life, S. Akehurst & Son, Prince Albert street; Henry & Charles Treacher, 1 North street
Phoenix Fire, C. O. Blaber, London & County Bank, Hove; George Corney; H. & C. Treacher, 1 North street
Plate Glass, Ludd Christian, 17 Prince Albert street; Christopher Wren, 2 Duke street
Prince Fire, John Nunn, 55 Ship street
Provincial, T. A. Burtenshaw, 14 Prince Albert street
Provincial Plate Glass, William Donne, 11 York place
Railway Passengers’, H. N. Goulty, 12 Union street, Ship street; Henry Mowbray, 50 Grand parade
Rock Life, J. Spearing, 47 Queen’s road; Woods & Dempster, 64 Ship street
Royal Fire & Life, John Bartlett, 10 Church street, Cliftonville Hove; John Dennant, 4 Duke street; Cornelius Fuller, 58 Grand parade; Barrington Garnham, 22 London road; Weichsel Frederic Gutteridge, Ship Street chambers; Henry Long, 7 Oxford terrace, Cliftonville; G. Manwaring, jun. 13 & 14 Western street; George Nash, 22 Western road; Parsons & Son, 9 Marine parade; John C. Penfold, 20 Middle street; John Phillips, 154 Marine parade; W. A. A. Reeve; J Rogers, 39 Cannon place; Telford Ernest Sharp, Hampshire bank, Western road; Edwin Taylor, Bedford hotel; W. Upperton, 6 Church street, Hove; Archibald Young, Hampshire bank, North street (fire only)
Royal Exchange Fire & Life, S. Ridley, 155 North street
Royal Farmers’, H. Mowbray, 50 Grand parade; W. Upperton, 6 Church street, Hove
Scottish Commercial, H. W. G. Bell, 31A, Preston street; T. Chapman, Ship street; John Corney, 23 St. George’s road; Alfred Martin, 21 Prince Albert street; Frederick Willard, 2 Western road
Scottish Equitable, C. O. Blaber, 53 York road, Hove; John Smith, 100 King’s road
Scottish Provident, Christian Ludd, 17 Prince Albert street; George Homewood, 45 Clifton street
Scottish Union, Biggs & Hill, Upper St. James’s street; C. O. Blaber, London & County Bank; Henry Bourner, 18 Western road, Hove
Scottish Widows, Archibald Young, 14 North street
Sovereign Life, William Gillman, 8 St. James’s street; E. Lintott, 116 North street; William John Salisbury, 4 German place; Samuel William Saxby, Upper St. James’s street; Jack Thomas Whatford, 79 Grand parade
Standard Life, W. H. Brooker, London & County Bank, 65 Western road, Hove; Jeremiah William Dodson, 69 London road; Weichsel Frederic Gutteridge, Ship Street chambers; William Hamilton, 45 Ship street; John Spearing, Union Bank
Star Life, J. Barnden, 31 Egrimont place; Henry Mowbray, 50 Grand parade
Sun Fire, Curtis & Son, 168 North st.; William Saunders
Sun Life, Curtis & Son, 168 North street; H. J. Fitzhugh, 6 Pavilion buildings; W. Saunders
Union Assurance, W. Donne, 11 York place; W. H. Hallett, Marine parade; Thomas King, 31 Richmond place; E. Packham, 68 Western road
West of England Fire & Life, Edward L. Foakes, 97½ St. James’s street
Western, W. T. Joyce, 42 Redcross street; H. Mowbray, 50 Grand parade; F. Morley, 36 Warwick street; T. Pinder, 21 Elm grove; L. Plunkett, 3 & 4 Upper North street; A. Vesey. Burlington street; A. Young, Hampshire Bank
Westminster Fire & General Life, Charles Chalk, 68 Ship street; J. Gates, 2 Pavilion colonnade

Agnew Institution for Training Servants, 21 Chatham place, Mrs. Susannah Deane, matron
Assembly & Concert Rooms, Town hall, ‘Pavilion’ & ‘Old Ship’ Brighton Asylum for Female Orphans, Eastern road; Rev. J. H. North, M.A. & Mr. Henry Moor, treasurers; Miss E. Green & Miss Longhurst, matrons
Brighton Chess Club, Pavilion, David Barclay Chapman, esq. president; H. C. Malden, esq., hon. sec
Brighton Museum, Royal Pavilion, Sir Charles Dick, Bart. curator
Brighton College, Eastern road, Michael Turner, esq. sec.; Rev. John Griffith, M.A. principal
Brighton Homeopathic Dispensary, 6 Prince Albert street
Brighton Chain Pier Company, Hugh Snelling, clerk
Brighton Dispensary, Queen’s road, Charles Verrall Willett, house surgeon; Mr. Robert Glaisyer, dispenser; Mr. James William Stride, assistant secretary & collector; Mrs. E. Chatfield, matron
Brighton Extramural Cemetery Co. Harry Anderton, secretary; cemetery, Lewes road
Brighton, Hove & Preston Water Co. 12 Bond street, Mr. Ewen Evershed, sec.; S. R. Legg, clerk
Brighton & Hove Dispensary (Western branch), 4 Farm road, Hove; Charles Lewis Badcock, house surgeon; Mrs. Sophia Green, housekeeper
Brighton Asylum for the Instruction of the Blind, Eastern road; Rev. R. S. Smith & H. Hebbert esq. hon. secs.; R. C. Glyn, esq. treasurer; Dr. Pickford, physician; H. Penfold, esq. surgeon; W. Moon, esq. F.R.G.S. hon. visitor; Mrs. Burton, matron; Miss A. Roberts & Mr. W. Chinery, teachers
Brighton Institution for the Instruction of Deaf & Dumb Children of the Counties of Sussex, Hampshire & Kent, Eastern road, R. C. Glyn, esq. treasurer; William Sleight, master; Mrs. Sleight, matron
Brighton Loan Society’s Office, 4 Duke street, John Dennant, secretary
Brighton Institution & Reading Rooms, 39 Queen’s road, Henry Scrase, sec
Brighton Lying-in Institution & Dispensary for Women & Children, 76 West street; John Gettins, house surgeon
Brighton Provident Dispensary, 32 Middle street, George Smith, clerk & collector
Brighton & Sussex School of Art, Palace place, Mr. John White, head master; Frederick Merrefield & Horatio N. Goulty, hon. secretaries
Working Men’s Reading Rooms, Belgrave street, William Buster, librarian
Brighton & Sussex Mutual Provident Society for Life Insurances, Endowments, Annuities, Sickness & Medical Aid, 11 Prince Albert street, John Hatton, secretary
Cavalry Barracks, Lewes road, Mr. J. Riley, barrack master
Coast Guard Station, Black Rock, John A. Wallinger, officer; Richard T Saunders, R. N. master
Coast Guard Watchhouse, opposite 58 King’s road
Corn Market, King & Queen inn, Marlborough place (held on thursday, at 3 to 5 p.m.)
County Court, Town hall; clerk’s office, Princes street, Old Steine; William Furner, esq. judge; Ewen Evershed, esq. registrar; James Sharp, jun. esq. treasurer; William Campbell Furner, high bailiff
Directors’ & Guardians’ Offices, Church street, Alfred Morris, clerk to board of guardians
Electric & International Telegraph Office, 18 Old Steine, George Field, clerk & manager
Fire Engine House & Police Station, Grafton street
Fire Escape Station, Brunswick street west
First Sussex Rifle Volunteers, offices, Princes place, Lieut.- Col. H. A. Crofton, captain commanding; George Dibden, sergeant-major
First Sussex Artillery Volunteers, 8 Bartholomews, James A. Menzies, sergeant instructor
Homoeopathic Dispensary, 6 Prince Albert street, John Ockenden, dispenser & collector
Hove Town Hall & Police Station, Brunswick street west, Hove, George Breach, superintendent
Royal Engineers’ Offices, Church street, Henry Wright, first-class clerk of works
Inland Revenue Stamp Offices, Land & Assessed & Property & Income Tax Office, 59 Ship street & 14 Prince Albert street (hours 9 till 4), William Llewellin, esq. distributor of stamps; T Maunder, esq. & H. Forder, esq. surveyors; Mr. W. L. Gough, assistant surveyor; Mr. T. Pugh, supervisor
Jews’ Burying Ground, Ditching road
Library & Lecture Room, Essex street
Ladies’ Convalescent Home, 7 Silwood place, Miss Elizabeth Thompson, superintendent
London Association for the Protection of Trade, 17 Prince Albert street, W. J. Bramwell, local agent
Market, Market street (for meat, fish, poultry & vegetables), Robert Rutherford, clerk & collector
Model Dwelling Houses, Church street & Clarence yard
New Workhouse, Elm grove
Odd Fellows’ Hall, Queen’s road
Office for Testing Gas Meters, Bartholomews, William Thomas Quartermain, inspector
Oxford Music Hall, 18 New road, John Youens, proprietor
Parochial Relief Office, Church street, Samuel Thorncroft, assistant overseer; Walter Underwood, deputy assistant overseer; W. B. Smith, settlement clerk
Police Office, Town hall, Mr. George White, chief constable
Provident Dispensary, Middle street, George Smith, clerk
Public Baths, Charles Brill, 1 King’s road & 77 East street; Henry Buggins, 2 Western street; Mrs. Marian Hobden, 100 & 101 King’s road
Public Libraries & Reading Rooms, George Wakeling, royal library, 170 North street; Thomas Page, 173 North street, corner of Pavilion buildings; William Burretts, Waterloo street; William Embling, 66 King’s road
St. John’s Reading Rooms, Mighell street, Dr. Beard, hon. sec.; Robert Campbell, librarian
Railway Booking Office, 10 Castle square, George Grainger, clerk
Royal Chain (or East) Pier, Marine parade, Henry Snelling, clerk to the Company
Royal German Spa & Pump Boom, Queen’s park (open from 6 to 11 morn.), Struve & Co. proprietors; F. Busse, director
St. Joseph’s Convent, (Sisters of Mercy), Bedford lodge, Bristol road
St. Mary’s Hall (for the education of daughters of poor clergymen), Eastern road, near Kemp town, Stephen Alers Hankey, esq. treasurer; Rev. John Babington, M.A. secretary; Miss Maria Newport, governess
Servants’ Friend Institution, 29½ West street, Miss Mary Ann Warren
Sussex County Cricket Ground, Shoreham road, Richard Beasley, proprietor
Sussex County Hospital, Eastern road, Arthur Veysey, esq. secretary; Nathaniel P. Blaker, esq. house surgeon; Mr. G. G. Hornsby, dispenser; Miss Louisa Whiteman, matron; Mr. James Bennett, house steward
Sussex & Brighton Eye Infirmary, Queen’s road, Dr. Pickford, treasurer; Henry Penfold & R. P. B. Taafe, M.D., M.S. Lond. & J. J. Murray, esqrs. surgeons; Mrs. Emma Bowden, matron
Temperance Hall, Windsor street
Theatre Royal, New Road
Town Hall, Bartholomews, Mrs. Sarah Payne, hall keeper
Workhouse & Infirmary, Dyke road, Edward Sattin, governor; Mrs. Emma Sattin, matron; David Rickards, esq. surgeon; Rev. John Image, chaplain
West Hove Commissioners’ Office, Cliftonville, Mr. Joseph P. Colbron, district surveyor
West Pier, Peter Black, esq. sec.; W. A. Cheesman, pier master
Working Men’s Club & Reading Rooms, Windsor street, Henry Snelling, secretary

Brighton & Sussex Natural History Society, Dispensary, Queen’s road: meeting third thursday in the month
All Souls’ Reading Room for Working Men, 43 Essex street.- Reading room open from 6.30 p.m. till 9.30 p.m. during winter. Subscription for working men and their families, 1d. per week or 1s. per quarter: honorary members, 5s. per year. Rev. R. S. Smith, president; Mr. Winder & Mr. Sleight
Brighton & Sussex Society of Arts, Pavilion
Sussex & Brighton Medico-Chirurgical Society, meet at the Dispensary, Queen’s road
St. John’s Reading Room & Library for Working Men, Mighell street
Railway Library & Literary & Scientific Institution, Brighton terminus, for the use of persons in the employment of the Railway Company
Brighton Institute, Queen’s road, H. Moor, esq. president
Ladies’ Branch Association for the Diffusion of Sanitary Knowledge, & Preservation of the Health of Children, 21, Gloucester place
Brighton & Sussex Club House, 56 Old Steine, John Wright, proprietor
Brighton Union Club, H. Livesey, secretary

Benevolent Loan Society, 108 Church st. F. Beal, aqent
Brighton Auxiliary Town Missionary & Scripture Readers’ Society, Hall, Lloyd, Bevan & West, treasurers, Union bank
Brighton Bible Association, depot, 18 Prince Albert street
Brighton Flannel Fund, Rev. C. E. Douglass, treasurer, Union bank
Brighton & Hove Girls’ Industrial Home, 12 Egremont place, Miss Emma Cannon, matron; Miss Ellen Dodman, governess
Brighton Society for the Relief of Distressed Widows, 20 Middle street, Mrs. Penfold, secretary
Convalescent Home for Ladies, 7 Sillwood place, Miss E. Thomas, superintendent
Chichester Diocesan Training College for Schoolmistresses, Rose hill, Rev. H. H. Wyatt, M.A. chaplain; Miss Louisa Foster, lady superintendent
Female Penitentiary, Wykeham terrace, Rev. A. D. Wagner, M.A. superintendent; Miss Gream, housekeeper
Governesses’ Institution, Western road, Mrs. Jane Hudson, superintendent
Home for Orphan Boys, 2 Cobden place, Miss Akhurst, mistress
Home for Young Women, 59 West street, Mrs. Elizabeth Jusson, mistress
Home for French Governesses, 8 Sillwood place
Howell’s Almshouses, George street
Jubilee & Accidental Fund, Marriage Wallis, esq. treasurer, 14 Market street
Lewes Deanery Committee of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, depository at the National schools, 106 Church street, Miss B. Beal, librarian
Missionary Society (Baptist), North street, Mr. Durtnall, secretary
Percy Almshouses (for poor widows), Hanover place
Provident & District Society, 108 Church street, F. Beal, agent
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Rev. H. M. Wagner, president of the Brighton branch
St. Joseph’s Convent (Sisters of Mercy), Bristol road
Servants’ Home Asylum, Albion hill
Sick Relief Fund, 108 Church street, F. Beal, agent
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Miss B. Beal, librarian; depository at the National schools, 106 Church street
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign parts, Rev T. Cooke
Temporary Home for Friendless Girls, 36 West Hill road, Mrs. Hannah Powell, matron

Office, Parochial office, Church street.

Superintendent, Alfred Morris, esq.
Deputy, Mr. W. Westmore
George Smith, 32 Middle street
Benjamin Burfield, 31 Gloucester street

Kemp Town.
Mr. C. Dumbrell, 24 Devonshire place
Deputy, E. L. Foakes, 24 Devonshire place

St. Peter’s.
Mr. S. Thorncroft, Milton house, Jubilee street
Deputy, Mr. T. Thorncroft, 87 North lane

Mr. G. Smith, 32 Middle street
Deputy, Mr. W. Smith, 41 Grenville place

Rev. H. M. Wagner, Vicarage
Rev. T. Trocke, 125 Western road
Rev. T. Coombe, 2 Compton terrace
Rev. T. Cooke, 12 St. George’s place
Rev W. Kelly, M.A. 8 Medina villas, Cliftonville (for Hove parish)

Assessor & Collector of Queen’s Taxes, John Spearing, 47 Queen’s road
Vice-Consul of France & Denmark, Mr. Peter Black, 47 Queen’s road
Chief Officer of Police, George White, 12 Prince Albert street
Clerks to West Hove Improvement Commission, Cooper & Williams, 55 Middle street
Officers to the Board of Directors & Guardians, offices, Church street; Alfred Morris, esq. clerk & superintendent registrar; Somers Clarke, esq. solicitor & vestry clerk; Samuel Thorncroft; assistant overseer; Walter Underwood, deputy assistant overseer; George Maynard, parish assessor
Collector of Assessed Taxes, John Spearing, 47 Queen’s rd
Collectors of Town Rates – Eastern Division: Mr. W. Westmore, 9 Park crescent; Western Division: Mr. Isaac Smith, 94 London road
Collectors of Poor Rates – Eastern Division: Mr. Frank Butler, 21 Prince’s street; Western Division: Mr. W. Heaves Smithers, 69 Ship street
Inspector of Weights & Measures, Samuel Duly (office, Town hall), 20 Windsor terrace, Queen’s road
Inspector of Nuisances, Robert Gifford; Henry Hoole, sub-inspector, Town hall
Inspector of Public Conveyances & Pleasure Boats, James Terry, Town hall
Notaries Public, Edwin Boxall, esq. 63 Ship street; Wm. Stevens, esq. 8 Gloucester place
Supervisor of Inland Revenue, Thomas Pugh, 6 Howard pl.
Town Criers, Samuel Cheesman & William Giles
Parish Clerk (Hove), John Batts, 33 Waterloo street, Hove