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Brighton – Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c. Pt 2

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Brighton, with Hove and Cliftonville



N.B. V signifies Vicarage. P.C. Perpetual Curacy.

Name. Locality. Incumbent. Patron. Value.
St, Nicholas, V Church street Rev. Henry Michell Wagner, M.A. Bishop of Chichester £1,041.
All Saints Clifton road Rev. Thomas Coombe Vicar of Brighton 200
All Souls, P.C. Eastern road Rev. Richard Snowdon Smith, M.A. Vicar of Brighton 100
    Curate Rev. – Adams    
Chapel Royal, P.C. Princes place, North st Rev. Thomas Trocke, M.A. Vicar of Brighton 95
Christ Church, P.C. Montpelier road Rev. James Vaughan Vicar of Brighton 420
Holy Trinity, P.C. Ventnor vills. Cliftonville Rev. John P. Taylor Vicar of Hove
St. Andrew’s Chapel, P.C. Waterloo street, Hove Rev. Henry Beaumont, D.D. Rev. Mordaunt Barnard
St. Ann’s Church Burlington street Rev. Alfred Cooper, M.A. Vicar of Brighton
St. George’s Chapel, P.C. St. George’s road Rev. Jacob Hugo Worth Lawrence Peel, esq. 150
St. James’s Chapel, P.C. St. James’s street Rev. John, Purchas Trustees of the late N. Kemp, esq. 180
St. John the Baptist, P.C. Western road, Hove Rev. Frederick Reade Vicar of Hove
St. John the Evangelist, P.C. Carlton street Rev. Aaron Augustus Morgan, M.A. Vicar of Brighton 90
St Margaret’s Chapel, P.C. St Margaret’s place Rev. Edmund Clay Mrs. Dupre 160
St. Mark’s Church Eastern road Rev. E. B. Elliott, M.A. Trustees of St. Mary’s Hall
St. Mary Magdalene Bread street The Clergy of St. Paul’s  
St. Michael & All Angels Victoria road Rev. C. Beanlands  
St. Mary’s Chapel, P.C. St. James’s street Rev. Julius Elliott and Patron
    Curate, Rev. Henry O’Rorke    
SS. Patrick & James’s Cambridge road, Hove Rev. James O’Brien and patron
St. Paul’s Church West street Rev. A. D. Wagner Vicar of Brighton
The Church of the Annunciation Washington street Rev. A. D. Wagner  
St. Peter’s Church, P.C. North level Rev. Thomas Cooke, M.A. Vicar of Brighton 350
St. Peter’s, Hove, V Hove street, Hove Rev. Walter Kelly, M.A. & Bishop of Chichester 300
St. Stephen’s Church, P.C. Montpelier place Rev. Charles Edward Douglas M.A. Vicar of Brighton
Trinity Chapel, P.C. Ship street Rev. Edmund V, Hall, M.A. Trustees of the Rev. B. Anderson 150
Cavalry Barracks Chapel Barracks parade Rev. J. M. Fincher  
Roman Catholic (St. John the Baptist). Bristol road Very Rev. Canon Reardon
    Very Rev. Canon Rymer
    Rev. Joseph Styles
Roman Catholic (St. Mary Magdalen). 51 Upper North street Rev. George A.Oldham.

The addresses of the above gentlemen may be found by reference to the Court Directory.


Denomination. Locality. Minister.
Apostolic Carlton hill Various
Apostolic Church Grand parade Rev. H. S; Honan
Baptist Robert street Rev. Thomas Dray
Baptist Queen’s square Rev. Joseph Wilkin
Baptist (Salem chapel) Bond street Rev. J. Glaskin
Baptist (Ebenezer Chapel) Richmond street Rev. Israel Atkinson
Baptist (Tabernacle Chapel) West street Vacant
Baptist (Bethesda Hall Chapel) Windsor street Rev. Thomas Stringer
Bible Christians Cavendish street Paul Foskett, lecturer
Calvinistic Chapel (Providence Chapel) Church street Rev. Thomas Bayfield
Calvinistic Chapel (Jireh Chapel) Robert street Rev. Thomas Dray
Congregational Eastern road Various
Congregational Cliftonville Various
Countess of Huntingdon North street John B. Figgis, M.A.
Friends’ Meeting house Ship street Various
Independent Ann street Rev. Robert Hamilton
Independent Queen’s square Rev, Edwin Paxton, Hood
Independent Circus street Various
Independent Union street Rev. R. V. V. Pryce, M.A., LL.B
Independent Belgrave street Various
Jews’ Synagogue 38 Devonshire place Reader, M. S. Nuremburg
Nonconformist (Pavilion Chapel) Church street Rev. J. A. Wallinger
Presbyterian (Hanover Chapel) Church street Rev. P, Maclaren
Primitive Methodist Sussex street Various
Unitarian New road Rev. Robert Ainslie
United Methodist Free Church Railway Station Reading rooms Rev. Joseph White
Wesleyan Windsor street Rev. Jacob Stanley
Wesleyan St. James’s street various
Wesleyan (Zion) Upper Bedford street Rev. W,, Peer

The addresses of the above gentlemen may be found by reference to the Court Directory.


Patron, the Lord Bishop of Chichester
Vice-Patrons, the Vicar of Brighton; General Sir A. J. Dalrymple, bart.; the Marquis of Bristol; Lord Leconfield
President, the Earl of Chichester (Lord lieutenant of Sussex)
Vice-Presidents, the Lord Alfred Hervey, M.P.; W. A. Soames, esq.; the Rev. R. S. Smith, M.A.; Charles Freshfield, esq. M.P.
Council, Henry Moor esq.; Robert Bayly, esq.; C. R. Rogers, esq.; W. J. Williams, esq.; J. G. Younq, esq.; Douglas Fox. esq.; Rev. G. G. Guyon; Dr. William Kebbell; the Rev. J. H. North M. A.; Charles Carpenter, esq.; Henry Willett, esq.; J. R. Murphy, esq.
Principal, Rev. John Griffith, M.A. of St. John’s College, Cambridge
Vice-Principal, Rev. Joseph Newton, M.A. of St. John’s College, Cambridge
Classical Lecturer, George Long, esq. M.A. late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
Examiners, A. H. Giffard, esq. M.A. Student of Christ Church, Oxford; Rev. J. Porter, M.A. Fellow & Tutor of St. Peter’s College, Cambridge
Masters, Rev. E. Summers, M.A. Trinity College, Cambridge.; Rev. E. H. Woodward, M.A. late Fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge; Rev. J. B. Slight, M.A. St. John’s College, Cambridge; Rev. E. J. Warmington, B.A. St. John’s College, Cambridge; Rev. G. Cotterill, B.A. St. John’s College, Cambridge; A. Bateman, esq. M.A. St. John’s College, Cambridge
French Master, M. Heron Wall
German & French Master, H. F. Hauxwell, esq. M.A. of Caius College, Cambridge, & late of the Hessian Polytechnic School, Offenbach
Lecturers on National Sciences &c. E. Tainsh: & Dr. Wood
Teacher of the English Language, Rev. A. D. D’Orsey, B.D. of Corpus College, Cambridge
Organist & Choral Master, T. Ingram, esq.
Italian Master, Signor F. Venosta
Drawing Master, F. W. Woledge, esq.
Fencing Master, Mr. Alford
Writing Master, Mr. Stocker
Treasurer & Member of Council, R. A. Bevan, esq.
Secretary, Michael Turner, esq.

All Souls’ National, Essex street, Miss S. E. Marckrall, mistress

Blind, Eastern road, William Chinery

British (Sunday), Richmond street

Brighton Proprietary, 12 Marlborough place, Philip Capon, head master; Mrs. M. Coates, governess; Mr. E. Newman, secretary

Central National, 106 Church street, Frederick Charles Long, master; Miss L. C. Brier, mistress

Christ Church Middle National, Bedford place, Thomas Henry Clowser, master, Miss M. A. Mustow, mistress

Christ Church Preparatory, Clarence gardens, Mrs. Eliza Johnson, mistress

Puget (boys), self-supported by quarterly payments, Poplar place, Meeting House lane, Richard Bessant, master

Ebenezer Chapel, Richmond street

Infants,’ Upper Gardner street, Mrs. Mary Ann C. Clarke, mistress

National (boys, girls & infants), Warwick street, Charles Kelley, master; Miss Susan Martin, mistress; Miss Potter, infants’ mistress

St. James’s Chapel (girls), 1 Chapel street (vacant)

Spa (boys & infants), Egremont street, Henry Kent. master; Miss Maria Lish, mistress

Swan Downers Charity (girls), Windsor street, Mrs. Catherine Pell, mistress

St. John’s, Carlton street, William Campbell, master; Miss Sarah Farncombe, mistress; Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Campbell, infants’ mistress

St. Margaret’s (girls), Queensbury mews, Miss Butcher, mistress

St. Mark’s National, 22 Chesham road, William Smith, master; Mrs. R. Smith mistress

St. Mary’s Middle Schools, Coleman street, Corneilus Down master

St. Nicholas (Memorial), 25 Frederick place, Rev. C. E. Douglas’ chaplain; Miss Lucy Norton, mistress

St. Peter’s National, Richmond buildings, John Hannaford, master; Miss Emma Clarke, mistress

St. Stephen’s National, Borough street, William Henry Crocker, master; Mrs. Mary Emma Crocker, mistress

Hove National, Farman street, Western road, William Hamilton master; Mrs. Louisa Charlotte Hamilton, mistress

Move Union (boys), Middle street, William Henry Baseden, master

West Hove National, George street, John Paige, master; Miss Hannah Leonard, mistress

Wesleyan Sunday, 23 Nelson row

Roman Catholic (boys & girls), Bristol road, George Robinson, master

Independent, Belmont street, Thomas Sanders, master; Mrs. Mary Ann Dennis, mistress

Independent, Belgrave street, William Henry Dennis, master; Miss Sarah Taylor, mistress

Ragged, 7 Carlton street, Mrs. Sarah Shuttleworth, mistress; George street (town mission), Miss Ann E. Ford & Miss Caroline D. Robinson, mistresses

Reformatory, 1, 2, 3 & 4 Queen’s square, Rev. A. Wagner, superintendent

Brighton Examiner (published tuesday), 77 North street
Brighton Fashionable Visitors’ List (published tuesday & saturday), 5 Bartholomews
Brighton Gazette (published thursday), 168 North street
Brighton Guardian (published wednesday), 34 North st
Brighton Herald (published saturday) Prince’s place, North street
Brighton Observer (published friday), 53fract12 North street
Brighton Times (published saturday), 205 Western road
Sussex Express (saturday) (E Burn, agent), North street
West Sussex Gazette (thursday) (John Beal, agent), East street

London, Brighton & South Coast, Terminus, Queen’s road, Frederick Slight, esq. secretary; Mr. Geo. Hawkins, traffic manager; F. D. Banister, resident engineer; Mr. J. C. Craven, locomotive superintendent; J. Webley, station master; Edward Cripps, superintendent telegraph office. Passengers are conveyed to & from all parts of Brighton to meet every train. Places & parcels may be booked at the Blue Coach Office, Castle square, & at Western road Hove
Railway Goods Department, Trafalgar street, Mr. Henry Richardson, manager

Steers’ omnibus from Belgrave inn, 68 St. George’s road, every hour, to & from the Railway, Cliftonville &c
Omnibus from Rock inn, Rock street, Kemp town, leaves for the Railway station, to & fro 9 times daily
Holden’s omnibus to Shoreham daily, at 12 & 6, from the ‘Unicorn’ & Castle Square
Coach from Castle square to London, monday, wednesday & friday at 1 p.m.

John Durtnall & Sons (late Hope & Durtnall), goods by luggage train, every evening at 5.30 p.m. & general carriers to all parts; offices, 140 North street, Brighton; & ‘White Horse,’ Friday street, ‘White Horse,’ Cripplegate, & Nags Head inn, Borough, London
William Hudson, railway furniture truck & packing carriages for the removal of household furniture to all parts of England, in connection with the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway
Pickford & Co. luggage truck, by railway, every evening at 5.30 & general carriers to all parts; offices, 3 Bond street & Castle square, Brighton; & Castle inn, Wood street, London
General Steam Navigation Company, Mr. Peter Black, agent, 47 Queen’s road

ALBOURNE – Newman, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues & sat
ANGMERING, Richardson, from ‘Cricketers.’ wed. & sat. at 10
ARUNDEL – Richardson, from ‘Cricketers,’ wed. & sat. at 10
ASHURST – Hayllar, from ‘Star & Garter,’ sat. at 12
BARCOMBE – Pumphrey, from Brighton place, sat. at 2
BEEDING – Lickfield, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. thurs, & sat. at 3.30
BOGNOR – Richardson, from ‘Cricketers,’ wed. & sat
BOLNEY – Sayers, from ‘Unicorn,’ sat. at 2
BRAMBER – Lickfield, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday, thursday & Saturday at 3.30
BROADWATER – Richardson, from ‘Cricketers,’ wednesday & Saturday at 10
BURGESS HILL – Picknell, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday & saturday at 3; Geall, from ‘White Lion,’ tuesday & saturday at 4
BUXTED – Bray, from ‘Star & Garter,’ sat. at 12
CHAILEY – Bassett, from ‘Star & Garter,’ sat. at 12
CHICHESTER – Richardson, from ‘Cricketers,’ wednesday & saturday at 10
CHIDDINGLEY – Gurr, from ‘Unicorn,’ wed. at 3
CHILTINGTON (West) – Naldort, from ‘Unicorn,’ through Storrington & Washington, tues. & sat. at 12
CLAYTON – Bennett, from ‘White Lion,’ thurs. & sat. at 4
COWFOLD – Stedman, from ‘Unicorn,’ wed. & sat. at 9
CUCKFIELD – Holden, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. & fri. at 2
DANE HILL – Wickins, from ‘Star & Garter,’ sat. at 2
DITCHLING – Hemsley, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday, thursday & saturday at 3
EAST HOATHLEY – Bristow, from ‘Unicorn,’ sat. at 4
FALMER – Finch, from ‘Unicorn,’ daily, at 4.30; Harriyett, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. & fri. at 8
FINDON – Naldort, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. & sat. at 10.30
FLETCHING – Brown, from Brighton place stables, saturday at 1; Vinall from Brighton place, Saturday at 1; Wickens, from ‘Star & Garter,’ saturday at 1
FRAMFIELD – Diplock from ‘Cricketers,’ tues. at 11
HAILSHAM – Colbran, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. & fri. at 8; & Pope, from ‘White Lion,’ tues, & fri. at 9
HANDCROSS – Norman, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. & sat. at 8;
HAYWARD’S HEATH – Pannett, from Brighton place, tues & saturday at 1
HELLINGLEY – Gower, from ‘Unicorn,’ thursday at 10; Harriyett, tuesday & friday at 9
HENFIELD – Pattenden, from ‘White Lion,’ tuesday, thursday & saturday at 4
HORSHAM – Stedman, from ‘Unicorn,’ wed. & sat. at 9
HORSTED KEYNES – Murrell, from Brighton place stables, saturday at 1
HURSTMONCEUX – Baker, from ‘Star & Garter,’ sat, at 12
HURSTPIERPOINT – Bennett, from ‘White Lion,’ tuesday, thursday & saturday at 4
LANCING – Richardson, from ‘Cricketers,’ wed. & sat. at 10; Pollard, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. thurs. & sat. at 3
LAUGHTON – Harriott, from ‘Unicorn,’ fri. at 12
LEWES – Holder, from ‘White Lion,’ daily, at 4; Finch, from ‘Unicorn,’ daily, at 5
LINDFIELD – Pannett, from Brighton place, tuesday & saturday at 1
LITTLEHAMPTON – Richardson, from ‘Cricketers,’ wednesday & saturday at 10
MIDHURST – Naldort, from ‘Unicorn,’ every tuesday & saturday at 10.30 a.m.
NEWHAVEN – Winter, from ‘Unicorn,’ wed. at 4
NEWICK – Vernham, from Brighton place, thursday at 4; Stephens, from ‘Star & Garter,’ saturday at 1
NEWTIMBER – Newman from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. & sat. at 4
OFFHAM – Vernham, from Brighton place, thursday & Saturday at 3
PATCHAM – Richardson, from ‘Cricketers,’ tuesday & saturday
PETWORTH – Neldort, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday & sat at 11
PLUMPTON – Anscombe, from ‘Unicorn,’ thursday & saturday at 1
PULBOROUGH – Naldort, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday & saturday at 11
PYECOMBE – Pattenden, from ‘White Lion,’ tuesday, thursday & saturday, at 4; Bennett, from ‘White Lion,’ September to April, tuesday, thursday & saturday, at 4; & May to August, monday, tuesday, thursday & saturday at 4
RINGMER – Colbran, from ‘Unicorn,’ thurs. & friday, at 8
ROTTINGDEAN – Welfare, from Castle square, daily
ST. JOHN’S COMMON – Pannett, from Brighton place, tuesday & saturday, at 1; Picknell, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday, thursday & saturday, at 2; Carfee from ‘Elephant & Castle,’ saturday, at 1; Geall, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday, saturday, at 4
SEAFORD & NEWHAVEN – Winter, from ‘Unicorn,’ wed. at 6
SHOREHAM – Richardson, wednesday & saturday, Castle square
SLAUGHAM – Norman, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday & sat. at 8
SOMPTING – Richardson, from ‘Cricketers,’ wednesday & saturday, at 10
SOUTHWATER – Stedman, from ‘Unicorn,’ wed. & sat. at 8.30
STEYNING – Holden, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday, thursday & saturday, at 3.30; Knight, from ‘Unicorn,’ tuesday & saturday, at 11
STORRINGTON – Knight, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. & sat. at 11
TWINEHAM – Lewry, from ‘Unicorn,’ saturday, at 2
UCKFIELD – Bray, from ‘Star & Garter,’ saturday, at 1
WALDRON – Durrant, from ‘Star & Garter,’ saturday, at 4
WASHINGTON – Knight, from. ‘Unicorn,’ tues. & sat. at 11
WEST GRINSTEAD – Hayllar, from ‘Star & Garter,’ thursday, at 12
WIVELSFIELD – Anscombe from ‘Unicorn,’ friday, at 3
WOODMANCOTE – Pattenden, from ‘White Lion,’ tuesday, thursday & saturday at 4
WORTHING – Picknell, from ‘Cricketers,’ wednesday & sat. at 10; Pollard, from ‘Unicorn,’ tues. thurs. & sat. at 3

General Steam Navigation Company, offices, 47 Queen’s road; Peter Black, esq. agent