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Brighton – Private Residents (A – J)

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Abbey Henry, esq. Fair Lee villa, Great College street
Abinger Dowager Lady, West Cliff house, King’s road
Abrahams Mr. Lawrence, 42 London rd
Ackworth Edward, M.D. 3 Regency sq.
Adams Thomas Bell, esq., 13 Montpelier ter
Adamson Miss, 39 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Adcock Rev. Halford H. 29 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Addison Mrs. 8 Ventnor vils. Cliftonville
Addison Mrs. 34 Ventnor vils. Cliftonville
Addison William, M.D. 48 Norfolk square
Ade Mr. Durrant, 25 Rose Hill terrace
Ade Mr. Edward, 24 Terminus road
Ade Mrs. 26 Hampton place
Adlam Mr. James, 16 Clarence square
Adnam Mr. George, 43 Norfolk square
Ainsden Miss. 13 Norfolk square
Ainslie Rev. Robert, 10 Round Hill cres
Ainsworth William Harrison, esq. 5 Arundel terrace, Kemp town
Aitken Mrs. 1 Montpelier villas
Akehurst Samuel, esq. 3 Clarendon place
Alchin Richard, esq. 10 Grand parade
Aldersey William Hugh, esq. 39 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Alexander Miss, 27 Broad street
Alford Mr. William, 1 Brunswick road
Alger Wm. esq. 20 Wellington Road vils
Allan William, esq. 7 Chichester terrace, Kemp town
Allcorn Mr. Reuben, 40 Brunswick pl.
Allen Rev. John, M.A. 4 Vernon terrace
Allen Miss, 2 Wellington Road villas
Allen Mrs. 1 Wentworth street
Allen Thomas, M.D. 16 Regency square
Allfree John, esq. J.P. 11 Gloucester pl.
Allum Miss, 9 Clifton hill
Alton Mrs. 21 Buckingham road
Ames Mr. Joseph, 11 Chatham place
Amesbury Mrs. 17 St. Aubyn’s place, Cliftonville
Anderson Col. David, 6 Goldsmid road
Anderson Hon. Mrs. 83 Montpelier road
Anderson Miss, 34 Clifton terrace
Anderson Mrs. 9 Bath street
Anderson Mrs. 33 Montpelier road
Anderson Thomas, esq. 14 Royal crescent
Andrews James, esq. 18 Lansdowne place, Hove
Andrews Misses, 8 Up. Brunswick pl. Hove
Angas Mrs. 34 Devonshire place
Anley Miss, 86 Montpelier road
Annand Adam Smith, esq. 26 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Annand John, esq. 36 Montpelier road
Annison Mrs. 123 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Anscomb Mr. Thomas, 4 Hampton ter
Anscombe Mr. William, Wick farm, Wick hill
Anscombe Mr. Zaccheus, 19 Islingword road
Anstruther Thomas Andrew, esq. 13 Adelaide crescent
Anthony Mr. Lawrent 34 Montpelier st
Appleby Samuel, esq. 23 Park crescent
Appold Mrs. 4 Eastern ter. Marine parade
Arbuthnot Archibald F. esq. 3 Chichester terrace, Kemp town
Arnold Mr. Edwin, 61 Rose Hill terrace
Arnold Miss, 3 Round Hill park, Ditchling road
Arnold Mrs. 6 Brunswick square
Arnold Mrs. 23 Richmond place
Arthur Wm. Henry, M.D. 108 Queen’s rd
Ashbrook Viscount, 22 Adelaide crescent
Ashby Mrs. 6 Holland road, Hove
Ashby Mrs. 9 St. Aubyn’s place, Cliftonville
Ashby Mr. Silvanus, 10 Montpelier Road
Ashby William Grover, esq. 22 Holland road, Hove
Ashdown John, esq. 6 Hanover crescent
Ashlin George, esq. 4 Arundel terrace, Kemp town
Ashpitel Miss, 7 Codrington place
Ashworth Lady, 42 Brunswick square
Astill Mr. Richard, 81 London road
Atkins Mr. John, 23 Egremont place
Atkinson Rev. Israel [Baptist], 38 Rose Hill terrace
Atkinson Mrs. 75 Grand parade
Attree George, esq. 5 Richmond terrace
Atwick George, esq. 11 Waterloo place
Auston Miss, Grenville lodge, St. Aubyn’s place, Cliftonville
Aveline Misses, 12 Charlotte street
Avery Wm. Henry, esq. 60 Buckingham pl.
Axford Mrs. 1 Ventnor vils. Cliftonville
Ayrey Mrs. 2 Clifton hill
Babbington Rev. John, M.A. 10 Norfolk ter
Bacon Mr. Henry Sketchley, 24 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Bacon Miss, 4 Lansdown terrace east, Western road, Hove
Baguley Mrs. 19 Montpelier crescent
Bailey Capt. Jas. Alderson, 37 Regency sq.
Bailey Rev. James Sandford, M.A. 6 Clifton terrace
Bailey Rev. Thomas John, B.A. 15 Dyke rd
Bailey Miss, 7 Belvedere terrace
Bailey Robert, esq. 3 Denmark terrace
Bainbridge Edward, esq. 30 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Baines Lieut.-Col. Cuthbert, 41 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Baines Benj. esq. 11 Albany vils, Cliftonville
Baines William, esq. 40 Sussex square
Baker John, esq. 16 Brunswick square
Baker John, esq. 78 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Baker Miss, 4 Park crescent
Baker Mrs. 46 Upper Brunswick pl. Hove
Baldwin Mrs. 51 Regency square
Ball Miss, 7 Waterloo street
Ballad Capt. V. V. 46 York road, Hove
Ballen Mrs. 14 Oriental place
Balley Britten, esq. 59 London road
Bamfield Mr. William, 20 Gloucester pl.
Banbury Mrs. 35 Brunswick road
Banfield Mrs. 7 Norfolk square
Banks Mr. Henry, 68 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Banner Edward Gregson, esq. 6 Norfolk ter
Bannister Miss, 4 College gardens
Barber Miss, Lansdown road
Barclay Miss, 6 Chichester terrace, Kemp town
Barder Robert, esq. 21 Goldsmid road
Barfoot Mr. Robert, 6 St. Peter’s place
Bargard Madame, 34 Bloomsbury place
Barham Mr. James, 8 Lansdowne square
Barker Samuel, M.D. 14 Eaton place
Barkley Mr. William, 2 Ditchling ter
Barlow Francis. esq. 2 Lewes crescent
Barlow Mr. Richard, 12 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Barnard Rev. Mordaunt, M.A. 11 Brunswick square
Barnard Mr. David, 114 Queen’s road
Barnard Misses, 46 Round Hill crescent
Barnden Mr. James, 31 Egremont place
Barnett John, esq. 43 Brunswick terrace
Barnett Mrs. 82 London road
Barney Richard, esq. 14 Bedford place
Barns Mr. Charles Frederick Collins, 10 Rose Hill terrace
Barratt Arthur Newton, M.D. 10 St. James’s street
Barreiro Mr. John, 20 Norfolk road
Barrett Capt. Evelyn, 36 Norfolk road
Barrett Mr. William, 11 Norfolk road
Bartlett E. W. A. esq. 74 West street
Bartlett Mr. Francis, 9 Pelham square
Bartlett Mr. Samuel, 40 West Hill street
Barton Edward, esq. 9 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Barton Mr. Thomas, 46 Park crescent
Barwell Capt. Wm. 10 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Barwell Mrs. M. 8 Montpelier crescent
Bashford William Charles L. esq. 37 Brunswick square
Bastick Mr. Samuel, 6 Waterloo place
Bate James, esq. 42 Preston street
Bates Mr. John, 19 Norfolk road
Batger Misses, 20 Marine square
Baxall William Percival, esq. Bellevue, Eastern Road
Bayfield Mr. Thomas, 3 Rose Hill terrace
Bayly Lady, 42 Brunswick road
Baynes Admiral Sir Robert, Waltham house, Clifton road
Baynton Col. 42 Russell square
Beamont Mrs. Louisa, 24 Western cots
Beanlands Rev. Charles, 5 Western cots
Beard Chas. Izard, M.D. 64 Grand parade
Beasley F. esq. 47 Brunswick square
Beaumont Rev. Henry, D.D. 19 Brunswick square
Beaumont Mr. Daniel, 12 Clifton street
Becher George, esq. 20 Vernon terrace
Becher Wm. Augustus, esq. 13 Sillwood pl.
Beckett Mrs. 2 Eastern terrace, Marine parade
Beckett Mrs. 5 Montpelier crescent
Beechey Mrs. 5 Brunswick place, Hove
Beedham Mrs. 45 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Beer Rev. William [Bible Christian], 4 College Street
Bell Mrs. 6 Clarence street
Bell Mrs. 3 Great College street
Bell Mrs. 43 Great College street
Bell Mrs. Horace, 3 Vernon terrace
Bellamy William esq. 8 London road
Bellingham Charles, esq. 22 German pl.
Beloe Mrs. 115 Queen’s road
Belt Mrs. 3 Montpelier terrace
Benett George, esq. 15 Hanover crescent
Benham George, esq. 32 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Bennett Francis Graham, esq. 28 Grand parade
Bennett John Edward, esq. 28 Brunswick sq.
Bennett Mr. Joseph, 37 Buckingham road
Bennett Miss, 110 Lansdowne place, Hove
Bennett Mrs. 6 Western terrace
Bennett St. John, esq. 3 Courtney terrace, Hove
Bentley Henry William, esq. 10 Ship st
Benwell Mrs. 38 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Berdoe Joseph, esq. 1 Hanover crescent
Berrington Thomas, esq. 10 St. George’s pl.
Berry Mrs. 63 Buckingham place
Berry Miss, 12 Round Hill crescent
Besemeres John, esq. Hove lea, Mill’s terrace, Hove
Bessent Mr. Richard Beers, 6 Pelham sq.
Bevan Richard, esq. 128 Marine parade
Beves Edward, esq. 4 Goldsmid road
Beynon Rev. Francis Edwd. 10 Clifton ter
Bienemann John, esq. Rock vil. College rd
Bigge Arthur esq. 23 Cambridge road
Bignell Mrs. 16 Broad street
Bell Edward, esq. 48 Marine parade
Bingley Henry, esq. 19 Lewes crescent
Binney Mrs. 33 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Bird Mr. Abraham, 2 Temple street
Bird John, esq. 40 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Bird William, esq. 24 Park crescent
Bishop Mr. John George, 5 Rose Hill ter
Bishop Miss, 62 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Bishop Mrs. W. 25 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Blaber Mr. William, 22 Dorset gardens
Black David, esq. 58 Ship street
Black Peter, esq. [French vice-consul], 5 London road
Blacklock Mrs. 22 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Blake Miss, 56 Regency square
Blake Thomas. Jex, esq. 13 Sussex square
Blakeney Misses, 53 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Blaker Harry Mills, esq. 29 Old Steine
Blaker Misses, 12 Clarence square
Blaker N. esq. County Hospital, Eastern road
Blakiston Frederick, esq. 7 London road
Blanckenhagen Mr. Randolph, 7 Waterloo place
Bland Mrs. 14 Queen’s square
Blegborough Ralph, esq. 46 Brunswick square
Blencowe James, esq. 29 Clifton terrace
Bligh Mrs. & Misses, 43 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Blink Mr. George, 9 Clifton road
Bluett Mrs. 6 London road
Blundell Miss, 40 Egremont place
Blundell Miss, 7 St George’s terrace
Bocock Mr. Erasmus, 13 Buckingham rd
Bollen Mr. James, 15 Norfolk road
Bolls Mrs. 20 Montpelier street
Bolton Misses, 7 Compton terrace, Clifftonville
Bolton Thomas, esq. 1 Vernon terrace
Bompas Mrs. 5 Vernon terrace
Bonamy Col. John Henry, 41 Marlborough place
Boniface Mrs. 119 Western road
Boobbyer Mr. Joseph Hurst, 49 Atlingworth street
Boore Mr. Frederick, 19 St. George’s st
Boore Mr. Samuel, 1A, St. George’s ter
Booth Mrs. 5 Chichester pl. Kemp town
Borrer Mr. Henry Hall, 12 Buckingham place
Borrer Mrs. 19 Gloucester place
Boulcott Miss, 21 Vernon terrace
Bouret Miss, 34 Chatham place
Bowen Mrs. Montpelier lodge, Montpelier terrace
Boxall Edwin, esq. 10 Western cottages
Boxall Mrs. 4 Tilbury place
Boyd Mr. Merton house, Furze hill
Boyle Mrs. 37 Park crescent
Boynton Lady, 9 Codrington place
Boys Jacob, esq. 59 Grand parade
Boys Miss Charlotte, 5 Montpelier street
Boys Mrs. 71 Lansdowne place, Hove
Bradbury Mrs. 11 Wellington Road villas
Bradford Mr. Thos. M. 21 Rose Hill ter
Bradley Mrs. 25 Burlington street
Brame Mr. John, 30 Lansdowne place, Hove
Bramwell Mr. William J. 2 Steine street
Brand Mrs. Louisa 89 King’s road
Branden Misses, 4 Richmond place
Brant Rev. William Crawley, M.A. 33 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Branton Misses, 50 Brunswick road
Branwell Richard, esq. 3 Cambridge rd
Branwhite Mr. John, 9 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Brendon Mrs. 45 Montpelier road
Brennan Mrs. 24 Burlington street
Bridger Capt. Charles, 11 Hanover cres
Brigden Mr. William, 109 London road
Briggs Lady Francis, 4 Royal crescent
Briggs Thomas, esq. 31 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Bright Edward, esq. 23 Hanover crescent
Brightman John, esq. 4 York place
Brill Charles, esq. Clarendon mansion, Grand Junction parade
Bristol Marquis of, 19 & 20 Sussex sq.
Broadhurst Mrs. 6 Lewes crescent
Broadhurst Thomas M. esq. 18 Goldsmid road
Brodie Mr. Hugh, 60 London road
Bromley Rev. Henry, 6 St. George’s Pl.
Brookbank Mrs. 41 Russell square
Brooks Mrs. 18 Brunswick road
Brooks Mrs. 2 Denmark terrace
Brooks Mr. Thomas, 12 Buckingham rd
Brown Rev. G. M.A. 2 Chesham place, Kemp town
Brown Rev. William [Baptist], 10 Egremont place
Brown Charles, esq, 23 Old Steine
Brown Henry, esq. 12 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Brown John, esq. 5 Dorset gardens
Brown Miss, 25 Wellington Road villas
Brown Misses Louisa & Emma, 27 Lower Rock gardens
Brown Mrs. Ann, 9 Gloucester place
Brown Mrs. 11 Powis road
Brown Mrs. 5 Powis villas
Brown Richard, M.D. Adelaide lodge, St. Catherine terrace, Hove
Brown Samuel Simons, esq. 72 Montpelier road
Brown Mrs. Sarah, 26 Norfolk road
Brown Mr. Thomas, 1 Bath street
Brown Mr. Tobias, 6 York grove
Browne George esq. 35 Montpelier road
Browne Mrs. 13 Charlotte street
Browning Miss, 15 Marine square
Browning Mr. Stuart, 5 Charlotte street
Bruere Mrs. 11 Lansdowne place, Hove
Bryant Mrs. 18 Montpelier street
Bryce Charles, M.D. 59 Old Steine
Bryce Mrs. Rossing house, College road
Buchanan William, M.D. Egremont lodge, Egremont place
Buckley Capt. John, Balmoral house, Belvedere terrace
Buckman Mr. William Bulley, 16 Clifton place
Buckwell Mr. Alfred, 18 Egremont place
Buckwell Mr. Charles, 7 Charles street
Buckwell Mr. John Septimus, 34 Mighell street
Buller Mrs. 26 Oriental place
Bunn Miss, 5 Ditchling terrace
Bunnett Henry Jones, esq. 42 Park cres
Burbidge Miss, 12 Grand parade
Burchell Mrs. 27 Upper Rock gardens
Burgess Capt. H. William, 3 Sillwood place; & Bartram park, Hampstead, Middlesex, & The Lodge, Peldon, Colchester, Essex
Burgess Miss, 11 Montpelier street
Burgess Miss, 10 Montpelier terrace
Burke Mrs. 3 Western terrace
Burkinyoung Henry, esq. 10 Adelaide cres
Burleigh Mr. George Charles, 7 Brunswick road
Burnaby Sir William, bart. 6 Sillwood pl.
Burnett Mrs. Elizabeth, Selby lodge, 1 Lansdowne place, Hove
Burney Mrs. 12 Lewes crescent
Burnside Mrs. 21 Sillwood place
Burrup Miss, 9 Grand parade
Burr Charles, esq. 11 St. Catherine terrace, Hove
Burt Colonel, C. H. 44 Park crescent
Burt Miss, 98 London road
Burton Mr. Henry, 9 Cobden place
Busse Frederick, esq. 19 Up. Rock gardens
Butler E. R. esq. 9 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Butler Mr. Frank, 106 London road
Butler Geo. Stephen, esq. 14 Brunswick sq.
Butler Miss, 7 Montpelier crescent
Butt Mrs. 1 St. Catherine terrace, Hove
Butterfield Mrs. 6 Upper Rock gardens
Butterworth Mrs. 32 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Caddell Mrs. 7 Powis villas
Callaway Mrs 1 Courtney ter. Hove
Calley Chas. esq. 97 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Calverley Mr. James Alfred, 18 York Road, Hove
Campbell Col. John, 119 Lansdowne place, Hove
Campbell Misses, 5 Codrington place
Campbell Mrs. Donnel, 4 Norfolk ter
Campbell Mrs. 3 St. Margaret’s place
Camreon Miss, 9 Powis square
Cane Mr. John, 5 Richmond place
Canney James, esq. 7 Round Hill crescent
Card Mrs, 46 Western road, Hove
Carew Misses, 47 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Carpenter Capt. Thos. 4 Holland rd. Hove
Carpenter Charles, esq. 45 Brunswick sq.
Carpenter Mr. David, 29 Mighell street
Carr George, esq. 83 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Carr Mr. George, 45 Norfolk road
Carr Mr. Henry, 5 West Hill road
Carr Miss, 4 Lansdowne place, Hove
Carr Misses, 58 West street
Carter Mr. Charles, 39 Clifton road
Carter Mr. Charles John, 8 Egremont Pl.
Carter Mr. Edward. 111 London road
Carter Mr. Friend, 76 Upper North st
Carter Henry Freeland, M.D. 83 Grand parade
Carter Mr. John, 9 Chatham place
Carter Mrs. 17 Chatham place
Carter Mrs. 62 London road
Carter Mrs. 48 Sussex square
Catt Charles, esq. 44 Middle street
Catt John esq. Albert house, 15 Prince Albert street
Catt William. esq. 12 Portland place
Cattley Miss, 48 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Cattlin William Alfred Newman, esq. 50 Brunswick square
Catton Mr. Thomas Frederick, 30 St. George’s road
Caudle Miss, 7 Pelham square
Chalk Charles, esq. 68 Ship street
Chalmers Miss, 13 Western cottages
Chamberlain Mr. Henry, 48 Islingword rd
Chamberlain Thomas Bigsby, esq. 21 Lewes crescent
Chamberlin Mr. William, 4 Hervey terrace, Eastern road
Chambers Mrs. 33 Chatham place
Champion Percivall, esq. 28 Regency sq.
Chandler Miss, 12 Montpelier crescent
Chaplin Mrs. 31 Adelaide crescent
Chaplin Mrs. 29 Windsor ter. Queen’s rd
Chaplin Mr. William, 3 Brunswick pl.
Chapman David Barclay, esq. 29 Brunswick square
Chapman Edmund, esq. 23 Cannon place
Chapman Henry, esq. 15 Grand parade
Chapman Mrs. 11 Clifton road
Chapman Mrs. 30 Dorset gardens
Chapman Mr. Richard John, 8 Cobden pl.
Chapman William, esq. 32 Adelaide ter
Chart Henry Nye, esq. 11 New road
Chatfield Miss, 15 Regency square
Chatfield Mrs. 18 Park crescent
Cheesman Mr. Francis, 36 Park street
Cheesman Miss, 44 Buckingham place
Cheesman Miss, Kensington cottage, Kensington street
Cheesman Mrs. 27 Windsor ter. Queen’s rd
Cheyne Benj. M.D. 17 Buckingham pl.
Child Capt. Septimus, 10 Goldsmid road
Child Mr, John B. 1 Hanor place
Chilton Mrs. 1 Ditchling terrace
Chilver Thomas F. esq. 27 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Chinery Mr. William, Blind Asylum, Eastern road
Chippendale Chas. esq. 1 Clarendon ter
Chipperfield Arnold, esq. 8 Powis road
Chisholm Mr. William, 11 Queen’s sq.
Christian Mr. Ludd, 13 Prince Albert st
Christie Miss, 3 Clifton road
Christie Mr. Robert, 4 Compton terrace, Clifton road
Christmas Miss, 4 Montpelier crescent
Churchill Mrs. 45 West Hill street
Clagett Mrs. 35 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Clark Miss, 8 Clifton road
Clark William, esq. 2 Royal crescent
Clarke Mrs. E. D. 51 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Clarke Mr. Henry, 6 Devonshire place
Clarke Miss, 26 Brunswick road
Clarke Mrs. 24 Chatham place
Clarke Mrs. Montpelier hall, Montpelier terrace
Clarke Somers, esq. 57 Regency square
Clarkson Edwin, esq. 36 Park crescent
Clarkson Mrs. 112½ King’s road
Clause Mrs. 15 St. George place
Clay Rev. Edmund, B.A. [incumbent of St. Margaret’s], Branden villa, Furze hill
Clayton Mr. Charles S. 28 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Clayton Mr. Hollis, 14 Chatham place
Clayton Mr. 33 Clifton terrace
Clements Frdk. Chs. esq. 20 Denmark ter
Clements Mr. Henry K. 45 London road
Clericetti Count & Countess, 58 Montpelier road
Clifton General Sir Arthur, K.C.B. 52 Old Steine
Cobb George, esq. 1 Hampton place
Cobb Mr. Robert, 6 Mighell street
Cobbett Mr. John, 10 Lansdowne st. Hove
Cobby Charles, esq. 47 London road
Cobham Mrs. 29 Montpelier road
Cochran John, esq. 12 Clifton terrace
Cockburn John Geddes, esq. 5. St. Catherine terrace, Hove
Cockerell George Russell, esq. 7A, Pavillion buildings
Cockerell John, esq. 9 Adelaide crescent
Cockerell Mr. Stephen, 21 Norfolk road
Cocking Mr. James, 15 Cobden place
Cogan Mrs. 9 Upper Rock gardens
Cohen Mr. Benjamin, 74 Marine parade
Cohen Mrs. 1 Powis square
Cohen Mr. Nathan, 2 Clarence square
Colbran Mr. James Baker, 4 St. Mary’s pl.
Colby Mr. John, 34 Montpelier road
Colclough Anthony C. esq. 16 Montpelier villas
Colclough Miss, 4 Round Hill crescent
Coleman Miss, 47 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Coleman Mrs. 32 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Coleman Mrs. 182 Western road
Colegrave William, esq. 2 Belvedere ter
Colgrave William, esq. 10 Brunswick sq.
Collet James, esq. 61 Hova villas
Collicott Mrs. 38 London road
Collins Frederick, esq. 33 Brunswick rd
Collins Mark Ebenezer, esq. 3 Hanover cres
Colman Mrs. 2 St. Margaret’s place
Colridge Miss, 127 Eastern road
Colvill Mrs. 50 Clarence square
Compton Joseph, esq. 8 Chichester terrace, Kemp town
Coningham William, esq. 26 Sussex sq.
Constable Misses, 16 Egremont place
Cook Benjamin, esq. 21 Adelaide crescent
Cook Mr. John, 27 Clifton hill
Cooke Rev. Thomas, M.A. [perpetual curate of St. Peter’s church], 3 Lennox place
Cooke Mr. Robert Whall, 3 Egremont pl.
Cookson Mrs. 11 Powis villas
Coombe Rev. Thomas, M.A. [surrogate, & incumbent of All Saints], 2 Compton terrace, Clifton road
Coope Frederick Augustus, esq. 32 Montpelier crescent
Cooper Sir Astley, bart. 74 Lansdowne place, Hove
Cooper Capt. B. 6 Cavendish place
Cooper Rev. Alfred, 21 Upper Rock gardens
Cooper Miss, 12 Bath street
Cooper Miss, 10 Buckingham place
Cooper Misses, 7 Powis square
Cooper Misses, 38 York road, Hove
Cooper Mrs. 19 Clifton terrace
Cooper Mrs. 23 Portland place
Cooper Mrs. 44 Sussex square
Cooper Thomas Jas. esq. 55 West street
Copland Mrs. 5 Lansdowne place, Hove
Copp Mr. William, 8 College place
Coppard Mr. James, 85 London road
Coppard Mr. Lawrence, 58 London road
Corbett Miss, 9 Powis villas
Corder Mr. Frederick, 55 Clarence square
Cordwell Mr. Thomas, 9 Manchester st
Cormeck Mrs. 13 Powis villas
Corney Mr. Edward Night, 20 Pelham sq.
Corney Mr. George, Warleigh house, Ditchling road
Corney Mr. George, 10 Marlborough pl.
Corney Miss, 40 London road
Corney Mrs. 78 London road
Corrie Valentine Byron, esq. 40 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Cort Henry, esq. 6 Montpelier villas
Cortes Miss, 21 Clifton road
Cosham Mrs. 19 Lewes road
Costar Mrs. 1 St. James’s place
Cotterill Rev. George, 5 Arlington terrace, Eastern road
Cottin Miss, 42 Norfolk road
Coward Henry, esq. 48 Clarence square
Cowell Mr. Frederick, 5 Lansdowne sq.
Cox Mr. Arthur Hawker, 15 London rd
Cox Mrs. 3 Western cottages
Cox Mrs. 33 York road, Hove
Cozens Mr. William, 6 St. Mary’s place
Crabb Mr. Wm. Joseph, 29 Richmond pl.
Craven John C. esq. Railway terminus
Crawley Mr. Thomas, 17 Clifton street
Crawshaw Mrs. 38 Buckingham place
Creak Albert, esq. M.A. The Wick, Wick hill
Cremer Mr. William, 11 Brunswick rd
Cripps Mr. John, 29 Chatham place
Cripps Miss, 38 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Crispe Mr. William, 45 Russell square
Crispin Edgar, esq. 20 Upper Rock gardens
Croft Mrs. 3 St. George’s place
Crofton Lieut.-Col. Hugh Augustus, 13 Montpelier villas
Crofts Miss, 14 Clifton place
Croker Mrs. 9 Cambridge road
Crookshank Rev. Arthur, M.A. 18 & 19 Hanover crescent
Crouch Mr. Alfred, 8 Mighell street
Crouse Mr. Edward, 39 Buckingham rd
Crowhurst Mrs. 6 Clifton road
Crozier Mrs. 18 Montpelier crescent
Cruckshank Wm. esq. 24 Norfolk square
Crunden Mr. Robert, 4 Whitecross st
Cruso Misses, 4 Montpelier villas
Cubitt Lewis, esq. 5 Lewes crescent
Cubitt Mrs. Col. 2 Vernon terrace
Cubitt Mrs. 13 Lewes crescent
Cuerton Miss, 23 Montpelier place
Cunningham Miss, 26 Egremont place
Curnock Rev. Neamiah [Wesleyan], 109 Queen’s road
Curtis Charles, esq. 4 Prince’s place
Curtis James, esq. 29 Norfolk square
Curtis Mrs. 3 Cannon place
Curtis Mr. Thomas, 42 Gardiner street
Curtis William, esq. 36 Queen’s road
Curwin Miss, 11 St. George’s terrace
Cuthbert Capt. John R. 25 Park crescent
Dagg Mr. John, 8 West Hill road
Darymple Lady Louisa, 5 Lansdowne street, Hove
Dampier Mr. William Norris, 9 St. George’s terrace
Dance Mr. Horace Geo. 30 Clifton road
Darley Miss, 71 Grand parade
Darling Mr. Robert, 31 Clarence square
Darnell John, esq. 14 Sussex square
Dash James esq. 37 Queen’s road
Dash Miss, 7 Ditchling terrace
Daubra Col. George, 5 Brunswick sq.
Davenport James, esq. 7 Clifton road
Davey Mr. Henry, 11 Grand parade
Davidson Major-General David, 31 Palmeira square
Davidson Capt. John, 11 Vernon terrace
Davidson Mr. Thomas, 33 Park crescent
Davies William, esq. 18 Gloucester place
Davis Mr. Christopher, 4 York rd. Hove
Davis Henry Charles, esq. 71 High street
Davis Miss, 32 Brunswick terrace
Davis Mrs. 51 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Davis Mrs. 79 Montpelier road
Davis Mr, Wm. 49 Round Hill crescent
Dawkes Miss, 32 Montpelier street
Dawson Mr. Charles, 13 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Dawson Richard, M.B. York lodge, 1 York road, Hove
Day Benjamin, esq. 91 Montpelier road
Day Mrs. 7 Egremont place
Day William, esq., 9 Hanover crescent
Dean Hen. esq. 12 Lansdowne pl. Hove
De Arroyave Alexander, esq. 10 Brunswick terrace
DeGibbert Phillip, esq. 32 Buckingham rd
D’Hermigny Madame, 106 Lansdowne place, Hove
De Lancy Col. 28 Park crescent
Delannoy Mrs. 10 Sillwood place
Delannoy William, esq. 88 Lansdowne place, Hove
Dellimere Mr. John, 3 Richmond place
Dellimore Mr. Charles, 9 Richmond pl.
Dempster Richard, esq. 13 Hanover cres
Dennant Mr. John, 2 Hampton terrace
Dennant John, esq. 1 Western cottages
Denny Mrs. 15 Cambridge road
Denton Mrs. 7 Medina vils. Cliftonville
Depree Mrs. 15 Buckingham place
Derby Cobbett, esq. 12 Regency square
Dering Heneage, esq. 16 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
De Rosaz Francis, esq. 1 Arundel terrace, Kemp town
Dettmar Mrs. 33 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Dewdney Miss, 4 Clifton hill
Dewhurst Mrs. 49 Hova vils. Cliftonville
Dickinson Harvey, esq. 17 Park crescent
Dickinson Misses, 23 Brunswick road
Dickinson Mrs. 49 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Dighton Miss Catherine, 10 Sussex sq.
Dill John, esq. 21 Regency square
Dill Mrs. Colonel, 7 Bath street
Dill Richard, M.D. 19 Regency Square
Dimond Mrs. 42 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Dinsdale Mrs. 24 Buckingham road
Dives John, esq. 5 Clifton terrace
Dix Edward, esq. 7 Old Steine
Dixon Col. Sheffield, 125 King’s road
Dixon Mr. Frederick, 30 Hova villas
Dixon Mr. James, 4 Round Hill park, Ditchling road
Dixon Joseph, esq. 6 Lansdowne terrace east, Western road, Hove
Dixon Mrs. 7 Buckingham place
Dixon Mrs. 12 Powis square
Dixon Robert Cornelius, esq. 3 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Dixon Septimus, esq. 7 Clifton hill
Dodwell Mrs. 16 Waterloo street
Dolan Robert, esq. 16 Bloomsbury place
Domvill Miss, 3 New Steine
Donne Mrs. 9 Buckingham road
Donne Mrs. 4 Clifton street
Donovan Alexander, esq. 32 Palmeira sq.
Donovan Mr. George, 4 Lansdowne sq.
Dore Capt William Hen. 27 Hova villas
Dorey Mr. Charles, 19 Wellington Road villas
Dornford Miss, 11 Marine square
Douglas Rev. Charles Edward [incumbent of St. Stephen’s], 14 Clifton ter
Douglas Mrs. 95 Lansdowne place, Hove
Douglass Hon. Mrs. 22 Sillwood place
Dowdeswell Mrs. 15 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Down Mr. Edward, 13 Grand parade
Downer Misses, 30 Egremont place
Downey Mrs. 8 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Downman Miss, 24 Grand parade
Drewett Miss, 1 Montpelier street
Dreyer Mrs. 3 York place
Drinkwater Mr. John Geo. 20 Clifton rd
Drought General, 23 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Drummond Rev. Spencer Rodney, 11 St. George’s place
Drummond Mrs. 62 Marine parade
Drummond Mrs. 24 Regency square
Duddell George, esq. Queen’s park
Duff Capt. Follett, Sylvan lodge, Upper Lewes road
Duke Mr. Charles, 22 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Dumdrell Miss, 19 Hampton place
Duncan James Marriott, 37 Buckingham place
Dunford Mrs. 20 Hampton place
Dunhill Thomas, esq. 20 Brunswick rd
Dunn Miss, 28 Osborn villas, Cliftonville
Dunn Mrs. 22 Richmond place
Dunnis Mr. John, 20 West Hill road
Dunsmore William, esq. 9 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Du Pre Mrs. 1 Chesham place
Durtnall Mr. John, jun. 16 Clifton st
Duval Henry, esq. 19 Goldsmid road
Dyer Mr. Geo. Johnson, 29 West Hill st
Dyer Mrs. 15 Western cottages
Dyer Mr. William. 62 Buckingham pl.
Eastment Mrs. 5 Round Hill crescent
Eastwick Capt. William, 37 Clifton road
Eastwood Edward, esq. 30 Montpelier cres
Eddison W. E. esq. Grand Junction parade
Ede John, esq. 20 Brunswick square
Edelman Mrs. 1 Codrington place
Eden Mr. Reuben, 5 Round Hill park, Ditchling road
Eden Thomas Edward, esq. 26 Old Steine
Edgell Mrs. 12 Montpelier villas
Edwards Edward, esq. 194 Western road
Edwards Mr. Francis, 32 Victoria street
Edwards Miss, 27 Clifton terrace
Edwards Mr. William, 36 Devonshire pl.
Egan Mrs. 9 Buckingham place
Egerton Mr. John, 14 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Elam Thomas William, esq. 2 Brunswick place, Hove
Elestob Mrs. 41 Great College street
Eley Rev. Henry, M.A. 9 Bloomsbury pl.
Elger John, esq. 1 Lewes crescent
Elliott Rev. Edward B. M. A. 11 Lewes cres
Elliott Capt. 26 Palmeira square
Elliott Mr. John Edward, 99 Queen’s rd
Elliott Mrs. 31 Brunswick square
Ellis Joseph, esq. Hampton lodge, Western road
Ellis Mr. Josiah, 57 London road
Ellis Mrs. 29 Brunswick place
Ellison Mrs. 4 Brunswick place
Ellman George, esq. 7 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Ellman Thomas esq. 9 Richmond ter
Elphick Mr. Eli, 77 Rose Hill terrace
Elphick Mr. William, Bloomsbury cottage, 95 St. George’s road
Elphinstone Col. Charles James, 10 Montpelier crescent
Else T. H. esq. 8 Western terrace
Elwes John Elton Hervey, esq. Furze Hill villa, Furze hill
Ely Charles, esq. 4 Victoria terrace, Hove
Embling Mr. Albert Jas. 25 Devonshire pl.
Embling Mr. William, 24 Devonshire pl.
England Rev. Samuel Simpson, 36 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
English Mrs. 22 Prince’s street
English Mr. William Haywood, 13 Gloucester place
Estridge Lieut.-Col. Joseph, 1 Norfolk ter
Evans George Frederick, esq. 16 St. Aubyn’s place, Cliftonville
Evans Mrs. 15 Chatham place
Everest Mrs. 15 Clifton road
Everett Ebenezer, esq. 1 Wellington Road villas
Evershed Ewen, esq. 4 Old Steine
Evershed Mr. Frederick, 7 College street
Evershed Mr. George Henry, 26 Grand parade
Evershed Mr. John, 8 Bristol terrace, Bristol road
Evershed Mrs. 39 Great College street
Evershed Mr. Wm. Thos. 3 Pelham sq.
Ewart Mrs. 1 Buckingham place
Eyles Mr. John Frederick, 11 Powis grove
Eyre G. J. esq. 4 Palmeira square
Fabian Mr. John, 6 Clarence square
Faithful Robert, esq. 64 Middle street
Faithful Mr. Robert, 43 Russell square
Faithfull Henry, jun. esq. 1 Howard pl.
Faithfull Mrs. 31 Buckingham road
Faithfull William John, esq. 33 Queen’s rd
Fanshawe Col. Charles, 2 Arlington terrace, Eastern road
Farncombe Mrs. 4 St. George’s place
Farnell Mrs. 25 York place
Farquharson Col. E. 17 Western cottages
Fauntleroy Thomas, esq. 28 Wellington Road villas
Fenton Mrs. 6 Wyndham street
Ferris Mrs. North cottage, Ditchling ter
Field Alfred George, esq. 22 Denmark ter
Field Charles, esq. 8 Peel ter. Dyke rd
Field Miss, 54 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Field Misses, 2 Clifton terrace
Field Mrs. 4 Courtney terrace, Hove
Field Mr. Richard, 35 London road
Field Mr William Alfred, 26 Bedford sq.
Fielding Miss, 3 Montpelier place
Figgis Rev. John B. M.A. 32 Clifton rd
Filder Mrs. 14 Richmond place
Finlay Mr. William, 3 Chatham place
Fisher Miss, 94 Montpelier road
Fisher Mrs. 16 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Fisher Mrs. 20 Buckingham place
Fisher Mrs. 12 Montpelier terrace
Fisher Thomas H. esq. 55 Lansdowne place, Hove
Fitchew Mr. Edward, 25 London road
Fitzgerald Mrs. 2 Medina vils. Cliftonville
Fitzgerald Mrs. 42 Medina vils. Cliftonville
Fitz-Hugh Arthur James, esq. 6 Pavilion buildings
Fitzmaurice Capt. John Cooper, 51 York road, Hove
Fitzroy Mrs. 44 Upper Brunswick pl. Hove
Fitzwilliam Mrs. 15 Dorset gardens
Fitzwygram Sir Robert, bart. 42 Brunswick terrace
Fleet Mr. Charles, 8 Park crescent
Fleet William, esq. 2 Richmond terrace
Fleetwood Sir L. Hesketh, bart. 34 Adelaide crescent
Fleming Miss, 16 Clifton hill
Fletcher Lady Emily, 34 Palmeira square
Fletcher Lieut-Col. Richard, 5 Cambridge road
Flint Mr Abraham, 8 Hampton place
Flint Mr. James, 90 London road
Flood Mrs. 7 Peel terrace, Dyke road
Flower Major George Frederick, Flower lodge, Eastern road
Flower Rev. William Bamborough, B.A. 18 Cobden place
Folbitt Mr. Thomas, 51 Gt. College st
Forbes Lord, 22 Palmeira square
Forbes Admiral Arthur, Walpole lodge, Eastern road
Ford Lady, 17 Montpelier villas
Ford George Samuel, esq. 42 Sussex st
Ford Matthew, esq. 49 Marine parade
Foreman Mrs. Church Hill house, 23 Dyke road
Forsyth Capt. Charles Codrington, R.N. 5 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Foskett Paul, esq. 42 Devonshire place
Foster Capt. Matthew Charles, R.N. 33 Lansdowne place, Hove
Foster Mr. Frederick, 3 Buckingham pl.
Foster Mrs. 10 Belgrave place, Kemp tn
Fowler Rev. William Strode 24 Dyke rd
Fowler Mr. Henry, Cambridge cottage, 87 London road
Fowler Mr. John, 86 London road
Fox Douglas, esq. 135 Marine parade
Fox Misses, 4 Richmond terrace
Fox Octavius A. esq. 12 Pavilion Parade
Foy James, esq. 37 Devonshire place
Francis Mr. John George, 30 Buckingham road
Franks Mr. John, 18 Clifton hill
Frape Mr. David Phillip, 49 St George’s rd
Fraser Col. Daniel, 17 Portland place
Freed Miss Sarah, 21 Grafton Street
Freeland Miss, Grosmont villa, Dyke rd
Freeman Miss, Ailesbury villa, Furze hill
Freeman Miss, 70 Montpelier road
Freeman Vincent P. esq. 9 St. George’s pl.
Freeman William, esq. 126 Marine parade
Freer Mrs. 92 Montpelier road
French Wm. esq. 23 Wellington Road vils
Freshfield Charles, esq. Pennant lodge, Queen’s park
Freshfield Miss, 24 Old Steine
Friend Mr. Daniel 73 London road
Fry William Hough, esq. 32 London road
Fryer Rev. Charles, 39 Sussex square
Fullarton Mrs. 41 Grand parade
Fuller Mr. Charles, 5 Montpelier terrace
Fuller Mrs. 3 Peel terrace, Dyke road
Fuller Mr. Stephen, 20 Islingword road
Fuller Mr. William, 17 Lansdowne street, Hove
Fullerton William E. esq. 6 Adelaide cres
Funnell Mrs. 7 Grand parade
Furner Edmund Joseph esq. 111 King’s rd
Furner William, esq. 18 Palmeira Square
Furse Mr. William, 5 Bath street
Fussell Edward Fras. M.D. 34 Queen’s rd
Gainford Miss, 51 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Gainsford John, esq. 2 St. George’s place
Gale Mrs. 39 Norfolk road
Gale Mr. Robert, 42 Victoria Street
Gallafent Miss, 34 London road
Gallard George, esq. 3 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Gamble Miss, 31 Park crescent
Gardiner John Bull, esq. 17 Goldsmid rd
Gardiner Mrs. Col. A. M. 4 Brunswick sq.
Gardiner Mrs. 35 Cannon place
Gardner Edward Bensley, esq. 37 Adelaide crescent
Gardner Mr. Henry, 42 Temple street
Gardner John Turville, esq. 20 Dorset gardens & 37 St. James’s street
Garnett Misses, 32 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Garth Thomas Almond, esq. 46 Sussex pl.
Gaskell Miss, 1 Eaton place
Gates George, esq. Chesham house, Clifton road
Gates Mr. George, 23 West Hill road
Gateskall Misses, 6 Brunswick pl. Hove
Gathorne Mrs. 24 Upper Rock gardens
Gedding Miss, 28 Clifton road
Geere George, esq. 26 Broad street
Gelderd Mr. Charles, 10 Clifton street
Georges Mrs. 59 Hood villas, Cliftonville
German William Henry, esq. 12 St. Catherine terrace, Hove
Gerrard Robert, esq. 2 Palmeira square
Gibbs Hugh, esq. 4 Denmark terrace
Gibbs Mr. William, 3 Lansdowne st. Hove
Gibbs William, esq. 46 Park crescent
Gibney Lady Elizabeth, 18 Richmond pl.
Gibson Capt. James, 14 Charlotte street
Gibson Mrs. 7 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Gibson Mrs. 43 Brunswick road
Gibson Mrs. & Miss, 16 Clifton road
Gibson Mrs. 65 Lansdowne place, Hove
Gilbert Mrs. 4 Clifton road, College villa, College road
Gilburd Frederick Jno. esq. 10 Dorset gdns
Giles Mrs. 4 Chichester place, Kemp tn
Gill Mrs. Major, 126 Eastern road
Gillow Mr. Frederick, 24 York place
Glaisyer Mrs. 45 Gardiner street
Glaskin Rev. John [Baptist], 26 Clifton street
Glayzer Mr. Thomas, 96 London road
Glenton Lewis, esq. 25 Brunswick ter
Glover Mrs. 11 Egremont place
Glyn Richard Carr, esq. 22 Brunswick sq.
Goddard James, esq. 16 Sillwood place
Goddard Mrs. 4 West Hill road
Godden Rev. William Worcester, 15 Clifton place
Goetze Mr. John Sebastian F. 5 York pl.
Golden Mrs. 9 Victoria road
Goldsmid George, esq. 81 Lansdowne place, Hove
Goldsmid Miss, 15 Adelaide crescent
Goldsmid Mrs. 38 Adelaide crescent
Gomm General Sir William, G.C.B. 33 Brunswick terrace
Gonin Rev. Alphonse, 65 Montpelier rd
Good Mrs. 4 Gloucester place
Goodall Miss, 17 Lansdowne place, Hove
Goodchild Mrs. 40 York road, Hove
Goode Mrs. 28 Norfolk square
Goodere Thomas, esq. 5 Dorset gardens
Goodman Mr. Charles, 41 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Goodrich Mrs. 31 Medina vils. Cliftonville
Goodwin Mrs. 2 Osborne vils. Cliftonville
Goodyer Mrs. 10 Medina vils. Cliftonville
Goosey Mr. William, 6 York place
Goppy Charles, esq. 107 Lansdowne place, Hove
Gordon Sir Home & Lady, 24 Brunswick square
Gordon Mrs. 78 Grand parade
Gore Lady Grace, 26 Brunswick square
Gosling Mrs. 24 Palmeira square
Goes Joseph, esq. 8 Goldsmid road
Goss Mrs. 69 Grand parade
Gossip Mrs. 7 Montpelier terrace
Gotobed Misses, 121 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Gould Charles, esq. 12 Sussex square
Gould Mrs. 61 Old Steine
Goulty Rev. John Nelson, 2 Sussex sq.
Goulty Mr. Horace, 28 Buckingham rd
Grace Mr. William, 26 York road, Hove
Grady Grove Henry, esq. 14 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Graham Mrs. 17 Montpelier street
Graham Mrs. 7 Wykeham terrace
Gramshaw Robert, esq. 6 Powis square
Grant Lady, 3 Adelaide crescent
Grant Miss, 23 Buckingham road
Grant Mrs. 20 Richmond place
Grasett Miss, 58 Up. Brunswick pl. Hove
Gravely Miss, 13 Rose Hill terrace
Gray Miss, 1 Hervey terrace, Eastern rd
Gray Mrs. 11 Buckingham place
Gray Mrs. 6 Marlborough place
Gray Mr. Robert, 16 York place
Green Mr. John, 5 St. Margaret’s place
Green Miss, Brighton Asylum, Eastern rd
Green Miss, 6 Chatham place
Green Misses, 66 Grand parade
Green Mrs. 12 Clifton road
Green Richard, esq. 66 Grand parade
Greenland Mrs. 3 Clarence square
Gregory Mr. James Lemmon, 33 Gloucester street
Gregory Miss, 33 Buckingham place
Greig Mrs. 25 Richmond place
Greig Mrs. 10 York place
Grice Mrs. 1 Islingword road
Griffith Rev. John, M.A. Brighton College, Eastern road
Griffith Mrs. 4 St. Peter’s place
Griffiths Mr. Herbert, 26 Montpelier st
Griffiths Mr. Mackenzie, 26 Cobden pl.
Grimble Mrs. Amelia, 1 Portland place
Grisewood Mrs. 13 Albany vils. Clifton vil
Gronow Mrs. 3 Belgrave pl. Kemp town
Guillame Miss, 1 Osborne vils. Cliftonville
Guinness Mrs. 17 Sillwood place
Gurney Mrs. 63 Montpelier road
Gurnhill Mrs. 15 Clifton hill
Gutteridge Rev. William Henry, M.A. The Temple, Montpelier road
Gutteridge Mr. William, 55 London rd
Gutteridge W. F. esq. 74 Ship Street
Guy Miss, 20 Goldsmid road
Guyon Rev. G. M.A. 3 Eaton place
Hack Daniel esq. Sunnyside, 1 Upper Lewes road
Hack Daniel Prior esq. 99 Trafalgar sq.
Hackman Mr. William, 36 Up. Russell St
Hadlow Mr. Frederick, 19 Buckingham pl.
Haigh Miss, 31 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Hailey Charles, M.D. 5 Lansdowne terrace west, Western road, Hove
Hake William A. G. esq. 3 Old Steine
Hale Mr. Henry, 78 Rose Hill terrace
Halifax Thomas, esq. 38 Clifton road
Hall Alfred, M.D. 30 Old Steine
Hall Mr. James, 74 Upper North street
Hall Mrs. Furze Hill house, Furze hill
Hall Mrs. 110 North street
Hall Mrs. 23 Sillwood place
Hallett Frederic F. esq. F.L.S. Manor house, Black rock
Hallett Mrs. 142 Marine parade
Hallett William H. esq. Manor house, Church place, Kemp town
Hallifax Miss Caroline, 7 Brunswick sq.
Hallifax Miss Gertrude, 7 Brunswick sq.
Hamilton Rev. Robert [Independent], 22 Wellington Road villas
Hamilton Adam, esq. 14 Vernon terrace
Hamilton Mr. William, 19 Clifton road
Hammond William, esq. 41 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Hancock Rev. Edwd. Grey, 7 Powis grove
Hancock Mrs. 10 Powis villas
Hands Miss, 25 Oriental place
Hankey Stephen Alers, esq. 12 Adelaide crescent
Hannah Mr. 4 Pavilion parade
Hannell Mrs. Francis W. 6 Brunswick pl.
Hannington Mrs. 6 Chesham place, Kemp town
Hannan Mr. Edward, 8 Up. Rock gardens
Hansler Capt. Robert, 15 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Hanson George Henry, M.D. 28 Cannon pl.
Hanson Miss, 30 Montpelier Street
Hardcastle Mrs. 16 Adelaide crescent
Hardcastle Miss, 93 Montpelier road
Herding Charles esq. 15 Eaton place
Harding Miss, 13 Dorset gardens
Hardwick John George, esq. Hove cottage, Hove street, Cliftonville
Hardy Mr. Thomas William, 6 Buckingham road
Harrap Mrs. 49 Old Steine
Harris Rev. John Johnes, 27 Holland road, Hove
Harris Charles, esq. 67 Lansdowne pl. Hove
Harris Mr. Charles John, 4 Pelham sq.
Harris Mr. Henry Edward, 17 Cannon pl.
Harris Henry John, esq. 31 Brunswk. ter
Harris Mrs. 6 Arundel ter. Kemp town
Harris Mrs. 3 Bath street
Harrison John, esq. 15 Powis square
Harrison Mrs. 20 Egremont place
Harrison Mrs. 4 Peel terrace, Dyke road
Harrison Mr. William, 11 Park crescent
Hart Mrs. 5 St. Mary’s place
Hart Mr. William, 35 Clifton terrace
Hart Mr. William, 10 Chatham place
Harvey Rev. B. W. Western college, 97 Montpelier road
Harvey Mrs. 64 Montpelier road
Harvey Mrs. 4 Norfolk square
Harvey Mr. William, 26 Buckingham pl.
Harwood Harwood, esq. 49 Brunswick sq.
Hasell Miss, 55 Brunswick road
Haselwood James Edmund, esq. 8 Gloucester pl. & 44 Round Hill crescent
Haslewood Mrs. 13 Chichester terrace, Kemp town
Haslewood W. P. esq. 15 Park crescent
Hastings Mrs. 55 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Hatch Miss, 29 Clarence square
Hatherly Mr. Henry, 4 Broad street
Hatton Mr. John, 11 Prince Albert st
Hatton Mr. Thomas, 3 Ship street
Hauxwell Mr. Henry, 15 Wellington Road villas
Hawkins George, esq. 13 Clifton road
Hawkins Samuel, esq. Home villa, Russell crescent
Hawkins Wm. Henry, esq. 17 Sussex sq.
Haworth Capt. Martin, 28 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Hawthorn Mr. William, 8 Lansdowne street, Hove
Haxel Mrs. 16 Holland road, Hove
Haryett Joseph, esq. 22 Hanover crescent
Haycraft Mrs. 19 Ventnor vils, Cliftonville
Hayes Mrs. 20 Montpelier villas
Haynes Mr. John, 24 Hampton place
Hayward Mrs. 14 Powis square
Hayward Mrs. 23 Rose Hill terrace
Headlam Mr. John, 53 Clarence square
Headley Lord, 26 Adelaide crescent
Heathcote Mrs. 4 Egremont place
Heatley Rev. Henry Davis, M.A. 7 Sussex square
Hebbert Henry, esq. 4 Clarendon terrace
Hebden Col. Henry, 15 Lansdowne place, Hove
Heideman William Francis, esq. 14 Holland road, Hove
Helme Mashiter, esq. 23 Lewes crescent
Henfrey Mrs. Markham ho. College road
Henley Lady, 8 Percival terrace
Hennah Mr. Jsph. Edwd. 5 Chatham pl.
Hennington Mrs. 69 Grand parade
Henty Miss Ann, 6 Norfolk square
Henty Robert, esq. 40 Brunswick square
Hepburn Mrs. 34 Buckingham road
Herbert Mrs. 3 Park crescent
Hescroff Miss, 23 Dorset gardens
Hetherton Hugh esq. 154 Western road
Hewitt Mrs. 3 Wellington Road villas
Hicks Thomas, esq. 35 Park crescent
Higgins Mr. Henry Theophilus, 9 Montpelier street
Highton Mrs. 11 Ditchling terrace
Hilbers George Jas. M.D. 112 King’s rd
Hilditch John, esq. 7, Pavilion parade
Hiles Mr. John, 20 Powis road
Hill Lady, 4 Sillwood place
Hill Rev. James, 57 Hova vils. Cliftonville
Hill George Philcox, esq. 1 Pavilion parade
Hill Henry, esq. 53 Marine parade
Hill Henry, esq. 5 Ventnor terrace, Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Hill Mr. John, 38 Egremont place
Hill Miss, 13 Grafton street
Hill Mrs. 27 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Hillman Mrs. 39 Park crescent
Hills Mr. John, 2 Bright pl. Lewes road
Hilton John, esq. 23 Gloucester place
Hilton Mr. William, 6 West Hill road
Hine Mrs. 21 York road, Hove
Hingeston James Ansley, esq. M.R.C.S., L.S.A 22 Clifton terrace
Hobday Mrs. 26 Chatham place
Hochhiemer Mr. Henry. 14 Egremont pl.
Hodder Miss, 3 Brunswick road
Hodder Mrs. 4 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Hodgers Mrs. 85 Lansdowne, pl. Hove
Hedges Mr. Edward, 61 Queen’s road
Hodgkinson Mrs. 35 Albany villas, Cliftonville
Hodgson Rev. John Willoughby, 18 Buckingham place
Hodgson George Frederick, esq. 52 Montpelier road
Hodgson Miss, 21 Montpelier place
Hodson Miss, 5 Montpelier villas
Hoggings Mrs. 14 Devonshire place
Hoggins Mrs. 4 Devonshire place
Holden Mr. Josias, 8 Guildford road
Holden Miss, 14 Montpelier street
Holder Mr. John, 66 London road
Holdsworth Mr. Henry Paul, 3 Bright place, Lewes road
Holdsworth Win. esq. 2 Gloucester place
Holford Mrs. 52 Ventnor vils. Cliftonville
Hollamby Mr. Henry, 1 Round Hill park, Ditchling road
Hollingsworth Mrs. 11 Western cottages
Hollingworth Mrs. 26 Park crescent
Hollis Wm. Mellitt, esq. 7 St. George’s pl.
Holloway Misses, 4 Upper Brunswick place, Hove
Holt Mrs. 16 Gloucester place
Holtham Mrs. 49 Russell square
Home Mrs. General, 20 Montpelier crescent
Home Mrs. 8 Vernon terrace
Honeysett Mr. William, 36 West Hill rd
Hood Edwin Paxton, esq. 55 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Hooper Miss, 18 Clarence square
Hooper Mrs. 178 Western road
Hooper Rbt. Pool, esq. 29 Cambridge rd
Hope Mr. Robert Wallis, 40 Devonshire pl.
Hopegood Miss, 9 Percival terrace
Hopkins Henry, esq. 2 Codrington place
Hopwood Mrs. 22 Montpelier road
Hornbuckle Mrs. 32 York road, Hove
Horne James Thomas, esq. 96 Lansdowne place, Hove
Horne Mrs. 52 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Horton Miss, 1 Medina vils. Cliftonville
Hoskins James Alexander, esq. 14 St. George’s place
Hounson Mr. Henry, 47 Buckingham pl.
Howard Miss Clara, 23 York road, Hove
Howard Mrs. Gibbon, 43 Montpelier rd
Howe Mrs. 44 West Hill street
Howell Charles, esq. Dial house, Hove
Howell Misses, 16 Montpelier crescent
Howlett James Warnes, esq. 3 Brunswick place, Hove
Hoxwell John Hughes, esq. 7 Marlborough place
Huckwell Mr. William, 11 Bedford sq.
Hudson Edmund, esq. 14 Goldsmid road
Hudson Mr. John, 64 Buckingham place
Hudson Thomas, esq. 60 York rd. Hove
Hudson Mr. Willoughby, 2 Bath street
Huggins Mrs. 14 Victoria road
Huggins Mr. Thomas, 22 College gardens
Hughes General, 5 Sillwood place
Hughes James Vaughan, M.D. 5 Pavilion parade
Hughes Mr. John, 22 Rose Hill terrace
Hughes Miss, 17 Brunswick road
Hughes Richd. M.D. 10 Pavillion parade
Hughes Mr. Samuel, 8 Brunswick place
Hull Capt. Arthur, 18 Norfolk road
Hull Mrs. 13 Cambridge road
Hulme Mr. John James, 18 Chatham pl.
Humby William Warren, M.D. 56 Brunswick road
Humphrey Frederick Abell, esq. 25 Marine parade
Hunt Mrs. Colonel, 10 London road
Hunt Miss, 60 Clifton road
Hunt Mrs. 19 York place
Hunter Mr. Thomas, 122 Southover st
Huntingfield Dowager Lady, 35 Regency square
Hurlock Rev. Joseph, M.A. 5 Hanover crescent
Hurlock Francis Swinton, esq. 127 Lansdowne place, Hove
Huskisson Mr. Matthew Martin, 3 Ship Street gardens
Hussey Lady, 29 Brunswick terrace
Hutson Mrs. 4 Western terrace
Hutton Mrs. 11 Portland place
Ifold Mrs. 2 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Image Rev. Robert John, 13 Wellington Road villas
Ind Mrs. 23 Chatham place
Inglis James, esq. 63 Grand parade
Ingram Mrs. 127 Western road
Innes James, esq. 36 Norfolk square
Ireland Mr. Frank, 16 Osborne villas
Isaac Rev. George [Baptist], 19 Richmond place
Izard Mr. John, 31 Round Hill crescent
Jacklin Mr. Joseph, 16 Rose Hill terrace
Jackson A. William, esq. 72 Lansdowne place, Hove
Jackson Mr. James, 33 London road
Jackson, Miss, 11 Pavilion parade
Jackson Mrs. 8 Chatham place
Jackson W. esq. 7 Western terrace
James Capt. Henry, 5 Wellington Road villas
James Miss, 14 Buckingham place
James Mrs. 7 Charlotte street
Janbrin Mrs. 46 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Janson Henri, esq. 65 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Jarvis Miss, 19 Victoria street
Jeaudel Madame, 7 Goldsmid road
Jefferies Mr. James, 30 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Jeffs Mr. Edward James, 11 Round Hill crescent
Jenner Mr. William, 14 Wellington Road villas
Jennings Mr. James, 28 Windsor terrace, Queen’s road
Jepp Miss, 11 Montpelier terrace
Jervis Mrs. 32 Park crescent
Jesse Edward, esq. 16 Belgrave place, Kemp town
Jesse Mrs. 10 Osborne villas, Cliftonville
Jesson Thomas, esq, 3 Clarendon terrace
Jessop William, esq. 54 Lansdowne place, Hove
Jeula Miss, 60 Hova villas, Cliftonville
Johnson Rev. Edward Houghton, M.A. 77 West street
Johnson Athol, A. W. esq. 20 Regency sq.
Johnson Mr. Henry, 28 Devonshire pl.
Johnson Mr. James, 18 West Hill road
Johnson John Henry, esq. 2 Hanover crescent
Johnson Mrs. 27 Regency square
Johnson Mrs. 18 St. Aubyn’s place, Cliftonville
Johnson Mrs. 87 Ventnor villas, Cliftonville
Johnson Mr. William, 5 Brunswick pl.
Johnston, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Haytor, 43 Cambridge road
Johnstone James, esq. 7 Eastern terrace, Marine parade
Johnstone Misses 36 Bloomsbury place
Johnstone Mrs. Percy house, College rd
Jolly Mrs. 6 Clifton street
Jomini Mr. John, 27 Great College street
Jones Rev. Harry, Alpha house, Lansdowne road
Jones John Morgan E. esq. 6 Percival ter
Jones Mr. Josias, 12 Chatham place
Jones Miss, 27 Devonshire place
Jones Miss, 39 Norfolk square
Jones Mrs. 35 Adelaide crescent
Jones Mrs. 17 Clarence square
Jones Mrs. 11 Guildford road
Jones Mrs. 77 Marine parade
Jones Mrs. 38 Medina villas, Cliftonville
Jones Mrs. 51 Russell square
Jopp Mrs. 3 Compton terrace, Clifton rd
Jordan Mrs. 40 College place
Jordan Mr. William, 27 Cobden place
Joseph Mrs. 25 West Hill road