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Chichester – Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c.

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Postmaster.-John Berry
London mail arrives at 4.57 a.m.; dispatched at 10.25 p.m. Box closes at 9.30 p.m. but letters may be posted until 10 p.m. by attaching an extra stamp. Day mail to London, Portsmouth &c. dispatched at 11.50 a.m. Box closes at 11.30 a.m. Messengers to Halnaker dispatched at 6.30 a.m.; arrive at 8.45 p.m. Oving & Eastergate dispatched at 7 a.m. Sidlesham & Selsey dispatched at 7 a.m. Messengers to Lavant, West Dean, Singleton, Fishbourne & Ashling dispatched at 6.30 a.m.; arrive at 8 p.m. Messengers to Pagham dispatched at 6.30 a.m.; arrive at 8 p.m

Lord Henry George Charles Gordon Lennox, 13 Albert terrace, Knight-bridge, London s.w.; & Gordon Castle, Fochabers, N.B
John Abel Smith, esq. 37 Chester square, London s.w

The Mayor, Thomas Smith
James Gates
Ex-Mayor, Edward Wyatt
William Dendy
Benness Adames
Joseph McCarogher, M.D
George Irving, Nicholas Tyacke, M.D

MAYOR-Thomas Smith

William Gruggen
Henry Wright
Joseph McCarogher
James Gates
Edward William Johnson

George Henty
William Woodroffe Dendy
Kempster Knight
Frederick John Freeland
Nicholas Tyacke
Charles Townsend Halsted
William Duke
George Paull
Thomas Gibbings
Matthias James Sowton
Edward Habin
Edward Wyatt
William Bailey Charge
Benness Adames
Samuel Merricks
James Rodgers
Robert G. Raper
Thomas Smith

Albert Fire & Life, William Bridger, St. John street
Albert Life, Henry Greenfield, East street
Alliance Fire & Life, Michael Turnbull, South street
Atlas, Henry Wright. North Pallant
British Equitable, William Bridger, St. John street; Wm. Leng, Northgate
Caledonian Fire & Life, Edward Baker, Eastgate
Canada Agency Assurance, Edward Wyatt, St. Martin’s sq
Cattle Insurance Co. (limited). James H. Legge, sec
Church of England, George L. Purchase, Richmond place; W. E. Long, West street
City & County Fire & Life, William Light, Eastgate
Clerical & Medical, George Paull, St. Martin’s square
County Fire & Provident Life, Charles James Hyatt, East street; G. Molesworth, North street
Crown Life, James H. Legge, East street
Eagle Life, William Stokes, East street
Edinburgh, George C. Weller, West street
European Life, George M. Merricks, West street
General Fire & Life, Alfred Orchard, South street
Great Britain Mutual Life, Henry Holdaway, St. John st
Guardian Fire & Life, Mrs. Kate M. Philps, South street
Hailstorm, Frederick Weller, Westgate
Imperial Fire & Life, Benjamin Binstead, West street; Thomas F. White, East street
Law Fire, Edmund Peachey, North Pallant
Liverpool & London & Globe, Edward Wyatt St. Martin’s; Henry Fogden, West street; R. V. Ellis, Westgate
London Assurance, Edmund Orsborn, Corn Exchange; George Dale, South street
London & Lancashire, T. Ewens, North street
Manchester Fire, George Holmes, West street
Norwich Equitable, Wm. Howitt Dorrington, South Pallant
Norwich Union, Henry Allen, South street
Phoenix Fire, William Stokes, East street; George Paull; James Powell, North Pallant
Plate Glass, Drummond Gray, East street
Provincial Fire & Life, Ephraim John Faulkner, East street; James Simmonds, North street
Railway Passengers’, Reuben Benham, Southgate
Reliance Assurance, James Sayers, Southgate; William Pillow, 25 East street
Rock Life, H. K. Springett, East street
Royal Fire & Life, James H. Legge, East street; George Henry Kent, Southgate
Royal Exchange, M. James Sowton, West Pallant
Royal Farmers’, Kempster Knight, East street
Royal Naval, M. E. I. & General Life, Samuel Reynolds
Scottish Amicable, George Holmes, West street
Scottish Equitable, Mason & Wilmshurst, East street
Scottish Provincial, Alfred Dunn, South street
South of England Mutual Benefit, William Harris, St. John street
Sovereign Life, Sharp Garland, Eastgate
Standard Life, George Holmes, West street
Star Life, William Harris, St. John street
Sun Fire & Life, John Austin, South street; Benjamin Binstead, West street
Union Fire & Life, Ephraim John Faulkner, East street
Western Fire, Henry Greenfield, East street
Western Counties & London Mutual Life, William A. Elstone, Northgate
West of England Fire & Life, John Goldring, Eastgate

Inland Revenue Office, Dolphin hotel, West street, Daniel Townsend, supervisor; Anslem D. Pimbury, division officer; John Parnell Sargent & Patrick Murray, ride officers
Stamp Office, West street, W. Elliott Long, sub-distributor
County Police Station (Chichester Division), Henry Pratt, superintendent, & 13 men
City Police Station, East st. Chas. Everett, superintendent
Custom House, South st, Henry Bolt, principal coast officer
Canal Company, Richard Purchase, agent
County Court, Council chamber, North street, William Furner, esq, judge; Matthias James Sowton, registrar; William Duke, high bailiff
West Sussex, East Hampshire & Chichester Infirmary, New Broyle road, J. McCarogher, M.D. & N; Tyacke, M.D. physicians; Robert Elliott & Frederick John Freeland, surgeons; F. St. Quintin Bond, house surgeon; Thomas Lambert Lack, assistant surgeon; Miss Maria Sharp, matron
Corn Exchange, East street, Robert George Raper, esq. sec.; Edmund Orsborn, clerk
Gas Works, Basin road, Charles Dixon, engineer & sec
Council Chamber, North street, Wm. Benham, custodian
Bishop’s Registry Office, West st. Geo. Holmes, chief clerk
Probate Court Office, West st. George Holmes, chief clerk
Guildhall, Priory park
Chichester Literary Society & Mechanics’ Institute, South street, James L. Gauntlett, secretary; William Hills, curator; William Mellersh, librarian
Depository of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Henry Greenfield, East street
Museum, South street
Barracks, New Broyle road
Royal Sussex Militia Depot, Little London, Capt. Madden adjutant; John Foster, quartermaster
Workhouse, Northgate, Wm. C. Dewey, master; Mrs. Mary Dewey, matron; Miss A. Bennallick, schoolmistress
South Coast Railway Station, ,Southgate, Henry Fitzgerald, station clerk

Recorder, John James Johnson esq. Q.C.
Clerks to Magistrates for Chichester Petty Sessional Division, Johnson & Raper, West street
Coroner, James Powell, North Pallant
Solicitor & District Registrar to Her Majesty’s Court of Probate, Secretary to Bishop of Chichester & Clerk to the Dean & Chapter, Edward W. Johnson, West st
Clerk of the Peace for the City of Chichester, Edward Titchener, Little London
Town Clerk & Clerk to City Magistrates, James Powell, North Pallant
High Bailiff of County Court, Wm. Duke, East Pallant
Clerk to West Hampnett Union, Robert George Raper, West street
Clerk to Guardians of Chichester Incorporation, James Powell, jun. North Pallant
Clerk to Commissioners for Paving, Clerk to the Trustees of the Cosham & Chichester, & Farnhurst, Midhurst, Chichester & Dell Quay Turnpike Roads, Edward Titchener, Little London
Clerk to the Burial Board, James Powell, jun. North Pallant
Clerk to Commissioners of Land, Assessed & Property Taxes, Benjamin Binstead, West street
Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages for West Hampnett Union, Robert George Raper, West street
Clerk to the County Court, Matthias James Sowton, West Pallant
Treasurer to Corporation, William Stokes, East street
Treasurer of the Western Division of the County of Sussex, Thomas Greene, West Pallant
Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages for Chichester District, James PoweIl, North Pallant
Registrar of Births & Deaths for Chichester District, William Hills, South street
Registrar of Marriages, Samuel Merrick, South street
Commissioners for taking Acknowledgments of Married Women, William Duke, East Pallant; James Powell, North Pallant; Edward William Johnson, West street
Commissioners for taking Affidavits in all the Courts, James Powell, North Pallant; Thomas Greene, West Pallant; Edward Titchener, Little London; William Sowton, West Pallant; Edward W. Johnson, West street; Edmund Peachey, North Pallant
Notary Public, Edward William Johnson, West street
Inspector of Weights & Measures, Charles Everett, East street
Surveyor of Taxes, Thomas M. Jeans, West street
Superintendent of Police, Charles Everett, East street
Relieving Officer, William Harris, St. John’s street
City Surveyor, George L. Purchase, Tower street
City Crier, James Martin, Lion street