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Chichester – Private Residents

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Adames Mr. Benness, North street
Adames Miss, New town
Apedaile Mrs. Somers town
Arnell Mr. George, Northgate
Arnold Mr. Edward, West street
Artlee Mr. Henry, Franklin place
Atkey Mrs. Westgate
Ballard Com. James Boucher, R.N. East Pallant house
Ballard Mr. Adolphus, St. John street
Barbut Rev. Stephen, M.A. St. John st
Barker Miss, Tower street
Barnard Mr. John, Priory street
Barr Mrs. Westgate
Bartlett Miss, Cavendish st. Somers twn
Batley William, esq. West street
Bavton Miss, Canon lane
Bellingham Mrs. East Wall
Biffin Mrs. St. Pancras
Binstead Mr. Benjamin, North street
Bond Florio St. Quinton, esq. Infirmary
Boniface Mrs. Lion street
Boxall Mrs. Somers town
Braithwaite Rev. George, M.A. West st
Britton Rev. Maurice [Wesleyan], The Hornet
Brown Rev. Thomas, M.A. Prebendal house, West street
Buckell Leonard, M.D. North Pallant
Burnett Miss, St. Richard’s walk
Caffin John, esq. North street
Caffin William C. esq. South street
Calhoun W. J. esq. Westgate
Carpenter Mr. William, East street
Chalwin Mr. William
Chichester Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, The Palace
Cockerell Mr. George, St. Pancras
Combes William, esq. St. Martin’s sq.
Comper Henry, esq. J.P. North Pallant
Cooper Mr. John, North street
Comwall Rev. Albert, North street
Cornwall Mrs. North street
Cousens Mrs. Farringdon ho. South st
Crees Mrs. Somers town
Crickitt Mrs. Stockbridge house
Dallimore Mrs. Westgate
Dearling Mr. Robert, Cavendish street
Dendy Mr. Robert, Little London
Dendy Mr. Wm. Woodruffe, North st
Dilke William, esq. North street
Dixon Charles C. E. Basin road
Douglas Rev. Stair, M.A. Canon lane
Duke Mrs. Hornet
Duke Mr. William, North Pallant
Dunk Mrs. Westgate
Edgell Admiral Harry, C.B. Eastgate ho
Elliott Robert, esq. F.S.A., F.R.C.S.E., F.L.O. Soc. North street
Elliott George H. esq. North street
Farenden Miss, East Pallant
Farr Mr. William, Somers town
Field Miss, St. Pancras
Flicker Miss, The Hornet
Flint Mr. Nicholas, North Pallant
Forth Lieut. Lennox place
Foster John [quartermaster Sussex Militia], Barracks
Frampton Rev. Charles, M.A. Orchard st
Francis Miss, South street
Freeland Frederic John, esq. North st
Freeland Humphry. Wm. esq. J.P. West st
Fuller Mrs. East Pallant
Gadd Mr. Henry, Southgate house
Gates Mr. James, Westgate
Gates Miss, Westgate
Gauntlett Mr. James L. Eastgate house
Gauntlett Mrs. Eastgate house
Gilbert Rev. Ashurst Turner, D.D. Lord Bishop of Chichester, The Palace
Gilbert Rev. Thomas Morrell, M.A. [perpetual curate of St. Bartholomew’s & vice-principal of the Theological College], Canon lane
Gray Mr. Drummond, East street
Greene Miss, North street
Greene Thomas, esq. St. John’s street
Gruggen Mrs. Priory street
Gruggen William, esq. West Pallant
Guy Miss, Cloisters
Halsted Mr. Charles Townsend, North st
Halsted Miss, East street
Hardham Mr. William, Eastgate square
Harris Mrs. South street
Hayllar Mr. Charles, St. John street
Hayllar Miss, The Hornet
Hayllar Mrs. St. Paul’s road
Heath Mr. John, Mill house
Heather Mr. Henry, St. Paul’s road
Hersee Miss, Westgate
Hill Rev. John, B.A. [General Baptist], The Hornet
Hipkin Mr. Edward, Cavendish street, Somers town
Hodgskin George, esq. Cawley priory
Hogg Henry Lee, esq. East street
Holdaway Mr. Henry, St. John street
Holmes Mr. George, Richmond terrace, South street
Hook Very Rev. Walter Farquhar, D.D., F.R.S. [dean of Chichester], Deanery
Hook Rev. Walter, M.A. [minor canon & succentor, Cathedral], The Close
Hook James, esq. Deanery
Hooper Mrs. Franklin place
Irving George, esq. South street
James Rev. Charles Edward, St. Martin’s square
Jaques Charles Austen, esq. The Hornet
Jefferd Mrs. North street
Jelliff Mr. James, St. Pancras
Johnson Rev. Stenning, B.A. North Pallant
Johnson Edward Wm. esq. North Pallant
Johnson Mr. John, St. Pancras
Johnson John James, esq. Q.C., J.P. West Broyle; & at 10 King’s Bench walk, Temple, London e.c.
Johnston Miss, East street
Jones Charles Sturges, esq. West street
Jones Miss, East Pallant
Kerwood Mr. William, North street
King Mrs. New town
Langdon Mrs. New town
Lee Miss, Little London
Leech Mr. Edward, West Pallant
Legge James H. esq. 84 East street
Light Mr. James, Eastgate square
Lipscomb Mrs. West street
Loader Mr. James, East street
Loxton Mrs. Cavendish st. Somers town
McCarogher Joseph, M.D. West street
Madden Captain, East wall
Malim Frederick John, esq. St. John’s st
Mant Mr. George, George st. Somers twn
Mant Mrs. Cavendish st. Somers town
Matthews Mrs. Franklin place
Matthews Miss, The Close
Miller Mrs. St. Richard’s lane
Mittin Miss, Somers town
Mudd William, esq. West Pallant
Newland Miss, North street
Newland Misses, West street
Newman Mr. Charles, Franklin place
Nicolls Col. George, The Green, East Pallant
Norman Misses, Westgate
Norman Mr. William, West street
Noton Mr. Benjamin, St. John’s street
Noton Miss, St. John street
Nott Mrs. Treasury house
Nunn Miss, Somers town
Peachey Edmund, esq. North Pallant
Peachey Mrs. North street
Pearce Mr. Thomas, West street
Pearson Rev. George Frederick, M.A. [minor canon, Cathedral], The Close
Penfold Mrs. Richmond terrace
Pennethorne Rev. Gregory Walton, M.A. [rector of St. Andrew’s & vice-principal of the Theological College], Canon lane
Percival Joseph M, esq. South street
Perkins Rev. John, Hornet
Pescod Miss, West street
Pescott Mrs. Eastgate
Phelps Capt. Ferdinand, West street
Phillipson Mr. William, Richmond ter
Philps Mrs. The Elms
Phipps Mrs. St. Richard’s lane
Pinnix Miss, North street
Pitt Miss, St. John street
Poe Emanuel Thos. esq. Oaklands house
Powell James, jun. esq. North street
Pratt Mr. John, Southgate hill
Price Mrs. West Pallant
Purchase George Lambton, esq. Richmond place
Raper Robert George, esq. West street
Reed Miss, Westgate
Rhoades Wm. Cobden, esq. The Grange
Riadore Rev. Geldart John Evans, M.A. Little London
Richardson Mr. John, St. John street
Roberts Rev. John P. M.A. The Close
Roberts Miss, Westgate
Roberts Mrs. Northgate
Rogers Mrs. Westgate
Rollo Miss, Washington st. Somers town
Ross Mrs. East Pallant
Rusbridger Rev. John, St. Martin’s sq
Scale Miss, St. Martin’s square
Shippam Mrs. Franklin place
Silverlock Henry, esq. Northgate house
Silverlock Mrs. Westgate
Simmons Edward Robert, esq. Ellerslie
Smith James, esq. North street
Snooke Mrs. North street
Sowton Mr. Matthias Jas. East Pallant
Spring Charles, PH.D. Gottingen, Northgate house
Street Edward M. esq. Grayling Wells
Strong Capt. Joseph, Westgate
Swainson Rev. Charles Anthony, D.D. [canon residentiary], The Chantry
Titchener Edward, esq. Little London
Titchener Mrs. St. John street
Tracy Rev. Frederick Francis, M.A. St. John street
Tribe Mr. Henry, Nursery cottage, St. Paul’s road
Trill Miss, Franklin place
Tyacke Nicholas, M.D. Westgate
Vick Mr. Charles, Washington street, Somers town
Vivian Rev, Francis Henry, M.A. South street
Walburn Mrs. West street
Walker Miss, Franklin place
White Mrs. Somers town
White Mrs. Westgate
Whitehead Rev. Edward, M.A. New town
Wilkinson Rev. John Francis. M.A. [Roman Catholic]
Wilkinson Misses, North street
Wilmshurst Mrs. East street
Wilson Mr. Joseph, St. John street
Woolridge Stephen, esq. Eastgate square
Woolley Miss, North Pallant
Wright Mrs. Richmond place