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Eastbourne – Commercial (A – J)

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Adams Cordelia (Mrs.), beer retailer, Sea houses
Adams Isaac, fishmonger & poulterer, 1 Lewes pl. Seaside rd
All Saints’ Convalescent Hospital (Right Hon. Lord Brougham, president; Sydney Ringer, esq. M.D. hon sec.), Hartington place
Allchorn James, lodging house & fisherman, 30 Cavendish pl
Allchorn Richard, lodging house, 5 Devonshire ter. North st
Allchorn Samuel, lodging house, 12 Cavendish place
Allchorn Thomas, lodging house, 31 Cavendish place
Allchorn William, fisherman, 64 Marine parade
Annette Harriett (Mrs.), lodging house, Marine parade
Applegate Samuel, bookseller & stationer, 5 Albert place, Seaside road
Arckoll Thomas, farmer, Cowstead farm, Meads
Armener John, greengrocer, 5 Buckingham place, Sea houses
Austen & Bennett, butchers, 7 Lewes place, Seaside road
Baker & Sons, bakers & millers, Church street, Old town, & Herbert terrace
Baker James, fly proprietor, South street
Bagshall Jane (Miss), lodging house, 10 Victoria place
Baldock (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Cornfield terrace
Bampton Lucy (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Marine parade
Banks Edwin, butcher, South street
Barker Edwin, dining & coffee rooms, 1 Pevensey road
Barnard Edward, greengrocer, 1 Robertson place, Susan’s rd
Barsley John, lodging house, 19 Victoria place
Bates Benjamin, bird stuffer, 7 Little North street
Baulcomb George, fly proprietor & greengrocer, South street
Baulcomb William, lodging house, 2 Bourne street
Bayly Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Bourne street
Beadle James, cooper, Church lane, Old town
Beeney W. coal merchant, South street & Railway station, & at Hailsham
Bennett Henry, grocer, & provision dealer, 46 Sea houses
Bennett Sarah (Mrs.), lodging ho. 2 Richmond pl. Susan’s rd
Bennett Sophia (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Victoria place
Bennett Thomas, lodging house, 3 Cavendish place
Berry James, surveyor, 2 Sutherland villas, Pevensey road
Berry William, beer retailer, Tower street
Best Alfred, lodging house, 8 Cavendish place
Bettridge Ellen Mary (Mrs.), laundress, 1 Dorking villas, Pevensey road
Bignall John, tailor, 8 Sea houses
Bignell Charles, boot & shoe maker, Meads road
Bindon Stephen, cabinet ma. & upholsterer, 30 Marine parade
Bindon Stephen, lodging house, 1 & 2 Devonshire terrace, North street
Blaber Richard, riding master, Sea houses
Black Joseph, beer retailer, Tower street
Blessley Robert Knott, architect, Terminus road
Boniface Harriet Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper, Meads
Bown Charles Anthony, boys’ boarding school, Church street, Old town
Boys Robert, farmer, Gildridge farm, Old town
Bradford Alfred, lodging house, 1 Cambridge terrace
Bradford Charles, livery stables & jobmaster, Royal Victoria mews; entrances, Pevensey road & Susan’s road; office, 4 Richmond place
Bradford Martha (Mrs.), Volunteer inn, Seaside road
Bradford Reuben, lodging house, 2 Eden villas, Terminus rd
Bradford Samuel, corn, coal & lime merchant & hay & straw dealer, Terminus road; depots, Railway station & Sea houses
Bradford William, beer retailer, Sea houses
Bradford William, dairyman, Susan’s dairy, Little North st
Bradford William, farmer & carman, Horsebrook frm. Old town
Braid Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Victoria place
Breton Nathaniel William, butcher, 46 Terminus road
Bretton Stephen, cabinet maker, upholsterer, auctioneer & house agent, Terminus road
Bretton Stephen, lodging house. 11 & 16 Grand parade
Brewster James, lodging house, 3 Cornfield terrace
Bridger Henry, tailor, White’s cottages, Sea houses
Bridger Thomas, shoe maker, White’s cottages, Sea houses
Bridgland Grace Elizabeth Turner (Mrs.), berlin wool repository, 45 Terminus road
Bristow Alfred, baker, 1 Leslie place, Sea houses
Brook Elizabeth & Eliza (Misses), dress makers, 9 Windsor terrace, Sea houses
Brookshaw William, whitesmith, Sea side
Brown Henry, lodging house, 10 & 11 Cavendish place
Brown William, bathing machine proprietor, Sea side
Bryning & Slight, house & ecclesiastical decorators, glass & sign writers, gilders &c. drawings & estimates free, 45
Terminus place, Terminus road
Bull Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Victoria place
Bull Thomas, grocer & tea dealer, 41 Terminus road
Burt James, veterinary surgeon & livery stables, Church street, Old town, & Seaside road
Burton Moses, draper, grocer & china, glass & earthenware dealer, South street, & at East Dean
Buss James, lodging house, Avenue villa, Grand parade
Butcher Edwin, lodging house, 15 Victoria place
Carpenter Charles & Jane (Miss), bakers & confectioners, 5 Terminus place, Terminus road
Carr Robert Perry, solicitor, 8 Grand parade
Carter Henry, Burlington hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, Grand parade
Cauldwell Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Richmond terrace, Pevensey road
Chandler Benjamin, lodging house, 3 Devonshire terrace, North street
Chapman George, carter, Meads
Chapman George, lodging house, Leaf terrace, Bourne street
Chapman William, fly proprietor, Puddle dock, Old town
Chatfield Edward (of Lewes) (J. Haine, agent), timber & deal yard, South street
Chatfield Henry, lodging house, 6 Terminus road
Chawner Hny. lodging house, Belvidere house, Hartington
Ciappessoni Francis, chronometer, watch & turret clockmaker & jeweller, 3 Victoria place, Seaside road
Clark Cyrus, lodging house, 18 Cavendish place
Clayton Benjamin Adolphus, beer retailer, Sea houses
Clayton Henry, pharmaceutical chemist, 1 Cornfield road
Clement James, boot & shoe maker, Church street, Old town
Climpson Henry, lodging house, 5 Pevensey vils. Pevensey rd
Climpson Reuben, builder, 59 Sea houses
Coates John, beer retailer, High street, Old town
Cock James, Rose & Crown, Bourne street
Coffyn Matilda (Mrs.), day school, South street
Cole & Co. outfitters (Moses Brown, manager), 3 Herbert terrace, Pevensey road
Cole Margaret (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Pevensey villas, Pevensey road
Coles John H. Campion, solicitor, Devonshire place
Colgate & Kent, surgeons, Hempstead house, Bolton road, & Molesey house, Devonshire place
Coller James, house & estate agent & hat manufacturer, 44 Terminus place, Terminus road, & Minerva cottage, Pevensey road
Collins John Reeves, grocer, Church street, Old town
Commercial & family hotel & assembly rooms (Caleb Diplock, proprietor; William Fowler, manager), Terminus rd
Cook George, clock maker, High street, Old town
Cook Thomas, lodging house, 13 Cavendish place
Coomber Henry, draper, Sea Side road
Coomber James, lodging house, 3 Langley place, Langley road
Cooper Charlotte (Miss), lodging house, 6 Sussex gardens, Terminus road
Cooper Edwin, chemist & druggist, 3 Buckingham place, Sea houses
Cooper Robert, brewer, South street
Co-operative Stores (George Kennard, manager), Herbert terrace Pevensey road
Coppard Dennis, boot & shoe maker, Meads
Coppard Thomas, coal merchant, Meads
Coxhead William, lodging house, 4 Devonshire ter. North st
Crawley Mary Jane (Miss), lodging house, Garibaldi villa, Pevensey road
Croft Jesse (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Grand parade
Cripps Charles, grocer & draper, Sea houses
Crisfield Sarah Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Sussex gardens, Terminus road
Croydon Eliza (Mrs.), Devonshire tavern, Seaside road
Cummins Joseph, shopkeeper, Duke street
Cummins William, lodging house, 35 Marine parade
Curtis Henry, lodging house, 7 Windsor terrace, Sea houses
Curtis John, builder, Bourne street
Dadswell Alfred, tailor draper & hatter, 2 Cavendish Place
Davidson Susannah (Miss), lodging house, 15 Mount parade
Davis John & Charles, family grocers, wine & spirit merchants, agents for W. & A. Gilby, wine importers, 5 Inkerman place, Seaside road, & at 2 South Colonade, St. Leonards
Dawes Edger & Co. lime burners, Meads, & at Wartling
Daws James, coach maker, 53 Sea houses
Dedmon Henry, lodging house, 4 Cornfield terrace
Denison Harriet (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 1 Meadow place, Sea houses
Dennis William, fruiterer & market gardener, 4 Lewes place, Seaside road
Diplock Caleb & Son, importers & shippers of wines & spirits, brewers & maltsters, The Lion steam brewery, Pevensey road; office, Terminus road
Diplock Samuel & Son, china, glass & earthenware dealers, 44 Terminus road
Doeg William Samuel, printer & stationer, proprietor & publisher.of the ‘Eastbourne Gazette,’ Pevensey road
Dore Alfred, lodging house, 1 Eaton villas, Terminus road
Dowding William, lodging house, 2 Eaton villas, Terminus rd
Dowton James, provision dealer, 5 Herbert ter. Pevensey rd
Dumbrell (Miss), lodging house, The Wish
Dutton John, chemist & druggist, 51 Terminus road
Eastbourne Advertiser & Visitors’ List (C. H. Law, publisher), Seaside road ; published tuesdays
Eastbourne Chronicle (James Roberts, publisher), 9 Terminus road
Eastbourne Express (C. H. Law, publisher), Seaside road
Eastbourne Gas Works (John H. C. Coles, esq. secretary & solicitor), Claremont house, Devonshire place
Eastbourne Gazette (W. S. Doeg, publisher), Pevensey rd
Eastbourne Permanent Building Society (Henry Miller Emary, secretary)
Eastbourne Sax-horn Band (T. Elliott, bandmaster), ‘Carpenters’ Arms,’ Terminus road
Elliott Thomas, Carpenters’ Arms, bandmaster & fly proprietor, Terminus road
Ellis Edward, lodging house, 8 Bourne street
Ellis Edward, lodging house, Wentworth house, Pevensey rd
Ellis James, licensed hawker & dealer in marine stores, Church street, Old town
Emery Henry Miller, registrar of births & deaths & rate collector, 10 Terminus road
Emmerson Mary (Miss), stay & corset maker, 3 Terminus place, Terminus road
Evenden Henry, draper & grocer, see Terry & Evendon
Filder John, farmer, Meads & South terrace
Finch William, lodging house, Mountfield house, Ceylon pl
Flint George, chemist & druggist, Pevensey road
Ford & Attwood, builders & contractors, Zoar vil. Pevensey rd
Ford Henry, lodging house, 6 Windsor terrace, Sea houses
Ford John, gardener, 8 Marine cottages, Sea houses
Ford Joseph, builder, Langney road
Fowler William, butcher, 8 Buckingham place, Sea houses
Fox George, smith & farrier, Seaside
Francis John, officer of inland revenue, 2 Ceylon place
Francis Richard, marble & stone mason, tombs, fonts, marble chimney pieces, & every description of marble work executed, 41 Terminus place, Terminus road
Freeman Thomas, coal & corn merchant & farmer, 13 Terminus road, & at West Ham
Fuller Thomas, lodging house, 18 Victoria place
Fuller Thomas, lodging house, 1 Windsor terrace, Sea houses
Funnell Charles, window blind manufacturer, 47 Terminus place, Terminus road
Gausden Edward, mealman, High street, Old town
Gausden Mary (Mrs.), grocer, High street, Old town
Geere John, lodging house, 1 Richmond place, Susan’s road
Gibbs Elizabeth (Mrs.) young ladies’ boarding school, Seaside road
Gibbs William, grocer, 7 Buckingham place, Sea houses
Gillham William, working lapidary, Paulet pl, Sea houses
Goldring Edmund, lodging house, 4 Robertson pl. Susan’s rd
Goldsmith Alfred, tobacconist, Terminus pl. Terminus road
Goldsmith Caleb, greengrocer, 34 Sea house
Goldsmith George, outfitter, 7 Terminus place, Terminus rd
Gorringe Mary Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house. 10 Cornfield terrace
Gorringe James, farmer, Upperton
Gorringe Joseph, farmer, Meads
Gosling Jesse, grocer & house agent, Seaside road & Sea houses
Gosling Mark Jane (Miss), china, glass & earthernware dealer, 21 Marine parade
Gowland Thomas Stafford, bookseller, stationer, library & reading rooms, fancy repository & photographic, studio, 16 Marine parade
Grant William, fruiterer, Terminus road
Gravett Eliza (Mrs.), brick maker, 3 Cambridge terrace
Greenfield Henry, coal merchant, Alexandra terrace, Pevensey road, & at the Railway station
Grey Charles George, upholsterer (practical & working), 4 Surrey terrace
Grimwood Rebecca (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Victoria place
Guy Catherine (Mrs.), dress maker, 8 Little North street
Guy Silas, coach builder, Terminus road
Haine John, builder, upholsterer, cabinet maker & undertaker, & van proprietor for the conveyance of luggage &c. to & from the Railway station & all parts of the town, Inkerman place, Seaside road; South street, & 4 Egremont place
Hall David, Victoria, Tower place, Sea side
Hall Samuel, chemist & druggist, bookseller & stationer, Alma place, Seaside road
Hammond Mary & Jane (Misses), lodging house, 3 North st
Hardy Henry Wells, professor of music, 1 South terrace
Hardy John, lodging house, 5 Robertson place, Susan’s road
Harris Richard, lodging house, 2 Cornfield terrace
Harrison Henry, hosier & haberdasher, 29 Cavendish place
Hart Edward, beer retailer, Holywell meads
Hart Herbert, wheelwright, Poplar place, Sea houses
Hassell Stephen, tailor & woollen draper, 2 Alma place, Seaside road
Haswell Worthy, M.D. surgeon, Shadforth house, Terminus road
Hayman Charles Christopher, physician, 22 Grand parade
Head Amy (Mrs.), grocer, Sea houses
Head Frederick James, engineer to the Water works, The Borough, Old town
Head James, baker, High street, Old town
Head John, bathing machine proprietor, Marine parade
Head Sarah (Mrs.), laundress, Sea houses
Head Simpson, confectioner 38 Sea houses
Head William, baker & confectioner, Paulet pl. Sea houses
Headland T. H. Sussex hotel, Cornfield terrace
Heath Elizabeth (Miss), ladies’ school, Surbiton house, Langney road
Heathfield Ann (Mrs.), fishmonger, Sea houses
Heritage James William, lodging house, 11 Surry terrace, Langney road
Hickmore John, lodging house, 1 Langley place
Hicks William, photographer, 4 Cornfield road, & 5 Alma place, Seaside road
Hide George, bathing machine proprietor, Sea side
Hide Richard, fishmonger, 40 Sea houses
Hide William, lodging house, 36 Marine parade
Hillman Edward (firm, Auckland & Hillman), solicitor, Seaside road, & at Lewes
Hillman Harry, lodging house, 22 Ceylon place
Hitchcock Augustus, lodging house, 24 Ceylon place
Hollamby Charles, shopkeeper, Old town
Hollobon Charles, builder, Herbert terrace, Pevensey road
Hollobon George, builder, Herbert terrace, Pevensey road
Hollobon Walter, lodging house, 25 Ceylon place
Hollobone John, beer retailer, 9 Marine cottages, Sea houses
Holloway George, lodging house, 7 Sussex gardens, Terminus road
Holman Henry, lodging house, 6 Cambridge terrace
Holman Isaac, confectioner, South street
Holmes Alfred, draper, 4 Albert place, Seaside road
Homewood John & George, farmers, Rodmil farm
Horne William E. Brighton Arms, 1 Terminus place, Terminus road
Horswell Ann (Miss), lodging house, 23 Cavendish place
Horton John William, lodging house, 32 Cavendish place
Hounsom Anne (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Marine parade
Howes Frans. Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Grand parade
Howes Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 & 3 Sussex gardens, Terminus road
Huggett John, ironmonger, smith, gasfitter &c. 54 Terminus road
Huke Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Robertson place, Susan’s road
Humphrey Henry, hardwareman & marine store dealer, 6 Buckingham place, Sea houses
Hunt William, lodging house, 8 Cornfield road
Hurd Henry, lodging house, 33 Marine parade
Hurst Alexander, ale & porter brewer, maltster, wine, spirit & coal merchant, & agent to the Phoenix Fire & European Life Insurance Offices, Star brewery, Old town; branch offices, 8 Terminus road & 1 Richmond terrace
Hurst Edward, corn miller, corn merchant & baker, Old town & Sea houses
Hurst Eliza (Mrs.), grocer, South street
Hurst Horace, lodging house, 2 North street
Hurst Kitty (Miss), lodging house, 3 Ceylon pl. Bourne st
Ingledew Anne (Miss), lodging house, 20 Marine parade
Ingledew Jane (Mrs.), bath proprtr. Webb’s bath, Sea houses
Insoll Robert, farmer, & steward to His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, The Old orchard
Isard Joseph, plumber, painter & glazier, & agent to the London & General Plate Glass Insurance Company, & fancy repository, 4 Alma place, Seaside road
Jackson Francis, lodging house, 18 Terminus pl. Terminus rd
Jackson William, lodging house, 4 Cambridge terrace
Jackson William, painter & house decorator, 6 Terminus place, Terminus road
James Elizabeth & Maria (Misses), young ladies’ boarding school, 23 Grand parade
Jarrett Charles, grocer & draper, 1 Terminus road
Jarvis James, boot & shoe maker & lodging house, Sea houses & 11 Marine parade
Jasper Robert, lodging house, 1 North street
Jeffery & Whitfield, surgeons, Seaside road
Jenkins George, tobacconist, 4 Victoria place
Jinman Abraham, cabinet & picture frame maker, artists’ repository & exhibition picture gallery, stationer, house agent & appraiser, 47 Terminus road
Jinman Alfred, lodging house, 6 Devonshire terrace, North st
Jinman George, boot & shoe maker, 6 Herbert terrace, Pevensey road
Jones Edwin, lodging house, 14 Marine parade
Jones Joseph William, laundry, Sea houses