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Eastbourne – Commercial (K – Z)

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Kemp Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 North street
Kennett George, lodging house, Lyndhurst house, Ceylon pl.
Kensett Joseph, The Club hotel, & Friendly Society’s hall, Pevensey road
Kimber & Howse, writers, grainers & paper hangers, 1 Howard place, Pevensey road
King Jonathan private gardener, Meads road
King William, lodging house, 12 Richmond ter. Pevensey rd
Kininmonth James, saddler & harness maker, South ter
Knight Henry & Co. bathing machine proprietors, Sea side
Knight Joel, lodging house, 7 Robertson place, Susan’s road
Knight William, fisherman, Sea houses
Lasnier & Soubese, milliners, St. Alban’s villa, Pevensey rd
Lasnier Alexandre, lodging house, 56 Seaside houses
Lavis G. & R. photographers, Terminus place, Terminus rd
Law Charles Henry, printer, bookseller & stationer, publisher of the ‘Eastbourne Express,’ ‘Eastbourne Advertiser,’ & ‘Visitors’ List,’ 5 Lewes place, Seaside road
Lawrence William, lodging house, 18 Cornfield terrace
Lazarus John, lodging house, 41 Ceylon place
Leete William, lodging house, 1 Compton villas, Seaside rd
Leleux Alexander & Co. wine, spirit & beer merchants, Richmond house, North street, Seaside road; & 11 Waterloo place, Pall mall, London s.w.
Lewes Water Works Company (George A. Wallis, C.E. manager & resident engineer)
Lewis James, beer retailer & carrier, Old town
Lewis William, carrier, Old town
Lofting Samuel, lodging house, 4 Bourne street
Luck Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 1 Inkerman place, Seaside road
Luck George, Ship, & bathing machine proprietor, Meads
Luck Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, Victoria villas, Seaside rd
Luck Philip, tea dealer, Meads
Luck Sarah (Miss), lodging house,3 Richmond pl. Susan’s rd
Lucken Edwin, draper, 6 Alma place, Seaside road
Maas Joseph, pianoforte & music warehouse, Terminus place, Terminus road
Macleod Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 & 20 Grand parade
Manning Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Pevensey terrace, Pevensey road
March Eliza, Emma & Ellen (Misses), young ladies’ boarding school, 1 Richmond terrace, Pevensey road
Marchant Frederick, beer retailer, Back of Marine parade
Marchant Henry, tallow chandler, Elm house, Old town
Marsh George, greengrocer, South street
Marshall George market gardener & fruiterer, Southbourne
Martin Esther (Miss), lodging house, 19 Grand parade
Martin George, pork butcher, 2 Albert place, Seaside road
Matthews Charles Miles, solicitor, Sussex ho. Terminus rd
Maugery Angelina (Miss), lodging house, 7 Cornfield road
Mawle Thomas, lathrender, 12 Cambridge terrace & Sea side
Maxwell Margaret Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Ceylon pl
Maynard. Francis, house decorator & paper hanger, Little North street
Maynard Isaac, carpenter, Little North street
Maynard Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, Tower street
Maynard Wm. tailor & draper, Thurlow house, Southbourne
Mechie & Melrose, berlin wool warehouse, 46 Terminus place, Terminus road
Midmore Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Bourne street
Mihill Henry, White Hart, Sea houses
Miller Luther, grocer, provision merchant, general draper, outfitter, & dealer in british wines, china, glass & earthenware, Pevensey road & Puddle dock, Old town
Mitchell Thomas, lodging house, 3 Bourne street
Mitchell William, lodging house, 16 Marine parade
Mockett Matthias, miller, corn & coal merchant & farmer, Willingdon; coal depot, 51 Sea houses & Railway station
Mockett Thomas, butcher, South street
Moore James, lodging house, 6 & 7 Cavendish place
Mockford Edward, painter & glazier, Marine cottages, Sea houses
Mockford Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, Marine cottages, Sea houses
Mockford Thomas, lodging house. 18 Grand parade
Morgan Richard, Archery tavern, Pevensey road
Morris Ebenezer & Sons, iron merchants & general furnishing ironmongers, 1 Victoria place; & at High street, Cliffe, Lewes
Morris Edward Henry. watch maker, 4 Terminus. place. Terminus road
Morris Thomas, pastry cook, 37 Terminus road
Morris William, watch matter & auctioneer, South street
Mortimer John, lodging house, 3 South terrace
Muse Aaron, hair dresser & bookseller, Sea houses
Nettleton Joshua, lodging house, 12 Bourne street
Newman Michael & James, smiths & farriers, Sea houses
Newman James, blacksmith, Meads
Newman James, jun grocer & draper, Meads
Newman John, Anchor hotel, Marine parade & Sea houses
Newman John, boot & shoe maker, 3 Albert pl. Seaside road
Nicholas Alfred, lodging house, 2 Howard pl. Pevensey road
Noakes & Wilkinson, cabinet makers, 10 Cambridge terrace & Sea side
Norris Eliza & Sarah (Misses), lodging house, 22 Cornfield ter
Nottingham William, lodging house, 3 Devonshire terrace, North street
Novis James, bricklayer, 8 Cambridge terrace
Oliver Anna (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Bourne street
Oxbrough George Anthony, lodging house, Kendal house, Ceylon place
Paffrey Sarah & Susannah (Misses), ladies’ boarding school, 20 Cornfield terrace
Page John Henry, pastry cook & confectioner, 62 Seaside
Page William, New inn & commercial hotel, South street
Pain Alfred, carpenter, Church street, Old town
Pain Thomas, carpenter, Old town
Pannett John William. draper, 7 Inkerman place, Seaside rd
Parker George, fisherman, Sea side
Parker James, fisherman, Sea side
Parks George, lodging house, 4 Pevensey villas, Pevensey rd
Parks James, basket maker, 52 Sea houses
Parris Edward, lodging house, Sea houses
Parsons John L. & Charles, stone & marble masons, Terminus road, & at Lewes
Parsons Henry, lodging houses, Sea houses
Parsons James, draper, 47 Seaside houses
Parsons William, Gilbert Arms, Terminus road
Patchett Matthew, Temperance hotel, commercial, coffee & dining rooms, private sitting rooms &c. 50 Terminus place, Terminus road, near the Railway station
Payne John, fly proprietor & post office receiving house, Old town
Payne Thomas, carpenter, Old town
Payne William, confectioner, South street
Pearce Absalom, lodging house, 4 Cavendish place
Pearson William, chimney sweeper, 39 Sea houses
Peerless James, builder & contractor, 18 Terminus road
Peerless Peter, lodging house, 11 Terminus road
Pendrill Sarah (Miss), lodging house, Oak cot. Terminus rd
Perry Joseph, solicitor, Devonshire lodge, Pevensey road; & 2 Guildhall chambers, London, e.c
Pidcock Richard, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in chancery in England, perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgements of deeds by married women & in all the law courts, Brougham house, Ceylon place; & at Church hill, Woolwich, Kent
Pierce John, lodging house, 8 Windsor terrace, Sea houses
Pinder Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Marine parade
Piper Robert, boot & shoe maker, Church street, Old town
Pocock Charles, lodging house, 14 Cornfield terrace
Pocock George, butcher, High street, Old town
Pocock Jane (Miss), shopkeeper, Puddle dock, Old town
Pocock Walter, upholsterer, cabinet maker & paper hanger, The Borough, Old town
Pope Samuel, lodging house, 19 Cavendish place
Price Edward, tailor & woollen draper, Sea houses
Prince Mary (Miss), lodging house, 2 Devonshire ter. North st
Prodger Edward & Son, builders & contractors, 1 Ceylon place
Prodger William & Son, plumbers & glaziers, South street
Prodger (Miss), lodging house, 27 Cavendish place
Prodger Charles, lodging house, 26 Cavendish place
Prodger David, lodging house, 25 Cavendish place
Prodger Edward, lodging house, 3 Robertson pl. Susan’s rd
Prodger John, plumber & glazier, 2 Terminus road
Prodger John, jun. lodging house, 20 Ceylon place
Prodger William, lodging house, 27 Ceylon place
Putland Eliza (Miss), lodging house, 57 Seaside houses
Rason Anna (Miss), seminary, 15 Cornfield terrace
Rason Jane (Mrs.), Marine hotel, 54 & 55 Sea houses
Ray Charles, baker & confectioner, Sea houses
Read Isaac, lodging house, 22 Cavendish place
Read John, greengrocer, 5 Richmond place, Susan’s road
Read Susanna (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Cornfield terrace
Reed Henry, King’s Arm, Sea houses
Reed Samuel, lodging house, 29 Marine parade
Rich R. (Miss), lodging house, 6 Cornfield road
Roberts Bransby, surgeon, 12 Victoria place
Roberts James, printer, bookbinder, stationer, bookseller, news agent & select circulating library, 9 Terminus road
Roberts Susannah (Mrs.), dress maker, Langley road
Rodgers Charles, leather seller & boot & shoe maker, 1 Little North street
Rumble Henry Euean, architect & surveyor, Seaside road
Russell Ann (Mrs.), laundress, Burstead cottage, North street
Russell Charlotte (Miss), lodging house, 11 Cornfield terrace
Russell Trayton, lodging house, 2 Langley place, Langley road
Russell William, lodging house, 5 Cornfield road
Sandifer Robert, grocer & provision dealer, Cambridge house, Seaside road
Sansum Henry, lodging house, 2 Surry terrace, Langney road
Sayers William, coal & fire wood dealer, Tower street
Seeley Flavel, lodging house, 44 Ceylon place
Sergeant & Ramsay, milliners, 20 Victoria place
Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariner’s Society (Samuel Hall, agent), Seaside road
Shoosmith Eliza & Matilda (Misses), gentlemen’s preparatory school, Grove house, Southbourne
Shoosmith Edward, music seller & teacher of music, Terminus road
Simmons Charles & Henry, corn chandlers, 1 Pevensey road
Simmons Charles, butcher & house agent, Seaside houses, & 3 Lewes place, Seaside road
Simmons Elizabeth (Mrs.), hard confectioner, Puddle dock, Old town
Simmons George, boot & shoe maker, South street
Smith Edwin, draper, Terminus road
Smith George, marble turner & inlayer, 3 Terminus road
Snatt James, hard confectioner South street
Snatt Thomas, lodging house, 21 Cavendish place
Snelling John Oliver, wine, spirit & beer merchant, 55 Terminus road
Springett Robert, saddle & harness maker, 3 Cornfield road
Standen Eleanor (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Pevensey villas, Pevensey road
Stanford Wm. boot & shoe maker, Alma place, Seaside road
Stephens Charles, wheelwright & carpenter, Old Town road
Stevens Henry, lodging house, Langney road
Stevens Leonard, harness maker, Puddle dock, Old town
Stevens Richard, billiard & bagatelle maker, Terminus road
Stevenson George, ironmonger & blacksmith, High street, Old town
Stevenson Henry, lodging house, 1 Leaf terrace, Bourne st
Stevenson Norton, land steward to the Hon. Mrs. Gilbert, The Borough, Old town
Stone Eliza (Mrs.), seminary, 8 Robertson place, Susan’s rd
Strett William, lodging house, Bourne street
Stretton John, carpenter, High street, Old town
Stunt Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, Ball Room house, Sea houses
Sumner Edward, lodging house, 1 Pevensey villas, Pevensey road
Sutton Henry, Railway family & commercial hotel, Terminus road
Sutton Samuel, boot & shoe maker, Meads road
Swayne James, fisherman, Sea houses
Sympson Edmund, fruiterer, 3 Inkerman place, Sea houses
Tatham Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Ceylon place
Taylor Thomas, lodging house, 4 Terminus road
Terry & Evenden, general drapers, silk mercers, grocers & provision dealers, 28, 29 & 30 Cornfield terrace
Tewkesbury Edwin, boot & shoe maker, South street
Thatcher George, grocer, draper, outfitter & dealer in china, glass & earthenware, & agent to Royal Farmers’ Fire & Hail Insurance Office, Church street, Old town
The Vineyards Agency (George Anthony Oxborough, manager), 1 Cavendish place
Thomas Seymour Thomas, fruiterer, 1 Alma place, Seaside rd
Thompson Frederick, greengrocer, 60 Seaside houses
Thompson George William, chemist & druggist, 5 Victoria place
Thornton John, tailor & draper, 48 Terminus road
Tobitt William, seedsman, High street, Old town
Tomkinson Charles, plumber & glazier, 12 Terminus road
Toomer Robert Sloper, poor rates collector, 6 Bourne street
Towner James & John Chisholm, cabinet makers, upholsterers, undertakers & house agents, Terminus road & Old town
Towner Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, The Grotto, Terminus rd
Tupper John, lodging house, 2 Terminus pl. Terminus road
Underwood Henry, builder, 13 Richmond terrace, Pevensey road
Usher William, hair dresser & perfumer, 2 Lewes place, Sea Side road
Verrall James, fly proprietor & lodging house, Bourne street
Verrell John, lodging house, Marine cottages, Sea houses
Vinall John, paper hanger, 2 Robertson place, Susan’s road
Vine Alfred, family grocer & tea dealer, 48 Terminus place, Terminus road
Vine Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Compton villas, Sea Side road
Vine Henry, boot & shoe maker, 5 Terminus road
Vine James, wheelwright, 63 Sea houses
Vine John, boot & shoe maker, Sea houses
Vine John, coal merchant, Sea side; residence, Durham house, Ceylon place
Vine Joseph, butcher, Sea houses, & at the Old town
Vine Thomas, lodging house, & fishmonger, Vine villa, Marine cottages
Vine William Henry, cook & confectioner, 43 Terminus road
Walker Richard, watch & clock maker & jeweller, 39 Terminus road
Wallis George Ambrose, civil engineer & surveyor, Seaside road
Walter William, lodging house, Brougham house, Ceylon pl
Walton John, lodging house, 4 Windsor terrace, Sea houses
Ward William & Co. wine & spirit merchants, auctioneers, valuers & house & estate agents, Pevensey road
Waters Jabez, blacksmith, Old town
Waters John, farmer, Motcombe farm, Old town
Watts Henry, M.D. surgeon, 12 Windsor terrace, Sea houses
Way John, lodging house, 17 Victoria place
Way Thomas, lodging house, 3 Grand parade
Waymark Abraham, fisherman, Sea side
Waymark Daniel, fisherman, Sea side
Waymark Daniel, lodging house, 5 Ceylon place
Waymark George Abraham, fishmonger & poulterer, 6 Inkerman place, Seaside road
Waymark James, fisherman, Sea side
Waymark John, fisherman, Sea side
Waymark Mary (Miss), lodging house, 1 Burlington villas, Seaside road
Weaver Emily (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Terminus road
Wenham Ody. town crier & furniture broker, Sea houses
Wenham William, beer retailer, 61 Sea houses
Weston Charles, market gardener, Roselands, Pevensey rd
White Richard, builder, Sea houses
White Richard, lodging house, 43 Ceylon place
Whitfield, Molineux & Co. bankers (branch of Lewes Old Bank) (Josiah Brown, manager), 40 Terminus road; draw on Williams, Deacon & Co. London
Whitfield A. surgeon, see Jeffery & Whitfield
Wicken Charles, grocer, Buckingham place, Sea houses
Wickens Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 7 Ceylon place
Wickham Walter, carman, 10 Meadow place, Sea houses
Wilcockson Richard, berlin wool & fancy repository, 2 Cornfield road
Wilkins Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, Crown lane, Old town
Wilkins Charles, Star hotel, Old town
Wilkins George, beer retailer, Leslie place, Sea houses
Wille Edward, florist & landscape gardener, Lismore road & 23 Marine parade
Willmot Thomas, builder & contractor, Roselands, Pevensey rd
Wilmshurst William, fruiterer, 38 Terminus road
Winter Eliza & Harriet Ann (Misses), lodging house, 10 Bourne street
Wood George, boot & shoe maker, 6 Lewes place, Seaside road & Sea houses
Wood George, butcher, 2 Inkerman place, Seaside road
Woodhouse William, lodging house, 6 Victoria place
Young Richard, Prince of Wales, Lewes place
Young Samuel, saddler & harness maker, Richmond place, Susan’s road, & Church street, Old town
Young Thomas, market gardener, Roselands, Pevensey road
Zimmerman Carl, lodging house, 45 Ceylon place