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Eastbourne – Private Residents

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Adams George, esq. Reed’s rest, Devonshire place
Archdall Capt. Mervin, Odessa lodge, Cornfield road
Ashby Mr. George. Back, of South st
Attwood Mr. William Henry, Zoar villa, Pevensey road
Backhouse Misses, 1 Cornfield terrace
Bacon Capt. Montpellier villa, Old town
Barber James, esq. Larkfield
Batty Mrs. High street, Old town
Bough Mrs. Norfolk villa, Trinity place
Benest Mrs. Ceylon place
Bentley Mrs. 10 Marine cots. Sea houses
Blayds Mr. Thomas, 17 Ceylon place
Blessley Robert Knott, esq. Terminus rd
Boleau Mrs. 14 Cavendish place
Boyd Col. Brooke, 10 Pevensey terrace, Pevensey road
Boyle Mrs. Eskbank lodge, Bolton road
Bradford Mr. Henry, Puddle dock, Old town
Bristow Mr. Henry, 21 Cornfield ter
Brodie Misses, The Gore, Old town
Brodie Wm. esq. Milton, Devonshire pl
Brown Mr. Josiah, 40 Terminus road
Caldecott Robert Marriott, esq. Mead’s lodge
Carr Robert Perry, esq. 8 Grand parade
Carter Mrs. Elgin ho. Burlington place
Chambers Richard, esq. Bolton house, Bolton road
Coles John H. C. esq. Devonshire place
Colgate Robert, esq. Hempstead house, Bolton road
Compton Mrs. Metford lodge, Bolton rd
Conway Thomas esq. 5 Sussex gardens, Terminus road
Cooper Mr. Robert, 2 South terrace
Cooper Mr. Thomas, 9 Grand parade
Cranswick Rev. Matthew [Wesleyan], Bolton lodge, Bolton road
Cumberlege Miss, Greystone house, Mead’s road
Curling Mrs. Kent lodge, Seaside road; & at Kingsdown, Dover, Kent
Cuthell A. esq. Fern bnk. Hartington pl
Dansey Miss, Brinsop villa, Cornfield rd
Dexter Janus, esq. 6 Victoria place
Dowson Joseph, esq. Mead’s house
Dugmore W. esq. Q.C. 1 Grand parade
Duke Miss, Arlington villa, Seaside road
Dumergue Capt. Edward, 1 Elm’s lea, Seaside road
Dunn Misses, 3 Windsor ter. Sea houses
Easter Mr. WiIIiam, Dorking villas, Pevensey road
Ellis Wm. esq. Atholl ho. Burlington pl
Fawcett W. F. esq. Grand parade
Filder Mr. John, Montague ho. South ter
Ford Mr. Henry, Zoar vil. Pevensey rd
Foyster Rev. Albert [Independent], Pevensey road
Freeman Henry, esq. 10 Cornfield road
Geary Lieut. William Charles, R.N. [Coastguard station], Holywll. Meads
Gilbert Hon. Mrs. Manor ho. Old town
Gottwalty John Francis, esq. Mead’s rd
Grace Mrs. Gore villa, Cornfield road
Graham John, esq. J.P. The Elms, Seaside road
Graham Reginald John, esq. J.P. D.L. Southbourne
Gray George, esq. Lismore road
Guy Mr. William, 11 Marine cottages, Sea houses
Hackett Mr. James, Gratwick villa, Cornfield road
Hall Mrs. 16 Victoria place
Hart Miss, Clifton villa, Cornfield road
Harwood Major, Ceylon place
Haswell Worthy, M.D. Shadforth house, Terminus road
Hayman Charles Christopher, M.D. 22 Grand parade
Hewett Capt. Jas. R.N. South Sea houses
Hill Rev. T. P. 5 Ceylon place
Hindley Samuel, esq. Longton villa, Bolton road
Hoad Mr. Charles, Sea houses
Holman Capt. Thomas, Elgin house, Burlington place
Holmes Mrs. Manor house, Old town
Hood Walter James, esq. Osborne house, Seaside road
Howard Lady Fanny, Compton place
Howard Frederic John, esq. Compton pl
Insoll Robert, esq. The Old Orchard
Jeffery G. A. esq. Trinity house
Jeffrey Mrs. Albert house, Seaside road
Jeffreys Elijah, esq. Bourbel villa, Seaside road
Johnson Mrs. Rose cottage, South st
Kennett Mr. John, 12 Marine parade
Kent Arcadius, esq. Molesey house, Devonshire place
Kirkland Walter, esq. The Wish
Law Mr. CharIes Henry, 1 Chepstow villas, Pevensey road
Lay Henry esq. Kolassy house, Church street, Old town
Leaf William, esq. 6 Grand parade
Lemmon Mrs. 14 Richmond terrace, Pevensey road
Lidbetter Miss, Rose cottage, South st
Lloyd Rev. William Henry, M.A. [incumbent of Christ’s church], parsonage house, Sea houses
Lucock Mrs. 3 Richmond terrace, Pevensey road
Manby Charles, esq. The Greys, Old town
Mandy Mr. Henry, 12 Marine cottages, Sea houses
Mandy Miss, High street, Old town
Matthews Charles Miles, esq. Sussex house, Terminus road
Melliss Rev. James K
Mills Mr. John, 3 Carlisle villas, Bolton rd
Morison James George, esq. Stanmore house, Burlington place
Mountjoy Richard Samuel, esq. Avenue villa, Seaside road
Olliver Mrs. Arlington villa, Seaside rd
Palmer John Carrington, esq. Mixbury house, Hartington place
Pannell Mrs. Kingston house, Devonshire place
Peerless Mr. Boaz, 11 Cambridge ter
Perry Rev. George Henry A. [chaplain to the union], 5 Robertson place, Susan’s road
Perry John, esq. 2 Elm’s lea, Seaside rd
Perry Joseph, esq. Devonshire lodge, Pevensey road
Pidcock Richard, esq. Brougham house, Ceylon place; & at Church hill, Woolwich, Kent
Pierpoint Rev. Richard William, M.A. Trinity parsonage
Pitman Rev. Thomas, M.A. [prebendary of Chichester & surrogate], St. Mary’s vicarage, Old town
Poole Mrs. Mallerstang villa, Bolton rd
Prince Mrs. Ashelworth vils. Cornfield rd
Redcliffe Henry John, esq. 7 South ter
Richards Mrs. 6 South terrace
Roberts Bransby, esq. 12 Victoria place
Robinson Mrs. The Villa, Old town
Rumble H. Euean, esq. Seaside road
Ryle Thomas, esq. Carshalton lodge, Devonshire place
Rymill Mrs. Cray lodge, Devonshire pl
Sandeman Mrs. Roseneath lodge, Burlington place
Sealey William, esq. 7 Grand parade
Sheridan John, esq. Hampshire house, Devonshire place
Simonds Mr. Edward, Aberdeen cottage, Seaside road
Spencer John Henry, esq. Winkfield house, Devonshire place
Spike Mr. Henry, Salem villa, North st
Spooner Miss, Eversley house, Trinity pl
Stephens Mr. Thomas, High st. Old town
Streatfield John, esq. Sea Beach house
Stretch Mrs. Ceylon place
Swift George, esq. Southfield lodge, Meads
Thackwell Mrs. 3 Pevensey villas, Pevensey road
Towner Mrs. Puddle dock, Old town
Van Sommer James, esq. Cornfield house, Devonshire place
Vaughan Stephen, esq. Alexandra villa, Terminus road
Vickers William, esq. Langley villa, Bolton road
Walford Richard, esq. Fair Place villa, Seaside road
Walker Edward, esq. Sidney house, Grand parade
Wallis George A. esq. 4 South terrace
Waters Charles, esq. 5 South terrace
Waters John, esq. Motcombe, Old town
Watson Mr. William, 5 Windsor terrace, Sea houses
Watts Henry, M.D. 12 Windsor terrace, Sea houses
Webber Mrs. 3 Pevensey vils. Pevensey rd
Whelpton Rev. Henry R. M.A. [incumbent of St. Saviour’s], St. Leonard’s villa, Seaside road
Whitfield A. esq. Elm villa, Seaside road
Wilford Major John Sutton, Southbourne cottage
Wilson Mrs. 15 Cavendish place
Woodford Mrs. 2 Burlington villas, Seaside road