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Hastings – Commercial

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Acraman William Henry, professor of music, 31 Robertson st
Adams Hannah (Mrs.) private boarding house, 30 Havelock rd
Adams John, hosier & haberdasher, St. Andrew’s road
Adams John Pain, Cottage inn, St. Andrew’s road
Adams Thomas, lodging house, 90 High street
Adams Walter, grocer & collector of water rate, 63 All Saints’ street
Adcock Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 10 Claremont
Adgo John, Golden Cross hotel, Havelock road
Adgo Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Caroline place
Akehurst Alfred, fly proprietor, 9 East parade
Akehurst Mary (Miss), lodging house, 12 Marine parade
Akehurst Wm. fly proprietor & lodging house, 8 East parade
Alderton & Shrewsbury, ironmongers, ironfounders, smiths, bellhangers, gas fitters, braziers, tinplate workers, stove & range manufacturers & bar iron merchants, 69 & 70 George street, & 1B, Robertson street
Aldridge Thomas, lodging house, 2 Robertson terrace
Allen Justinian John, master mariner, Gurnsey cottage, East hill
Amas Charles, haberdasher, 1 Pelham place
Amon Thomas, lodging house, 17 Robertson terrace
Amoore & Son, dentists, 3 York buildings
Amoore Charles, chemist & druggist, 6 Castle street
Amoore Joseph, grocer & tallow chandler, 57 High street, & 1A, Robertson street
Andrews William, borough surveyor & surveyor to the local board of health, 84A, High Street
Apel Hermann, shopkeeper, 19 Russell street
Apps Frederick, fly proprietor & beer retailer, 32 High st
Archer William, watch maker, 45a, George street
Archer William George, Royal Oak family & commercial hotel, Castle street, facing the sea
Arnold Joseph, wine & spirit & beer merchant, & sole agent for Guinness’s extra stout, Pelham arcade; & at 18 Grand parade, St. Leonard’s
Ashby John, dyer & scourer, 1 Russell street
Ashdown Henry William, photographer, 22 White Rock place
Ashdown William, fancy bazaar, 29 White Rock place
Atkins William Henry, grocer, Egremont place, Halton
Atkinson William, lodging house, 6 Caroline place
Austin Jabez Thomas, fly proprietor, Castle road
Ayles & Bonniwell, photographers, 44 Robertson street
Aylesbury George, lodging house, 15 York buildings
Aylesbury William, lodging house, 5 Bedford place
Bacon George Peter, general printer & publisher of the Hastings & St. Leonard’s Chronicle, 28 Robertson street
Bailey Edward, baker, 44 Bohemia place
Bailey Richard, tailor. 15 Castle terrace
Baker Charles, plumber, glazier & painter, 5 Church street
Baker Edward, hair dresser, East Beach street
Baker William, greengrocer, 17 Stone street
Balding Thomas, lodging house, 6 Portland terrace
Baldwin Edwin, milliner & florist, & bonnet warehouse, 23 White Rock place; & at 1 London road, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea
Balkham Edward, boot & shoe maker, 4 Albion pl. West Hill
Ball John, grocer, Eastbourne street
Ball Walter George, Plough, West hill
Ballard Sarah (Miss), confectioner, 17 Castle street
Bane Edward James, agent for the National Freehold Land Society, 11 Prospect place, St. Michaels
Banes Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Wellington square
Banks Alfred, butcher, 15 Wellington place
Banks John, land surveyor, & actuary of the Hastings & St. Leonards Savings Bank, Bleak house
Banks John, lodging house, 28 Robertson street
Banks Stephen, corn & flour dealer, 15 Meadow road
Banks William, lodging house, 4 Trinity place
Bannister Joseph, lodging house, & house agent, 4 White Rock place
Barham Albert, lodging house, 9 York buildings
Barham Arthur Howard, relieving officer for No. 1 district; office, Sinnock’s cottage; residence, 6 Stratford place
Barham Wm. plumber, painter & glazier, 9 St. Andrew’s rd
Barker Anna. (Mrs.), lodging house, 55 Havelock road
Barnard John Wyatt, M.D. surgeon, Montague house, Wellington square
Barnes Charles Edward, lodging house, 4 Claremont
Barrow Emily & Harriet (Misses), milliners & dress makers, 6 Castle terrace
Barton Brothers, van proprietors & furniture depository, 3 Commercial road & 1 & 7 East street
Barton Charles Jabez, house agent & appraiser, 3 Commercial road
Barton Thos. Henry, grocer, 16 & 17 Prospect pl. St. Michaels
Bayfield James, photographer, 25 White Rock place
Bayley John, registrar of births & deaths for St. Mary-in-the-Castle district, & collector of coal duties &c. to Local
Board of Health, 25 George street
Bayhip James, boot & shoe maker, 20 Prospect pl. St. Michaels
Beattie Marion (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 High Wickham
Beck George, civil engineer, architect & surveyor, 37 Havelock road
Beck Henry, lodging house, 31 White Rock place
Becton Joseph, smith & farrier, Castle road
Beeching & Sons, bankers (branch of Tonbridge Old Bank) (George Scrivens, esq. manager), 9 Pelham place; draw on Barnett, Hoare & Co. London
Bell James, dispensing chemist, & agent for Struves & Schweppes’ mineral waters, 22 Robertson street
Bellamy Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging ho. 11 White Rock pl.
Belsey Henry, boot & shoe maker, 4 Pelham street
Belsey James Thomas, carpenter & paper hanger, Spring house, Wellington terrace
Bendall Emma (Mrs.), private boarding house, Castle house, Castle down
Beney & Mallyon, milliners & dress makers, 2 Castle place
Beney Thomas, lodging house, 7 East parade
Betts Benjamin, baker, 26 Bourne street
Betts Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 St Andrew’s road
Betts Samuel, grocer, 77 All Saints’ street
Beverly Sarah & Jane (Misses), lodging house, Linton house, Bohemia road
Bishop John, appraiser & valuer, 60 St. Mary’s terrace
Bissenden William, lapidary, 1 West street
Blomfield Rev. Henry, boarding & day school, 6 Cavendish terrace
Blundell Stephen, shopkeeper, & post office receiving house, 18 Albion street, Alton
Bluton George, lodging house, 2 Castle hill & 4 Denmark pl.
Bohm Ann (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 3 Castle road, Wellington square
Bolingbroke Albert, trimming seller, Victoria ho. Robertson st
Bolingbroke Albert (Mrs.), corset & dress maker, Victoria house, Robertson street
Bonnville John, commercial traveller, 5 Carlisle villas, Booking office for London, Brighton & South Coast & South Eastern Railway (Henry Stevenson, clerk), Commercial road
Boorman Dinah (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 North terrace, Station road
Bossom Benjamin & Son, plumbers & glaziers, 53 High st
Bossom Bertram Thomas, lodging house, 28 St. Andrew’s rd
Boulter Charles, furniture broker, 8 Dorset pl. St. Michaels
Boulvin Walter Albert, professor of the pianoforte, 19 St. Andrew’s square
Bourn William, Sea Side hotel, Stratford pl. White rock
Bourne Frederic Wallis, builder, 56 Havelock road
Bourne Robert, grocer & carpenter, 2 Castle View place
Bourner William, jun. pawnbroker, 49 George street
Bowerman & Co. linen drapers, 14 Robertson street
Bowles Harriet (Miss), Albion family hotel, extensive stabling & coach houses contiguous to the hotel, Marine parade, facing the Sea
Bowles John, Albion Shades, George street
Bowmer Edward, secretary to East Sussex, Hastings & St. Leonard’s Infirmary, & manager of Hastings & East Sussex Building Society, 6 York buildings
Bowra William, beer retailer, Pelham street
Boxall Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 4 Marine parade
Brasier George, lodging house, 7 Beach cottages
Breach Charles, fishmonger, 46 Robertson street
Breach Mark, fishmonger, Commercial road
Breach Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 High street
Breeds & Sons, Auctioneers, land & estate agents & glass & china dealers, 67 George street & 9 Robertson street
Breeds Thomas & Co. coal merchants, brewers & ship owners, 61 High street
Bridger William Feist, auctioneer, appraiser, estate & house agent, 7 Claremont
Bridges William, lodging ho. 5 Carlton terrace, St. Andrew’s rd
Bright Edward Saul, linen draper & silk mercer, 1 & 2 Robertson street
Broadbridge James, builder, 1 Castle terrace
Broadbridge Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Castle terrace
Bromley John Roger, grocer, 9 George st. & 39 Robertson st
Brook Jeremiah, gun maker, 2 Commercial road
Brown Joseph, plumber & glazier, 19 Havelock road
Brown Samuel Marshall, beer retailer, 29 Bohemia place
Buchanan Norman William, hair dresser, 1 East Parade
Budd G. C, (Mrs.), private boarding house, Castle Cliff house, Castle hill
Buddell James, lodging house, 1 Croft villas
Bumstead John, toy dealer, Pelham street
Bumstead Stephen, tailor, 25 Castle street
Burchell Robert, stone & marble mason, 36 Havelock road
Burfield J. & C. & Co. coal & porter merchants, brewers & ship owners, 1 George street & 21 Wellington place
Burgess Lewis John, linen draper, 14 Wellington place
Burgess Robert, commercial traveller, 2 Portland pl. Halton
Burgess Samuel Collier, furnishing & general ironmonger, iron & tin plate worker, locksmith & bell hanger, 24 George street
Burgis Susannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Kentish place
Burrell William, poulterer, 19 Robertson street
Burt Alfred, greengrocer, 124 All Saints’ street
Burt Amelia (Mrs.), ladies’ seminary, 3 Trinity street
Burt James, job & riding master, Middle street
Burton Alfred, lodging house, 1 Cambridge terrace
Butler William, glass & china dealer, 29 Robertson street
Calder James Alex. Haldane, surveyor of taxes, 1 Bedford pl.
Campbell John, coal meter & sergeant-at-mace, 45 Priory st
Carpenter Henry, lodging house, 28 Pelham street
Carr Mary (Miss), lodging house, 6 Claremont
Carswell Elizabeth (Mrs.), Swan hotel & posting house, High street
Carter Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Cambridge terrace
Carter John, baker, 49 All Saints’ street
Catt Charles, beer retailer, 46½ All Saints’ street
Catt Edwin, grocer, dairyman & dealer in british wines, 27 Bohemia place
Catt Joseph, stone mason, St. Andrew’s road
Catt Samuel, lodging house, Alma house. Middle street
Catt Spencer, lodging house, 4 York buildings
Champion William, carpenter, 7 York gardens
Champley John, tailor, Waldgrave street
Chandler Charles William, tailor, 8 Wellington place
Chandler Richard Edwards, Pelham Arms, Pelham street
Chant James, hatter, 46 George street
Chapman Edmund, dairyman, 53 St. Andrew’s road
Chapman George, lodging house, 2 Trinity place
Chapman Tilden, lodging house, 7 St. Andrew’s road
Chasty Frederick, lodging house, 4 Pelham crescent
Chatfield Alfred, Cutter inn, East parade
Chatfield Jane (Miss), lodging house, 12 East parade
Cheal Harriet (Mrs.), brewer, Castle brewery
Child Williamson, dining rooms, Commercial road
Christopherson Brothers, wine & spirit merchants, 1 Breeds pl.
Church of England Christian Association (W. D. Lucas-Shadwell, esq. President; Mr. M. Pearson, hon. sec; Mr. George A. Thorpe, hon. treasurer), 42 George street
Clark Emma (Miss), baker, 4 Pelham street
Clarke Frank, Lord Nelson, Eastbourne street
Clapp Wm. lodging house, & rate collector, 4 Caroline place
Clapson Brothers, chimney sweepers, Middle street
Clapson James, grocer, 61 All Saints’ street
Cleland Sarah (Mrs.), seminary, 4 St. Andrew’s square
Clement George, hop merchant & farmer, Silver Hill farm, & 4 Pelham place
Clifton Fanny & Magdalene (Misses), ladies’ boarding school, 35 Wellington square
Cloake Elizabeth Thwaites (Miss), dress maker, Albion house, Cobourg place
Cloke Edmund, coal merchant, 36 Priory street
Coad William Richard, family grocer & tea dealer, provision merchant & house agent, Robertson street & Havelock road
Cobin & Jackson, coach builders, Castle road
Cogswell John, reporter for the ‘Hastings & St. Leonard’s News,’ 4 Meadow road
Cohen Solomon Greenwood, upholsterer, 17 Meadow road; residence, 17 Hill street
Colbran William, shopkeeper, Waldegrave street
Cole James, beer retailer, 44 All Saints’ street
Cole Thomas Holwell, M.A. private tutor, 1 Linton terrace
Coleman James, beer retailer, Commercial road
Coleman Louisa (Miss), lodging house, 12 Cambridge terrace
Collins Elizabeth (Mrs.), baker & grocer, Bohemia road
Collins Henry, boot & shoe maker, 11 All Saints’ street
Collins Lewis John, baker, 6 St. Mary’s terrace
Collins William, baker, 55 St. Andrew’s road
Collins William, carpenter, 11 Stonefield road
Collins William, whitesmith, Burdett place, George street
Conner John, greengrocer, 20 High street
Connold Thomas, watch maker & jeweller, 11 Castle street
Cook John Henry, baker, 8 Stone street
Cook Samuel Wardale, linen draper, 7 Robertson street
Cotton John, blacksmith, 90A, High street
Coussens David, furniture broker, 25 Bourne street
Coussens Elias, Cinque Port Arms, All Saints’ street
Coussens Henry (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 All Saints’ street
Covell William, tailor, 8 Middle street
Coverley Henry, linen draper, 60 George street
Cowing Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Wellington square
Cox George, beer retailer, 10 Albion terrace, Halton
Cox Walter James, bill poster & town crier, 52A, High street
Craig Richard, collector of market tolls, Market place; residence, 28A, John street
Cramp Richard, bricklayer, Garden cottage, Croft
Creed Geo. Foster, boot & shoe maker, 2 Gloucester cots. Croft
Crittenden Thomas, naturalist, 6 George street
Crockett Eliza (Mrs,), milliner & dress maker, 20 St. Andrew’s road
Cross Alfred, architect & surveyor, 1A, Linton terrace
Crouch George, beer retailer, 8 Castle terrace
Crouch George Wm. fruiterer & greengrocer, Pelham arcade
Crouch John, butcher, 1 Castle street
Cruttenden Nelson, baker, Priory road, Halton
Cruttenden William, cowkeeper, Greenfield house, West hill
Curtis Jeremiah, furniture broker, 8 John street
Curtis John, auctioneer & land surveyor, St. Andrew’s road
Curwood James, hair dresser, Havelock road
Cuthbert James, shoeing & general smith, West street
Dalgleish Thomas & Alfred, pork butchers & poulterers, 4 Robertson street
Damper Charles, fruiterer & greengrocer, 25 Bohemia place
Dash George, fly proprietor, 9 Dorset place, St. Michael’s
Davies James, tobacconist, 5 Castle street
Davies N. S. F. (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, 6 Havelock road
Davis Daniel White, silk mercer, & mantle warehouse, 40 Robertson street
Davis Jane (Mrs.), private boarding house, 3 Robertson st
Davis Joseph, Pilot inn, St. Andrew’s road
Davis William Lovel, corn, flour & seed merchant, rick cloth, tarpaulin & sack manufacturer, 4 Queen’s buildings
Day Harrietta (Mrs.), berlin wool & fancy repository, 36 Robertson street
Dean Walter, teacher of the pianoforte, 33 Robertson street
De Medewe Daniel Charles, solicitor, 22 Havelock road
Depot of the Christian Knowledge Society (Robert Ellis, manager), 45A, Robertson street
Develin Henry, wholesale & retail grocer, wine & provision merchant, 48 High street
Develin Henry, jun. family grocer & tea dealer & provision merchant, 12 Castle street
Dibben Charles, lodging house, 3 Castle Down terrace
Dibley Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 White Rock place
Dickinson Morris, surgeon dentist, 33 Havelock road
Dicks Joseph, cooper, 53 Bohemia place
Dine William, hair dresser, East Beach street
Diplock William, bookseller, stationer, music seller, library & reading room in connection with Mudie & Booth, of London, 38 Robertson street
Ditch Horace, carpenter, 101 High street
Dobell Ebenezer, watch maker & jeweller, 21 Robertson st
Douch Edwin, fly proprietor, Castle road
Down William, greengrocer, Brook street
Dowsett Alfred Clark, leather seller & cricketers’ outfitter, 76 & 77 High street
Dowsett George, boot & shoe maker, 38 High street
Drake Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Cambridge terrace
Drayton John, beer retailer, Claremont
Drury William, boot & shoe maker, All Saints’ street
Duff Daniel, working cutler, West street
Duke & Son, tailors, 9 Wellington place
Duke Alfred, outfitter, Havelock road
Duke Alfred (Mrs.), private boarding ho. 13 Cambridge ter
Duke John, butcher, 49 High street
Duke Samuel, glover & gaiter maker, 75 High street
Dungey William, lodging house, 2 St. Andrew’s road
Dunk William, boot & shoe maker, 111 High street
Dunn George, bathing machine proprietor & lodging house, 3 Carlisle villas
East Sussex, Hastings & St. Leonard’s Infirmary (Wastel Brisco, esq. treasurer; Rev. J. White, M.A. chaplain; Mr. Edward Bourner, secretary), White Rock
Eaton Charles, linen draper, 47 High street
Eaton Gabriel, grocer & pork butcher, 16 Lennox st, Halton
Eaton George, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 3 Bank bldngs
Eaton John (Mrs,), lodging house, 25 High street
Eaton Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Pelham crescent
Ede William, lodging house, 11 Marine parade
Edmed George, grocer, Halton
Edmunds Henry, fishmonger, Commercial road
Edwards & Stubbs, lodging house, 37 Wellington square
Edwards & Todd chemists & druggists, 16 Robertson street
Edwards Annie (Mrs.), dress maker, Cavendish cot. Croft
Edwards Edward Charles, baker, St. Andrew’s road
Edwards Mary (Mrs,), laundress, 13 St. Mary’s terrace
Edwards Thomas, lodging house, 4 Bedford place
Edwards William, builder, 3 Cavendish terrace
Edwards William, Fountain inn, St. Andrew’s road
Eldridge George, tailor, 42 Bohemia place
Elgar Robert, fly proprietor, Cornwallis street
Elliott Edwin, pork butcher, 84 All Saints’ street
Elliott Frederick, lodging house, 7 Carlisle parade
Elliott Isaac, grocer, 6 Chapel terrace, Silver hill
Elliott Robert, grocer & plumber & glazier, Middle street
Ellis Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Pelham crescent
Ellis Henry, lodging house, & collector of poor’s rate, 4 St. Andrew’s road
Ellis Robert, manager for the Christian Knowledge Society, 45A, Robertson street
Elphick Mary (Mrs,), lodging house, 9 Carlisle parade
Emans Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 St. Michael’s ter
Emary James &. Co, wine &. spirit & bottled beer merchants, 8 Breed’s place, & at 21½ Marina, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea
Emary James, Castle hotel & posting house, Wellington square
Emmerson George Alfred, birmingham & sheffield warehouse, 10 George street
Ensor Mary (Miss), lodging house, 11 Trinity street
Evans Henry, lodging house, 3 Pelham crescent
Every Margaret (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Waldegrave street
Fairway John, lodging house, 4 Portland terrace
Fielder Joseph, lodging house, 95 High street
Fisher George, dining rooms, Pelham street
Fisher John, confectioner, 8 Robertson street & 56 High st
Fletcher John, lodging house, 7 Pelham crescent
Flinders Henrietta (Miss), dress maker, 13 Robertson street
Flinn Henry John, pawnbroker, 23 George street
Flore & Lecieux, egg merchants, 61 George street
Foord Edmund, lodging house, 105 High street
Foord James, watch maker, jeweller & silversmith, 4 Stratford place, White rock
Foot Mary Ann (Miss), straw bonnet maker, 27 Albion street, Halton
Foster Edward, fruiterer & greengrocer, 38 Havelock road
Foster George, lodging house, Chatteris cottage, Middle street
Foster Jane (Miss), greengrocer, 104 All Saints’ street
Foster Maria (Mrs.), laundress, 36 Bohemia place
Foster William, White Lion, St. Michael’s terrace
Fox Richard, boot & shoe maker, & lodging house, 4 East Beach street
Francis John, Privateer inn, Wellington mews
Francis Louisa (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 St. Mary’s terrace
Freeman Henry, lodging house, 6 Beach cottages
French Frances (Mrs.), lodging house, 35 George street & 10 Marine parade
French Stephen, boot & shoe maker, 29 George street
Friend Joseph, fly proprietor, Priory road, Halton
Frost Joseph, lodging house, 2 St. Michael’s terrace
Fry Frederick, butcher, 41 Robertson street
Fry Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 White Rock place
Fullagar Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 10 Trinity street
Fullagar William, fancy repository, Castle street & 3 Caroline place
Fuller George, baker, 17 John street
Funnell John Newman, pianoforte tuner, 2 Trinity cottages, Dorset place
Funnell Robinson, grocer & tobacconist, 51 & 54 George st
Funnell Samson, grocer, 33 High street
Gabb David Hoadley, surgeon, 18 Wellington square
Gabriel Messrs. dentists, 4 Castle street; attend once a week
Gallop John, builder, 1 Chapel terrace, Silver hill
Gallop Richard, hair dresser, 21 Castle street
Gallop Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 9 Albion place, West hill
Gallup Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 York buildings
Gann John James, glass & sign writer, Castle road
Gant William John, architect & surveyor, 42 George street
Gardner Henry, fancy repository, 28 George street
Gardner James, baker, 19 Prospect place, St. Michael’s
Garner Thomas, lodging house, 4 St. Michael’s terrace
Garrett Charles Bodenham, physician, 41 Havelock road
Gates Joseph, tailor, Bedford cottage, Meadow road
Gausby Charlotte (Miss), lodging house, 38 & 39 Wellington sq.
George George, lodging house, Denmark vil. Denmark place
Gewynne Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Marine cottages
Gilbert & Barham, nurserymen, seedsmen & florists, Springfield nursery, Old London road
Gilbert Elias, carpenter, Bourne walk
Gill Jane (Miss), french paper flower modeller, 22 High st
Ginn Benjamin, hair dresser, Commercial road
Ginner Will, coal & porter merchant & ship owner, 45 High street
Gladwish James, wheelwright, 2 East Beach st. & West st
Glazier & Durrant, general drapers & outfitters, 30 All Saints’ street & 44 High street
Glazier Mary Ann (Miss), straw bonnet maker, 17 All Saints’ st
Gleaves Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, Newington house, Bohemia road
Gleaves Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Havelock road
Glenister William, superintendent of police & volunteer fire brigade, Police station, High street; res. 4 Cobourg place
Glyde George, gas fitter, Middle street
Glyde Mary (Mrs,), fly proprietor & beer retailer, 4 Hill st
Godbold Henry James, artist & photographer, 2 Robertson st
Goddard Alfred, ornamental painter, 9 Middle street
Godley John, Ship, Bourne street
Golding Ann(Mrs.), proprietor of St. Clement’s Caves, 11 Croft
Golding Edmund, watch maker, 52A High street
Golding Henry, pleasure boat proprietor, 8 St. Mary’s ter
Golding Joseph, fruiterer & seedsman, 12 Robertson street
Golding Sophia (Mrs,), lodging house, 5 Trinity place
Goldsmith George, Denmark Arms, Pelham street
Goldsmith James, lodging house, 5 Denmark place
Goldsmith Robert, lodging house, 22 St. Andrew’s road
Goldsmith William, boot & shoe maker, 9 St. Andrew’s terrace & Bohemia road
Goodwin Elizabeth (Mrs.), Halton tavern, Old London rd
Goodwin Frederick Edmund, family grocer, provision merchant & house agent, 16 St. Andrew’s road & 10 Stone st
Gorely George, George, All Saints’ street
Gorham William, farm bailiff for Wastel Brisco, esq. Bohemia road
Gower Samuel, Star in the East, Rock-a-Nore road
Grady Thomas Westren, grocer & tea dealer & wine merchant, 50 George street
Grant Thomas, grocer, 16 High street
Graves Charles, artist, 2 Castle hill
Gray Charles, linen draper, 3 Bedford place & 33 Meadow rd
Gray George Godfrey, wine & spirit merchant, White Rock pl.
Green Eliza (Mrs.), Green’s family & commercial hotel, Havelock road
Greenaway Matilda Elizabeth & Millicant Ann (Misses), ladies’ hosiers, 16 Wellington place
Greenhill William Alexander, physician, 37 Robertson street & 2 Carlisle parade
Griffin John, dining rooms, 31 Bourne street
Griffin Louis, Swan tap, Swan lane
Griffin William, dining rooms, 27 George street
Grimes James, stationer, & post office receiving house, 31 High street
Grisbrook Charles, builder, 8 Russell street
Grisbrook Henry, builder, 133 All Saints’ street
Grisbrook Thomas, plumber, glazier & painter, 33 All Saints’ st
Growse Robert, solicitor, 86 High street
Guy Richard, lodging house, 14 St, Andrew’s road
Guy William, Globe inn, Meadow road
Hahnemann Homeopathic Dispensary (Archibald Richard Shaw, physician), 1 Carlton terrace
Haiselden Stephen, beer retailer, East parade
Haisell James, dining rooms, 8 Pelham street
Hall James, pork butcher, 21 High street
Hall Philly (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 High Wickham
Hammont Edward, boot & shoe maker, Pelham street
Hancock Elizabeth (Miss), ladies’ seminary, 2 Portland ter
Hardcastle Mary (Miss), ladies’ &. children’s outfitter, 33 Robertson street
Hardisty Frederick, riding master, Claremont
Hards Henry, Roebuck inn, High street
Harman Charles, lodging house, 5 Caroline place
Harman Henry, relieving officer for No.2 district, office, Sinnock’s cottage; residence, 1 Catherine cottages, Ore
Harman James, baker, 12 George street
Harman Stephen, lodging house, 30 Pelham street
Harman Stephen, lodging house, 20 Priory street
Harman William, baker, 35 All Saints’ street
Harmer John, dining rooms, John street
Harmer Washington, greengrocer, 103 All Saints’ street
Harper John, lodging house, 6 Belle vue, West hill
Harris Harriet (Mrs.), laundress, 3 Spring terrace, Bohemia
Harris James, boot & shoe maker, 7 Church street
Harris Walter, dairyman, 3 Spring terrace, Bohemia
Hart Horace, plumber, glazier & painter, 6 Croft place
Hart Horace, jun. plumber, glazier & painter, 88 High st
Harvey Anthony, superintendent registrar for Hastings district, 4 Bentinck cottages, East hill
Harvey Catherine Mary (Mrs,), lodging house, 20 St. Mary’s terrace
Harwood & Co. ladies’ outfitters & lacemen, 22 White Rock place
Harwood Ainslie, insurance agent, 22 White Rock place
Harwood Eliza {Miss), lodging house, 18 St. Mary’s terrace
Harwood John Peter, inland revenue officer, 92 High street
Haste John, greengrocer, 8 Courthouse street
Haste John, greengrocer, Rock-a-Nore road
Hastings Cemetery Office (Robert Growse, clerk & registrar), 86 High street
Hastings Church of England Christian Association (W. D. Lucas-Shadwell, esq. president; Mr. M. Pearson, hon. sec.; Mr. G. A. Thorpe, hon. treasurer), 42 George street
Hastings Dispensary (The Earl of Chichester, president; Mr. Thomas Sansum Hide, treasurer & secretary; J. Underwood, D. Moore & L. Groome, esqrs. medical officers; Mr. Isaac Smith, dispenser; Mr. Joseph Tendall, collector), 62 High street
Hastings & East Sussex Permanent Benefit Building Society (Edward Bowmer, manager), 6 York building
Hastings Homeopathic Dispensary (Robert Douglas Hale, M.D. physician; Robert Snowdon, secretary & dispenser), Robertson street; open tuesday & friday from 3 till 4
Hastings Literary Institution (Frederick North, esq. president; Rev. John Parkin & Edward Field, esq. hon. secretaries; J. G. O’Neill, esq. hon. treasurer; Mr. William Ransom, librarian), 42 George street
Hastings Penny Bank (George Scrivens, esq. treasurer; John Breaks Ayers, sec.), Town hall
Hastings Permanent Benefit Building Society (George Bruce Poole, manager), office, next the Dispensary, High st
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Chronicle (George Peter Bacon, publisher & proprietor), published wednesday morning, 28 Robertson street
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Co-operative Building Company (limited) (John Banks, secretary & surveyor)
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Fashionable Express (Breeds & Sons, publishers), 67 George street
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Gas Company (Alfred Hope Wood, general manager), offices, 2 Castle road, Wellington square
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Herald (Isaac Parsons & Son, proprietors & publishers), 21 Havelock road; published every saturday
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Music Hall (Charles Lockey, lessee), Robertson street
Hastings & St. Leonard’s News (John Ransom, publisher & proprietor), 44½ George street
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Observatory (Joseph Henry Knight, publisher & proprietor), 34 High street; published every saturday
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Savings Bank (John Banks, actuary), Town hall
Hatton George, fruiterer & greengrocer, Bohemia road
Hawkes Edward John, eclectic medical practitioner, 74 High st
Hayhurst John, lodging house, 18 St. Andrew’s square
Hayter James, York hotel, York buildings
Haywood William, paraffine oil & lamp dealer, 87 High street, & at 13 Gensing road, St, Leonard’s
Heath Ann (Miss), lodging house, 8 White Rock place
Heathfield John, greengrocer, 20 Hill street
Heathfield Samuel, Stag inn, All Saints’ street
Heathfield William, lodging house, 20 High street
Hermitage George, grocer & baker, 36, 37 & 38 Lennox street, Halton
Hermitage Stephen, pianoforte repository & pianoforte tuner, 8 St. Andrew’s road
Heron Daniel Norton, wine & spirit merchant, 2 Stratford place, White rock
Heselden Charles, tobacconist, 16A, George street
Hester James Torry, consulting surgeon, 6 Havelock road
Hickes Thomas, merchant, 1 Shornden villas, Bohemia
Hickman John George, butcher, 24½ George street
Hide Thos. Sansum, assistant clerk to justices, 26 Meadow rd
Hilder Stephen, linen draper, silk mercer & agent for Wanzer’s sewing machines, 7 Castle street
Hildred Charles, commercial traveller, 16 St. Andrew’s sq.
Hills Henry, lodging house, 2 East parade
Hissey Mary (Mrs,), lodging house, 4 North ter. Station rd
Hodges Rosa (Miss), dress maker, 5 Spring terrace, Bohemia
Hodson John, tea & pleasure gardens, Old road
Hodson Richard, cabinet maker, 3 Priory street
Hogg John, lodging house, 7 Trinity street
Holder Henry, carpenter, 80 High street
Holding Charles, lodging house, 6 Robertson terrace
Holland Albert, butcher, Lennox street, Halton
Holland Henry, butcher, 32 Russell street
Holt Ann (Miss), fancy repository, 24 White Rock place
Homan Charles, builder & contractor, 13 Bohemia place
Homeopathic Dispensary (Archibald Richard Shaw, M.D. physician), 1 Carlton terrace, St. Andrew’s road; attendance, monday & friday from 4 till 5; wednesday from 12 to 1
Honiss George, painter & house decorator & marble paper-hanging manufacturer 31 George street & 54 Middle st
Hope Frances (Mrs,), beer retailer, 6 East parade
Hope George Curling, berlin wool, needle work & fancy repository, 17 Robertson street
Hopper Ezekiel Mark, dairyman, 29 St. Andrew’s road
Housley Catherine (Miss), laundress, North terrace, Hilton
Howard James, lodging house, 47 Havelock road
Howard John, lodging house, 02 Havelock road
Howe John Ashton, lodging house, 5 Stratford pl., White rock
Howell Jane (Miss), lodging house, 16 Robertson terrace
Howell John, builder, & timber, deal, stone & slate merchant & steam saw mills, East Sussex saw mills, Station road
Huckstepp Anne (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 19 St. Andrew’s road
Hudson John, tailor, 40 All Saints’ street
Huggett Joshua, general & furnishing ironmonger, & iron & tin plate worker, 13 Castle street
Humphreys Thomas & Co. tailors & outfitters, 51A, Robertson st
Hunter Alfred Edward, wheelwright & blacksmith, Stopefield road
Hunter Thomas, bricklayer, 27 Bourne street
Hutchings Charles Pope, Marine family hotel & posting house, Pelham place, facing the sea
Hutchings Henry Peter, livery stable keeper, Priory street
Hutchinson Archibald, boat builder, Pelham street
Hutchinson James, lodging house, 7 Castle hill
Inskipp Frederick Charles, registrar of birth & deaths for All Saints’ district, & clerk to the guardians of Hastings union, Bentinck house, East hill
Inskipp George, linen draper, 8 George street
Inskipp William Charles, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Robertson street; residence, 6 Wellington terrace
Ivall Albert, dairy farmer, Chapel farm, Bohemia
Jackson Thomas Sylvester, dentist, 7 York buildings
Jacobs Nailer, linen draper, 3 Robertson street
Jarrett Hermas, grocer, 3 Brook street
Jarrett Thomas, plumber, glazier & painter, 14 Brook street
Jarvis Edward, Carpenters’ Arms, Bohemia road
Jarvis William, lodging house, 22 St. Mary’s terrace
Jeffery John, boot & shoe maker, 2 Spring terrace, Bohemia
Jefferys Mary (Miss), stay maker, 103 High street
Jenkins Thomas, Tiger, Stonefield road
Jenner Agnes (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Kentish place
Jenner Richard, boot & shoe maker, Pelham street
Jennings Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Cavendish ter
Jinks Fanny (Mrs.), beer retailer, 21 Bohemia place
Job Joseph, watch maker, 32 George street
Johnston Elizabeth & Jane (Misses), milliners, 15 George st
Jones Esther (Mrs.), lodging house 3 Havelock road
Jones Frederick, linen draper, 51 Robertson street
Jones George Edwin, builder & surveyor, York gardens; residence, 2 Bohemia road
Jones Harriet (Mrs.), dress maker, 3 Castle terrace
Jones James, shopkeeper, 130 All Saints’ street
Jones James Henry, lodging house, 9 Croft
Jones Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Wellington square
Jones Joel Benjamin, surgeon dentist, 2 White Rock place
Johnson Robert, beer retailer, Priory road, Halton
Joy Henry, Hastings Arms, George street
Judge Charles, carpenter & joiner, 51 St. Mary’s terrace
Judge Henry, baker, 16 Stone street
Judge Joseph, builder & furniture broker, 2 & 3 Union street, & 87 All Saints’ street
Judge Martha {Mrs.), dress maker, 85 All Saints’ street
Keen Wm. furnishing & general ironmonger, 23 Robertson st
Kennard Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 22 All Saints’ street
Kennett Bishop, railway station master, Railway station, Havelock road
Kent Edward, Royal Standard, East street
Kent Philip, shipwright & boat builder, East Beach street
Keyworth Geo. Alex. chemist & druggist, 12 Wellington pl.
King James, boot & shoe maker, 13 Stonefield road
King Thomas, King’s Head inn, Courthouse street
Kingdon Mary Ann (Mrs.), dressmaker, 7 Waldegrave street
Knight Alfred, hair dresser & perfumer, 18 Wellington place
Knight Joseph Henry, general printer & publisher, & proprietor of the ‘Hastings & St. Leonard’s Observer,’ 34 High street
Knight Mary (Miss), lodging house, 5 Waldegrave street
Knowles Charles, lodging house, 5 St. Andrew’s road
Lade Emily (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 East parade
Lade Thomas, commission agent & lodging house, 3 Castle hill
Lambert George, Shipwrights’ Arms, Winding street
Lancaster Henry, cabinet maker, upholsterer, decorator & house & estate agent, 42 Robertson street & Linton terrace
Langham James George & Son, solicitors, 44A, Robertson st
Langham Frederick Adolphus, solicitor, & vestry clerk for Holy Trinity parish, 44A, Robertson street
Langridge William Lutner, jun. builder, 15 Alma terrace, Silver hill
Lansdell James, lodging house proprietor, 1 to 7 Breed’s place, 12 Pelham crescent, & 12 Wellington square
Lea Henry Clairmont, chemist & druggist, 66 High street
Leslie & Thain, lodging house, 32 Wellington square
Liddiard & Arkell, wholesale ironmongers, cabinet brass founders, tool manufacturers, hardwaremen, sheffield, birmingham, wolverhampton & london warehousemen, 1 & 1½ Queen’s buildings
Lindridge George, professor of music & pianoforte warehouse, 44 Robertson street; & at 5 Shornden villas, St. Leonard’s
Linney John L. bookslr. stationer & librarian, Marine parade
Literary Institution (Frederick North. esq. M.A. president; Rev. John Parkin, M.A. & Edward Field, esq. hon. secs.; John Gower O’Neill, esq. treasurer; Mr. William Ransom, librarian, 42 George street
Llewellyn Eliza Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Carlton terrace, St. Andrew’s road
Loades John, lodging house, 1 Croft place
Lock Ann Maria (Miss), confectioner, 51 George street
Lockey Charles, music seller, music publisher, pianoforte warehouse, & lessee of the music hall, Robertson street & Havelock road
London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Telegraph Offices, Railway Station, & at John Linney’s Marine prde
London Brighton & South Coast & South Eastern Railway Companies’ Station (Bishop Kennett, station master), Havelock road
London & County Joint Stock Bank (John Gower O’Neil, manager), 1 Bank buildings; draw on Head Office, London
Longhurst Walter, builder & brick maker, 17 Havelock road
Longley Frances (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Gloucester place
Love William, lodging house, 11 Cambridge terrace
Lovegrove James, lodging house, 18 White Rock place
Lovell George, Bedford hotel, St. Andrew’s road
Lowe Mary (Miss), lodging house, 10 York buildings
Lulham & Prior, tailors, 26 White Rock place
Lulham Thomas Parkin & Co. boot & shoe & umbrella manufacturers, 17 Wellington place
Lye Robert, glass & china dealer, 6 Robertson street
Mabbett Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 43 Havelock road
McConkey William, shopkeeper, 5 Russell street
McConnell Thos. Jno. carpenter. 6 Western cottages, All Saints
McCormick George, lodging house, 26 Wellington square
MacEnteer Henrietta (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Beach cottages
Mann Amon, ship smith, East Beach street
Mann Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 14 York buildings
Mann Frederick Stephen, artists’ colorman & photographer, 13 Wellington place
Mann Thomas, bricklayer, 4 Russell street
Mann Thomas, carver & gilder & artists’ colorman, 20 Robertson street
Mann Thomas, jun. photographer, 20 Robertson street
Manser Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 St. Michael’s terrace
Maplesden James, shopkeeper, St. Andrew’s road
Margerison Jane & Sarah (Misses), berlin wool warehouse, 8 Castle street
Markwick Richard & Son, chimney swprs. Lennox st. Halton
Marryat Jessie (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Meadow road
Marsh Jabez, leather seller & boot & shoe mkr. 81 High street
Marsters Thomas, tailor, 3 Meadow road
Martin Edwin & Horace, solicitors, 17 Wellington square
Martin Thomas, lodging house, Brunswick ho. Marine parade
Mason William, chemist & druggist, 58½ High street
Masson Louis, lodging house, 4 Russell street
Masters Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 White Rock pl.
Mawle Frederick, lath merchant, Dorset place; residence, Llanrwst house, Bohemia road
May Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 York buildings
May Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Castle place
May William, fly proprietor & shopkeeper, Pelham street
Mayhead George, laundress, Tivoli
Maynard Thomas, academy, 1 Paragon buildings
Meadows George, solicitor, 32 Havelock road
Mechanics’ Institution (Dr. Moore, president; Thomas Sansum Hide, hon. treasurer; Joshua Huggett & John Banks, hon. secs.; R. Ellis, librarian), Robertson street
Menage Frederick, boot & shoe maker, 45 Robertson street
Message Frances (Mrs.), lodging house, 53 Havelock road
Metcalf Frederick, silk mercer, milliner, dress & mantle maker, 5 & 6 Wellington place
Miles John, cutler & optician, 44 George street
Miller Ellen (Mrs.), lodging house, 30 White Rock place
Miller Frederic (late Lever & Go.), dispensing & family chemist, 3 & 4 Wellington place
Mills & Sons, brewers, Eagle brewery, Courthouse street
Mills Edmund, chemist & druggist, 62 All Saints street
Mills Elizabeth Maria (Mrs.), lodging ho. 40 St, Mary’s ter
Mills Henry, cabinet maker, shop fitter & decorator, 5 Claremont
Mills James, lodging house, 32 Pelham street
Mills Joseph, fruiterer & greengrocer, Market place
Mills Thomas, fruiterer & greengrocer, 6 Castle road
Milton Richard, boot & shoe maker, 110 High street
Mitchell William, Cricketers’ inn, Waldegrave street
Monk Mary (Miss), commercial dining rooms, 20 Havelock road
Montalambert Louis, professor of languages, 48 Havelock rd
Moon James, lodging house, St. Andrew’s road
Moon Richard, boot & shoe maker, Commercial road
Moor & Lamb, preparatory school, 4 Prior Garden villas, Bohemia road
Moor Edward, watch & clock maker, jeweller & fancy warehouseman, 32 Robertson street, & Royal Pelham arcade
Moor John, lodging house, 8 Cornfield terrace, Bohemia
Moore Henry & Son, booksellers, stationers, news agents, tobacconists, fancy repository & bazaar, Central arcade, & also at 73 High street
Moore Charles, sole agent for Morison’s universal medicine, 1 Bourne street
Moore Daniel, surgeon, 79 High street
Moore George, physician, 1 Priory houses, Bohemia road
Moore Henry, lodging house, 18 Robertson terrace
Moore Richard, shopkeeper, 8 West street
Moore Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 East parade
Moore Thomas Albert, baker & confectioner, 34 Havelock rd
Morlay Susan Ann (Miss), lodging house, 5 Trinity street
Morris Joshua, coffee & dining rooms, 54 Havelock road
Morton Hannah (Mrs.), glass & china dealer, 43 High street
Mose Frederick, marine store dealer, John street
Moulton George Edward, spirit stores, 19 Wellington place
Moulton George Edward, wine merchant, 21 Wellington place & 2 George street
Moy Richard, Prince of Wales, Bohemia place
Muggridge Thomas, lodging house, 51 Havelock road
Muller Berthold, working jeweller, Pelham street
Munday Russell, plumber, glazier & painter, 14 Alma terrace, Silver hill
Murphy Charles James, bookseller, stationer & news agent, 27 Havelock road
Murray Alexander Elder, gentlemen’s boarding school, Manor house, St. Mary’s terrace
Murray John, jeweller, 5 Robertson street
Murray John, jun. watch maker, 5 Castle street
Murray Maria (Miss), morning governess, 4 Trinity street
Murray Walter, gentlemen’s boarding & day school, Hill st
Nash George & Henry, cabinet makers & upholsterers, Bohemia road
Nash Sophia (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Denmark place
Nayler Robert, photographist, 21 White Rock place & 4 Trinity villas
Neal Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 21 Wellington place
Newbery Alfred, baker, 110 All Saints’ street
Newbery Henry, confectioner, 7 George street
Nickerson Robert, tailor, St. Andrew’s road
Nicolls Jane (Miss), lodging house, 5 White Rock place
Noakes Thomas & Son, shoeing & general smiths, Middle st
Noakes James, plumber, glazier & painter, Castle street & 2 Caroline place
Noakes Sarah (Mrs.), laundress, 12 St. Mary’s terrace
Noakes Wm. carpenter, 12 St. Mary’s terrace & Hill street
Noone Edw. civil engineer, 58 George st. & Floral cottg. Halton
Northey Elizabeth (Mrs.), ladies’ outfitter, 30 Robertson st
Norwood Thomas, chemist & druggist, Pelham arcade
Notcutt Elizbth. (Mrs.) milliner & dress maker, 18 Robertson st
Notcutt James, silk mercer, & agent for Wheeler & Wilson’s sewing machines, 18 Robertson street
Nowers Wm. Wilson, plumber, glazier, & painter, Cornwallis st
Oakley James, grocer, 1 Waterloo passage
Ockenden Thomas & Co. butchers, 83 High street
Ockenden James, lodging house, 15 Meadow road
Offen Jesse, pork butcher, 71 High street
Oliver John, shell repository, Marine parade
O’Neill John Gower, manager of the London & County Bank, 1 Bank buildings
Osborne Charlotte (Miss), lodging house, 8 Caroline place
Osborne Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Caroline place
Osborne Charlotte (Mrs.), printer, stationer, berlin & fancy repository, 55 George street
Osborne James, carpenter, 3 Cobourg place & Bohemia road
Osborne Sarah (Mrs.), ladies seminary, 3 Cobourg place
Osborne Thomas, carpenter & undertaker, 27 Castle street
Pace John Allice, furniture dealer, 65 George street
Padgham Wm. boot & shoe maker, East Beach street
Page Charles, baker, 7 Albion street, Halton
Page George, fishmonger, Market passage
Pailthorpe Samuel, ham & beef shop, 20 Castle street
Pain Anne (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Claremont
Pain Frances (Miss), dress maker, 3 Croft place
Pain William, saddler & harness maker, 50 High street
Pajot Victor, fruiterer, greengrocer & egg merchant, 1 Castle road, Wellington square
Palmer Robert, chemist & druggist, 25 Havelock road
Pankhurst Charles, dining rooms, 19 Meadow road
Parker James, butcher, Albion street, Halton
Parker William John, tailor, 4 Bank buildings
Parks David, builder, 4 Quarry terrace
Parsons Isaac & Son, general printers & stationers, 21 Havelock road
Partridge Michael, beer retailer, Fish market
Pattenden Amelia (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Havelock road
Pattenden Robert, builder, 4 Havelock road
Patteson George, Provincial hotel, Havelock road
Patteson George, jun. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 9 Courthouse street
Payne Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Meadow road
Payne Geo. lodging house, Royal Hill house, All Saints
Payne James, baker, 41 St. Andrew’s road
Peach Maria (Miss), ladies’ seminary, 5 Croft place
Pearch & Simmons, linen drapers, silk mercers, &. carpet & boot & shoe warehousemen (wholesale & retail), 71, 72 & 73 George street & 62 High street
Pears Charles James, lodging house, 2 Trinity street
Pears Mary (Mrs.), toy dealer & registry office for servants; Robertson street
Pearson Charles, corn dealer, 14 High street
Pearson Eliza (Mrs.), baker & greengrocer, 17 & 18 High st
Pearson Matthew, hosier, glover & outfitter, 36 Robertson street
Peddie Margaret (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Marine parade
Pegge Undine (Mrs.), hosier & glover, 31 Robertson street
Pelham Baths (Miss Ellen Thatcher, proprietor), Pelham pl.
Penman Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Caroline place
Penny & Moore, ladies’ boarding & day school, 14 Wellington square
Penny John, wardrobe dealer, 106 All Saints’ street
Pepper A. & C. H. (Misses), lodging ho. 7 White Rock pl.
Pepper Mary Lerrier (Miss), milliner, 43 Robertson street
Perry Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Pelham place
Philcox & Springett, saddlers & harness makers, 26 Castle st
Philcox Alfred, fruiterer & greengrocer, Pelham street
Philcox Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Holloway place
Philcox Samuel, saddler & harness maker, 31 Middle street
Phillips Albert & Henry, cabinet makers, Croft
Phillips David, lodging house, 3 Bank buildings
Phillips George, greengrocer, 139 All Saints’ street
Phillips George, shopkeeper, 67 All Saints’ street
Phillips Henry, tailor, 16 George street
Phillips James, wine & beer stores, 7 Queen’s buildings
Phillips Jane (Miss), lodging house, 5 Pelham crescent
Phillips John, boot & shoe maker, 73 All Saints’ street & East Beach street
Phillips John, carpenter, 15 John street
Phillips John, Prince Albert, Rock-a-Nore road
Phillips John, solicitor, 23 Havelock road
Phillips Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Beach cottages
Phillips Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Pelham crescent
Phillips Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Carlisle villas
Phillips Thomas, billiard rooms, 5 Beach cottages
Phillips Thomas, lodging house, 1 York buildings
Phillips William, collector of rates for the local board of health, 6 Croft
Philpot Edward, pork butcher, 18 & 19 George street
Picknell Charles, pier warden & lodging house keeper, 2 Marine cottages
Picknell Edward, lodging house, 2 Pelham Sea View cottgs
Picknell Edward, plumber, glazier & painter, 1 Priory Garden villas
Picknell Lois (Mrs.), bathing machine proprietor, & lodging house, 14 Pelham crescent
Picknell William, builder, Bohemia road
Pilbeam Stephen, Crown, All Saints’ street
Pilbeam William, tailor, & lodging house, 1 Trinity villas
Pink Eleanor & Jane (Misses), ladies’ seminary, 1 Trinity st
Pinson Edward, commission agent, 6 St. Andrew’s road
Piper Jane (Mrs.), beer retailer, Commercial road
Piper Jesse, shopkeeper, 6 Middle street
Pittman Henry, druggist, Bourne walk
Plane Robert, builder, 26 St. Mary’s terrace
Playford George, boot & shoe maker, 19 Albion st. Halton
Pleass Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 St. Andrew’s road
Pleydell Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 33 West street
Pocock Brothers, boot & shoe makers, 15 Pelham crescent
Pollard Louisa (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 102 High street
Pollard Thomas, jun. tailor, 2 Russell street
Pollard William, bookbinder, 11 High street
Pollard William, bookbinder, 6 St. Michael’s terrace
Pollington Edward, plasterer, 16 Priory street
Pomphrey Benjamin, lodging house, 3 North ter. Station rd
Pomphrey John, grocer & tea dealer, 5 Bank buildings
Pont William Henry, Dolphin, Rock-a-Nore road
Poole George Bruce, plumber, glazier & painter, 9 Hill st
Porter & Stewart, gentlemen’s boarding school, West Hill ho
Poulton William Ebenezer, superintendent of the railway goods department, 9 St. Mary’s terrace
Pratt James, Wheatsheaf inn, Bohemia place
Prior Ellen (Miss), lodging house, 6 Meadow road
Prior Henry, lodging house, 2 Denmark place
Prior Henry, plumber, painter & glazier, 31 Russell street
Prior Horace Sparks, hair dresser & librarian, 35 Robertson st
Prior John, cooper, 5 John street & 12 Meadow road
Prior John, watch maker, 31 Russell street
Prior Ruth (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Carlisle parade
Public Baths & Laundry (Richard Mugridge, superintendent), Bourne street
Pudney Mary Jane (Miss), dress maker, 57 St. Mary’s ter
Purfield James, jeweller, & fancy repository, 27 White Rock place
Puttick Thomas, baker, 138 All Saints’ street
Queen’s Hotel Company (limited) (Mr. William Langley, manager), Robertson terrace
Raby John, lodging house, 1 North terrace, Station road
Ranger Joseph, lodging houses, 5 & 6 Pelham place
Ranger Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Linton terrace
Ranger Samuel, coffee & dining rooms, 6 Queen’s buildings
Ransom George Edward, fruiterer & confectioner, 30 High st
Ransom John, publisher & proprietor of the ‘Hastings & St. Leonard’s News,’ 44A, George street
Ransom Thomas, bookbinder, 6 North terrace, Halton
Ransom William, printer, 42 George street
Ravenscroft Charles Septimus, hair cutter, restorer & perfumer & inventor & manufacturer of hair brushing machines, 33 White Rock place
Reed Edward, clock maker & shopkeeper, Winding street
Reed Walter, fruiterer & greengrocer, Market place
Reeves George, furniture broker & house agent, 10 & 12 Courthouse street
Reeves James, furnishing & general ironmonger, smith & bell hanger & gas fitter, 55 High street
Reeves John, boot & shoe maker & leather seller, 2 & 3 Bank buildings
Reeves Joseph, bell hanger & gas fitter, 93 All Saints’ street
Reeves Nelson, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 39 High street
Reiger Mary Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 2 Trinity terrace
Relfe Hannah (Miss), lodging house, Albert house, Denmark place
Revill William Francis, grocer, 10 Wellington place
Richardson Henry, grocer, 75 All Saints’ street
Richardson Joel, baker, 70 All Saints’ street
Robinson Frederick, Angel, 1 St. Mary’s street
Robinson Mary (Mrs.), Jenny Lind, High street
Rock & Son, coach builders by appointment to her Majesty, patentees & manufacturers of the dioropha & other improved carriages, 5 & 6 Stratford place, White rock; & at the Crystal palace, Sydenham
Rodgers William, beer retailer, 14 George street
Rogers John Banting, engraver & lithographic printer, 35 Havelock road
Rogers William, fruiterer & greengrocer, 36 All Saints’ street & 24, 25 & 26 Market
Rose Alfred, builder, 2 Caversham villas, Silver hill
Rose Henry, grocer, 20 Meadow road
Rose Isaac, boot & shoe maker, 4 Dorset pl. St. Michael’s
Ross Patience (Miss), lodging house, 2 Claremont
Rubie Alfred Charles, Royal Standard commercial hotel, Robertson street
Russell Mary Ann & Caroline (Misses), lodging house, 5 White Rock place
Russell Francis Thomas, builder, 8 St. Andrew’s square
Russell James, lodging house, 2 Croft place
Russell Louis John, baker & confectioner, 34 White Rock pl.
Russell Mary (Mrs,), laundress, 11 Castle terrace
Russell Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Robertson ter
Rust Frederick William, lodging house, 1 St. Michael’s pl.
Sacre George, builder, Audley house, St. Andrew’s road
Samson Joseph, house agent, assistant overseer & collector of poor rates for All Saints’ parish, 109 High street
Sargent Benjamin, watchmaker, 67 High street
Sargent Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Carlisle villas
Sargent Emily (Mrs.), ladies’ trimming warehouse, 62 George street
Sargent Jane (Miss), lodging house, 3 Cambridge terrace
Sargent Robert, boot & shoe maker, 3 Gloucester cottages, Croft
Sargent Matthew, baker, 3 John street
Saunders Philip, lodging house, 4 Castle hill
Saunderson Emily (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Trinity street
Savery & Son, surgeons, 12 York buildings
Sears Bridget (Mrs.), laundress, 39 High street
Shackelford Ann (Mrs.), baker, 5 Castle road, Wellington sq.
Shaw Simeon, beer retailer, Breeds yard
Sheen Cecilia (Mrs.), lodging house, 81 High street
Shorter John Pitman, solicitor, 43 Havelock road
Sidney Richard, lodging house, 4 Robertson terrace
Simes Caroline (Mrs.), lodging house, 28 White Rock place
Simmons George & Edwin, bricklayers, Victoria cottage, All Saints’ street
Sinden Frederick John, lodging house, 1 Marine parade
Sinden George, bricklayer, 88 All Saints’ street
Sinden Henry, butcher, 42 High street
Sinden Henry, carpenter, Waterloo place
Sisley Lucy (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Carlisle parade
Sisley Stephen, wheelwright, Bohemia road
Skinnar Walter Booth, lodging house, 9 Trinity street
Skinner Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 White Rock pl.
Skinner William Edward, assessor & collector of assessed taxes, 6 White Rock place
Slade William, music seller & pianoforte dealer, & depot of the British & Foreign Bible Society & Religious Tract Society, 7 Wellington place
Slater Sarah (Miss}, lodging house, 15 Robertson terrace
Smale Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress, 28 Albion street, Halton
Smith Benjamin, boot & shoe maker, 4 York gardens
Smith Charles, architect & surveyor, 7 Havelock road
Smith Fanny Herbert (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Robertson ter
Smith Frances Mercy (Mrs.), dress maker, 12 Meadow road
Smith George, lodging house, 8 Bohemia road
Smith George, shopkeeper, 7 Spring terrace, Bohemia
Smith Isaac, dispenser & dentist for the dispensary, 62 High street
Smith Joseph, leather seller & boot & shoe maker, Bourne st
Smith Thomas, haberdasher, 20 Wellington place
Smith William, baker & confectioner, 51 High street
Smith William, dispensing chemist & mineral water manufacturer. 11 Wellington place
Smith William, linen draper, 52 & 53 George street
Smith William, Wellington inn, Stratford place, White rock
Smither Richard, boot & shoe maker, 127 All Saints’ street
Smythe Beatrice & Isabella (Misses), ladies’ boarding school, 14 Havelock road
Snashall Elizabeth (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 1 Union street
Snowdon Robert, homeopathic chemist, & agent for the Foochow Tea Company, 52 Robertson street & Bohemia rd
Soane Louisa {Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Bedford place
Sorrell John, lodging house, 9 Cambridge terrace
South Eastern Railway Telegraph Company, Railway station, Priory
Southerden Charles, fruiterer & greengrocer, 35 High street
Southon Richard, inland revenue officer, Burdett place, George street
Spencer Robert, family draper, silk mercer & undertaker, 58 & 59 High street
Spray Henry, lodging house, 1 Trinity place
Stace Ann (Mrs,), fishmonger, poulterer & dealer in game, 2 Castle street
Stace William, fly proprietor, 2 Castle terrace
Stacey Harriet Matilda {Mrs,), private boarding house, 8 Havelock road
Stacey Frederick, chemist & druggist, 20 George street
Standen & Forrest tailors, 68 High street
Standen & Pollard, tailors, 28 Havelock road
Standen Charles, dairyman, 3 Portland place
Standen John, dairyman, 3 Portland terrace
Standen John, potato salesman, Market place
Starr George, bricklayer, 4 Courthouse street
Starr Jeremiah, baker, 89 All Saints’ street
Stevens Henry, coal dealer, All Saints’ street; residence, 12 St. Mary’s terrace
Stovenson Henry, Rising Sun, Commercial road
Stickells William, coach builder, 9 Union street
Stokes Edward, blacksmith, & lodging house, 2 & 3 Marine parade
Stone Edward, tailor, 5 Queen’s buildings
Stonestreet William, hair dresser, 82 High street
Strange Francis Thompson, hosier & glover, 7 Stratford place, White rock
Streeter Frederick, bread & biscuit baker, 10 Castle street & 3 Russell street
Streeter John, baker & confectioner, 26 Robertson street
Streeter Mary (Mrs.), laundress, 104 High street
Streeter Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Cambridge terrace
Strickland Edmund, corn merchant, 66 George street
Stubberfield John, corn dealer, Commercial road
Stubberfield Thomas, grocer, 1 Spring terrace, Bohemia
Sutton & Co. general carriers (Thomas Williams, agent), 2 West street
Swain Charles, painter, plumber & glazier, Albion place, West hill
Swain Robert, Jolly Fisherman, East Beach street
Swain William, lodging house, 1A Carlisle parade
Sylvester Margaret Watkins (Miss), teacher of music, Montpelier house, Caroline place
Tanner Charles, grocer, 41 Bohemia place
Tanner Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 White Rock pl.
Tanner John, tailor, 30 All Saints’ street
Tapp Austin, plasterer, 15 Priory street
Tarrant Ashton Henry, hat & cap maker, 58 George street, & 58 Robertson street
Taught Edward Henry, lodging house, 1 Wellington terrace
Taylor Henry, coal merchant, 10 Stonefield road
Taylor Thomas, tailor, 8 North terrace, Station road
Tendall Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Pelham crescent
Thatcher Ellen (Miss), bath proprietor, Pelham baths
Thomas James, fruiterer & greengrocer, 21 Prospect place, St. Michael’s
Thomas John Wesley, photographer, 45 George street
Thomas Joshua, baker & confectioner, 24 High street, 15 Castle street & Pelham arcade
Thompson (Miss Maria) & Sylvester (Miss Sarah Ellen), lodging house, Montpelier house, Caroline place
Thompson Richard, Red Lion, Stone street
Thorne Thomas, plasterer, 66 St. Mary’s terrace
Thorpe & Coleman, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 78 High street & Hill street
Thorpe Benjamin George, linen draper, 10 Robertson street
Thorpe George Archibald, boot & shoe maker, 21 & 22 George street & 28 White Rock place, & at 17 Grand parade, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea.
Thwaites Charlotte (Mrs.), basket & fancy repository, 40 George street
Thwaites George William, Royal George, Station road
Thwaites Henry, coal merchant, Castle road; residence White Rock place
Thwaites James Henry, lodging house, 4 Portland place
Thwaites Jeremiah, pork butcher, 3 George street
Thwaites Stephen, wood turner, 26 High street
Ticehurst & Ashenden, surgeons, 41 High street
Ticehurst Frederick, surgeon, 11 Carlisle parade
Ticehurst Harriet (Miss), lodging house, 11 Caroline place
Ticehurst Henry, music seller, pianoforte & musical instrument warehouse, 21 Havelock road
Tindall Frederick, grocer, 116 & 117 All Saints’ street
Tindall Henry, butcher, 108 All Saints’ street
Tindall John, butcher, Tivoli
Tindall John, fruiterer & greengrocer & fly proprietor, 84 High street
Tindall Stephen, fly proprietor & lodging house, 5 Cavendish terrace
Titt Mary Ann (Mrs,), private boarding ho. 10 Carlisle parade
Tolhurst Ann (Mrs,), wardrobe dealer, 46 High street
Tolhurst Tilden, marine store dealer, John street
Tolhurst William, cowkeeper, All Saints
Torrance James, boot & shoe maker, 13 John street
Torrance Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 East parade
Towner Thomas, harmonium maker, 1 Waldegrave street
Tredray John, artist & photographer, 3A, Robertson street
Tree Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 17 St. Andrew’s road
Tree John, lodging house, 3 Carlton terrace, St. Andrew’s rd
Tree John, tobacconist, 3 Stratford place, White rock
Trimming Ebenezer, lodging, house, 9 Claremont
Tunbridge John, tailor & registry office for servants, 72½ High street
Tuppen William, hair dresser, 4 John street
Turner Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Cobourg place
Turner James, tobacconist, 51½ High street
Turner Letitia (Miss), ladies’ seminary, 27 Priory street
Turner Lombe Atthill, milliner & dress & mantle maker, 4 Castle street
Turner Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, Holloway house, Old London road
Turner Thomas, Havelock hotel & commercial house, Havelock road & Robertson street
Turner Thomas, Tower hotel, Bohemia
Tutt Frederick, boat builder, 97 High street
Tutt George, yacht & boat builder, 96 High street & Rock-a-Nore road
Tutt John, pleasure boat proprietor, 5 Belle vue, West hill
Tutt John Jones, statuary & mason, monuments, tombs & headstones executed with dispatch; drawings & estimates furnished, Middle street & Station road
Tutt Thomas, pleasure boat proprietor, 9 High street
Tutt William, coal meter, Burdett place, George street
Tyler Emma & Harriet (Misses), 14 Robertson terrace
Tyrell Bellville, beer retailer, 95 All Saints’ street
Tyrell Henry, watch maker, 24 Castle street
Underwood & Allen, surgeons, 26 George street
Upton Edward Joseph, grocer, 6 Albion street, Halton
Veness George, lodging house, 10 Robertson terrace
Veness George William, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 31 Havelock road
Veness Henry (Mrs.}, lodging house, 2 Kentish place
Veness James, shopkeeper, Dorset place, St. Michael’s
Veness Joseph, grocer, 121 All Saints’ street
Verrall Richard, lodging houses, 7 & 8 Pelham place
Vidler Alfred, assessor & collector of land, income & property taxes, South terrace, St. Andrew’s
Vidler Alfred, builder, Bohemia road
Vidler Frederick, grocer, St. Andrew’s road
Vidler Henry, boot & shoe maker, 6 Winding street
Vidler Henry, looking glass & picture frame manufacturer, 2 Queen’s buildings
Vidler Tom, plumber, glazier, painter & decorator, 39 Havelock road
Vincett James, butcher, 43½ Middle street
Vincett Walter, butcher, 18 Stone street
Vine Richard & James, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 34½ High street
Virden Thomas, stone & marble mason, Old London road
Voysey, Jeffery & Skiller, architects & surveyors, 24 Havelock road
Waghorne Thomas, butcher, 14 Castle street & 27 Robertson st
Wakefield Benjamin, laundress, North terrace, Halton
Walder James, timber merchant, Bohemia road & Priory st
Walford Mary (Mrs.}, lodging house, 10 Caroline place
Walter Harry (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 67 High street
Walters Edward, engraver & die sinker, 4 Castle road, Wellington square
Warren Sarah Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Carlisle parade
Waters Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 White Rock place
Waters Anna (Mrs.), dyer, 4 George street
Waters Edward William, fruiterer & greengrocer, 41A, Robertson street
Waters Fredk. lodging house, Denmark house, Denmark pl.
Waters Jas. Jones, baker & confectioner, 32 White Rock pl.
Watson Arthur Frederick, toy & fancy repository, 60 Robertson street
Waywood George, boot & shoe maker, 119 All Saints’ street
Weaver James, trunk & umbrella maker, 37 High street
Webb John, beer retailer, 9 East Street
Webb John, farmer, Hole farm
Weeden Alfred Thos. private boarding house, 8 Robertson ter
Weeks Henry, tailor, 35 St. Andrew’s road
Weeks Thomas, tailor, 11 Robertson street
Welfare Edward, shopkeeper, 137 All Saints’ street
Wellard George, butcher, 63 George street
Weller Thomas, fruiterer & greengrocer, 22 Castle street & Harold conservatory
Wellerd James, pork butcher, 30 George street
Wellerd William, butcher, 13 Robertson street
Wells Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 23 Wellington square
Wells Francis Ross, photographer, 52 Robertson street & Bohemia road
Wells Lewis, fancy repository, 5 George street
Wenham Charlotte (Mrs.) & Walter James, Duke of Cornwall, Post Office passage
Wenham Edward, saddler & harness maker, 49 Robertson st
Wenham George, tailor, 7 East Beach street
Wenman George, pleasure boat proprietor, 3 West street
West Charles, Anchor inn, & wine, spirit & beer merchant, George street
West George Evill, teacher of classics & mathematics, 9 Alma terrace, Silver hill
West Thomas, watch maker & jeweller, 15 Robertson street
Weston Charlotte (Mrs.}, watch & clock maker, 60 High st
Weston John James, haberdasher, Lennox street, Halton
Weston Nelson, job & posting master, Claremont
Wheeler Jane (Mrs.), pastry cook & confectioner, 17 George street
Wheeler William, beer retailer, East Beach street
White Brothers, grocers, 41 George street
White & Ellis, linen drapers, 54 High street
White Alfred James, fancy basket maker, 5 Pelham place
White Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Bourne street
White Ellen (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 East parade
White James, basket maker & cooper, 70 High street
White John, painter & paper hanger, 8 Winding street
White Joseph, beer retailer, Bourne street
White Joseph, fishmonger, Commercial road
White Mercy (Mrs.), beer retailer, West street
White Thomas, baker, 3 Bourne street
White Thomas, linen draper, 43 George street
White Thomas Mann, baker, 97 All Saints’ street
Whiteman Edwin, bookseller, stationer & news agent, 52 High street
Whiteman Spencer, bookseller, stationer & news agent, 9 Castle street
Whiting Edward, soda water manufacturer, 36 High street
Whitnall Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Carlisle parade
Whittington John, lodging house, 16 Havelock road
Wicken William, carpenter & joiner, 10 West street
Wigforth Bertha (Mrs.), hair dresser & perfumer, 50 Robertson street
Wilkins Benjamin, tobacconist, 47 Robertson street
Willard George, riding & posting master, 63 High street
Willett George, ironmonger, Old London road
Willett Stephen, carman, Lennox street, Halton
Willett William, Queen’s Head inn, & fly proprietor, East Beach street
Williams Eliezer, physician, 10 Claremont
Williams Horatio Nelson, miller, West hill
Williams Thomas, agent for Sutton & Co. carriers, 2 West st
Williams Thomas Breeds, baker, 1 Hill street
Williams William, lodging house, 9 Havelock road
Willit Richard, chimney sweeper, 19½ West street
Willshere William, grocer, 35 Bohemia place
Wilmshurst Elizabeth & Jane (Misses), hosiers & glovers, 25 George street
Wilson Richard Edward, wine & spirit mer. 21 White Rock pl.
Windsor Thomas Bennett, beer retailer, Tivoli
Wingfield George, lodging house, 2 Beach cottages
Wingfield Nicholas, lodging house, 3 East parade
Winser Frederick, grocer, 42½ High street
Winter & Manser, blacksmiths, Claremont
Winter & Son, coal merchants, Claremont
Winter Frederick, lodging house, 20 White Rock place
Winter George, stone & marble mason, Croft
Winter George Reeves, Hope inn, & builder, North terrace, Halton
Winter Henry, printer, bookseller, stationer, stamp office & post office receiving house, 59 George street
Winter Nathaniel, bricklayer, 22 Priory street
Winter Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Beach cottages
Wise Caroline {Mrs.), lodging house, 11 East parade
Wise George William, lodging house, 5 York buildings
Womersley Mary & Selina {Misses), lodging house, Alexandra house, Denmark place
Womersley Alfred Douglas, auctioneer, 12 St. Andrew’s road
Womersley Charles John, auctioneer, cabinet maker, upholsterer, undertaker & house agent, Harold place
Wood Naomi & Anne (Misses), tea & toy dealers, 37 George st
Wood Alfred Hope, general manager for the Hastings & St. Leonard’s Gas Company, 2 Castle road, Wellington square
Wood Daniel, boot & shoe maker, 19 All Saints’ street
Wood Daniel, lodging house, 11 St. Mary’s terrace
Wood Edward Daniel, fishmonger, 7 Winding street & East parade
Wood Edward Daniel, jun. beer retailer, West street
Wood George Frederick, grocer, 34 Robertson st. & 47 George st
Wood James, lodging house, 28 Priory street
Wood John, fishmonger, 23 Castle street
Wood John Charles, lodging house, Albert house, Middle street
Wood Rebecca (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Denmark place
Wood William, fruiterer & greengrocer, 61 George street
Wood William, plumber, glazier & painter, 11 Winding street
Woodcock John, Prince’s hotel, horse dealer & fly proprietor, South terrace
Woodgate William, lodging house, 10 White Rock place
Woodhams John, lodging house, 17 Wellington square
Woolgar Sarah {Mrs,), shopkeeper, 34 St. Andrew’s road
Woollett Charles, tailor, 19 High street
Working Men’s Club & Reading Room (F. Ticehurst, esq. president; Joel Benjamin Jones, esq., vice-president; Mr. Walter Betts, sec.; Mr. Henry Phillips, treasurer; Mr. John Buxton, gen. manager; Mr. Grimes, librarian), Castle rd
Yates John, watch & clock maker, 21 Meadow road
Yates Julia (Mrs,), lodging house, 31 Wellington square
Yorke Frederick, lodging house, 3 St. Andrew’s square
Young Charlotte (Miss), lodging house, 13 White Rock place
Young William Blackman, solicitor, 80 High street