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Hastings – Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c.

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Postmaster-Charles Donald Style, esq., 2 Wellington pl.


Time of closing Box. For what mail closed.
*8.30 a.m. London, Brighton & Lewes day mail
*11.35 a.m. London & through only
*3.25 a.m. Ashford & East Kent mail
9.45 a.m. London night mail & cross post

*These mails do not go out on sundays.

The office is open from 7.30 a.m. to 9.45 p.m. on week days & on sundays from 7.30 to 10 a.m. only.

Receiving boxes are cleared as under:-


  A.M. A.M. P.M.
Albion street, Halton 7.50 11.0 8.0
67 St. Mary’s terrace, Longfields 8.10 11.10 8.0
*Mr. Grimes’s, 31 High street 7.40 11.5 8.0
*Mr. Winters’s, 59 George street 7.45 11.10 8.0
St. Andrew’s terrace   11.0 8.5
Railway station (northern platform)   11.0 8.5
White Rock place (pillar near Infirmary) 8.20 11.5 8.10
Eversfield library (pillar) 8.15 11.0 8.10
Pillar at the corner of North street 8.0 10.30 7.40
Sussex hotel (pillar box) 8.0 10.45 7.55
Bopeep Railway station platform 8.30   7.45
Gensing railway statn. (up platform)   10.25 7.35
Upper Maze hill   10.40 7.50  
Bohemia terrace
Cleared evening only on sundays

*Branch money order office.

Patrick Francis Robertson, esq. Halton house, Hastings; & 7 Pall mall, London s.w
Hon. George Waldegrave-Leslie, F.R.G.S. 4, Harley street, London w &. Leslie house. Fire. N.B

Will Ginner, esq. High street
James Rock, jun. esq. 5 Stratford place, White rock
Thomas Hickes, esq. Shornden villas
Wastel Brisco, esq. Bohemia house
Patrick Francis Robertson, esq. M.P. Halton house
Frederick, North, esq. Hasting’s lodge
George Scrivens, esq. 9 Pelham place
Francis William Staines, esq. The Uplands, St. Leonard’s
Frederic Ticehurst, esq. 11 Carlisle parade
Edward Hayles, esq. Belmont
Thomas Ross, esq. Claremont
Alfred Burton, esq. St. Leonards
John Grenside, esq. 36 Wellington square
Peyton Blakiston, esq. 5 Warrior square
Charles Hay Frewen, esq. Coghurst hall
Francis Smith, esq. Brighton
Howard Elphinstone, esq.
Robert Ranking, esq. Ramsgate
Robert Hollond, esq. London
Clerk, Robert Growse, esq.

Wastel Brisco, esq. Bohemia house
Frederick North, esq. Hastings lodge
William Drew Lucas Shadwell, esq. Fairlight hall
Vandeleur B. Crake, esq. The Highlands
George Scrivens, esq. 9 Pelham place
Alexander Beattie, esq. Chiselhurst, Kent
Robert B. Kaye, esq. Pett
George Henry Malcolm Wagner, esq. St. Leonard’s
Col. Edward William Harcourt, 5 Robertson terrace
Sir Anchitel Ashburnham, bart. Guestling
Clerk Robert Growse, esq.

Accidental Death, Robinson Funnell, 51 George street
Alliance Fire & Life, Thomas Breeds & Co. 61 High street
Atlas Fire & Life, William Diplock, 38 Robertson street
British Empire Mutual Life, Robert Lye, 6 Robertson st
British Equitable Life, Joseph Henry Knight, 34 High st
British Mutual Life, John Curtis, St. Andrew’s road
British Prudential & Consolidated, H. Hatley, 4 Brook at
Briton Life, John Pomphrey, 5 Bank buildings
Caledonian Fire & Life, Robert Snowdon, 52 Robertson st
Church of England, J. B. Ayers
City & County, A. Munro, & Saven & Norris
City of Glasgow Life, Wm. Feist Bridger, 7 Claremont
County Fire, George Dowsett, 38 High street; Richard Keen, 53 Havelock road; Wm. John Gant, 42 George st
Crown Life, Frederick Mitchell, 16 Castle street
Eagle Life, Ainslie Harwood, 22 White Rock place; George Alexander Keyworth, 12 Wellington place
Economic Life, George Meadows, 32 Havelock road
Edinburgh Life, Spencer Whiteman, 9 Castle street; Charles Clift, 6 South terrace, Halton
Emperor Fire & Life, Edward James Bane, 11 Prospect pl
European Life, Daniel Charles DeMedewe, 22 Havelock rd
General Fire & Life, Richard Edward Wilson, 21 White Rock place; Albert Emary, 56 St. Mary’s terrace; John Wreen, Prospect house
Great Britain Mutual Life, George Honiss, 31 George st
Gresham Life, Frederick Stacey, 20 George street
Guardian Fire & Life, Joseph Judge, 87 All Saints’ street; Frederick Adolphus Langham, 44A, Robertson street; George Wm. Veness, 31 Havelock road
Home & Colonial Fire &. Life, Thorpe & Coleman, 78 High street; George & Henry Nash, Bohemia road
Imperial Fire, Wm. Lovel Davis, 4 Queen’s buildings
Imperial Life, Edward Bowmer, 6 York buildings
Kent Fire & Life, Will Ginner, 45 High street; Jeffery & Skiller, 24 Havelock road
Lancashire Fire & Life, George Beck, 37 Havelock road; Alfred Vidler, Bohemia road
Law Fire, Frederick Adolphus Langham, 44A, Robertson street; Robert Growse. 86 High street
Law Union Fire & Life, Wm. Feist Bridger, 7 Claremont
Life Investment Mortgage Insurance Co. Henry Develin, jun. 12 Castle street
Liverpool, London & Globe Fire & Life, Parker & Co. 8 Breeds place; Henry Develin, 48 High street; J. & C. Burfield & Co. l George street; Isaac Parsons & Son, 21 Havelock road; George Meadows, 32 Havelock road; George Peter Bacon, 28 Robertson street; John Pitman Shorter, 43 Havelock road; Charles John Womersley, Harold place
London Assurance, Robinson Funnell, 51 George street; Daniel Charles De Medewe, 22 Havelock road
London & General Plate Glass, Richard Keen, 53 Havelock road
Marine Accidental, George Dowsett, 38 High street
National Provider Life, Robinson Funnell, 51 & 54 George street
National Provincial Plate Glass, Joseph Judge, 87 All Saints’ street; Tom Vidler, 39 Havelock road
North British & Mercantile Fire & Life, Bowerman & Co. 14 Robertson street; W. B. Young, 80 High street
Northern Fire & Life, George Alexander Keyworth, 12 Welllngton place
Norwich Union Fire & Life, John Reeves, 2 Bank buildgs
Pelican Life, John Bayley, 25 George street
Phoenix Fire, John Woods, 18 St. Andrew’s road; John Bayley, 25 George street
Planet Life & Guarantee, Thomas Westren Grady, 50 George street
Provident Life, Richard Keen, 53 Havelock road; William John Gant, 42 George street
Provincial Fire & Life, George Patteson, 18 Havelock road; B. Sargent, 67 High street
Prudential Mutual Life, George Alexander Keyworth, 12 Wellington place
Queen Fire & Life, Barton Brothers, 3 Commercial road; Henry Vidler, 2 Queen’s building’s
Railway Passengers’, Edward Moore, 32 Robertson street
Reliance Life, George Dowsett, 38 High street; Charles Ashenden
Royal Fire & Life, John Banks, Bleak house; Frederick Mitchell, 16 Castle street; Peter Purfield, 43 Havelock rd
Royal Exchange Fire & Life, Wm. B. Young, 80 High st
Royal Farmers’ Fire & Life, Breeds & Sons, 67 George st
Scottish Commercial, John Tree, 3 Stafford place
Scottish Union Fire & Life, George Lindridge, 44 Robertson street
Sovereign Life, Henry Phillips, 16 George street; John Yates, 2l Meadow rd; C. Ravenscroft, 33 White Rock pl
Standard Life, John Gower O’Neill, 1 Bank buildings
Star Life, George Beck, 37 Havelock road
Sun Fire & Life, Edwin & Horace Martin, 17 Wellington sq.
Union Assurance, Charles James Murphy, 27 Havelock rd
Western, W. T. Pike, 12 Spring terrace
Westminster Fire & General Life, Henry Lancaster, jun. 42 Robertson street

Assembly Rooms, Music Hall, Robertson street, Charles Lockey, lessee; Castle hotel, Wellington square, James Emary, proprietor; Swan hotel, High street Mrs. Elizabeth Carswell, proprietor; Havelock hotel, Robertson street, Thomas Turner, proprietor
Billiard Rooms, 5 Beach cotts. Thos. Phillips, proprietor
Church of England Christian Association, W. D. Lucas-Shadwell, esq. president; Mr. M. Pearson, hon. sec.; Mr. George A. Thorpe, hon. treasurer, 42 George street
Coastguard Stations, Government house, Marine parade, Lieut, Richard Roe. R.N. commanding officer; Priory, John Attersoll, chief officer
County Court, held at the Town hall, High street, every fourth monday, William Furner, esq. Judge; William Blackman Young, esq. registrar; W. C. Furner, esq. high bailiff; office, 80 High street. Hours of business, 10 to 4 Custom House, West Beach street
East Sussex, Hastings, & St. Leonard’s Infirmary, White Rock, Wastel Brisco, esq. treasurer; Rev. J. White, M.A. chaplain; Dr. Adey & Dr. Dunne, physicians; Mr. Savery, surgeon extraordinary; Mr. Ticehurst & G. B. Turner, M.D. surgeons; Mr. Penhall, J. Underwood, M.D. & Dr. Trollope, assistant surgeons; Mr. Robert Ransom, dentist; Mr. Edward Bowmer, secretary; Mr. Henry Dunwell, dispenser; Miss Griffin, matron; Mr. Elijah Marsh, collector
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Gas Company’s Office, 2 Castle road, Alfred Hope Wood, general manager
Hastings Dispensary, 62 High street, the Earl of Chichester, president; John Underwood, Daniel Moore & L. Groome, esqrs. surgeons; Mr. Isaac Smith, dispenser & dentist; Mr. Thomas Sansum Hide, treasurer & secretary; Mr. Joseph Tendall, collector
Hastings Penny Bank, held at the Town hall, every saturday evening, George Scrivens, esq. treasurer; John Breaks Ayers, sec
Hastings Cemetery Office, 86 High street, Robert Growse, clerk & registrar
Hahnemann Homeopathic Dispensary, 1 Carlton terrace, Archibald Richard Shaw, M.D. physician. Attendance, mondays & fridays, from 4 till 5 p.m.; wednesdays, from 12 till 1 p.m.
Hastings Homeopathic Dispensary, Robertson street, Robert Douglas Hale, M.D, physician; Robert Snowdon, secretary & dispenser. Open tuesday & friday from 3 to 4
Hastings & East Sussex Industrial & General Permanent Benefit Building Society, Edward Bowmer, manager, 6 York buildings
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Music Hall, Robertson street, Charles Lockey, lessee
Hastings Lock-up House, Wellington court, William Brasier sergeant
Inland Revenue Office, Swan hotel, High street, William Llewellin, esq. collector; Walter Hore, supervisor
Library & Reading Room, Willlam Diplock, 38 Robertson street
Literary Institution, George street, Frederick North, esq. M.A. president; Rev. John Parkin, M.A. & Edward Field, esq. hon. secretaries; John Gower O’Neill, esq. treasurer; Mr. William Ransom, librarian
London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Telegraph Office, Railway station; & at John Linney’s, Marine parade
Market Hall & Assembly Rooms, George street, Richard Craig, hallkeeper
Mechanics’ Institution, Robertson street, Dr. Moore, president; Thomas Sansum Hide, hon. treasurer; Joshua Huggett & John Banks, hon. secs; R. Ellis, librarian
Mendicity House, Bourne passage, Thomas Brasier, master
Office of the Local Board of Health, 86 High street, William Andrews, surveyor; Robert Growse, clerk
Pelham Baths, Pelham pl. Miss Ellen Thatcher, proprietor
Police Station, High street, Wm. Glenister, superintendent
Philosophical Society, held at the Castle hotel, James Hunt, esq. PH.D., F.S.A. president; John Gower O’Neill, esq. treasurer; Thomas H. Cole, esq. M.A. hon. sec
Public Baths & Laundry, Bourne street, Richard Mugridge, superintendent
South Eastern & London Brighton & South Coast Railway Station, Priory, Bishop Kennett, station master; William Poulton, superintendent of goods department
South Eastern Railway Telegraph Company, Railway station, Priory
Stamp Office, 59 George st. Henry Winter, sub-distributor
Town Hall, High street
Volunteer Fire Brigade, Town hall, William Glenister, superintendent, 4 Coburg place; J. C. Savery, esq. hon. surgeon; Mr. Henry Develin, jun. hon. sec; William Ransom, treasurer
Engine Stations, Town hall, High street; Castle road; & Mercatoria, St. Leonard’s
Water Manager’s Office, Town hall, William Murray, manager
Working Men’s Club & Reading Room, Castle road, F. Ticehurst, esq. president; Joel Benjamin Jones, esq. vice-president; Mr. Walter Betts, sec.; Mr. Henry Phillips, treasurer,; Mr. John Buxton, general manager; Mr. Grimes, librarian

Assistant Overseer for St. Mary-in-the-Castle, Henry Ellis, 4 St. Andrew’s road
Assistant Overseer for St. Clements, Edward French Moore, 1 West Hill cottages
Assessor & Collector of Assessed Land & Income Taxes for the Out-bounds of St. Mary’s-in-the-Castle, William Lutner Langridge, 15 Alma terrace, Silver hill
Borough Surveyor & Surveyor to the Local Board of Health, William Andrews, 84A High street
Clerk to Hastings & St. Leonard’s Gas Company, Clerk to the Commissioners of St. Leonard’s Improvement Act, & Clerk to the Charity Trustees, William Blackman Young, 80 High street
Clerk to the Magistrates for the Borough & Division of Hastings, Robert Growse, 86 High street
Clerk of the Peace for the Borough of Hastings, George Meadows, Havelock road
Clerk to the Local Board of Health, Robert Growse, 86 High street
Clerk to Commissioners of Land, Assessed, Property, & Income Taxes for the District of Hastings Borough, Robert Growse, 86 High street
Clerk to the Board of Guardians for the Hastings Union, Frederick Charles Inskipp, Bentinck house, East hill
Collector of Local Coal Duty, also for the Local Board of Health, & Registrar of Birth & Deaths for St. Mary-in-the-Castle District, John Bayley, 25 George street
Collector of Poor Rates & Assistant Overseer for All Saints’ Parish, Joseph Samson, 100 High street
Collector of the Poor & Borough Rates for St. Mary-in-the-Castle & St. Michael’s-on-the-Rock, Henry Ellis, 4 St. Andrew’s road
Collector of Poor Rates for St. Andrew’s Parish, Edward Charles Edwards, St, Andrew’s road
Collector of Taxes for the Local Board, William Phillips, 6 Croft
Commissioners for Taking Oaths in Chancery, James George Langham, 44A, Robertson street; William B. Young, 80 High street; John Phillips, 23 Havelock road; Daniel Charles De Medewe, 22 Havelock road; George Meadows, 32 Havelock road Commissioners for Taking Acknowledgements of Married Women, John Phillips, 23 Havelock road; Horace Martin, 17 Wellington square; James George Langham, 44A, Robertson street; Robert Growse, 86 High street
Inspector of Corn Returns, John Peter Harwood, 92 High street
Inspector of Nuisances, William Winter, office, Town hall
Inspector of Weights & Measures, John Campbell, Town hall (tuesdays)
Inspecting Commander of Coast Guard, Capt, Edward Kelly, R.N. 19 Church road, St. Leonard’s
Registrar of Births & Deaths for All Saints’ District, Frederick Charles Inskipp, Bentinck house, East hill
Registrar of County Court of Sussex at Hastings, Wm. B. Young, 80 High street
Registrar of Marriages, Frederick Winser, 42½ High street
Relieving Officers for Hastings Union (First District), Arthur Howard Barham, 6 Stratford place; (Second District), Henry Harman, 1 Catherine cottages, Ore
Secretary to East Sussex, Hastings & St. Leonard’s Infirmary, and Manager of Hastings & East Sussex Permanent Benefit Building Society, Edward Bowmer, 6 York buildings
Secretary & Surveyor to the Hastings &. St. Leonard’s Co-operative Building Company (limited), John Banks, Bleak house
Secretary to Hastings & St. Leonard’s Branch of Royal Humane Society, & the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Thomas Sansom Hide, 26 Meadow road
Superintendent of Police, William Glenister, 4 Coburg pl
Surveyor of Land, Assessed & Income Taxes, James Alexander Haldane Calder, 1 Bedford place
Surveyor to the St. Leonard’s Improvement Commissioners, William John Gant, 42 George street
Assessors & Collectors:- All Saints’, Elias Coussens, All Saints’ street; St. Clement’s, William Clapp, Caroline place; St. Mary-in-the-Castle, Holy Trinity, St. Andrew, & St. Michael’s-on-the-Rock, Alfred Vidler, South terrace; St. Mary Magdalene, St. Leonard & St. Mary Bulverhythe, Wm. Edward Skinner, G White, Rock place
Assessor & Collector of Income Tax for the District of St. Leonard’s, William Edward Skinner, 6 White Rock pl
Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths, & Marriages for Hastings Union, Anthony Harvey, 4 Bentinck cottages, East hill
Surveyor to St. Leonard’s Improvement Commissioners, John William Gant, 42 George street
Town Clerk & Coroner for the Borough of Hastings, Robert Growse, 86 High street
Town Crier, Walter James Cox, 11 High street
Vestry Clerk of St. Clement’s, St. Mary-in-the-Castle & St. Leonard’s, John Phillips, 23 Havelock road
Vestry Clerk of All Saints, George Meadows, Havelock rd
Vestry Clerk of Holy Trinity, Frederick Adolphus Langham, 44A, Robertson street

All Saints’ Church, Rev. George Alfred Foyster, M.A., rector
Holy Trinity Church, Robertson street, Rev. Thomas Francis Crosse, D.C.L. incumbent
St. Clement’s Church, Rev. Henry Brereton Foyster, M.A. rector
St. Mary-in-the-Castle church, Rev. Thomas Vores, M.A. incumbent
St. Clement’s Church, Halton, Rev. John Parkin, M.A. incumbent
Fishersmen’s Church, East Beach, Rev. Thomas Edward Tanner, minister
Baptist Chapel, Wellington square, Rev. William Barker, minister
Croft Chapel (Independent), Rev Halley Stewart, minister
Congregational Chapel (Indepedent), Robertson street, Rev, James Griffin, minister
Ebenezer Chapel (Particular Baptist), East hill, Rev. David Fenner. minister
Memorial Chapel (Baptist), Bank buildings, Rev. James Culbert Fishbourne, minister
Friends’ Meeting House, South terrace
Providence Chapel (Calvinist), Waterloo place
The Tabernacle (Baptist), Linton terrace, Rev. James Newborn minister
Wesleyan Chapel, Bourne street, no regular minister
Zoar Chapel (Calvinist), Wellington court, Rev. John Harding, minister

Parker’s Endowed (boys), Castle View place, John Banks, master
Saunders’s Endowed (boys), Bourne walk, Frederick, William Foster, master
British (boys), Bourne walk, William Ray, master
British (girls), Waterloo place, Miss Lucy Bucknell, mistress
Hastings Ragged (girls), Tackleway, Miss Ellen Foster, mistress
Hastings School of Industry, West hill, Miss M.J. Sayer, treasurer & secretary; John Wyatt Barnard, M.D. medical officer; Mrs. Maria Marshall, matron
St. Clement’s & All Saints’ National (boys & girls), All Saints’ street; John Breaks Ayers, master; Miss Mary Ann Caldwell, mistress; Miss Annie McLean, infants’ mistress
St. Clement’s & All Saints’ (infant), Church street, Miss Augusta Mooney, mistress
National Halton, Miss Hannah Leggett, mistress
Infant, Halton, Miss Margaret Griffiths, mistress
St. Mary’s (boys, girls & infants), Wellington street, Thomas Barnes, master; Miss Annie Bennett, mistress; Miss Louisa Barnes, infants’ mistress

Hastings & St. Leonard’s News (friday), (John Ransom, publisher & proprietor), 44½ George street
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Fashionable Express (tuesday & saturday) (Breeds & Sons, publishers), 67 George street
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Chronicle (wednesday), (George P. Bacon, proprietor & publisher), 28 Robertson street, & Lewes
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Observer (saturday), (Joseph Henry Knight, publisher & proprietor), 34 High street
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Herald (saturday), (Isaac Parsons & Son, publishers & proprietors), 21 Havelock road

Albion hotel, Marine parade, Miss Harriet Bowles
Castle hotel, Wellington square, James Emary
Marine hotel, Pelham place, Charles Pope Hutchings
Royal Swan hotel, High street, Mrs. Elizabeth Carswell

Omnibuses & flys to & from the Swan, Castle, Albion, & Marine hotels, to meet every train
South Eastern & London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Companies, to all parts of the kingdom; William Poulton, superintendent of goods depot. Booking office & receiving house for the South-Eastern & London, Brighton & South Coast Railways, also for Pickford & Co. Westbeach street, Henry Stevenson, clerk

ASHBURNHAM (through Boreham & Hurstmonceux)-George Isted, tuesday & friday; Heselden, tuesday & friday at 2p.m.; & Ransom, wednesday & saturday at 3 p.m. from Breeds & Co.’s yard
BATTLE-Cain Reynolds, daily, 4 p.m. & John Collins, daily, from Breeds & Co.’s yard
BEXHILL-Mrs. Elizabeth Gander, monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday & saturday, 4 p.m.; Joseph Sargent, tuesday & saturday, 12 noon, & Stephen Cornford, tuesday & saturday, 12 noon, from Breeds & Co.’s yard
BREDE-Miller, from ‘Swan’ yard, tuesday, thursday & saturday, 3 p.m. (through Westfield)
BURWASH-Hicks, thursday 2 p.m. & Richard Ralph, friday 2 p.m. from ‘Rising Sun’
CATSFIELD-James May, from ‘Rising Sun,’ monday & friday, 1 p.m.; & Walters, tuesday & saturday, at 3 p.m. from Breeds & Co.’s yard
CROWHURST-James Crouch from Breeds & Co. yard, wednesday & saturday, 12 noon
FAIRLIGHT-Edgar Foster, from ‘Swan’ yard, tuesday & friday, 4 p.m.; Ebenezer Ramsey, from Breeds & Co.’s yard, tuesday & friday, 12.30 p.m.
HAILSHAM-Joseph Smith, from ‘Swan’ yard, friday 12 noon
HAWKHURST-Collins, from ‘Swan’ yard, tuesday & friday, 2.30 p.m.
HOOE-Vitler, tuesday & saturday, 12 noon; George Sargent, tuesday, thursday & saturday, from Breeds & Co.’s yard
HURSTMONCEUX & GARDNER STREET-Levi Baker, tuesday & saturday, 2 p.m. from the ‘Swan’; Lamb, tuesday & saturday, 2 p.m.; & Barton, friday 2 p.m. from ‘Rising Sun’
ICKLESHAM-John Colegate, tuesday, thursday & saturday from ‘King’s Head,’ 4 p.m.; & Masters, monday, wednesday & friday, from the ‘Swan,’ 4 p.m.
NETHERFIELD-James Mann, from, ‘King’s Head,’ tuesday & friday, at 4
NINFIELD-Stephen Gates, tuesday, thursday & saturday, & Golding, saturday, from Breeds & Co.’s yard
NORTHIAM-John Bull, from ‘Rising Sun,’ tuesday & friday, 12 noon
ORE-Charles Woodhurst & Mrs. Crump, daily, from Breeds & Co.’s yard; & John Wilson, daily to railway station
PETT-George Hills, from Ginner’s yard, mon. wed. & sat
PEVENSEY-Smith, from ‘Swan’ yard, tuesday & friday, 2 p.m.
ROBERTSBRIDGE-William Cheeseman, from ‘Swan’ yard, tuesday & friday, & Goodsell, from Breeds & Co.’s yard, tuesday, 6 p.m.
SEDLESCOMBE-Reuben Baker, from ‘Swan’ yard, tuesday, thursday & saturday, 2 p.m.
UDIMORE-Laurence Freeman, tuesday, 4 p.m. & Thomas Lester, tuesday & friday, 5 p.m. from ‘Rising Sun’
WESTFIELD-Easton, from Breeds & Co.’s yard, tuesday, thursday & saturday
WINCHELSEA-Robert Wheeler, from Breeds & Co.’s yard, three times a week; Edward Pigget, from ‘Rising Sun,’ wednesday & saturday, 4 p.m.; Thomas Lester, from ‘Rising Sun,’ tuesday & saturday