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St. Leonards – Commercial

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Aberdeen Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Church road
Absolom William, lodging house, 55 Marina
Acraman Wm. Henry, professor of music, 31 Robertson street
Adams John, linen draper, 11 Norman road east
Adey Charles Augustus, physician, 1 East ascent
Alce Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, 4 Market street
Allen Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 15 Marina
Allen Thomas, lodging house, 26 & 30 Eversfield place
Ancell William, lodging house, 55 Warrior square
Anderton Jane (Miss), lodging house, Stanley house, London rd
Andrews Frank George, linen draper, family mourning, millinery & boot & shoe warehouse, 31 Norman road west, & at Bexhill
Annakin John, lodging house, 7 Verulam place
Armstrong Alfred, oil & color man, 42 Norman road west
Arnold Joseph, wine, spirit & beer merchant, & sole agent for Guinness’s extra stout, 18 Grand parade, & at Pelham arcade, Hastings
Austin & Allen, fishmongers, poulterers & dealers in game, 9 South colonnade, Marina
Avery Edward, fly proprietor, 3 Gensing road
Avery George (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Verulam place
Avis & Roe, builders, Wellington road, Tivoli
Axford Charles John, surgeon, 49 Marina
Baines William, lodging houses, 34 Eversfield place; 36 Warrior square, & Gladstone house, West hill
Baker Henry Moor & Co. family grocers, italian warehousemen & house agents, 1 Verulam place
Baker Joseph, dairyman, 4 Fountain place
Baker Stephen, lodging house, 137 Marina
Balcombe Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 18 Gensing road
Baldwin Edwin, family draper & silk mercer, 1 London road, & at 23 White Rock place Hastings
Ball Edward, wheelwright, Tivoli
Banks Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 St. Margaret’s place
Banister Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 St. Margaret’s ter
Barchard Rebecca (Miss), lodging house, 9 West Hill ter
Barnard William Vincent, professor of music, 9 Magdalen road
Barnes George, hair dresser, 4 Norman road west
Barnett James, Tivoli tavern, Tivoli
Barr Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 79 Marina
Barrett Henry, boot & shoe maker, 2 St. Clement’s place
Bashford William, coach builder, 15 Alfred street & South street
Batstone Alfred Henry, builder, Wellington road, Tivoli
Batstone Charles John, upholsterer & undertaker, 29 Gensing Station road
Batterbury Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Verulam place
Beaney Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Marina
Beaney, James, agent for the Blind Association, 5 Norman rd. we
Beaney Thomas, coach builder, 3 Melbourne pl. Western road
Beek Alfred, grocer, 41 Marina
Beck William, baker, 6 East ascent
Beddoes Henry, house agent, South lodge
Beecham William Pain, solicitor & notary, 14 Warrior sq.
Beeching & Co. bankers (branch office from Hastings), (C.T. How & Co. agents), 44 Marina
Begbie Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 38 Eversfield place
Bell Samuel, shopkeeper, 44 North street
Bellamy George, plasterer, 2 Gensing Station road
Bennett Ann & Mary (Misses), preparatory school for young gentlemen, St. Margaret’s terrace
Bennett Ellen (Mrs.), Marina inn, Caves road
Bensted Ellen (Miss), lodging house, 50 Marina
Besant James, lodging house, 3 St. Margaret’s place
Bickle & Stoneman, linen drapers & outfitters, 44 & 45 Norman road west
Bishop Alfred, marine store dealer, 22 Shepherd street
Bissenden John, lapidary, 1 Marina
Blakeley Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, Clarence house, West Hill
Blakiston Peyton physician, 5 Warrior square
Blundell Thomas Leigh, physician, 12 Warrior square
Blyde Eliza (Miss), lodging house, 49 Eversfield place
Body Mary (Miss), lodging house, 8 St. Margaret’s place
Boning Robert, artist & photographer, 10 Verulam place
Boorman Edwin, butcher, 35 Norman road west
Bosten Joseph, lodging house, 34 Warrior square
Boswood Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Eversfield place
Bovington George, lodging house, 26 Magdalen road
Bowerman George, lodging house, 121 Marina
Bradshaw David, lodging house, 26 Marina
Bray John, grocer, 1 Sussex road
Bray S. (Miss), lodging house, 3 Prince’s road
Brett James, dairyman, 7 Mercatoria
Brett Thomas Brandon, printer, stationer, bookseller, news agent, & publisher of ‘St. Leonard’s & Hastings Gazette,’ 28 Norman road west
Brett’s St. Leonard’s & Hastings Gazette, published every saturday (Thomas Brandon Brett, proprietor & publisher), 28 Norman road west
Bridgeland George, bricklayer, 27 Gensing Station road
Brissenden Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Marina
Britt Henry Edward, grocer, 9 North street
Broadhurst Harriet (Mrs.), milliner, 12 Norman road west
Brown Frederick, grocer, 2 North street
Brown Mary (Miss), lodging house, 134 Marina
Burg Karl, ornamental & commercial printer & stationer, 30 Gensing Station road
Burgess John William, bricklayer, 27 North street
Burguieres Philippe Julien, professor of the French language & literature, 2 Maze hill
Burton Gent, lodging house, 36 Eversfield place
Butler & Beagley, booksellers, stationers, news agents, Eversfield library & reading room, 2 & 3 Eversfield place
Buttenshaw Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Warrior square
Button Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 64 Eversfield place
Callaway William, lodging house, 11 Eversfield place
Campbell Frederick, Railway inn, Gensing Station road
Cansdell Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 5 St. Margaret’s ter
Capell Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Prince’s road
Catt Adelaide (Mrs.), lodging house, 24 Marina
Chadwick Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Warrior Square ter
Chandler Henry, plumber, glazier & painter, 3 South colonnade, Marina, & 16 East ascent
Chaney Ellen (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Gensing terrace
Chapman Charles, dairyman, 23 North street
Chapman James dairyman, 6 Gensing road
Chapman John, lodging house, 62 Eversfield place
Cheal Isaiah, lodging house, 43 Eversfield place
Cheal Lavinia (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Grand parade
Chenning Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Stanhope place
Chester 8amuel, jun. wholesale & family grocer, provision & egg merchant, 12 East ascent
Chester Sydney Burke, grocer, 24 Norman road west
Chester Thomas, shopkeeper, 14 Western road
Church Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 & 14 Eversfield place
Clark Charles, civil engineer, 67 Eversfield place
Clark Hannah (Mrs.), laundress, Gensing station road
Clements Frederick, lodging houses, 62 & 102 Marina
Cloake John George, baker, 8 Silver Hill terrace
Cockburn Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 Grand parade
Coleman Henry, lodging house, 48 Eversfield place
Coleman Richard, lodging house, 6 Stanhope place
Collins Harriet (Mrs.) lodging house, 114 Marina
Cook S. J., M. F., & M. (Misses), ladies’ boarding school, Lulworth house, London road
Cooper John, lodging house, 87 Marina
Cooper S. M. (Miss), lady-superintendent of Hastings & St. Leonard’s Home for Invalid Ladies, Catherine house
Cope Charles, bookseller, stationer & printer, 4 Norman rd. east
Cornelius John, Nag’s Head, Gensing road
Couchman Frederick, pork butcher & greengrocer, 20 London road
Cramp Ann (Mrs.) laundress, 33 Norman road west
Cramp Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress, 14 Norman road east
Crisford Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer, 22 London road
Cronk William, lodging house, 32 London road
Croswell Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Verulam place
Crump Tom Holt, lodging house, 60 Eversfield place
Cruttenden & Son, plumbers, glaziers, & house decorators, 22 & 24 Gensing Station road
Cull Robert, Prince Albert, North street
Custard Walter Goss, teacher of the pianoforte, 114 Marina
Cuthbert George, glass & china dealer, 36 & 37 Norman road west
Davis John, family grocer & wine merchant, 2 South colonnade, Marina
Davis John Oliver, chemist & druggist, 1 Eversfield place
Davis Robert, fly proprietor, 16 Marina
Davison Charles lodging house, 25 Gensing Station road
Davies Edward Vinall, plumber, glazier, painter & house decorator, 7 Eversfield place & 28A, Gensing Station road
Dawes Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Eversfield place
Dearing Louis, butcher, 38 Norman road west
Denring Penelope, (Mrs.), laundress, 31 London road
Delves James, lodging house, 12 Magdalen road
Deneulain Fanny (Miss), lodging house, 133 Marina
Deudney Robert, farmer & grazier, Gensing house, Upper Maze hill
Dickson Robert, lodging house, Cambridge house, Gensing Station road
Dive Harriet (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, Charlton house, Oxford terrace, Magdalen road
Dobell Mark, cabinet maker & paper hanger, 1 Cross street
Dorman James, Royal Victoria library & pianoforte saloon, bookseller, stationer, printer & news agent, Parade
Down Henry, lodging house, 9 Warrior Square terrace
Draper William, miller, St. Leonard’s mill
Drury James, cabinet maker, 5 Under cliff
Duff Rev. Charles, boarding & day school for young gentlemen, Highbury house, Edward road, Church road
Duke David, dining rooms, 15 & 17 London road
Dunne John, physician, 5 Grand parade
Edgar A. F. & E. (Misses), ladies’ boarding school, 53 Marina
Edwards Eliza (Mrs,), lodging house, 45 Marina
Eldridge Charles, fly proprietor, 6 Gensing terrace
Eldridge John, baker & confectioner, 20 Norman road west
Ellis Phoebe (Mrs.), berlin wool & toy dealer, 5 Norman road east
Elliott James, B.A. gentlemen’s boarding school, 3 Challingsworth place, West hill
Elphick Thomas, shopkeeper, 4 Cross street, Warrior square
Elworthy Thomas, architect & surveyor, 15 Norman road west; residence, 5 Cornfield terrace, Hastings
Emary James & Co. wine & spirit & bottled beer merchants, 21½ Marina; & at 8 Breed’s place, Hastings
English David, baker & confectioner, 8 North street
English Eliza (Mrs.), laundress, 13 North street
Ernsting Frederick Augustus, tailor & draper, 3 London rd
Everest Edward, lodging house, 9 Gensing terrace
Eversfield Estate Office (Francis H. Fowler, architect; Andrew Munro, surveyor), 3 Norman road east
Farncomb Charles & Edward, farmers, Filsham farm
Field Samuel, grocer, 21 Norman road west
Filmer Edwin, grocer, 10 Gensing road
Fisher Caroline (Miss), lodging house, 53 Eversfield place
Fisher Caroline (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Church road
Fisher Kate (Miss), lodging house, 54 Eversfield place
Fisher Stephen, beer retailer, 9 Lavitoria
Foord Charles, beer retailer, 34 Norman road west
Foord William, fishmonger, 4 Shepherd street
Foster Eliza, Charlotte & Emily {Misses), dress makers, 7 Silver Hill terrace
Foster Frederick William, writing & drawing master, 135 Marina
Freelove Jeremiah, chimney sweeper, 5 Market street
Freeman William, Warrior’s Gate, Norman road west
Friederich Ulrich, lodging house, 25 Eversfield place; & at 5 Carlisle parade, Hastings
Friend Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 West Hill terrace
French Henry Mark, bathing machine proprietor, & lodging houses, 22 & 23 East ascent & 1 Undercliff
French Thomas, shopkeeper, 2 Western road
Fuggle Charles & Caroline (Mrs.), boot & shoe makers, 1 Market terrace
Fuller Ruth (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 East ascent
Gamman Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Gensing terrace
Gardiner Thomas, tobacconist, 30 Norman road west
Gausden Charles Henry, auctioneer, appraiser, house & estate agent & undertaker, 48 Marina
Gibbons Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Verulam place
Gilford M. A. & C. L. (Misses), ladles’ boarding school, St. George’s villa
Gillett Ann & Ruth (Misses), lodging house, 23 Marina
Gillham Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 51 Eversfield place
Gloss Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Warrior square
Goldsmith George, lodging house, 52 Eversfield place
Gorring Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 24 Warrior square
Gorringe John, farmer, Pebsham farm
Gower Samuel, greengrocer, Tivoli
Gower Walter, lodging houses, 16 Undercliff & 73 Marina
Gray Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 West Hill terrace
Green Alfred, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 22A, London rd
Hale Robert Douglas, physician, 26 Grand parade
Hall Joseph, plumber, glazier & painter, 19 East ascent
Hambly Thos. Dodridge, lodging house, 3 St. Margaret’s ter
Harman Edwin, builder, 53 Warrior square
Harman James, baker, 6 Shepherd street
Harman Richard, lodging house, 2 Prince’s road
Harman William, lodging house, 21 Eversfield place
Harman William, lodging house, 20 Warrior square
Harmer Hiram, lodging house, 34 London road
Harmer Tilden, lodging house, 21 Magdalen road
Harris James, pork butcher, 23 London road
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Advertiser, published every thursday (James Dorman, publisher & proprietor}, Royal Victoria Library
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Club (George Scrivens esq. treasurer), Assembly rooms
Hastings & St. Leonard’s Home for Invalid Ladies (Miss S. M. Cooper, lady superintendent), Catherine ho
Hatchett Edward Henry, lodging house, 45 Eversfield place
Hatchman James William, lodging house, 68 Marina
Hayward George William, lodging house, 34 Marina
Hayward James, paper hanger, 1 Melbourne pl. Western rd
Hayward Richard, lodging house, 19 Grand parade
Haywood William, paraffin lamp & oil dealer, 13 Gensing road; & at 87 High street, Hastings
Hebden William, lodging house, 66 Warrior square
Hempsted & Co. chemists & druggists, 14 Grand parade
Henley Amelia (Mrs.), lodging house. 4 West ascent
Hepworth Kitty (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Stanhope place
Hewett Edward, brewer & spirit merchant, Shepherd street & London road
Hibberdine Mary (Miss), lodging house, 2 Magdalen road
Hill John, Duke of York, Union road
Hillary Charles, lodging house, 74 Marina
Hopkins Samuel, builder, 144 Marina
Hopkins Sarah (Mrs) lodging house, 144 Marina
Hollebone Charles & Son, tailors, 10 Grand parade
Honiss Kezia (Mrs.), lodging house, 52 Marina
How Charles Thomas & Co. coal, ale & porter merchants, 44 Marina
Hughes Charles, lodging house, 12 Stanhope place
Hughes Henry, builder, contractor & brick & tile manufacturer, 14 East ascent & Mercatoria
Hughes John, boot & shoe maker, 43 North street
Hunt Eliza (Mrs.) lodging house, 54 Warrior square
Hutchings Ann (Mrs.), Albert inn, Undercliff
Hutchings John, tailor, 8 Norman road west
Hutchinson Harriet (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 7 Western road
Hutchinson John, lodging house, 3 Victoria road
Hutchinson Priscilla & Sydney (Misses), lodging house, 37 Eversfield place
Hyland & Smith, milliners & dress makers, 28 London road
Inskipp Walter (Mrs.), lodging houses, 55 Eversfield place, & at 3 White Rock place, Hastings
Invalid & Industrial Kitchen (Mrs. Ann Eccardt, superintendent), Albert house, Cross street, Warrior square
Jackson Edwin, lodging house, 136 Marina
Jackson Philip, family grocer, italian warehouseman, & house agent, 15 Grand parade & 2 Saxon road
Jacob Frederic Kirby, professor of the pianoforte, 122 Marina
James (Misses), home for gentlemen’s children, 3 West Hill terrace
Jarvis Frances (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Grand parade
Jenks William, Fountain inn, Fountain place
Jervis Robt. Haynes, hair dresser & fancy repository, 37 Marina
Job Joseph H. watch & clockmaker, 8 South colonnade, Marina
Johnson George, chemist & druggist, 47 Norman road West
Johnson Thomas Allen, lodging house, 19 Magdalen road
Jones Sarah Maria (Miss), lodging house, 111 Marina
Jones William, lodging house, 20 East ascent
Jordan Thomas, saddler & harness maker, 1 Market street
Kennard John Debock, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 22 Norman road west
Kent Robert, naturalist, 13 London road
Kenward George, boot & shoe maker, 6 Norman road east & 5 St. Clement’s place
Kenwood John, builder, contractor, brick maker &c. 5 East ascent
Kenwood John, cabinet maker, upholster, decorator & furnishing undertaker, Mercatoria
Kimpton James, paper hanger, 4 St. Clement’s place
King George, slater, Wellington road, Tivoli
Kirkby Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 4 Magdalen road
Kitt Catherine (Miss), lodging house, 10 St. Margaret’s pl.
Knight Annie (Mrs.), lodging house, 130 Marina
Knight James, plasterer, 35 London Road
Knowles William, lodging house, 7 Gensing Station road
Lacaille Arman Philip, professor of french, 1 Archer terrace, St. Leonard’s green
Lamb James, wheelwright, 5 Silver Hill terrace
Lamb Richard, wheelwright, carpenter & undertaker, St. Leonard’s green
Lawrence Charlotte (Mrs.), lodging house, 23 Warrior square
Lecieux Rene, lodging house, 21 Grand parade
Le Fevre John, lodging house, 56 Eversfield place
Leigh Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Gensing road
Lester John William, job, posting & riding master, Melbourne mews, Western road; residence, 28 Eversfield pl.
Lewis Louisa (Miss), lodging house, 18 Magdalen road
Linton George, beer retailer, 32 North street
Lock Charles, lodging house, 39 Warrior square
London & County Joint Stock Bank (John Gower O’Neill, esq. manager; James Dorman, agent), Royal Victoria library, Parade; draw on head office, London
Lulham Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 86 Marina
Lu1ham Henry (Mrs.) lodging house, 42 Eversfield place
Lye Robert, glass & china dealer, 42 Marina
McCowen James, fancy repository, 10 Norman road east
Mace Mary (Miss), lodging house, 7 Grand parade
Macrone Jonathan, professor of music, 33 London road
McVicar John, tobacconist, 27 London road
Maggs Samuel Blount, pharmaceutical chemist, 36 Marina
Maleski John Paul, professor of languages, 2 Maze Hill ter
Manley William, lodging house, 29 Norman road west
Mann Charlotte (Mrs.), furnishing & general ironmonger, 7 East ascent
Mann James, gas fitter, 17 Gensing road
Marchant Jesse, blacksmith, St. Leonard’s green
Marsh Elijah, shopkeeper, 11 Mercatoria
Martin James, fruiterer & greengrocer, 6 London road
Mastermann John, lodging house, 2 St. Margaret’s terrace
Matthews Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 24 Eversfield pl.
Mayhew Matilda (Miss), lodging house, 20 Magdalen road
Mechanics’ Institute (Alfred Burton, esq. president; John Davis & Arthur Neve, hon. secs.), 40 Norman road west
Miller Benjamin, lodging house, 22 Warrior square
Miller Charles, coffee & dining rooms, 25 East ascent
Miller Henry, boot & shoemaker, 8 Shepherd street
Miller Sophia (Mrs.), lodging house, 29 Marina
Miller Stephen Peter, lodging house, 28 Gensing Station road
Mitten John, boot & shoe maker, 1 Union road
Moon James, family grocer & tea dealer & baker, 127 Marina
Moppett James, hosier, 4 Eversfield place
Morley Henry, British hotel, St. Clement’s place
Morris Edward, fruiterer & nurseryman, 4 London road
Morris Wm. bookseller, stationer & newsagent, 9 East ascent
Moss Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 59 Marina
Mulhearn John Thomas, lodging house, 28 Warrior square
Munday Russell, plumber & glazier, 1 St. Clement’s place
Munro Andrew, surveyor for the Eversfield estate, 3 Norman road east
Murdoch Henry, dairyman, 7 Melbourne place, Western rd
Murray John. jun. watch maker & jeweller, 21 Marina
Murray William, tobacconist, 2A, London road
Nash Goodwin, lodging house, 141 Marina
Nash William, Old England tavern, London road
Nelson Mary (Miss), lodging house, 44 Warrior square
Neve Albert, lodging house, 10 Stanhope place
Neve Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Undercliff
Neve Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs.), plumber, glazier & painter; 6 & 7 Norman road west
Newnham Jesse, baker & confectioner, 24 London road
Niven Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 118 Marina
Noakes George, blacksmith, Bopeep
Novis William, boot & shoe maker, 11 Lavitoria
Offen James Edward, ironmonger, 3 Norman road west
Overton Catherine (Mrs.), seminary, 2 Archer terrace, St. Leonard’s green
Overton Thomas, artist, 2 Archer terrace, St. Leonard’s grn
Page James, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 13 Norman rd. west
Page Thomas Henry, South of England dyeing & scouring works, 23 Gensing Station road
Pain Charles, veterinary surgeon, 7 Gensing terrace
Pain Richard, saddler & harness maker, London road
Painter Emily (Miss), teacher of music, 113 Marina
Palmer Eliza (Mrs.), Norman hotel, Norman road east
Palmer William, marine store dealer, 4 North street
Parks Newton & Albert, butchers, 10 South Colonnade, Marina
Parks Charles (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Undercliff
Parks Henry, butcher, 4 South Colonnade, Marina
Payne William, Terminus hotel, Bopeep
Pears Mary Ann (Mrs.), toy dealer, 19 London road
Peirce Amelia (Miss), lodging house, 28 Grand parade
Pelling John, terra cotta & pottery manufacturer, Tivoli pottery works
Penhall John Thomas, surgeon, 5 Eversfield place
Pennells George, chimney sweeper, 15 Gensing road
Pennington Henrietta (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, 32 Marina
Perrin Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, Wellington road, Tivoli
Perry John, lodging house, 12 St. Margaret’s place
Peters Alfred, baker & confectioner, 9 London road
Peters Bernard, watch maker & jeweller, 2 Norman rd. east
Phillips Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 17 Marina
Philpot Charles, boot & shoemaker, 1 Norman road east
Philpot William, linen draper, 38 Marina
Pilbeam Bathsheba (Mrs.), berlin & fancy repository, 27 Norman road west
Pilbean Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 66 Eversfield place
Pierce Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress, 25 London road
Plummer John William, lodging house, 126 Marina
Pollard Frederick, bookbinder, 9 Gensing road
Porter Annie (Mrs.), boarding house, 26 Norman road west
Porter Frederick, linen draper, milliner & mantle warehouse, 26 Norman road west
Potten George, Horse & Groom, Mercatoria
Price Thomas, fishmonger & poulterer, 7 South colonnade, Marina
Price Thomas, jun. fishmonger, 2 Gensing road
Proctor William, lodging houses, 50 & 62 Warrior square, 11 Warrior Square terrace & 19 Eversfield place
Pulford Walter, shopkeeper, 26 North street
Putland & Son, coal & timber merchants, 7 London road
Putland Henry Rufus, furnishing & general ironmonger, gas fitter, brazier, tin plate worker & bar iron merchant, 41 Norman road west
Puttock George, lodging house, 6 Grand parade
Quin George, lodging house, Milton villa, West hill
Randall Thomas, lodging house, 60 Warrior square
Ranger James, Plasterers’ Arms, & blacksmith, South st
Ranger Thomas, grocer, 37 London road
Ranger William, lodging houses, 32 & 33 Eversfield place
Ransom Robert, surgeon dentist, 3 Verulam place
Raven Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Magdalen road
Reynolds Francis, dining rooms, 18 London road
Richardson Elizabeth (Mrs.), private boarding house, 15 St. Margaret’s place
Rising Louisa (Mrs.), professor of music & singing, South lodge
Roberts Cecilia (Mrs.), laundress, 8 Gensing terrace
Roberts Henry, lodging house, 9 Gensing Station road
Roberts Thomas Reynolds, lodging house, 84 Marina
Robinson Thomas, builder & undertaker, 20 Grand parade & North street
Rodda William John, builder & contractor, 3 Western road
Rolfe Ebenezer, lodging house, 18 East ascent
Rose Moses, boot & shoe maker & shopkeeper, 39 London rd
Royal Baths (George Parker, manager), Parade
Russell William Henry, tailor, 13 Norman road east
Sadler & Buller, bricklayers, Western road
Saunders George, beer retaller, Mews road, East ascent
Savery & Norris, solicitors, 1 Norman road east
Savery John Charles, surgeon, 27 Marina
Seaman Elizabeth (Mrs.), private boarding house, 28 Magdalen road
Sellman Aaron, watch maker & jeweller, 39 Norman rd. west
Semark Mary (Mrs.), St. Leonard’s Arms, London road
Sewell Jeremiah, fly & invalid chair proprietor, 3 South st.
Shakespeare Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 9 Warrior sq.
Sharp George, stone & marble mason, 29 London road
Sharpe Eli, bread & biscuit baker, 28 Alfred street
Shaw Archibald Richard, M.D. homeopathist, 33 Marina
Shaw Caroline (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Marina
Sheather & Jenner, boot & shoe makers, 3 Mercatoria
Sheather Henry, Bull inn, Bulverhithe
Sidney Richard, lodging house, 40 Warrior square
Sinden Harriet (Mrs.), laundress, 5 Gensing road
Sinden Samuel, dairyman, 5 Gensing road
Skinner John & William, job & posting masters, livery stable keepers & corn merchants, Eversfield mews, Western road & Sussex mews, Marina
Skinner John, riding, job & posting master, patronised by their R.H. the Prince & Princess of Wales, Harold mews, East ascent
Slatter Albert, artist in wax flowers, & lodging house, 6 Eversfield place
Smedley & Sons, jet & marble ornament manufacturers, 10 Verulam place
Smith Edgar, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 26 London road
Smith Edward, butcher, 3 North street
Smith Elizabeth (Miss), stationer, & fancy repository, 13 South colonnade, Marina
Smith Henry, lodging house, 28 Marina
Smith Henry, lodging house, 11 Stanhope place
Smith Henry, lodging house, 11 Western road
Smith James, hair dresser, 2 Market street
Smith James, railway contractor, 1 Stanhope place
Smith Mary (Miss), lodging house, 11 East ascent
Snelling John, beer retailer, 9 Melbourne place, Western rd
Sparke John, fly proprietor, & lodging house, 27 Eversfield pl.
Spray James, grocer, Tivoli
Stanford & Lockett, milliners, 9 Norman road east
Stanford George (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Grand parade
Stanford George, tailor & hatter, 48 Marina & 10 Verulam pl.
Stapley Charles, fly proprietor, 2 Melbourne pl. Western rd
Stapley Charles, veterinary surgeon, 14 London road
Starkey John, importer of wines & spirits, bottled beer merchant & omnibus & fly proprietor, Royal Victoria hotel, Marina & 1 Eversfield place
Starkey John, Royal Victoria family hotel & posting house, Marina
Starnes Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 29 Eversfield place
Starnes Richard, fruiterer & greengrocer, 2 Norman road west
Steel Thomas, lodging house, 63 Eversfield place
Stevens Henry, stone mason, 6 Gensing Station road
Stevenson John, beer retailer, Shepherd street
Stonestreet & Stace, milliners & dress makers, 25 Norman road west
Sparks Philip, fruiterer & nurseryman, 10 East ascent
Streeter Mary (Mrs.), laundress, 2 Union road
Strickland William, butcher, 14 Gensing road
Stubberfield Samuel, lodging house, 66 Marina
Stubberfield Solomon, shopkeeper, 9 Silver Hill terrace
Stubberfield Winifred (Mrs.), family grocer & wine merchant, 11 London road
Talbott Trayton, butcher, 21 London road
Tapp Frederick, plumber, painter & glazier, l North street
Tavenor Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 St. Margaret’s terrace
Taylor Alexander, Coach & Horses, Mews road, East ascent
Taylor James, livery stable keeper, 19 Norman road west & Royal Victoria mews
Taylor William, market gardener, 9 Norman road west
Temperance Hall Working Men’s Reading Room (Richard Bengley, secretary), Norman road west
Tendall Joseph, reporter for ‘Hastings & St. Leonard’s Chronicle,’ & lodging house, 35 Eversfield place
Terry Charles, carpenter, 8 Gensing road
Terry George, shopkeeper, 10 London road
Tester Richard, poulterer, 5 London road
Tew William, carpenter & joiner, 18 Shepherd street
Thomas Alfred, blacksmith, 10 Shepherd street
Thomas Horace, chemist & druggist, 14 South colonnade, Marina
Thomson Frank, teacher of music, 7 St. Margaret’s place
Thorp Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 20 Grand parade
Thorp John, photographer, 20 Grand parade
Thorpe Geo. Archibald, boot & shoe maker, 17 Grand parade
Thorpe Thomas, lodging house, 40 Warrior square
Tinley William Samuel, grocer, & lodging house, 12 Norman road east & 32 Warrior square
Tolliday Thomas, tailor, 43 North street
Tomlin Alfred (Mrs.), lodging houses, 22 & 23 Eversfield pl.
Tompsett Henry (Mrs.), lodging house, 18 Grand parade
Tottenham Rev. John White, M.A. gentlemen’s boarding school, Archery villas
Towner Edward, lodging house, 10 Gensing terrace
Tree Benjamin, assistant overseer of St. Mary Magdalen, 16 Norman road west
Tree Frederick, coal merchant, 16 Norman road west
Tresham John Chapman, lodging house, 48 Warrior square
Trollope Thomas, surgeon, 35 Marina
Trye James (Mrs.), lodging house, 83 Marina
Tunbridge John George, fruiterer & greengrocer, 11 Norman road west
Turner George Brown, M.D. surgeon, 3 Warrior square
Vanlinschooten Peter, cabinet maker, 7 Stanhope place
Vann Daniel, lodging house, 67 Marina
Vann Thomas, lodging houses, 10 Eversfield place & 30 & 31 Marina
Vaughan William, South Saxon hotel & posting house, 13 Grand parade
Veness Ann (Mrs.), laundress, 12 North street
Verney Wm. pastry cook & confectioner, 16 London road
Verrall William, boot & shoe maker, 25 North street
Vidler Richard Thomas, cook & confectioner, 5 South colonnade, Marina
Vidow Thomas, Anchor, East ascent
Vine Charles, baker, 2 Mercatoria
Viner Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 29 Grand parade
Viner William James, lodging house, 4 Grand parade
Waghorne Aubrey, butcher, 7 Norman road east
Walker Richard, beer retailer, 2 South street
Wall John, boot & shoe maker, 32 Norman road west
Walter Ann (Mrs.), fruiterer & greengrocer, 6 South colonnade, Marina
Walter Thomas, tailor, 4 Market terrace
Waters Egbert, tailor, 6 Undercliff
Wells Francis Ross, photographer, 13 East ascent
Wells Richard, lodging house, 66 Marina
West Thomas, lodging house, 143 Marina
Whatman John, fruiterer & greengrocer, 41 London road
White James (Mrs.), private boarding ho. 13 Eversfield pl.
White Randall, lodging house, 76 Marina
Whitfield James, lodging house, 129 Marina
Whittaker Charles, artist, 12 South colonnade, Marina
Willard Stephen Howland, ironmonger & gas fitter, 1 Mercatoria
Williams Thomas William, leather cutter, 11 Gensing road
Williamson William Thomas, plumber & glazier, house, sign & decorative painter, 1 Western road
Wilmshurst George, tailor, 17 Norman road west
Wilson Robert James, surgeon, 24 Grand parade
Winter Ann (Miss), lodging house, 44 Eversfield place
Winter James, lodging house, 128 Marina
Winter John, carpenter & joiner, 11 St. Margaret’s place & London road
Wise Frances (Miss), ladles’ seminary , 4 Gensing Station rd
Wise John, academy, & teacher of music, 3 Western road
Wise Stanley Leopold, pianoforte tuner, 11 Gensing Station rd
Wise Thomas, station master, London, Brighton & South Coast railway station, Bopeep
Wood George, painter, glazier & paper hanger, 6 Gensing Station road
Wood John, builder, 1 Gensing Station road
Wood William, boot & shoe maker, 23 Norman road west
Woodgate Anna Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Undercliff
Woodgate Elizabeth (Miss), lodging houses, 19 & 20 Marina
Woodgate Samuel, builder, undertaker, house agent & appraiser, 18 Marina & Mercatoria
Woods Frederick Rayner, lodging house, 50 Eversfield place
Wrangham George, lodging house, 4 St. Margaret’s place
Wrench Charles, lodging house, 10 Grand parade
Wrenn Alfred, boot & shoe maker 12 Gensing road
Wright & Page, coal merchants, Shepherd street
Yarroll Joseph, collector for the improvement commissioners, 21 East ascent