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St. Leonards – Private Residents

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Adams Rev. Edward Charles, M.A. The Lindens, Upper Maze hill
Adey Charles Augustus, M.D. 1 East ascent
Airey Miss, 25 Magdalen road
Akers James Ramsay, esq. Mountfield, Upper Maze hill
Anderson Mrs. 4 The Uplands
Arnold Mr. Joseph, 12 Church road
Asquith Mrs. 10 Gensing Station road
Austin Misses, 5 Maze hill
Axford Charles John, esq. 49 Marina
Babington Miss, 7 St. Margaret’s place
Bacchus Mrs. Allegria, Quarry hill
Bairdsmith Mrs. Greenhay, Up. Maze hill
Baker Henry Sherston, esq. 2 Park villas
Baker Mrs. l Magdalen road
Barnes Pemberton, esq. Quarry cottage
Bartelle Mrs. 17 Church road
Bartleet Lionel, esq. 4 Maze hill
Bartleet Mrs. 4 Maze hill
Bartlett Rev. John Spencer, 3 Princes rd
Beadel Mrs. & Misses, Brooklands, Upper Maze hill
Beagley Mr. Richard, 11 Church road
Beaumont Mrs. 1 Warrior Square ter
Beddoes Mr. Henry, 14 Stanhope place
Beecham William Pain, esq. 8 Magdalen road
Bezeth Martin, esq. Fairleigh, The Mount
Bickle Mr. Benjamin, Norley house, Gensing Station road
Birch-Wolfe Mrs. 4 Warrior square
Bishop Miss Abergeldie, Silver hill
Blackden Frederick Chalfont, esq. 7 Warrior Square terrace
Blakiston Douglas Yeoman, esq. J.P. 24 Magdalen road
Blakiston Peyton, esq. M.D., F.R.S. 5 Warrior square
Bleazby Miss, 10 Church road
Bleazby Rev. William, 10 Church road
Blencowe Rev. T. M.A. 146 Marina
Bligh Hon. & Rev. E. V. 103 Marina
Blundell Thomas Leigh, esq. M.D. 12 Warrior square
Bonus Mrs. & Misses, 56 Warrior square
Borton John, esq. Burlington house, West hill
Bourne Mrs. 3 East street
Bowerbank James Scott, LL.D., F.R.S. 2 East ascent
Bradley Rev. William Windham, M.A. 101 Marina
Braham Mrs. 80 Marina
Brandram Francis Holles, esq. Rose mount
Breach Mr. -, 10 Warrior Square ter
Bridgeman Miss, Albert house, Cross street, Warrior square
Bright Mr. Edward Saul, 3 Magdalen road
Brown Henry Alexander, esq. 72 Marina
Brown Misses, 4 Oxford terrace, Magdalen road
Brown Mrs. 4 Oxford ter. Magdalen rd
Brown Mrs. & Misses, West Hill lodge
Browne Mrs. & Miss, 27 Grand parade
Bryant George, esq. 5 Oxford terrace, Magdalen road
Buckland Mrs. 4 Magdalen villas
Burgess Misses, 1 West Hill terrace
Burgess Mr. Thos. 25 Norman road west
Burgess Mr. William, 12 London road
Burguieres Phllippe Julien, esq. 2 Maze hill
Burton Alfred, esq. J.P. 64 Marina
Burton Decimus, esq. The Cottage, Maze hill
Burton Miss, 5 West hill
Butler George, esq. Wallands lodge, Silver hill
Cameron John, esq. 1 Clyde Villas. West hill
Capper Rev. John Langford, B.A. 1 Challingsworth place, West hill
Carey Miss, 3 Prince’s road
Carey Mrs. 8 East ascent
Cattell Mrs. 3 Blomfield terrace
Caulfleld Henry Cope, esq. Clone house, Upper Maze hill
Chance Henry, esq. 2 Warrior Square ter
Chester Misses, 120 Marina
Chester Mr. Samuel, jun. 15 East ascent
Clark Mr. Charles, 67 Eversfield place
Clay Mrs. & Miss, 42 Warrior square
Clifton Miss, 33 Warrior square
Close Miss, 3 Church road
Clutterbuck Miss, 25 Grand parade
Colt Mrs. 60 Warrior square
Colpoys Rev. James Adair Griffith, M.A. 9 Maze hill
Comefford Mrs. 51 Marina
Connolly Mrs. All Souls’
Cooper Joseph Sidney, esq. Church villa, Church road
Cooper Miss S. M. Catherine house
Cooper Mrs. A. 6 Warrior Square ter
Cooper Mrs. & Miss, 1 Maze Hill terrace
Copestake Sampson, esq. 8 Grand parade
Cotton Miss, 40 Marina
Coventry Mrs. Spring Hill villa.
Coward Mrs. & Miss. 62 Warrior square, & Ouseley lodge, Old Windsor
Cowie Mrs. 38 Warrior square
Crake Vandaleur Benjamin. esq. J.P. The Highlands
Cripps Mrs. & Miss, 8 Verulam place
Cruckshanks Miss, 3 Gensing Station rd
Cumberlege Rev. John. B.D. Tilsworth lodge, Silver hill
Cunningham Miss, 1 Magdalen villas
Dacre Miss, 3 West ascent
Dancer William, esq. l Hillesden villas
Davis Mr. John, 24 East ascent
Davis Miss, 21 Church road
De Grahl Mons. 3 Prince’s road
De Quincy Miss, Greenhay, Up. Maze hill
Deudney Miss, 3 West ascent
Dewar Misses, 5 The Uplands
Dickson Vice-Admiral Sir William, 7 The Mount
Dive Miss, Charlton house, Oxford terrace, Magdalen road
Dobson Thomas, esq. Norfolk villa, West hill
Dorman Mr. James, 5 The Lawn
Downes Misses, 6 Maze hill
Dresser Miss, 6 Warrior Square terrace
Drew Rev. George Smith, M.A. l45 Marina
Duff Rev. Charles, Highbury house, Edward road, Church road
Dundas Robert, esq. 105 Marina
Dunne John, esq. M.D. 5 Grand parade
Dutton William Henry, esq. R.N. 5 Blomfield terrace
Dyneley Misses, Gensing lodge, Upper Maze hill
Dyne William, esq. 30 Magdalen road
Eldridge Miss, 57 Eversfield place
Elliot Hon. Mrs. Gilbert, 1 The Uplands
Elliott James, esq. B.A. 3 Challingworth place, West hill
Elliott Mrs. & Misses, 27 Warrior square
Elphinstone Lady, 4 The Lawn
Faulconer Mrs. & Misses, 4 St. Margaret’s terrace
Fermor Miss, 41 Eversfield place
Field Mrs. 11 Maze hill
FitzRoy Francis Charles, esq. 57 Marina
Fowler Francis H. esq. 2 St. Margaret’s pl.
Foy Rev. John [Roman Catholic], 1 Princes road
Frankfort de Montmorency the Viscountess, 123 Marina
Fullarton Mrs. Col. Cowper vil. West hl
Fuller Neston Joseph, esq. 8 Warrior Square terrace
Garbutt Charles Overend, esq. 6 Warrior Square terrace
Gibson Mr. John, Mercatoria
Giesler Miss, 10 The Lawn
Gill Capt. Harry, R.N. 2 Victoria road
Gipps George, esq. Tower house, Upper Maze hill
Goepel Mr. Philip, 124 Marina
Golding Mrs. 27 Warrior square
Goodale Mrs. 10 Maze hill
Goodwin Mrs. 26 Gensing Station road
Gray Mrs. 2 West ascent
Greenwood Miss, 20 Church road
Greenwood Mrs. 20 Church road
Grey Mrs. Malcolm Peth, Up. Maze hl
Hale Robert Douglas, esq. M.D. 20 Grand parade
Hall William Henry, M.D. 7 Church rd
Hammond Major, 16 Magdalen road
Hancock Major-Gen. Hy. 2 The Uplands
Hancock Misses, Holmwood lodge
Hannah Robert, esq. 138 Marina
Harford Charles Richd. esq. 95 Marina
Harington Mrs. 4 West hill
Harper Miss, Cowper villa, West hill
Harwood Mrs. 1 West ascent
Hasker Rev. George Henry, M.A. 61 Eversfield place
Hatchard Rev. John Alton, M.A. 104 Marina
Hawkins Mrs. Sherborne lodge, Upper Maze hill
Heathcote Rev. Gilbert Vyvyan, Maze Hill cottage
Helyar Mrs. Mount house, The Mount
Hewett Mr. Edward, Elvetham mount
Hill Gustvs. Valentine, esq. 37 Warrior sq.
Hill Mrs. 37 Warrior square
Hitchcock Mrs. 11 Magdalen road
Howes Mr. John, 14 Magdalen road
Hughes Mr. Henry, jun. 3 Maze Hill terrace
Hume Rev. William Wheler, M.A. St. Mary Magdalen parsonage
Hunt Thomas, esq. 76 Marina
Ilderton Mrs. & Misses, 4 The Mount
Isaacson Rev. Stuteville, M.A. 6 The Mount
Ivall Mr. Albert, 2 Blomfield terrace
Jackson Misses, 4 Maze Hill terrace
Janson William, esq. 97 Marina
Jarvis Rev. Henry, M.A. Clare house, Maze hill
Jarvis Miss, 7 Magdalen road
Jeffries Mrs. 13 Undercliff
Jocelyn Viscountess, White Rock villa
Johnson Mrs. 99 Marina
Julius George Charles, esq. M.D. Maze Hill house
Kelly Capt. Edward, R.N. 19 Church road
Kennay Mrs. W. R. 1 St. Margaret’s ter
Kenward Mr. Thomas, 1 Blomfield ter
Kenwood Mr. John, 5 East street
Kinder Miss, 8 West Hill terrace
King Hon. Miss, 2 Princes road
King Mrs. W. T. 12 St. Margaret’s ter
Kingsbury Rev. Thomas Luck, M.A. 10 Warrior square
Kingsbury Miss, 10 Warrior square
Kingsmill Mrs. Joseph, 142 Marina
La Fargue Capt. Charles Augustus, R.N. 10 Magdalen road
Langmore Major Erskine Grant, 2 Hillesden villas
Langston Misses, 9 Church road
Laugha Thomas, esq. 15 Magdalen road
Lees Mrs. The Lindens, Upper Maze hl
Leslie Col. John Thomas, 98 Marina
Lister Rev. Brooks, Alexandra villa
Livermore Isaac, esq. Silver Hill villa
Lyon Mrs. 60 Marina
McCally Major-Gen. Arthur, 8 The Lawn
Macfarlan Mrs. 25 Magdalen road
McGowan Miss, 3 Gensing Station road
MacGregor Miss, Albert house, Cross street, Warrior square
MacGregor Mrs. James & Misses, Finlay house, Upper Maze hill
Mackay Misses, 6 The Uplands
Maleski John Paul, esq. 2 Maze Hill ter
Manning Miss, 9 Church road
Macrae Alexander Charles, esq. 41 Warrior square
Martin Miss, 7 The Lawn
Mason Mrs. Glendower house, Upper Maze hill
Mason Mrs. 7 West hill
Mather Miss, 66 Eversfield place
Mears Hugh, esq., 93 Marina
Mears John, esq. 33 Marina
Mears Misses, 93 Marina
Merry Mrs. Highfield ho. Upper Maze hill
Minet Mrs. West Cliff house
Mirrlees William, esq. Friedenfels, Upper Maze hill
Money Mrs. George W. 11 St. Margaret’s terrace
Montgomerie Frederick Molyneux, esq. St. Leonard’s house, Warrior square
Morgan Mrs. 9 Verulam place
Morleys Miss, 8 West Hill terrace
Morris Mrs. 3 St. Margaret’s terrace
Morris William Richard, esq. Silverlands
Mudford Mrs. 131 Marina
Napier Charles Moore, esq. Holly bank
Newton James, esq. Providence villa, Silver hill
Norris Charles Musgrave, esq. 5 Church road
Norris Claud, esq. 4 East ascent
Northcote Augustus Beauchamp, esq. Gray’s lodge, Silver hill
Oak Rev. Charles Anthony, M.A. Park house, Quarry hill
Oldham Misses, 4 Silver hill villas
Olney Mrs. Daniel, Adelaide house, Upper Maze hill
Paget Miss, 6 Church road
Pain Mr. Alfred, 6 Western road
Painter Misses, 113 Marina
Palmer Miss, 2 Magdalen villas
Parish Sir Woodbine, K.C.H. Quarry ho
Parker Lady Louisa, 3 West hill
Parker Mrs. 117 Marina
Parkes Rev. Samuel Hadden, M.A. 2 The Mount
Parkes Thomas, esq. Melrose lodge, Silver hill
Parks Mr. Henry, 11 Undercliff
Paterson Mrs. 8 Church road
Peacock Mrs. & Miss, 22 Magdalen rd
Peerless Mr. John, 1 West hill
Pemberton Miss, 33 Warrior square
Penhall John Thos. esq. 5 Eversfield pl.
Pershouse Francis, esq. 40 Eversfield pl.
Pershouse Francis, jun. esq. Clifden house, London road
Philpot Mr. John, 17 East ascent
Pigott Mr. Chas. S. 8 Gensing Station rd
Pigou Mrs. 5 Warrior Square terrace
Pocock Mrs. Elderslie villa, West hill
Podven Miss, 26 Magdalen road
Poole Mrs. 2 Warrior square
Powell Mrs. H. 47 Marina
Putland Mr. Stephen, 117 Magdalen rd
Pycroft Miss, 80 Marina
Ransom Robert, esq. 3 Verulam place
Reed Rev. Andrew, B.A. [Independent], Henley lodge, Upper Maze hill
Reed Mrs. 8 Western road
Repton Mrs. & Miss, 3 The Mount
Ricardo Mrs. & Miss, 39 Marina
Ried Rev. John, M.A. 12 Maze hill
Richards Theophilus, esq. 47 Eversfield pl.
Richards Warwick, esq. Cambridge house, Magdalen road
Richardson Rev. Thomas [Roman Catholic], All Souls’ Presbytery
Rigbye Miss, 80 Marina
Riley Capt. Alexander William, 45 Warrior square
Robinson Rev. Hen. M.A. 26 Warrior sq.
Rock James, jun. esq. J.P. 9 Oxford terrace, Magdalen road
Rodda Mr. William John, Marazion house, West hill
Roempke John Frederick, esq. Glen side
Rooper Miss, 13 St. Margaret’s place
Roston Mrs. 65 Marina
Roxby Mr. Henry, 2 Edward road
Ruddach Alexander, esq. 6 Magdalen rd
St. Quintin Rev. George Darby, M.A. 3 Warrior Square terrace
St. Quintin Miss, 39 Marina
Savery John Charles, esq. 27 Marina
Savery William, esq. 18 Church road
Schlippenbach Count, Villa Salingen, West hill
Searle Mrs. & Misses, 3 Maze hill
Shakespear Lieut. Col. John Dowdeswell, 58 Warrior square
Shaw Archibald Richard, esq. M.D. 33 Marina
Shawe Mrs. 3 Blomfield terrace
Sitwell Miss Wilmott, Cray villa
Skinner Mr John, 13 Stanhope place
Sloper Mrs. 8 Church road
Smith Rev. John Nathaniel, B.A. 1 St. Margaret’s place
Smith Basil Wood, esq. 31 Eversfield pl.
Smith Charles Broughton, esq. Belmont house, Upper Maze hill
Smith Jeikel, esq. 69 Marina
Somerset Hon. Mrs. 27 Magdalen road
Southall Mr. Charles Heywood, 2 The Lawn
Springett Richard, esq. 5 The Mount
Stacey Mrs. 2 Archery villas
Staines Francis William, esq. J.P. 3 The Uplands
Stammers Rev. Frederick Halliley, Messina lodge, Mercatoria
Stone Charles Henry, esq. l Victoria rd
Stonestreet Mrs. & Misses, l Warrior sq.
Sutton Edward Barker, esq. 1 The Mount
Taylor Misses, 6 Warrior square
Taylor Mrs. 65 Eversfield place
Taylor Villiers, esq. 6 Warrior square
Tessier Louis, esq. 125 Marina
Thornly Charles, esq. 3 Hillesden villas
Thournbrough Mrs. 109 Marina
Tottenham Rev. John White, M.A. Archery villas
Treacher Henry, esq. 59 Warrior square
Trevor Mrs. 32 Warrior square
Trollope Thomas, esq. 35 Marina
Trower Miss, 7 West Hill terrace
Tubbs Capt. Robert, 1 Park vi11as
Turner George Brown, esq. M.D, Warrior square
Townsend Misses, Lillington house, The Mount
Vaughan Lieut. Hen. R.N. 139 Marina
Vaughan Rev. Charles Lyndhurst, M.A. Seaview, The Mount
Vickers Mrs. Edward, 14 St. Margaret’s pl.
Vickers James, esq. 89 Marina
Wagner George Henry Malcolm, esq. J.P. 77 Marina
Wagstaff William Racster, esq. St. John’s villa
Walker Joshua, esq. Davenham, West hill
Wall Mrs. & Miss, North villa, Maze hill
Ward John Jackson, esq. Baston lodge, Upper Maze hill
Webster Lady, 29 Warrior square
Webster Lady Sarah, 22 Church road
Welton Mr. Geo. Edmd. 5 Gensing ter
White Rev. Samuel George Booth, M.A. St. Mary’s villa
Wickham Miss, 14 Church road
Wiggin Miss, 65 Marina
Williams Miss, 7 Warrior square
Willis Rev. Frederick Augustus, M.A., LL.D. Alexandra ho. Upper Maze hill
Wilson Robert Jas. esq. 24 Grand Parade
Wood Mrs. North lodge
Woolfe George, esq. Westbourne lodge, Upper Maze hill
Wright Rev. Josiah, M.A. Barham ho
Wright Misses, 11 Grand parade
Wynne Miss, 4 Church road
Young James, esq. West Hill house
Young John Charles, esq. West Hill house