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Horsham – Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c.

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Postmaster – William Goldsmith, West street.
Letters arrive from London by mail cart at 2.15 a.m.; day mall for London dispatched at 12.45 a.m.; day mail arrives at 12 noon; delivered at 12.35 p.m. Petworth mail arrives at 9.20 p.m., dispatched at 3.32 p.m. Box closes at 9 p.m.

Robert Henry Hurst, esq. Horsham park; & Goldsmith building, Temple, London e.c.


Robert Aldridge esq. W. R. S. Fitzgerald, esq.
Sir Percy Burrell, bart. M.P. W. B. Hubbard, esq.
E. J. Bunny, esq. J T. Nelthorpe, esq
E. S. Bigg, esq. Major Pipon
W. Borrer, esq. Edward Stanford, esq.
T. Sanctuary, esq. R. Hoper, esq.
Major Aldridge Henry Padwick, jun. esq. M.A.
C. S. Dickins, esq. Thomas Broadwood, esq.
C. S. S. Dickins, esq.  

Clerk, Thomas Bedford, esq.; offices, North street
(The bench of magistrates sit at the ‘Anchor’ on the first & third saturday in every month, at 12 o’clock)

Atlas, John Plumer, Middle street
Guardian, Thomas Jull, 1 North street & Middle street
Imperial Life, Edward A. Bourne
Lancashire Fire & Life, Robert & George Pickett, West st
Liverpool & London & Globe, G. P. Clarkson; Thomas M. Moon, Brighton road; R. Sheppard, Albion terrace
London Assurance, John Moon, East street
Mutual Life, John Clarke
National Provident Institution, Wm. Sendall, East street
Norwich Union Fire & Life, S. Walder
Phoenix Fire, John Browne, West street
Provincial, Alfred Aldridge, Sussex place, Robert Gilburd, North street
Railway Passengers’, R. Gilburd, North street
Rock Life, William Goldsmith, West street
Royal Fire & Life, Richard Gates, 7 Sussex place
Royal Exchange, R. Rowland, jun. Worthing road
Royal Farmers’, William Potter, East street
Scottish Equitable, William Kerr, West street
Sovereign Life, E. Taylor, West street
Standard Life, Alfred Aldridge, Sussex place; Thomas Hills, London & County Bank
Sun Fire, David C. Stott, West street

Agricultural Society, Mr. William Sharp, secretary
Ancient Order of Foresters (meetings hold at the ‘Crown’) Mr. George Arnold, secretary
Corn Exchange, J. D. Sadler esq. solicitor & secretary
Corn Market, held at the Black Horse inn & Swan inn, West street, wednesday & saturday
County Court, held at the Town hall, William Furner, esq. judge; Pilfold Medwin, esq. registrar & high bailiff; office of the court, Carfax
Cricket Club (meetings held at the ‘Anchor’), Mr. E. S. Bostock, hon. sec
Fire Brigade, Mr. Thomas Honywood, captain; Mr. R. Gilburd, hon. sec.
Friendly or Mutual Benefit Society (meetings held at the National school, North street), Mr. J. Lawrence, Southwater, secretary
Friendly Society (meetings held at the ‘Dog & Bacon’), Mr. T. T. Knight, secretary
Gas Works, Springfield road, Mr. Robert Sheppard, Albion terrace, engineer & secretary
Horsham Union Hospital, Crawley road, Edmund T. Tillam, superintendent
Inland Revenue Office, King’s Head hotel, William Thrift, officer
Literary & Scientific Institution, Richmond terrace, W. S. Baxter & S. Price, hon. secretaries; John Clarke, resident librarian
Odd Fellows’ (meetings held at the ‘Hurst Arms’) Mr. John Attree, secretary
Permanent Benefit Building Society (meetings held at the King’s Head hotel), Mr. Robert Sheppard, secretary
Police Station, Queen st. Mr. Wm. Blake, superintendent
Town Hall, Market square
Water Works, J. T. Rawlison, esq. solicitor & secretary; Mr. Robert Sheppard, engineer in chief
Workhouse, Crawley road, Edmund Thomas Tillam, master; Mrs. Emma Tillam, matron; James Williams, schoolmaster; Miss Emily Bridger, schoolmistress; Mr. Henry J. Matthews, surgeon; Rev. Francis J. Mount, M.A. chaplain; Thomas Bedford, esq. clerk to the hoard of guardians & superintendent registrar; J. Lawman, Denno road & George Thorns Shipley, relieving officers

Assistant Overseer, Mr Richard Gates, Sussex place
Clerk to the Board of Guardians, Thomas Bedford, esq. North street
Clerk to the Commissioners of Land & Assessed Taxes, Thomas Bedford, esq. North street
Clerk to the Magistrates for the District of Lower Bramber, Thomas Bedford, esq. North street
Clerk to the Board of Surveyors for the Highways, Mr. Richard Laker, Queen street
Clerk to the Inspectors of lighting, Mr. John Tugwell, East street
Collector of Land & Assessed Taxes, Mr. Robert Gilburd, North street
Collector of Highway Rates, Mr. David Mitchell, Queen street
Collector of Property & Income Taxes, Mr. William Goldsmith, West street
Deputy Registrar of Births & Deaths for the North Division, Henry Harms, Middle street
Inspector of Weights & Measures, Mr. William Blake, Police station, Queen street
Registrars of Births & Deaths, J. Lawman (No. 1 district), Denne road; Geo. Thorns (No. 2 district), Shipley
Registrar of County Court, Pilfold Medwin esq. Carfax
Registrar of Marriages, Mr. Joseph Laker, sen. West st
Relieving Officers, J. Lawman (No. 1 district), Denne road; George Thorns (No. 2 district), Shipley
Sub-Bailiff of the County Court, Mr. Charles Hunt, Bishopric
Sub-Distributor of Stamps, Miss Jane Warner, West st
Superintendent Registrar, Thomas Bedford, esq. North st
Surveyor of the Highways, Mr. David Mitchell, Queen st
Town Crier, James Dolly Wood, North street

St. Mary’s (Parish) Church, Rev. John Fisher Hodgson, M.A. vicar, & surrogate for granting marriage licences; Rev. J. Arthur Henry Scott, M.A. & Rev. George Gavin McLean, M.A. curates
St. Mark’s Chapel of Ease, Rev. Francis John Mount, M.A. incumbent
Holy lnnocents’ District Church, Southwater, Rev, Arthur Henry S. Barwell, M.A. incumbent
Roman Catholic Chapel, Springfield road
Independent Chapel, Springfield rd. Rev. Evan James, min
Friends’ Meeting House, Worthing road
Jireh Chapel, Park terrace, ministers various
Plymouth Brethren’s Chapel, Denne road
Rehoboth Chapel, New street
Unitarian (Baptist) Chapel, Worthing road
Wesleyan Chapel, Carfax, Rev. Jas. W. Winspear, minister

Roman Catholic (boys & girls), Springfield rd. Mrs. Tester, mistress
Free Grammar (for 80 boys), Mr. William Pirie, head master; Mr. Richard Cragg, second master
National (boys), North street, Mr. John Tugwell, master
National (girls), North street Mrs. Tugwell, mistress
Royal British, London road, Mr. Benjamin Hodges, master
The “Sussex,” East parade, Miss Charlotte Tooms, mistress
Southwater District (boys & girls), Miss Emma Barnwell, mistress
Broadbridge Heath National (boys & girls), Miss Sarah Hill, mistress

King’s Head hotel & commercial inn, John Buckland, East street & Carfax. An omnibus meets all trains
Railway commercial inn, Jeremiah Brown, Railway station

BRIGHTON (through Cowfold & Henfield) – Stedman, from Queen street, on tuesday & friday, at 11 a.m. returning from the Unicorn inn, North street, Brighton, on wednesday & saturday
DORKING – Jupp, leaving East street at 7.30 a.m. on thursday, returning from the ‘Bull’s Head’ at 1 p.m.
LONDON – Jupp, from East street, friday, at 11 a.m. returning from the Spur inn, Borough, on saturday, at 1 p.m.


FROM CRANLEY & GUILDFORD – Knight, on monday to Black Horse inn, arrives at 11 a.m. leaves at 3 p.m.: to Guildford, on tuesday, thursday & saturday
FROM EWHURST & OCKLEY – Dawes, on monday, to the Anchor inn, arrives at 11 a.m. leaves at 2 p.m.; to Shere, Albery & Guildford, on tuesday & saturday; to Dorking, on thursday
FROM ITCHINGFIELD – Peskett, on monday, wednesday & friday, to the Swan inn, arrives at 11 a.m. leaves at 2 p.m.; on wednesday through Coolham, Shipley & Southwater
FROM KIRDFORD & WISBORO’ GREEN (through Billingshurst & Slinfold) – Coombs, on monday & thursday, to the Swan inn, arrives at 11 a.m. leaves at 3 p.m.
FROM LOXWOOD & ALFOLD – Worsfold, on monday, to the Green Dragon inn, arrives at 11 a.m. leaves at 3 p.m.; to Guildford, on tuesday, thursday & saturday
FROM PULBOROUGH (through Billingshurst & Slinfold) – Charman, on saturday, to the Crown inn, arrives at 12 noon, leaves at 5 p.m.
FROM RUDGWICK – Buck, on monday & thursday, to the ‘Black Horse,’ arrives at 12 noon, leaves at 3 p.m.; to Guildford on saturday, through Cranley
FROM SLINFOLD – Knight, daily (sunday excepted), arrives at 11 a.m. leaves at 2 p.m.

London, Brighton & South Coast, Horsham, Robert Anderson, station master; Fay gate, Daniel Fisher, station master
Horsham, Henfield, Steyning & Shoreham, Southwater, John Richardson, station master.
An omnibus & flys meet the trains; office, King’s Head hotel
Carrier for the delivery of goods in the town, by appointment, & licensed to remove goods by rail & road, William Belchamber, Park street