From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

HURSTPIERPOINT is a parish and small market town, a mile and a half west from Hassock’s Gate station, 43 miles from London, 8 north from Brighton, and 11 west from Lewes and south-east from Horsham, in the Eastern division of the county, Cuckfield union and county court district, Buttinghill hundred, rape and archdeaconry of Lewes, and diocese of Chichester. The town comprises one long street, and stands upon an acclivity, the ground falling on each side, and has increased very much during the last few years. In the parish, and immediately under the Downs, is Danny Park, the seat of William John Campion, Esq,: the park contains some noble oaks of many ages growth. The church of Holy Trinity was rebuilt of stone, from designs and under the superintendence of the late Sir C. Barry: it is a very handsome structure, in the Early English style. The register dates from the middle of the sixteenth century. The living is a rectory, tithes commuted at £1,000 per annum, with residence, in the gift of, and held by, the Rev. Carey Hampton Borrer, M.A. of Oriel College, Oxford, rural dean. Here is a National school for boys and girls, supported by subscription. About a mile north of the town is a school for 300 boys, called St. John’s College, in connection with St. Nicholas College, Shoreham, and conducted by clergymen of the Church of England: the bishop of the diocese is the visitor. The Wesleyans and Baptists have each a chapel here. A corn market is held on Tuesday, and a stock market every alternate Thursday. The parish has an area of 5,046 acres, and the population in 1861 was 2,558.
SAWYERS COMMON (or Sayers Common) is a hamlet 2 miles north-west, where there is a National school.

Parish Clerk, James Lloyd.

POST AND MONEY ORDER OFFICE, POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK AND GOVERNMENT ANNUITY AND INSURANCE OFFICE.- Mrs. Sarah Randell postmistress. Letters arrive from London at 2.30 a.m. & 12.20 p.m.; delivered at 7 in summer & 7.30 in winter; dispatched at 11.30 p.m.

Clerical & Medical, W. Mitten
Liverpool & London & Globe, J. Wood
London Assurance, W. Mitten
Norwich Union Fire & Life, C. F. Hollands
Reliance Assurance, Robert Marchant, Abbeys
Royal Fire & Life, Joseph Stubbs
Royal Exchange, D. & T. Davey
Sun Fire & Life, John Wadey
Library & Reading Rooms, Edwin Anscombe, librarian
Assistant Overseer, Collector of Rates, Sanitary Inspector, Registrar of Births & Deaths & Relieving Officer, Samuel White

St. John’s College (for the middle classes), Rev. Edward C. Lowe, head master; Rev. G. Fonter, chaplain
National, Thomas Rooke, master; Miss Sarah Gumbrill, Mistress
National, Sayers common, Miss C. Redford, mistress

POSTING HOUSE & COMMERCIAL INN.- New Inn hotel, Stephen Medcalf

CARRIER TO BRIGHTON.- William Bennett’s accommodation van, every tuesday, thursday & saturday mornings, returning same days

Austen Mrs
Blaker Mr. Nathaniel
Borrer Rev. Carey Hampton, M.A. [rector], Rectory
Campion Wm. John, esq. J.P. Danny park
Cardy James, esq.
Darby Miss
Denaud Mrs
Dickenson Mrs
Fabian Mrs
Hannington Charles Smith, esq.
Holford Mr. Ephraim
Holman Henry, esq
Holman Henry Martin, M.D.
Lambert Mr. John Singer
Lowe Rev. Edwd. Clark, St. John’s college
Marchant Mr. Nathan
Omerod Miss
Smith Lawrence, esq.
Vallance James, esq. King’s land
Watts Alfred, B.B. esq. Mansion house
Weekes George, esq.
Weekes Richard, esq.
Weekes William Hampton Carlile, esq.
Windus Miss

Adams Adam, pleasure gardens
Andrews Henry, ironmonger
Anscombe Edwin, builder
Asbury Joseph Fletcher, watch maker
Ashworth John Robert, grocer, draper & wine merchant
Bachelor George, shoe maker
Bailey Mary Ann (Mrs.), hair dresser
Beaching Henry & Samuel, farmers
Bennett William, carrier
Best Reuben, farmer
Bowmer James, draper
Broad Richard, butcher
Broomfield Martn. farmer, Dean House farm
Brown George, saddler
Bull Henry, farmer
Catt Henry, farmer
Channing Edward, seedsman, plumber, glazier &c
Cherriman Ann (Mrs.), bonnet maker
Davey Darius & Thomas Wickham, grocers & drapers, agents for the London & County Bank
French Henry, saddler
Gander Stephen, brick maker
Gorringe John, shoe maker
Gorringe William, ironmonger
Hallett John Bassett, shoemaker
Hole Thos. blacksmith, Sayers common
Hole Wm. shopkeeper, Sayers common
Hollands Charles Frederick, wheelwright & builder
Holman & Son, surgeons
Holman Henry Martin, physician
Humphreys Thomas, watch maker
Jenner Grace (Miss), farmer
Jennings William, Chinese Gardens
King James, beer retailer
King John, farmer
Leopard John, corn dealer
Library & Reading Rooms, Edwin Anscombe, librarian
Lowe Rev. Edward Clark, D.D. head master of St. John’s College
Marchant Michael, farmer
Medcalf Stephen, The New Inn hotel
Mitchell John, farmer
Mitten William, chemist & stationer
Packham Charles, miller
Page Thos. brick maker, Sayers common
Payne Charlotte Eliza (Mrs.), Sportsman inn
Peskett William, beer retailer
Pickett William Verrell, farmer
Pratt Henry, farmer
Robertson William, plumber & painter
Rowland Henry Wood, farmer
Sayers William, farmer
Sendall Henry, grocer & draper
Sisley William E. beer retailer
Smith Alfred N. Sussex Arms
Smith Philip, brewer & maltster
Smith Samuel, coal merchant
Souch Frederick, White Horse
Spratley Daniel, dairyman
Stevens Charles, tailor
Stevens George, shoe maker
Stubbs Joseph, grocer & draper
Suggers George, farmer
Taylor William, miller
Tilly John, baker
Turner James, bricklayer
Upton Thomas, farmer
Wadey James, builder
Wadey John, tailor
Wadey Joseph, butcher
Wadey Thomas, builder
Walker Thomas, baker
Walker William, shoe maker
Ward Mary (Mrs.), ladies’ school
Watts Alfred B.B. surgeon, Mansion ho.
Weekes George, surgeon
Weekes Richard, surgeon
Weekes Wm. Hampton Carlile, surgeon
Wells Thomas, printer
Whitaker Joseph W. Duke of York
White Samuel, registrar of births & deaths & relieving officer &c.
Wickham David, farmer
Wickham William, farmer
Wood John, auctioneer & land surveyor