From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

LANCING is a railway station and pleasant parish, 58¾ miles south from London, 2 west from Shoreham, and 2 north-east from Worthing, in the Western division of the county, Brightford hundred, Worthing count court district, rape of Bramber, Chichester diocese and archdeaconry, and rural deanery of Storrington. The church is a neat structure, in the Early English style: it has nave, chancel, north and south aisles, tower with 3 bells, and has been repewed. The register dates from 1580. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £151. with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of London, and held by the Rev. Frederick Fisher Watson, M.A. of Caius College, Cambridge. The parish is bounded on the east by the river Adur and Shoreham harbour, and on the south by the English Channel. Lancing Manor, the seat of Col. George Carr-Lloyd, J.P. (to whom the chief portion of the soil belongs), is at Upper Lancing. St. Nicolas College in this parish, as a public school, carried on in a large and beautiful building: it was founded in the year 1848 by the Rev. N. Woodard, and carried on for the first ten years of its existence in the neighbouring parish of Shoreham: this school forms part of a large scheme for the education of the middle classes, on the principles of the Church of England: with this object the Society of St. Nicolas College, of which the bishop of the diocese is visitor, has already established three large schools in this county: one at Lancing, for the sons of gentlemen, clergy, professional men, &c.; one at Hurstpierpoint, for the sons of farmers and tradesmen, or of professional men who cannot afford the higher expense of the Lancing School; and one at Shoreham, for the lower middle classes, small tradesmen, clerks, &c. There is also another large educational establishment at South Lancing – the Lancing Grammar school, conducted by William W. Pyne, M.C.P., where pupils are prepared for the Cambridge and Oxford middle class examinations. Here is also a National School. The South Coast Railway passes through the parish, and has a station at Lower Lancing. The area is 2,524 acres, and the population in 1861 was 901.

Parish Clerk, Stephen Stringer.

POST OFFICE.- William Homewood, receiver, Lancing. Letters from Shoreham arrive at 7 a.m.; dispatched at 7 p.m.

RECEIVING HOUSE, South Lancing. – William Jones Cooper, receiver. Bag dispatched at 6.40 p.m. The nearest money order offices are at Shoreham & Worthing

St. Nicolas College, Rev. Nathaniel Woodard, B.A. provost; Rev. Edmund Field, M.A. chaplain; Rev. Robert Edward Sanderson, M.A. head master; Rev. Arthur Charles Wilson M.A. second master & bursar; Rev. Richard Kemplay Snowdon, M.A. the Rev. Edmund Blackmore, A.S.N.C. Rev. Henry Mould Robinson, M.A. John Blanch, esq. B.A. Rev. Frederick Nunn, M.A. Albert William Spratt, esq. B.A. assistant masters; William Russell, esq. Mus. Bac. Oxon. organist & choir master
National, Mrs. Frances Clapshoe, mistress

Railway Station, Richard Mitchell, station clerk

Blackmore Rev. Edmund, A.S.N.C. St. Nicolas college
Blanch John, esq. B.A. St Nicolas col
Burge Mr. Samuel, South Lancing
Caplin Mrs. South Lancing
Carr-Lloyd Col. Geo. J.P. Lancing manor
Edgar Geo. Terrace ho. South Lancing
Elder Mr. Alexander, Myrtle lodge
Field Rev. Edmund, M.A. St. Nicolas col
Grinsted Mr. Edward, South Lancing
Hemmings Mr. Michael, South Lancing
Hore William, esq. Stork’s nest
Nunn Rev. Fredk. M.A. St. Nicolas col
Penfold Miss Jane
Pyne Wm. Washington, esq. Sth. Lancing
Raymont Mrs. Fir cottage
Robinson Rev. Henry Mould, M.A. St. Nicolas college
Russell William, esq. St. Nicolas col
Sanderson Rev. Robert Edward, M.A. St. Nicolas college
Saunderson Charles, esq. Laurel lodge
Smith Toulmin, esq. South Lancing
Snowdon Rev. Richard Kempsay, M.A. St. Nicolas college
Spratt Albert William, esq. B.A. St. Nicolas college
Tandy Mrs. South Lancing
Tindale Miss, South Lancing
Watson Rev. Frederick Fisher, M.A. [vicar], Vicarage
White Mr George
Wilson Rev. Arthur Charles, M.A. St. Nicolas college
Woodard Rev. Nathaniel, B.A. St. Nicolas college

Blaker Nathaniel, carpenter
Bushby Charles, farmer
Bushby George, miller & farmer
Bushby John, carpenter, South Lancing
Butler Thomas, blacksmith
Charman Jsph. shoe makr. South Lancing
Clapshoe Charles, market gardener
Cooper William Jones, grocer & baker, South Lancing
Dabbs Caroline (Mrs.), Farmers’ hotel
Dearling George, shoe maker, South Lancing
Dowell William, Three Horseshoes, South Lancing
Elliott Henry, Sussex Pad
Grover Stephen, market gardener
Hampton Samuel, shoe maker
Homewood William, grocer
Northcroft Henry Thomas, surveyor, South Lancing
Penfold James, farmer, New Salts farm
Peters David, coal dealer
Piper Luke, farmer
Pyne Wm. Washington, M.C.P. Lancing Grammar school, South Lancing
Robinson Edwin, beer retailer
St. Nicolas College (Rev. Robert Edward Sanderson, M.A. head master)
Stanford George, farmer, Old Salts
Stone Charles, farmer, Monks farm
Stringer John & Sidney, market gardeners
Stringer Seth, market gardener
Trevett Francis, tailor, South Lancing
Walls John, market gardener