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Lewes – Commercial (A – J)

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Abrahams Thomas, Stag, North street
Adams Harriet (Mrs.), dress maker, 13 New street
Adey Sydney Hamilton, Bear hotel & commercial house, High street, Cliffe
Adkins Edward, gun maker, archery, cricket & fishing tackle warehouse, 194 High street
Akehurst Mary Ann (Mrs.), baker, 10 North street
Alderton Frederick, marine store dealer, Foundry lane, Cliffe
Aldrich Henry, farmer, Beech wood, St. John’s
Anderson George, Rising Sun, Brighton road
Anderson James, farrier & smith, Eastgate street
Ashdown & Payne, corn millers, Southover
Assembly Rooms, for all descriptions of entertainments, lectures, sales &c. (Robert Geer, proprietor), Star hotel, High street
Attwood Thomas, wholesale & retail ironmonger, oil & color & iron merchant, stove, grate & range maker, manufacturer of the patent kitchener, agricultural implements & of the Sussex churn, 39 & 40 High street
Ayling William, draper, High street, Cliffe
Alwin Benjamin, miller, 14 West street & Mill at Hamsey
Back Mary Jane (Miss), milliner, 10 Fisher street
Bacon George Peter, newspaper proprietor & publisher of the ‘Sussex Advertiser’ & general machine printer, High st
Bailey Edward, leatherseller & wholesale shoe maker, West st
Baker Henry, baker & confectioner 1 North street
Baker James, cutler, High street, Cliffe
Baker Robert Whiteman, George inn, & post & job master, fly proprietor & livery stables, Friar’s walk & Waterloo place
Ballard Samuel, tea dealer, Priory street, Southover
Bance Thomas, tailor & woollen draper. 34 High street
Banks Richard, boot & shoe maker, & post office receiving house, 51 High street, Cliffe
Banks William, news agent & confectioner, 157 High street
Barber Edward, dyer & scourer, 156 High street
Barnden Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, North street, Cliffe
Barratt James, surveyor of turnpike roads, Castle precincts
Bartlett George Frederick, paper hanger, 3 Lansdown terrace
Bartlett Henry John, accountant, clerk to the guardians of the Lewes union & superintendent registrar of births, deaths & marriages, clerk to the commissioners of taxes for the upper division of Lewes Rape, Station street
Bates George, earthenware dealer & whitesmith &c. 44 High street; works under the Cliffe
Baxter & Arkcoll, tanners South Malling
Baxter William Edwin, printer & proprietor of the ‘Sussex Agricultural Express,’ stationer & publisher, 35 High street
Beach & Johnson agricultural machine makers, Southover
Beale George, baker, 1 South street, Cliffe
Beale George William, boot & shoe maker, 7 North st. Cliffe
Beard Edward & Son, brewers, Fisher street
Beck Henry, beer retailer, Eastgate street
Beck Joseph, beer retailer, High street, St. Anne’s
Beckett Frederick, baker & corn chandler, West street
Bedford Edward, grocer, Fisher street
Beeching Frederick, baker & confectioner, 1 West street
Berry Charles James, surveyor, builder &c. South Malling street, Cliffe
Berry Henry, painter & glazier, South Malling street
Berry Lydia, (Mrs.), berlin wool & fancy repository, 26 High st
Berry Thomas, wine, spirit & ale & porter merchant 47, & stores, 181½ High street; & at 10 Black Lion st. Brighton Blagrove Daniel, photographer, 73 High street
Blaker & Son, solicitors, 211 High street
Blaker Edgar, solicitor, commissioner for administering oaths in chancery &c. see Blaker & Son
Blaker Montague Spencer, solicitor, see Blaker & Son
Blunden Elizabeth (Mrs.), seminary. 13 North street
Boore Henry William, commercial traveller, Baptist cottage, Eastgate street
Botton Richard, Ship, South street, Cliffe
Box Peter, beer retailer, St. John street
Brake Charles, principal warder in naval prison, 13 Abinger pl.
Branch Elizabeth (Mrs.), haberdasher, High street
Brand Thomas, tailor, North street
Bray James, beer retailer, 17 Friars’ walk
Broad James, melter & tallow chandler (patent dips) Market street
Brooks John, coal dealer, West street
Brooks Mary (Miss), lodging house, 6 Mount Pleasant
Brown Charles, shopkeeper, 11 Wellington street
Brown Stephen, beer retailer, West street
Browne & Crosskey, warehousemen, clothiers, outfitters, general drapers, cabinet makers, carpet & furniture warehouse & agents to the Royal Exchange Fire & Life lnsurance Company, 214 High street; Eastgate street & Friars’ walk
Browne Henry, chaff cutter, Lancaster street
Browning Arthur Henry, wine & spirit merchant, Watergate lane, High street
Bryant William, beer retailer, Eastport lane, Southover
Buckman & Co. china, glass & earthenware dealers, 108 High street
Burfield Benjamin, shoe maker, Priory street, Southover
Burfield Joseph, seedsman & gardener, 95 High street
Burgess Silas, millwright, High street, St. Anne’s
Burgess Thomas, news vendor, Station street
Burton George, Wheatsheaf, Malling Street, Cliffe
Bushby George, land & estate agent, High street, St. Anne’s
Butcher Richard, iromongers’ assistant, St. Martin’s land
Butland James, bookseller & bookbinder, 96 High street
Calway John, warder at the naval prison, 9 Little East street
Card Henry & Son, builders. North street
Card George, dealer in poultry &c. 22 North street, Cliffe
Card Henry, jun. builder & surveyor, 9 North Street
Care Richard, wheelwright, South Malling street
Carter George, beer retailer, Fisher street
Carter Henry, clerk to Messrs. Windus, Beard & Co. 14 East street
Cartwright Henry, shopkeeper, 11 Friars’ walk
Catt William & Son, corn millers, South street, Cliffe, & at Bishopstone mills
Chapman George, greengrocer, 6 South street, Cliffe
Chapman Jane (Mrs.), laundress, St. Martin’s lane
Chapman Wm. water works manager, 2 Priory st. Southover
Chatfield Edward, coal, timber, & slate merchant, steam saw mills, ship & barge builder & ship owner, North street; & at South street, Eastbourne
Chatfield Edward, refreshment rooms, Railway station
Cheale & Sons, agricultural implement makers & agents for the sale of patent & all other agricultural implements, Southover
Cheale David, agricultural engineer. 77 High street
Cheale Isaiah, agricultural implement maker, see Cheale & Sons
Clark Andrew, dentist, 33 North street, & at Brighton
Clark William, tea dealer, Priory street, Southover
Clarke Richard, pork butcher & beer retailer, North st. Cliffe
Coles George, tailor, 5 High street
Coley James, florist, Friars’ walk
Collingham, Henry Poole, pork butcher, Station street
Colwell Thomas & Son, barge & regatta boat builders, South street, Cliffe
Coode Frederick, solicitor, School hill, 211 High street, & at Brighton
Cooke Barbara (Mrs.), seminary, Castle banks
Cooke John, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for the district of Lewes & relieving officer for the Lewes union, Castlegate street
Cooke Thomas, upholsterer, Fisher street
Cooke Walkinton (Mrs.), seminary, Castle gate
Coppard & Smith, pork butchers and dairymen, Sun Street
Coppard George, fishmonger, 53 High street
Corn & Hop Exchange & Assembly Rooms (Robert Geer, proprietor), Star hotel, High street
Corner Geo. tobacconist & tobacco pipe maker, 153 High st
Corner Viner (Mrs.), dealer in marine stores, Lancaster st
Cox George, Black Horse, High street, St. Anne’s
Cox James, grocer & shoe maker, 1 Wellington street & 1 Abinger place
Cox Thomas Tickner, grocer, 3 North street
Cozens James, butcher, 15 High street
Crockford George Marshall, surgeon, Dispensary, Friars’ walk
Crosskey John, farmer, Ranscombe
Crundell William, dairyman, 41 North street, Cliffe
Cruttenden Thomas, baker, Post office, High st. Southover
Cruttenden William, baker & confectioner, Fisher street
Cuckow John, herbalist, 14 North street
Cummins Avis, shopkeeper, 24 Friars’ walk
Currey Edmund Charles, solicitor; firm, Hunt, Currey, Hoper & Nicholson, High street
Curtis John & Son, rope & twine manfrs. 22 High st. Cliffe
Curtis Henry, chemist & druggist & mineral water manufacturer, 178 High street
Curtis James, tobacconist, 60 North street, Cliffe
Curtis James, sen. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 39 High street, Cliffe
Dancey William, confectioner, 37 High street
Dann Ann (Miss), lodging house, 5A, North Street
Davey Henry & Son, saddlers, harness makers & basket makers, 182 High street
Davey & Son, plumbers, painters & glaziers, 181 High st
Davey Edgar, corn dealer & mealman, High street
Davey George, boot & shoe maker, 31 High street, Cliffe
Davey George Middleton, watch maker, silversmith & dentist, 195 High street
Davey Joseph, builder & timber merchant, Friars’ wharf, High street
Davey Thomas, lodging house, 40 North street, Cliffe
Davey Walter, butcher, High street, Southover
Davies Henrietta (Mrs.), milliner, 18½ High street
Davis John Charles, tailor, South street, Cliffe
Davis Richard, laundry, Eastport lane, Southover
Diplock John, Elephant & Castle, White hill
Dispensary (Montague Spencer Blaker, esq. hon. sec.; George Marshall Crockford, surgeon), High street
Ditch Ann (Mrs.), basket maker, 2 Fisher street
Douglas James Corey, tailor & travelling draper, West street
Dray William, grocer & commercial traveller, North street
Drewitt Richard, race horse trainer, High street, St. Anne’s
Dudeney Alfred, saddler & harness maker, 55 High st. Cliffe
Dudeney John, baker, High street, St. Anne’s
Dudeney John, boarding & day school, Abinger place
Duplock William, plumber, painter & glazier, Fisher street, & at Southover
Eager Joseph, butcher, Church street, All Saints
East Sussex Agricultural Association (Henry John Bartlett, sec.), Station street
East Sussex Cattle Plague Prevention Association (Henry John Bartlett, sec.), Station street
East Sussex News (Farncombe & Bates, proprietors & publishers), Market street
Eastbourne Chronicle (Farncombe & Bates, proprietors & publishers), Market street
Eaton Isaac, shopkeeper, 18 North street
Edwards John Jarvis, warder at the naval prison, 20 North st
Elen Richard, poulterer & dealer in game, 89 High street
Elliott Henry Charles, beer retailer, 9 North street
Elliott James Morfee, accountant, 11 Mount Pleasant
Ellis Chas. Howard, Royal Oak, & billiard room, Station st
Ellis Henry, Swan, North street, Cliffe
Ellis Thomas, superintendent & clerk at chief constable’s office, 23 North street
Ellman Robert Harvey, farmer, Landport
Elmsley Alexander, brewer, maltster, wine, spirit & cider merchant, agent for Bass’s & Allsopp’s pale ales & Guinness’s stout, Cliffe brewery, Malling street
Elphick George & Sons, corn, seed, oil cake & coal merchants & lime burners, 18 High street, Cliffe
Elphick & Hoey (Misses), dress makers, 3 Friars’ walk
Elphick George, farmer, High street, Cliffe
Elphick Theodore, boot & shoe maker, 14 North street
Every John, jun. iron & brass founder, manufacturer of agricultural implements, stoves, grates, ranges, & hot water apparatus for conservatories &c. Phoenix Iron works, near the bottom of North st.; residence, High st
Fairey Joseph, watch maker, South street, Cliffe
Fairhall John, tripe dresser & neats foot oil manufacturer, 2 Lancaster street
Farncombe & Bates, general printers, gummed label manufacturers, lithographers, stereotypers, & proprietors & publishers of the ‘East Sussex news,’ & of the ‘Eastbourne Chronicle,’ Market street
Figg John (Mrs.), seminary, 81 High street
Figg Thomas, chemist & druggist, 24 High street, Cliffe
Finch Daniel, carrier to Brighton, 6 Market street
Fitzroy Memorial Library (John C. Lucas, esq. sec.; Robert Crosskey, esq. treasurer; Mrs. Mary Card, librarian), High street
Flint Benjamin & Son, grocers & tea dealers, 41 High street
Fold James, chimney sweep, White hill
Foord David, grocer, North street, Cliffe
Foster George Frederick, Lamb, Fisher street
Fox John Charles, professor of the german & french languages, St. Anne’s terrace, High street
Francis Anne (Mrs.), haberdasher & servants’ registry office. & depot for Christian Knowedge Society, 175 High st
Frank Benoni Rusbridge, draper, High Street
Frank Naomi (Miss), dress maker, South street, Cliffe
French Charles, grocer, 1 Mount Pleasant
French Edmund, agricultural machinist, Little East street
French Henry James, tailor, High street, Southover
Fullagar Lewis Greene, solicitor, & coroner for East Sussex, St. Andrew’s laneFuller George, land surveyor, 19 High street
Fuller John, draper, 19 High street
Funnell Alfred grocer & provision dealer, High st. Southover
Funnell Isaac, baker & corn dealer. South Malling st. Cliffe
Funnell John, jun. coach maker & wheelwright, Crown lane
Funnell Trayton, grocer, 5 South street, Cliffe
Garrett John, Brewers’ Arms, 91 High street
Gates William, boot & shoe maker, 54 High street
Gearing Alexander, whitesmith, Bouverie street
Gearing Thomas, greengrocer, Fisher street
Geer Robert, Star family hotel, commercial inn & posting house, & proprietor of the corn & hop exchange & assembly rooms, & wine & spirit merchant, High street
Geering Edmund, Snow Drop, South street, Cliffe
Geering John James, Dolphin, St. Nicholas lane
Gell Inigo, solicitor, clerk to the magistrates of the Lewes & Hailsham divisions, town clerk for Seaford, & clerk to the
Lewes turnpike trusts, High street
Gibb Thomas, bill poster & crier for the Hundred of Ringmer, North street, Cliffe
Gibbs George, seedsman, fruiterer & greengrocer, 204 High St
Goldsmith John, King’s Head, High street, Southover
Goldsmith Thomas, wheelwright, High street, Southover
Gorringe Henry, butcher, 50 High street
Gosling Thomas Jenner, grocer & provision dealer, High street, St. Anne’s
Gower Edward, beer retailer, High street, Cliffe
Gower Reuben, beer retailer, South street, Cliffe
Grayling Edward, hair dresser, Market street
Grayling Frederick William, hair dresser, 7 High st. Cliffe
Green George Westgate, baker & mealman, 49 High st. Cliffe
Green William Page, linen draper, 168 High street
Griffiths Daniel, academy, 1 Station street
Grover & Vine, veterinary surgeons, North street, & High street, Cliffe
Grover Stephen, baker & mealman, 56 North street, Cliffe
Guy Sarah Ann (Miss), dress maker, 4 Abinger place
Guy William, grocer, Fisher street, & 148 High street
Hadlow Thomas, cowkeeper, 11 Abinger place
Hale & Oxenham, maltsters, Station street; & at Brighton
Hall William, grocer & provision dlr. 105 High st. St.Anne’s
Hammond Nathan & Son, pastrycooks & confectioners, 42 High street
Hammond Alfred, ironmonger, 92 High street
Hammond John, cooper & wood turner, North street, Cliffe
Hammond William, cabinet maker & upholsterer, High st
Hardy Thomas, tobacconist, 49 High street
Harland John, baker, Priory street, Southover
Harman George, builder, surveyor, furnishing undertaker &c. & agent to the Liverpool & London & Globe Fire & Life Insurance Company, North street
Harmer Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Friars’ walk
Harris Cornelius John, boot & shoe maker & collector of Queen’s taxes, 2 North street
Harris Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 6 Lansdown terrace
Harvey & Son, wine & spirit merchants, brewers & coal merchants, High street, Cliffe
Hayward Emily (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 Mount Pleasant
Head John & Son, chemists & druggists, 31 High street
Heathfield Thomas, lodging house, 7 Lansdown place
Helmsley Ellen (Miss), dress maker, 16 North street
Henty Henry, boot & shoe maker, 25 High street, Cliffe
Henwood George Felix, teacher of music, 93 High street
Herriott George, shopkeeper, Priory street, Southover
Hicks Thomas, carpenter & builder, Eastgate street
Higham Samuel, barge builder, East street
Hill Sarah (Mrs.), baker & pastrycook, 21 High street
Hilliar James, commercial traveller, 26 North street
Hillier William, dyer & scourer, 169 High street
Hillman John & Alfred, brewers, maltsters & farmers, Southdown brewery, Cliffe
Hillman Edward, solicitor, clerk to the West Firle Union & steward of the manors of Foshurst & Herringdales, clerk to the Lewes Gas Co. & clerk to the Cliffe Improvement Commissioners, see Auckland & Hillman
Hillman Robert, lime burner, coal & corn merchant, importer of artificial manure, ship owner &c. North street, Cliffe
Hillman Samuel, smith & farrier, Southover
Hoadley John, grocer, North street, Cliffe
Hoadley,Thomas, farrier & truss maker, Station street
Hoather Caroline (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 3 Abinger place
Hobden. Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, Fisher street
Hobden John, builder, Waterloo place
Hobden Richard Charles, cooper, Keere street
Hoey Edward, plumber & glazier, 44 High street, Cliffe
Hoey George, brazier & tin plate worker, Cliffe
Holcombe Mary (Miss), bookseller & stationer, l5 High st. Cliffe
Holdstock Josiah, basket maker, North street, Cliffe
Holford Eleanor (Miss), fancy repository, 206 High street
Holl Harriet (Mrs.), dress maker, 3 East street
Holland Stephen, lodging house, 2 Abinger place
Hollands Henry, baker, West street
Hollebone George Charles, Swan, Southover
Hollingdale Grace (Miss), dress maker, 4 Lansdown place
Hollyman Richard, pawnbroker & clothier, 28 High street
Holman Frederick S. paper hanger, undertaker &c. & keeper of the county hall, High street & West street
Hoper Henry, solicitor, see Hunt, Currey, Hoper & Nicholson
Hopper George, baker, Lancaster street
Hother George, surgeon, North street, Cliffe
Hother John, tailor, breeches maker & fellmonger, 201 High street, & farmer, Annwood, Fletching
Howell Edward, pork butcher, 27 High street
Hudson Benjamin, beer retailer & greengrocer, 8 High street, Cliffe
Huggett Frederick & Co. boot & shoe makers, 25 High st
Huggett Dennett, pork butcher, 70 High street
Huggett Griffith, beer retlr. & refreshment rooms, Station st
Huggett John Avis, leather cutter, 9 High street, Cliffe
Huggett Thomas, beer retailer, Lancaster street
Hunt, Currey, Hoper & Nicholson, solicitors, High street
Hurrell William, jobmaster & livery stable keeper, livery & hunting stables, Station street
Hutchinson Thomas, beer retailer, Eastport lane, Southover
Hylands George, butcher, Priory street, Southover
Hylands Henry, fishmonger, North street, Cliffe
Issard John, carpenter, South Malling street
Isted Jasper, grocer, 5 Waterloo place
James Thomas, bricklayer, Station street, Southover
Jeffery Henry, jun. wholesale & retail tea dealer, grocer, provision & pickle merchant, wholesale oil & italian warehouseman & manufacturer of southdown mushroom catsup, 177 High street
Jenner Edward, commercial traveller, 2 West street
Jenner Edward, jun. grocer, 8 Mount Pleasant
Jenner James, superintendent of police, 4 East street
Jenner William, White Lion, Westgate street
Johnson George, beer retailer, Priory street, Southover
Johnson Thomas, marine store dealer, Sun street
Johnston Joseph, tea dealer, 169 High street
Jones Mary & Annie(Misses), ladies’ boarding school, 222 High st
Jones Helen (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, Albion house, Albion street
Jones Henry, clerk to the Uckfield & Chailey Union, treasurer to the Uckfield Local Board of Health, clerk to the justices of the Sussex Reformatory School & to the Committee of Visitors to the County Lunatic Asylum, to the Lewes Water Works Company & to the Offham & Ditchling Road Trustees, High street
Jones Henry John, solicitor, High street