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Lewes – Commercial (K – Z)

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Kemp Anne (Mrs.), newsvendor, Market street
Kemp Arthur, plumber & glazier & bird & animal preserver, 88 High street
Kemp George, cooper, 100 High street
Kenward James, greengrocer, 4 Wellington street
Kenward Jireh, saddler & harness maker, 26 High st. Cliffe
Kenward John, greengrocer, 154 High street
Kidd James, corn & coal merchant, Friars’ wharf, Cliffe bridge
King David, baker, 21 South street, Cliffe
King Joseph, dealer in marine stores, North street
King Thomas, solicitor, 175 High street, & at Brighton
King William, pork butcher, South street, Cliffe
Knight Broho, tailor & breeches maker, liveries on the shortest notice, practical shirt maker & outfitter (established 1823), 18 High street & Market street
Knight Mary (Miss), dress maker, Castle banks
Knight William, shopkeeper, St. John street
Lambe R. & W. upholsterers, cabinet makers & paper hangers, School hill, High street
Langham James George, solicitor, 162 High st. & at Uckfield
Langridge Richard, beer retailer; North street, Cliffe
Langridge William, corn miller, High street, St. Anne’s
Langridge William Kirby Johnson, solicitor, commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, clerk of the peace for the county of Sussex, of the general meetings of lieutenancy & to Visitors of Private Lunatic Asylums for East Sussex, County hall, High street
Leney Edward, coal merchant, South street, Cliffe
Leney Edward, corn & coal merchant, North street, Cliffe
Leney Isaac, blacksmith, South street, Cliffe
Leney Isaac (exors. of), brewer, South street, Cliffe
Lenny George, coach builder & farmer, High street; farm at Hamsey
Levett Edmund, beer retailer, South street, Cliffe
Lewes Bath Association (limited) (John Smith, sec.; Henry Norman, keeper), office, 17 High street; baths, Friars’ walk
Lewes Co-operative Industrial & Provident Society (Limited) (Henry Pumphrey, manager), 3 Norfolk street
Lewes & East Sussex Floricultural & Horticultural Society (The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Chichester, president; George Molineaux, esq. treasurer; Mr. H. J. Bartlett, sec.; Mr. Richard Wheatley, superintendent of the exhibition)
Lewes & East Sussex Permanent Benefit Building Society, (John Smith, sec.), 17 High street
Lewes Gas Light & Coke Company (Edward Hillman, clerk; John Bates, superintendent), High street, Cliffe
Lewes Old Bank (Whitfeld, Molineux & Whitfeld), chief office, 191 High street; branches at Tunbridge Wells, East Grinstead, Battle (with sub-branch at Robertsbridge & attendance at Hastings on market days), also at Hailsham on the market days, every alternate wednesday; draw upon Williams, Deacon & Co. Birchin lane, London e.c.
Lewes Savings Bank (John Smith, actuary), 17 High street; open tuesdays 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.; saturdays 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Lewes Water Works Company (Mr. Henry Jones, clerk)
Lewis John, solicitor, & high bailiff of the county court of the Lewes district, clerk to the trustees of Newhaven Harbour & Ouse Lower Navigation, to the commissioners of Lewes, for the Lewes & Laughton Levels, to the commissioners of land, assessed, income & property tax for Upper & Lower Pevensey, & clerk to the Newhaven Union, 85 High street
Lindfield George, boot & shoe maker, 94 High street
Lintott James, butcher, High street, St. Anne’s
Lintott Samuel, photographer, 4 Mount Pleasant
Lipscomb Joseph Andrew, butcher, 97 High street
Lloyd James, gun maker, 2 Station street
London & County Joint Stock Bank (Robert Lungley, esq. manager), High street; sub-branch at Newhaven, & attendance at Hailsham on market days; draw on Chief Office, Lombard street, London e.c.
Love Samuel, draper, 64 North street, Cliffe
Lowdell, Cooper & Co. general & furnishing ironmongers, High street
Lower Mark Antony, M.A., F.S.A. & F.A.S.L. english continental boarding school, St. Anne’s house
Luckin Ann (Mrs.), stay & corset maker, 15 Friars’ Walk
Luckings William, carpenter & joiner, Fisher street
Luckraft Capt. Charles M. R.N. governor of the Naval Prison, North street
Lungley Robert, manager to the London & County Joint Stock Bank, High street
Lutman John, watch & clock maker, 164 High street
Macrae & Turner, surgeons, High street
Madgwick Thomas & Co. grocers & tea dealers, 14 High st
Mann William, dyer & scourer, Church street, All Saints; & at 37 Queen’s road, Brighton
Mannington William Ebenezer, dealer in lamps & oils, 67 High street
Mantell Thomas, auctioneer, valuer & general agent, Station st
Mantell Thomas, sen, auctioneer, West street
Markwick Richard, corn miller, Malling mill, Cliffe
Markwick Samuel, butcher, 9 Mount Pleasant
Marsblain Thomas, clerk to Mr. Bushby, Market street
Marten Peter & Thomas, corn millers, High street, St.Anne’s
Martin George, grocer & provision dealer, 30 High st. Cliffe
Martin Joseph, town carter & general dealer, 9 Waterloo pl.
Martin Thomas, chemist & druggist, 16 & 17 High st. Cliffe
Martin William, baker, Eastgate street
Matthews Robert, farmer, Ranscombe
Maxfield & Smith, linen & woollen drapers, silk mercers, haberdashers, hosiers, tailors, hatters & undertakers, 186 High street
May Jonathan, Lewes Castle, High street, Cliffe
Mechanics’ Institution (John Edward Miller, librarian; Charles A. Wells, secretary), West street
Medhurst Samuel & Son, millwrights, engineers, appraisers &c. High street, St. Anne’s
Mercer Henry, fruiterer & seedsman, 145 High street
Miles Esther (Miss), wardrobe dealer, West street
Miles Joseph, supervisor of inland revenue, 8 East street
Miller Edward, landscape photographer, 26 Friars’ walk
Miller John Edward, librarian to the Mechanics’ Institution, West street
Mills -, farmer, Old Malling
Mitchell Stephen & Caleb, drapers & silk mercers, 20 High street, St Anne’s
Mitchell John, baker, Church street, All Saints
Mitchell Mary (Mrs.), milliner, 58 High street
Mockford James, coal dealer, St. Nicholas lane
Mond Morris, glover, hosier & hatter, 38 High street
Monk Edward & Sons, brewers & maltsters, Bear yard, High street, Cliffe
Moore Henry, wholesale grocer, High street, Cliffe
Moore William, beer retailer, New street
Moorey James, basket maker, 57 High street, Cliffe
Moorey Thomas, tailor, 9 East street
Morris Ebenezer & Son, iron merchants & general ironmongers, High street, Cliffe; & at Eastbourne
Morris Ann (Mrs.), brewer, High street, Southover
Morris Arthur, printer, bookseller, stationer, & postmaster, 51 High street
Morris Benjamin, maltster & accountant, High st. Southover
Morris Daniel, stationer, 39 North street, Cliffe
Morris Edward, land agent & valuer, Landport cottage
Morris Nehemiah Wimble, clerk to Mr. James Kidd, 7 High street, Cliffe
Morrison Wm. warder at the Naval Prison, 8 Little East st
Muggridge Charles, shopkeeper, High street, St. Anne’s
Mullens Annie (Miss), seminary, 83 High street
Murrell William Henry, surgeon, Castle place, 166 High st
Naldrett Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer & shopkeeper, 30 North street, Cliffe
Naval Prison (Capt. Charles M. Luckraft, R.N. governor), North street
Newington John, china, glass & earthenware dealer, 62 North street, Cliffe
Newnham John Joseph, Old Station inn, 1 Friars’ walk
Newnham William Henry, boot & shoe maker, West street
Newton John, confectioner & ginger beer maker, 156 High st
Nicholson, Edward. Andrews, solicitor, see Hunt, Currey, Hoper & Nicholson
Nightingale Henry, beer retailer, High street, Cliffe
Noakes Brothers, curriers & leather sellers, 20 High street, Cliffe; & at Battle
Norman Henry, bricklayer, Friars’ walk
Nye John, beer retailer, High street, St. Anne’s
Nye William, carver & gilder, High street, St. Anne’s
Ouse Navigation Company (John Lewis, solicitor), 85 High street
Packham Thomas, Fountain, South street, Cliffe
Packham William, coal dealer, South Malling hill
Page Alfred Clark, professor of music, 84 High street
Page John, farmer, 22 North street; farm at Waldron
Page William, printer, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer, music seller, & circulating library, 84 High street
Pam Albert, chemist & druggist, soda water &c. maker, 59 High street
Pannett William & William, hay, straw, corn & coal merchants, Westgate street & Eastgate wharf
Parker, James, confectioner, Fisher street
Parsons David, boot & shoe maker, 21 Friars’ walk
Parsons Edward, blacksmith, White Lion lane
Parsons John Latter & Charles, statuaries, stone & marble masons & slate merchants, Eastgate wharf, Eastgate street; & at Terminus road, Eastbourne
Payne Samuel Charles, Prince of Wales, South Malling hill
Payne William, draper & outfitter, 93 High street
Pelham John, beer retailer, & cooper, Keere st. & at Newhaven
Pelling James, boot & shoe maker, 18 Fisher street
Pelling Leonora (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Lansdown terrace
Pender Charles Henry, storekeeper at naval prison, Weat st
Pettit James, beer retailer, Fisher street
Phillips Philip, beer retailer, Market street
Pickard James, farm bailiff to Robert Harvey Ellman, esq. Landport, High street, St. Anne’s
Pickett Henry, musical instrument maker,, 52 High st. Cliffe
Piper Richard, french polisher, 15 East street
Pollard & Mitchell, butchers, South street, Cliffe
Poole Edmund, job & shoeing smith, Westgate street
Potter John Nathan, tin plate worker & gas fitter, 12 North st
Potter Keziah (Mrs.), Dorset Arms, North street, Cliffe
Povey John, tailor, 3 North street, Cliffe
Povey Richard, butcher, 50 North street, Cliffe
Price George, dining rooms, 12 High street, Cliffe
Price William, grocer & provision dealer, High street, Cliffe
Prodger Leonard, beer retailer, Spittal, High street
Pullinger Edward, builder, Keere street
Pumphrey Henry, manager to Lewes Co-operative Industrial & Provident Society, 3 Norfolk street
Punker Joseph, painter & glazier, English’s passage, High street, Cliffe
Punker Joseph, painter & glazier, 32 High street, Cliffe
Punker Thomas, bricklayer, 32 High street, Cliffe
Randall Emily & Sarah (Misses), gent’s preparatory school, 169 & 170 High street
Ranger William, confectioner, 69 High street
Ransom Joseph, hair dresser, 151 High street
Ray George, baker, 132 High street, St. Anne’s
Read Thomas, Pelham Arms, High street, St. Anne’s
Reed Harriet (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, 17 North st. Cliffe
Reed John, boot & shoe maker, West street
Reed John, cowkeeper, 18 New street
Reeves Caroline (Miss), dress maker & lodging house, 7 North street
Reeves Edward, photographer, 159 High street
Reeves Thomas Henry, boot & shoe warehouse, 198½ High st
Richards George, baker & mealman, 7 Market street
Richards James, bookseller, stationer, printer, bookbinder & music seller, High street
Richardson John (Mrs.), pork butcher, High street, St.Anne’s
Richardson William, cowkeeper, High street, St. Anne’s
Rickman & Co. lime burners & merchants, coal & corn merchants & ship owners, Bear yard, High street, Cliffe; at Glynde station & 22 Prince Albert street, Brighton
Rigden & Wicksteed, surgeons, High street
Roakes Thomas, coach builder, Station street
Robinson Charles, baker, 15 East street
Robinson Samuel, confectioner & barge owners, 32 South street, Cliffe
Roods William E. farmer, Upper Stoneham
Rooke Esther (Miss), seminary, 17 East street
Roswell Edward Henry Webb, chemist & druggist, 11 Market street
Rudwick Newland, accountant, 3 Lansdown place
Russell Albion, boot & shoe warehouse, 187 & 138 High st
Russell Samuel, firewood dealer, Castle ditch
Sales Philadelphia (Mrs.), dealer in marine stores, St. John st
Sandalls William, beer retailer, Sun street
Sandals George, grocer & provision dealer, High st. St. Anne’s
Sargent James, butcher, North street, Cliffe
Saunders Henry, painter & glazier, 9 Station Street
Savage Henry, butcher, 14 Fisher street
Savage Solomon, stationer & rag dealer, Fisher street
Saxby Henry, chemist & druggist, 57 High street
Scrase George, surgeon, Eastgate street
Sealey William, boot & shoe maker, 205 High street
Shaw Jabez, jun. grocer & provision dealer, Cliffe corner
Shaw James, china, glass & earthenware dealer & grocer, High street, Southover
Shaw Peter, grocer, West street
Skelley George, grocer & baker, Keere street
Shelley Joseph, baker, 74 High street
Sheppard Alice (Miss), toy dealer & tobacconist, 14 High street, Cliffe
Sheppard Charles, watch maker & jeweller, 68 High street
Shoosmith Joseph, cattle salesman, St. Martin’s la. High st
Short Joshua, boot & shoe maker, Church Street, All Saints
Sicklemore James, dealer in marine stores, Lancaster street
Simmonds Richard, Thatched House, South street, Cliffe
Simmonds William, smith & farrier, North street, Cliffe
Simmons Charles, builder, High street, St. Anne’s
Simmons Thomas, furniture broker, 163 High Street
Skinner Edward, clock & watchmaker, 35 High street, Cliffe
Smith Henry Fitzroy, green grocer, 72 High street
Smith John, actuary to the Lewes Savings Bank, 17 High st
Smith John Maxfield, general draper, see Maxfield & Smith
Smith Reuben, beer retailer, 213 High street, Cliffe
Smith Robert, fruiterer & seedsman, 127 High street, Cliffe
Smith Walter, Lewes Arms, Brach mount
Smith William, clerk in the savings bank, 15 East street
Smith William, hair dresser, 4 Fisher street
Smith William Palmer, butcher, 10 Market street
Smyth George, draper & clothier, 176 & 189 High street
Smythe Lewis, M.D. surgeon, 200 High street
Solomon Samuel, watch maker & silversmith, 1 High st. Cliffe
Southdown Flockmaster’s Association for the Prevention of Small Pox & Rinderpest in Sheep (Mr. H. J. Bartlett, sec.), Station street
Speciall Caroline (Miss), ladies’ boarding school, 165 High st
Stamp Office (John Smith, distributor), 17 High street
Stanbridge John, butcher, Market & St. John street
Stanford Charles, cowkeeper, Eastport lane, Southover
Stapley Henry Tucker, stationer & dealer in hardware & haberdashery, 193 High street
Stapley Thomas, farmer, Gibraltar, Brighton road
Starnes Samuel, pianoforte tuner, 14 & 15 Lancaster street
Steere Caroline (Miss), greengrocer, 5 North street, Cliffe
Steere Richard, greengrocer, 36 St. John street
Stenning Ellen (Mrs.), White Hart hotel, High street
Stephens George, coach painter, Market lane
Stevens H. & Son, job & shoeing smiths, 8 Market street
Stevens George, beer retailer, Tunnel, Friars’ walk
Stevens Ruth (Mrs.), dining & refreshment rooms, 8 Market st
Stevenson Charles & Co. grocer & tea dealers, 45 High street & at Brighton
Stevenson George, beer retailer, Offham chalkpits
Stevenson Richard, corn chandler & seedsman, 5 North st
Stickland James, boot & shoemaker, Westgate street
Stone Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Friars’ walk
Stringer George, boot & shoe maker, High street, Cliffe
Sussex Advertiser (George P. Bacon, publisher & proprietor), High street, published tuesday
Sussex Advertiser, People’s Edition (George P. Bacon, publisher & proprietor), High street, published wednesday
Sussex Advertiser & Weald of Kent Chronicle (George P. Bacon, publisher & proprietor), High street, published saturday
Sussex Agricultural Express (W. E. Baxter, proprietor & publisher), 35 High street
Sweetman James, boot & shoe maker, Market street
Talmey John, boot & shoe maker, 14 Waterloo place
Tanner Stephen, watch & clock maker, High street, Cliffe
Tasker John, coal & wood dealer, Mount Pleasant
Taylor Alfred King, fancy repository & toy dealer, 4 High street, Cliffe
Taylor Stephen, gardener, 16 North street, Cliffe
Taylor William, shopkeeper, Priory street
Thomas Eliza & Ann (Misses), milliners, 88 High street
Thomas George, boot & shoe maker, 99 High street
Thompson Henry Attwood, agricultural implement maker & ironmonger, 1 High street
Thornton John, coal dealer, Little East street
Thorpe Benjamin, builder, High street, Cliffe
Thorpe Benjamin, carpenter & builder, North street, Cliffe
Tickner Peter, draper, High street, Cliffe
Tidman John, chimney sweeper, White hill
Tompsett Albert, Running Horse, High street, St. Anne’s
Towner Ann (Mrs.) & Bristow Ann S. (Mrs.), milliners, 48 High street, Cliffe
Trusted & Speciall (Misses), young ladies’ boarding school, Watergate lane
Tucker Thomas, farmer, 6 North street
Turner Richard (firm, Macrae & Turner), surgeon to the county gaol & naval prison, 22 High street
Turner William, beer retailer, 56 High street
Twigg Thomas, shopkeeper, North street
Uridge George, corn miller, High street, Southover
Verrall & Son, auctioneers & valuers, house & estate agents, & agents to Guardian Fire & Life Insurance Office, 209 High street
Verrall Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Market street
Verrall John Frederick, clerk of the race course, 209 High st
Verrall William, brewer & maltster, Southover
Veysey Arthur, solicitor, Malling villa, South Malling
Vinall Samuel, carpenter & builder, 31 South street, Cliffe
Vinall William, tailor & woollen draper, 36 High st. Cliffe
Vine Vincent, veterinary surgeon, M.R.C.V.S. inspector for H.M. customs for the port of Newhaven, & government inspector for the Lewes petty sessional division, 21 High street, Cliffe, see Grover & Vine
Wadey George, beer retailer, North street
Wall David, boot & shoe maker, 153 High street
Ware Joseph, tailor, Puddle dock
Wariner Henry, beer retailer, 10 Sun street
Watford Joseph butcher, 3 Waterloo place
Watford Samuel, butcher, Cliffe corner
Watson Edmund, surveyor of taxes, High street, Southover
Webb Matilda (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Station street
Weller Christopher, shopkeeper, 19 North street
Weller Josiah, saddler & harness maker, 31 North street
Weller Thomas Benjamin, baker & shopkeeper, Eastgate st
Weller William, carpenter & joiner, 4 North street, Cliffe
Wells Thomas, commercial traveller to Mr. E. Chatfield, 15 North street
Wenban Henry, assistant overseer, Priory street, Southover
Weston George William, beer retailer, Malling street, Cliffe
Weston Henry, plumber & glazier, 37 Market street
Weston Thomas, hair dresser & toy dealer, 207 High street
Whapham John, cooper, 21 Keere street
Wheatley Isaac, market gardener, South Malling street
Wheatley Richard, nurseryman & florist, South Malling st
White Thomas Reader, young gentlemen’s boarding school, Cliffe house, High street, Cliffe
Whitfeld, Molineux & Whitfeld, bankers, see Lewes Old Bank
Wicksteed Francis Slow, surgeon, see Rigden & Wicksteed
Wilmshurst, John & Son, fruit & egg merchants, 5 High street, Cliffe
Wilmshurst Mary (Miss), dress maker, 98 High street
Wilson Henry Digby, chemist & druggist, 46 High street
Winch Elizabeth (Miss), milliner & dress ma. 23 Friar’s walk
Winch William, cooper & measure maker, West street
Windus, Beard & Co. wine & spirit merchants, St. Swithin’s lane, High street
Winer Thomas & Richard, carpenters, High st. St. Anne’s
Wingham Henry, Crown hotel & commercial inn, & wine & spirit merchant, & sole agent for Lewes & neighbourhood for Marshall’s Hungarian brandy, High street
Wingham William, fancy repository, 192 High street
Wingham William, printer, 3 Mount Pleasant
Wise George, boot & shoe maker, 160 High street
Wise William, boot & shoe maker, & dealer in musical instruments, 4 Station street
Wood Charles, cowkeeper & town crier, Dolphin lane
Wood George, cutler, 11 High street, Cliffe
Wood John, dentist, 7 North street; & at Brighton
Wood William, master mariner, 22 Friars’ walk
Wrainer Luke, beer retailer, Station street
Wren Edward, marine store dealer, St. John street
Yeomans James, beer retailer & shopkeeper, St. John Street