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Lewes – Private Residents

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Abbott Mr. Charles, High st. Southover
Andrews Mr. John, 1 Fisher street
Arkcoll Mrs. William, South Malling
Atkins Mr. Robert, 4 West street
Attree Miss, 165 High street
Attwood Thos. esq. High st. St. Anne’s
Auckland Mrs. Eastgate street
Avenell George Thomas, esq. Clare cottage, Friars’ walk
Bacon George Peter, esq. High street
Baker Mrs. 116 High street, St. Anne’s
Barratt Mr. James, Castle precincts
Bates Mr. George, 20 North st. Cliffe
Bates Mr. James, 7 Abinger place
Battersby Mr. Edwin, 2 Albion street
Baxter Mrs. John, 36 High street
Baxter Mr. William, South Malling
Baxter William Edwin, esq. 35 High street; & at Oaklands, Ringmer, & Wynnestay, lodge, Bedford pk. Croydon
Beard Mrs. 16 East street
Beard Thomas Edward, esq. 1 Albion st
Beard William, esq. Southover
Berry Mr. Andrew, High street
Berry Mr. Charles James, Cliffe
Birdseye Miss, West street
Bishop Mrs. 7 Lansdown terrace
Blaker Edgar, esq. School hill, 211 High st
Blaker John, esq, 7 Priory cres. Southover
Blaker Montague Spencer, esq. School hill, 211 High Street
Boore Mrs. 5 Mount Pleasant
Bridger Mr. William, Pelham place, St. Andrew’s lane
Broad Mr. James, 66 High street
Browning Arthur Henry, esq. The Wallands
Browning George, esq. 12 Priory crescent, Southover
Burner Rev. Richard, B.A. [chaplain to the county gaol]
Burt Mrs. 161 High street
Bushby George, esq. High st. St. Anne’s
Card Mr. Henry, sen. North street
Carter Rev. Thomas [Unitarian], Priory lodge, Southover
Catt Mr. Alfred, 196 High street
Chaplin Mr. Arthur, 5 Lansdown place
Chaplin Mrs. 6 Friars’ walk
Chaesereau Miss, Priory lodge, Southover
Chatfield Edward. esq. The Wallands
Chatfield Thos. esq. 24 South st. Cliffe
Chatfield Thomas, esq. The Wallands
Cheale Mr. George, South Malling
Child Mrs. 24 North street
Chitty Mr. Charles Henry, Southover
Chitty Miss, Southover
Cobb Mr. Edwd. The Gables. Southover
Colvin Mr. Elfrid, High street, Cliffe
Coley Mr. James, 7 Friars walk
Coode Frederick, esq. 211 High street
Cooke George, esq. 2 Priory crescent, Southover
Coombe Miss, 6 Priory cres. Southover
Cooper Joseph, esq. 78 High street
Coppinger Mr. Charles, 14 Friars’ walk
Corner Mrs. 9 Market street
Crockford George Marshall, esq. Dispensary, Friars’ walk
Crofts Mrs. South Malling
Crosskey Robert, esq. Castle Banks ho.
Crosskey Wm. esq. Castle Gate house
Cruttenden Mr. John, St. James’s cottage, Southover
Carrey Edmund Charles, esq. Deanery, South Malling
Cutlack Morley, esq. 11 Priory crescent, Southover
Davey Mr. Henry, jun. 4 North street
Davey Mrs. 20 North street, Cliffe
Davey Mrs. Thomas, 180 High street
Davey Mr. Thomas, North street, Cliffe
Davies Misses Caroline & Emily, 21 North street
Denman Mrs. 3 Market street
Doyle Mrs. 169 High street
Drinkwater Rev. Canon [Roman Catholic] Priory crescent, Southover
Duncan Mr. Alex. R. 4 St. Anne’s terrace, High street
Duncan Mrs. 4 St, Anne’s terrace, High street
Duplock Mr. Alfred, Lansdown place
Duplock Mrs. 8 Lansdown place
Ellman John, esq. J.P. Landport
Ellman Robert Harvey, esq. Landport
Elmsley Alexander, esq. Coombe cottage, Malling street, Cliffe
Every Mr. John, North street
Farncombe Mr. Joseph, 8 North street
Farnes Mr. John, 61 High street
Farnes Mr. William, 61 High street
Feist Miss, 3 St. Ann’s ter. High street
Flint Miss, High street, Southover
Flint Misses, 199 High street
Forgie Mr. Thomas, High st. Southover
Freeman Mr. John, 25 North street
Fullagar Lewis Greene, esq.. St.Andrew’s lane, High street
Fuller Mr. Joseph, Southover
Funnell Mr. Abram. Fir cottage, South street, Cliffe
Gell Inigo, esq. St. Anne’s
Gell Mrs. 23 High street
Gibson Mr. Edward, Friars’ cottage
Gladman Wm. Martin, esq. 12 East st
Godlee Burwood, esq. J.P. Leighside
Goldsmith Mr. Henry, 2 East street
Grantham Edward, esq. 58 High street
Greening Thomas, esq. 10 East street
Grover Mrs. 103 High street, St. Anne’s
Grover Mr. North street, Cliffe
Harland Mr. William, Southover
Harvey Mrs. 37 North street, Cliffe
Harvey William, esq. F.S.A. [hon. local sec. to the Sussex Archaeological Society], 3 High street, Cliffe
Harwood Rev. Reynold [curate of Hamsey]. 5 St. Anne’s ter. High street
Haywood Mr. Wm. 9 South st. Cliffe
Hearn Mr. Beverley Usher, High street, St. Anne’s
Helby Capt. R.N. The Wallands
Hillman Alfred, esq. School hill
Hillman Mr. Charles, 7 Lansdown place
Hillman Edward, esq. 21 North street, Cliffe
Hillman John, jun. esq. Lower Stoneham
Hillman Misses E. & M. 21 North street, Cliffe
Hillman Mrs. South street, Cliffe
Hillman Robert, esq. 37 High st. Cliffe
Hillman Robert, jun. esq. 103 High street, St. Anne’s
Hillman Robert, sen. esq. 37 High street, Cliffe
Hobden Mr. John, 2 Waterloo place
Hodgkin John, esq. High st St. Anne’s
Holt Rev. John [Independent], 16 High street
Hoper Henry, esq. High street
Hopley Mrs. 6 Albion street
Horton Thomas, esq. 10 Albion street
Hother George, esq. North street, Cliffe
Hudson Mr. James, High st. Southover
Huggett Mrs. 4 Lansdown terrace
Hunt Bernard Husey, esq. School hill, High street
Ingram Miss, Southover
Ingram Mrs. Ashcombe, Brighton road
Ingram William Henry, esq. High street, St. Anne’s
Jeffery Mr. Henry, sen. 2 St. Anne’s terrace, High street
Jones Henry, esq. High street
Jones Henry John, esq. High street
Kell Miss, 173 High street
Kell Mrs. 173 High street
Kemp Caleb, esq. St. Anne’s
Kidd James, esq. 208 High street
King Mr. George, Eastgate street
King Miss, 218 High street
King Mrs. Mary Anne, 28 North street, Cliffe
King Mrs. Mary Jane, 202 High street
Langridge Mr. Martin, 30 North street
Langridge William Kirby Johnson, esq. Hill house, High street, St. Anne’s
Law Miss, High street, St. Anne’s
Lee Miss, 1 Priory crescent, Southover
Levie Rev. Alexander [curate of St. John’s], High street, St. Anne’s
Lewis John, esq. 85 High street
Litle Rev. George Alexander M. M.A. [chaplain to the naval prison], The Wallands
Lovett Mr. Jonathan, 4 Friars’ walk
Lower Mark Antony, M.A., F.S.A. & F.A.S.L. St. Anne’s house
Lucas John Clay, esq. High street
Luckraft Capt. R.N. Admiralty house, Wallands
Lungley Robert, esq. Southover
Mack Edward, esq. High st. St. Anne’s
Mackay Lieut.-Col. Henry Fowler, 3 Priory crescent, Southover
Macrae John, esq. High street
Mannington Mr. Isaac, 118 High street, St. Anne’s
Mannington Mrs. 38 North st. Cliffe
Manser Mr. Francis, 3 Mount Pleasant
Martin Mr. Frederick, High st. Cliffe
Martin Mr. Thomas, 5 Friars’ walk
Mason Mrs. The Wallands
Mitchell Mr. Caleb, 3 Albion street
Molineux George, esq. J.P. 82 High st
Monk Edward, esq. High st. St. Anne’s
Monk Thos. esq. Mountfield ho. Southover
Morris Mr. Ebenezer, jun. 21 North street, Cliffe
Murrell William Henry, esq. Castle place, High street
Newington George, esq. 221 High street
Nicholson Edward Andrews, esq. The Wallands
Nicholson Mrs. Castle place, High st
Nott Capt. Anthy. E.I.C. 10 Waterloo pl.
Oliver Edward, esq. Priory vil. Southover
Pannett Mr. William, Westgate street
Pannett Mr. William, jun. 216 High st
Parsons Rev. Augustus, M.A. High street, St. Anne’s
Parsons Charles, esq. 11 East street
Parsons John Latter, esq. Eastgate st
Payne Miss, 6 East street
Pike Rev. John Baxter [Baptist], South street, Cliffe
Pollard Mrs. 10 Friars’ walk
Porter Mr. John, East street
Porter Miss, 19 High street, Cliffe
Prentice Rev. John [Presbyterian], Pelham place, St. Andrew’s lane
Putland Mr. George, 10 South st. Cliffe
Relton Mrs. Bear yard, Cliffe
Rickman Mrs. 5 Albion street
Rickman Richd. Peters, esq. Lower Friars
Ridge Miss, High street, St. Anne’s
Rigden George Chas. esq. 210 High st
Robinson Rev. John, 5 Priory crescent, Southover
Rooke Mrs. 17 East street
Russell Rev. John Clarke, M.A. 11 Albion street
Sampson Col. John, The Wallands
Sanders John, esq. St. Anne’s terrace, High street
Saxby Mrs. High street, St. Anne’s
Scobell Rev. John M.A. [rural dean & surrogate], Rectory, Southover
Scobell Burton Land John, esq. Southover
Scobell Sanford George Treweeke, esq. Southover
Scott James, esq. Southover
Scrase George, esq. Eastgate street
Settle Capt. Thomas Henry, R.S.A.M. Southover
Shewell Mrs. Lewes house, High street
Simpson Mrs. 10 Priory cres. Southover
Smart Mr. Nelson, 8 Abinger place
Smith John Maxfield, esq. 8 Albion st
Smith Mr. William, 5 High st. Southover
Smith Mrs. Nathan, 101 High street, St. Anne’s
Smythe Lewis, esq. M.D. 200 High st
Snatt Mr. Spencer, Western rd. High st
Spittall. Mrs. Little East street
Steere Mr. John, 25 Friars’ walk
Stronach Mrs. 7 Mount Pleasant
Sutton Miss, High street, St. Anne’s
Swaisland Mr John, North st Cliffe
Towner Mr. Richard, 6 Lansdown place
Turner Mr. James, 21 North street
Turner Richard, esq. 22 High street
Twisaday Rev. John, M.A. [curate of All Saints’], 8 Priory crescent, Southover
Unwin Mr. William Chas. 162 High st
Verrall Mr. Frank, High st. Southover
Verrall Mr. John, High street, Southover
Verrall Miss Laura, Southover
Verrall Misses, Friars’ walk
Verrall Wm. esq. Manor ho. Southover
Veysey Arthur, esq. Malling villa, South Malling
Vinall Rev. Ebenezer [Calvinist], High st
Warburton, Rev. John, M.A. South Malling
Webb Rev. John [Independent], 117 High street, St. Anne’s
Weller Mr. James, 23 North street
Wells Mrs. 4 Albion street
Weston Mr. John, 12 Waterloo place
Whiteman Mr. Randall, 172 High st
Whitfeld George, esq. J.P. 190 High st
Wicksteed Francis Slow, esq. High st
Willett Mr. John, Keere street
Wisdom Mr. Richard, 5 Abinger place
Woods Mrs. High street, St. Anne’s
Woolger Mrs. 18 East street
Woolley Rev. Frederic, M.A., B.C.L. High street, St. Anne’s
Worge Julian Arthur, esq. 13 High st
Wyndham Chas. esq. Southover grange