From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

MAYFIELD is a parish, town and polling place for the Eastern division of the county, 5 miles south-west from Wadhurst station, 55 from London, 8½ south from Tunbridge Wells, and 9 north from Uckfield, in Loxfield Pelham hundred, Pevensey rape, Uckfield union, Tunbridge Wells county court district, diocese of Chichester, archdeaconry and rural deanery of Lewes. The church of St. Dunstan is a large commodious building, with square tower and 6 bells: it has nave, deep chancel, carved oak pulpit, curious stone font – date, in raised figures, 1666: it is in the Later English style, and is capable of holding about 1,000 persons: in the church there are monuments to the Baker family; and in the south aisle are memorial windows to the Rev. John Kirby, M.A., who was thirty years vicar of the parish, and died in 1801; also to his son, the Rev. John Kirby M.A., who was rector of the same parish thirty-four years, and died in 1844; also monuments to the Aynscombe and Sands families. The register dates from 1572. The living is a vicarage value £834 per annum, with residence, in the gift of, and held by, the Rev. Henry Thomas Murdoch Kirby, M.A., of St. John’s College, Cambridge. The town was long remarkable as having been the site of a palace of the archbishops of Canterbury, erected, together with the original church, by St. Dunstan, in the tenth century. Provincial synods were held here in 1332 and 1362; and Archbishops Meopham, Stratford, and Islip died here. Queen Elizabeth visited Sir Thomas Gresham here; and Thomas May, the historian of the Long Parliament, was born in the palace in 1595. The palace and manor were surrendered by Archbishop Cranmer to Henry VIII. in 1545, who granted the estate to Sir Henry North: it subsequently became the property of Sir Thomas Gresham, afterwards of the Baker family, and, by marriage, of the Kirby family, and was in 1858 purchased by Francis Cordrey, Esq., who, in 1863, sold it to the Duchess of Leeds, by whom it has been in some measure rebuilt, and converted into a convent, the magnificent banqueting-hall, 70 feet long and 39 feet wide, being used as a chapel. A large Roman Catholic orphanage is being built in the parish on Pennybridge Farm, lately. bought by the Duchess of Leeds: this building is a mile and a half from the village, on the old road to Tunbridge Wells: a mile and a half further on, near Mark Cross, in the parish of Rotherfield, another large Orphanage is rising up. There was formerly a market held on Wednesday, for corn and seeds but it has long since fallen into disuse. There are annual fairs on the 30th May and 13th November for cattle and sheep. Mayfield is situated on the summit of a hill: the prospect from it in every direction is rich and varied. In the vicinity are some mineral springs, resembling in properties those of Tunbridge Wells. The manor is the property of the Marquis Camden. Under the Reform Act of 1832 it was appointed a polling place for East Sussex, and the votes are registered in one of the rooms belonging to the old palace. Here are places of worship for Calvinists and Wesleyans. The charities are £23 per annum, and a partially endowed school. The Marquis Camden, the Right Hon. H. Brand, M.P., Sir F. Sykes, Bart., and John Hoskins, Esq., are the chief landowners. The soil is various, most parts light. subsoil, gravelly. There are between 300 and 400 acres cultivated as hop gardens. The area is 13,604 acres, and in 1831 the population was 2,688.
HADLOW DOWN is a hamlet, 4 miles south-west, where is a district church (St. Mark’s), consecrated in 1836, the district being formed from the parishes of Buxted, Framfield and Mayfield. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the rector of Buxted and vicar of Mayfield. alternately, and held by the Rev. Reginald Rivers Kirby, B.A., of St. John’s College, Cambridge. Here is also a chapel for Calvinistic Baptists.
FIVE ASHES is a scattered hamlet 2½. miles south-west.
ISENHURST is the seat of Sir Frederick Sykes, Bart.

Parish Clerk, John Eldridge.

POST AND MONEY ORDER OFFICE AND POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK AND GOVERNMENT ANNUITY AND INSURANCE OFFICE.- George Eldridge Lusted, postmaster. Letters are received from Hurst Green at 7 a.m.; dispatched at 7.45 p.m.

POST OFFICE, Five Ashes.- Henry Tappenden, receiver. Letters from Hurst Green arrive at 6 a.m.; dispatched at 9 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Mayfield

POST OFFICE, Hadlow Down,- Richard Baltup, receiver. Letters are received through the Hurst Green office at 8 a.m.; dispatched at 6 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Mayfield

Guardian, John Bridger
Kent Fire & Life, George E. Lusted
Liverpool & London & Globe Fire & Life, Charles W. Tappenden
Midland Counties, George E. Lusted
Norwich Union Fire & Life, Edward A. White
Phoenix Fire, George Fenner

Assessor of Property & Income Taxes, J Bridger
Constable of the Hundred of Loxfield Camden, George E, Lusted
Inspector of Weights & Measures, George Fenner
Registrar of Births & Deaths, Thos. Crittell, Rotherfield
Endowed School, John Westbrook, master; Miss Susan Harding, mistress

TUNBRIDGE WELLS.- George Packham, wednesday & saturday; George Fenner, tuesday & friday, returning same days
WADHURST.- Benjamin Bridger, every day (except sunday), returning same days

Adams Thomas Wilkie, esq. Tidebrook
Barclay Donald, esq. J.P. Sunny bank
Bonnick Henry, esq.
Buss Benjamin, esq. Hooper’s land
Gilbert William, esq. Morel house
Hallett Rev. Jas. [Calvinist), Five Ashes
Harland Henry, M.D. Middle house
Haskins John, esq. Hadlow house
Hughes Samuel, esq. Skipper’s hill
Johnson Mrs. Ann, Walnut Tree house
Kirby Rev. Henry Thomas Murdoch, M.A. [vicar), Vicarage
Reed Rev. – [Roman Catholic]
Rees John esq. Mount Pleasant
Sprott Walter, esq. Lower house
Stone Mrs. Maria Ann
Sykes Sir Frederick, bart. Isenhurst
Taylor William, esq. Summerhill
Tench Edward, esq.

Adams Thomas Wilkie, farmer & landowner, Tidebrook
Alcorn Fredk. farmer, Huggott’s furnace
Alcorn William, farmer, Clay lands
Arnold Zebulon, blacksmith
Avery Joel, farmer, Hampden lodge
Avery William, farmer, Old Mill farm
Bailey Thos. grocer & draper, Fletching st
Baitup John, farmer, Yewtree
Baitup Richard, grocer & draper, Hadlow down
Baldwin Thomas, farmer, Mousehall
Bassett, John, farmer, Wallis
Bean George, shoe maker
Berry James, farmer, Mayfield flat
Bonnick Wm. farmer & miller, Moat mill
Bray John, farmer, Little Streele
Bridger Benjamin, farmer & carrier, Gurrs fields
Bridger John, landowner & farmer, Homestalls
Bridger Thomas, farmer, Pages
Buss Benjamin, solicitor, Hooper’s land
Campin James, farmer, Hoadley
Cary George, farmer, Doozes farm
Cornford Horace, farmer, Cryers
Cornford Robert, farmer, Spit Lye
Cornwell – (Mrs.), farmer, Spoods
Cornwell Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Stock yards
Dadswell Edward, miller, Haggett’s furnace
Diplock Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Ditton Saunders, New inn, & farmer, Hadlow down
Duly Daniel, farmer, Hutchings
Durrant Alfred, auctioneer, farmer & land & estate agent, Froghole
Durrant John, farmer, Coombe
Durrant Robert Cornwell Parker, farmer, Fair oak
Edwards George, farmer, Dudlands
Edwards George, sen. farmer, Green farm
Edwards George, jun. carpenter, Freeman’s
Eldridge James, boot & shoe maker
Eldridge William, farmer, Inwoods
Fenner George, boarding & day school, & tailor
Fenner Geo. stationer, seedsman & carrier
Fenner Henry, tailor
Fenner George, inspector of weights & measures
Fenner Maria (Mrs.), farmer, Herrings
Field Benjamin, farmer, Fletching street
Field William, farmer, Brook farm
Field William, farmer, Wood reed
Flawn James, farmer
Foard Albert, shopkeeper
Frost William, stone mason
Gallop Edwd. blacksmith, Hadlow down
Gaston George, farmer, Pococks
Groombridge George, farmer, New barn
Groombridge Joseph, farmer, Ellis
Guest James, farmer, Lake street
Hallett James, farmer
Hallett Samuel, farmer, Broad reed
Harland Henry, M.D. surgeon, Middle ho
Head William, Five Ashes, & farmer, Five Ashes
Hickmott Stephen, farmer, Renhurst
Hoadley Isaac, farmer, Coleshall
Hobbs Amos, baker & confectioner
Holder Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Hosman Frederick, butcher
Hosman Geo. builder & timber surveyor
Jarrett George, woodman
Jarvis Alfred, Royal Oak inn
Jarvis Edgar, blacksmith
Jenner Frances (Mrs.), Rose & Crown
Jenner..-, farmer, Crabb
Jordan Arthur, farmer, Little Trougers
King John, grocer & shoe maker
Lade Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer
Lade Henry, saddler & harness maker
Lapper Edward, ironmonger, blacksmith & coal dealer
Lusted Geo. Eldridge, lamp dealer & grocer
Marchant William, Star inn, & farmer
Markwick Frederick, tailor & beer retailer, Hadlow down
Martin Nicholas, farmer, Hadlow down
Martin Thomas, miller, Mousehall
Martin William, farmer, Hadlow down
Miles Albert, shoe maker
Miles Henry, shoe maker
Noakes Henry, farmer, Bainden
Noakes John, farmer, Gillhope
Noakes – (Mrs.), mealman
Oliver Jane (Mrs.), farmer & shopkeeper, Chequers
Overy Thomas, farmer, Spitley
Packham George, carrier
Packham Henry, butcher, Hadlow down
Packham John, farmer, Bungehurst
Packham Samuel, farmer, Hole
Packham William, miller & farmer, Merrywethers
Payne John, blacksmith
Piper Edwd. plumber, painter & glazier
Piper Robert, farmer, Hastingford
Potter John, wheelwright, Five Ashes
Rabson Henry, farmer, Stonehouse
Richardson Amos, brick maker
Richardson George, bricklayer & sexton
Richardson Matthew, bricklayer
Richardson Saml. carpenter & bricklayer
Rochester David, farmer, Forge
Rogers William, farmer, Broadhurst
Rogers William, farmer, Turk’s farm
Rotherfield Thomas Crittell, registrar of births & deaths
Russell Edward, farmer, Hastingford
Russell John. farmer, Twitts
Saunders James, brick maker
Sharp John, farmer, Sharnden
Slater John, watch maker, Hadlow down
Smith George, farmer, Lowdwell
Sprott Walter, solicitor
Stapley John, farmer, Little Crabb
Stapley Nicholas, farmer, Newpin
Stevens George, farmer, Trodgers
Stevens Wm. farmer, Little Broad reed
Stevenson James, farmer, Pennybridge
Styles John, grocer & draper, Five Ashes
Styles William, farmer, Meers
Tappenden Charles William, grocer
Taylor Thomas, farmer, Crouch
Taylor William, farmer, Crowst
Thatcher George, farmer, Allens
Thompsett Chas. saddler & harness maker
Tooth William, farmer, Claydons
Unstead Saml. wheelwright, Pound hill
Upfield -. cooper
Vidler William, farmer, Hunt’s farm
Vigor Robert, butcher
Weston Aaron, miller, Argos hill
Weston Elizabeth (Mrs.), builder
Weston John, farmer, Leeds
Weston John David, carpenter & beer retailer, Fletching street
White Edward Auguste, chemist
Wickens Thomas, farmer, Cinder hill
Wilsmore Henry, grocer & draper