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Petworth – Private Residents and Commercial

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Austin Mr. Thomas, High street
Barttelot Lieut.- Col. Walter B. M.P., J.P. Hyliers
Blagden John Ayling, esq. East street
Blagden Miss, Pound street
Blagden Mrs. Golden square
Blagden Richard, esq. North street
Blunden Mr. George, New street
Brown Rev. Thomas, M.A.
Brydone Henry Gray, esq.
Brydone Mrs.
Challen Mr. Benjamin May, Pound street
Chripps Thomas, esq. North street
Daintrey Arthur, esq. East street
Daintrey Mrs. East street
Downer William, Esq. Angel street
Elliott Mrs. East street
Ellis Mrs. Pound street
Embling Mr. James
Gould Rev. Richard, Byworth
Gould John, esq. East street
Greenfield John Osborn, esq. Angel street
Halliday Miss, East street
Hayword Mr. Thomas, North street
Holland Rev. Charles, M.A. [rector]
Killick Stanford, esq. Orchard house
Leconfield Lord, Petworth house
Linton William, esq. [governor of gaol]
Morris William, esq. East street
Orsborn Mr. Henry, Market place
Orsborn John Wait, esq.
Robinson Jas. Henry, esq. J.P. New Grove
Rogers Rev. Henry [Independent]
Shout Augustus Charles, esq. Lombard st
Taylor Alfred [adjutant 2nd battalion Sussex Rifle Volunteers]
Turner Roger, M.D. New street
Upton Henry, esq. Angel street
Upton Misses, Angel street

Arnold Thomas, shoe maker, Pound street
Austin John, auctioneer, High street
Austin Thomas, cabinet maker, Angel street
Ayling Henry, saddler, Pound place
Ayling William, farmer, Brinkshole
Aylmore Josiah, cabinet maker, East street
Barttelot William, saddler, East street
Beard William, nurseryman & seedsman, Mill lane
Beaublet Antonio, Red lion, New street
Berryman William, farmer, Gunter’s bridge
Blagden & Upton, solicitors, Golden square
Blagden John Ayling, surgeon, East street
Bonaface Sarah (Mrs.), butcher, Market place
Boxall Hannah (Mrs.), baker, North street
Boxall James, wheelwright, High street
Boxall William Chatfield, linen draper, East street
Bridger Alfred, Well Diggers’ Arms, Lowheath
Bromham. James, Angel inn, Angel street
Bryan James, saddler, East street
Bryant Albert Jones, printer & bookseller, Church street
Brydone Henry Gray, solicitor & steward of the honor & manor of Petworth, & steward to Lord Leconfield
Buck Alfred, cooper, North street
Burdock Robert, Masons’ Arms, North street
Burgess James, beer retailer, North street
Burgess James, shoe maker, New street
Burmingham Benjamin, shoemaker, Byworth
Burmingham John, shoe maker, Byworth
Burnett Charlotte (Mrs.), fancy repository, Golden square
Butcher James, clog & patten maker, Market place
Chalcraft William, marine store dealer, Church street
Challen Benjamin, wholesale & retail grocer, maltster, seedsman, provision, corn, spirit & hop merchant, oil cake & hay & straw dealer, & agent for Gibbs, Bell & Co.’s artificial manures, Golden square
Challen Edward, butcher, High street
Chamberlin Henry, tailor, North street
Chase Robert, corn merchant, Angel street
Collins Edmund, farmer, Byworth
Combs James, farmer, Gunter’s Bridge farm
Cooper Edward, farmer, High street
Cragg Charlotte (Mrs.), plumber &c. North street
Crisford James, farmer, Buckfold
Daintrey Arthur, solicitor, & clerk to Petworth union, East st
Dawes Benjamin, linen draper, East street
Dawtrey William, farmer, High street
Death William & Son, auctioneers, valuers & house & estate agents, New street; & at Haslemere, Surrey
Death Henry, agent for the sale of foreign wines & spirits, for Thorley’s cattle food & for Lawe’s superphospate & other manures, Market place; & at Haslemere, Surrey
Death William, stationer, bookseller, printer & news agent, New street
Dempster Charles, Half Moon family hotel & posting house, Swan commercial inn & posting house, Railway inn, & brewer & maltster
Dilloway Mary (Mrs.), preparatory school, Church street
Dine John, shopkeeper, East street
Downer William, solicitor, Angel street
Eatherton James, shoe maker, Church street
Eede William, farmer, Medhone farm
Embling James, jun. plumber &c. East street
Foard Robert, farmer, Frog farm
Gadd Charles, butcher, Lombard street
Garrett Charles, baker, Lombard street
Gas Works (Hen. Upton, manager; Men. Upton, jun. sec)
Goatcher Richard, farmer, Hoes farm
Goatcher Robert, baker, High street
Gould John, solicitor, East street
Green James, grocer, Church street
Grevatt Charles, cooper, East street
Grist James, stone mason, New street
Hawkins Mary (Mrs.), hair dresser, Market place
Hearn John, pork butcher, High street
Hill John, wood dealer, Angel street
Hilton Thomas, linen draper, East street
Hoad Philip, shoe maker
Hoar Sarah (Mrs.), Star, Market place
Holt Alfred, linen draper, Market place
Hook John, farmer, Hosiers
Hunt Charles, carrier, Pound street
Ireland Maurice, miller, Coultershaw mill
Ireland William, farmer, Byworth
Jupp Charles, linen draper, Market place
Jupp Henry, farmer, Strood farm
Kemmish John, superintendent of police
Kinsey Henry, tailor, New street
Knight Charlotte (Mrs.), baker, Lombard street
Knight Edward, confectioner, Church street
Knight James, shopkeeper, East street
Knight William, Grammar school, Market place
Livermore Thomas, horse breaker, Pound
London & County Bank (branch of) (John Wait Orsborn, manager); draw on head office, London
Lucas Charles, tailor, Lombard street
Lucas William, tanner, East street
Marshall Frances (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High street
Matthews Ann (Miss), ladies’ school
Maybank William, beer retailer, Byworth
Maybank William, jun. wheelwright, Grove street
Meachen Alfred, Half Moon tap
Melville William, tailor, Church street
Milton James, brewer, High street
Moore Stephen, pork butcher, North street
Morgan Frank Gaudrion, chemist, Church street
Nevatt Benjamin, tailor, Golden square
Nevatt George, tailor, Angel street
Nevatt John, tailor, High street
Ockerby Caroline Amelia (Miss), ladies’ school, Golden sq.
Otway George, grocer, Market place
Otway Thomas, confectioner, Market place
Ovenden William Henry, stationer & fancy repos. Pound st
Pannell Charles, farmer, Ratford
Peacock Ann (Mrs ), fruiterer, East street
Pellett Ann (Mrs.), High street
Penfold William, shopkeeper, Byworth
Peters Richard, blacksmith
Prosecuting Society (Arthur Daintrey, esq. sec)
Richardson Charles, shoe maker, Pound street
Ricketts William, railway carrier, High street
Rothwell Alfred, saddler, East street
Sadler George, inland revenue officer, Back street
Salter Richard, auctioneer, Lombard street
Savings Bank (Thomas Chripps treasurer; William Knight, actuary); open on mon. from 12 to 1, Town hall
Seward Sarah & Son, ironmongers, Market place
Sherwin Thomas, farmer, Moor farm
Shout Augustus Charles, surgeon, Lombard street
Smith Edward Cooper, M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, Lombard street
Smith Henry, Fox
Slopp Richard, farmers, Wesland
Southin Frederick, blacksmith
Stedman Ann & Son, watch makers, North street
Stedman John, shoe makers, High street
Stedman John, jun. shoe maker
Steel William, farmer, Kelsham farm
Subscription Reading Room (J. W. Orsborn, esq. treasurer; William Linton, sec)
Sheare Thomas, upholsterer, High street
Timbrall Cornelius, tailor, Market place
Tipper William, beer retailer, High street
Tuddenham Frederick, baker, Pound place
Turner & Morris, surgeons, New street
Upton Henry & Horace John, wine & spirit merchants, Lombard street
Upton Henry, surveyor to Lord Leconfield
Upton Henry, jun. assistant surveyor to Lord Leconfield
Upton James, coal merchant, East street
Upton May, surveyor, & surveyor of the highways, Pound st
Wakeford Charles, beer retailer, World’s end
Wakeford George, baker, High street
Wakeford George, carrier, Byworth
Weeks William, watch maker, Market place
Wellet Thomas, tinman
Wells George, relieving officer & registrar of births, deaths & marriages, Angel street
West Sussex Gazette Office (William Deaths correspondent & agent), New street
Whitcombe James & Charles, bricklayers, High street
Whitcombe Charles, chemist, High street
Whitcombe James, greengrocer, High street
Whitcombe James, White Hart, High street
Whitcombe Sidney, bricklayer, Lombard street
Wickenden John, builder, World’s end
Willmer Moses, hair dresser, New street
Working Men’s Institute (Cornelius Allen, hon. sec)
Worsfold James, glover, North street
Wright William Stoper, brazier, Market place