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Rye – Commercial

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Adams Richard, Ypress Globe inn, Cliff cottage
Adamson John, surgeon, West street
Allen Joseph, watch & clock maker, High street
Ames Marshall, Globe, Military road
Apps William, shopkeeper, High street
Ashbee James, shopkeeper & greengrocer, Lion street
Ashdown George, King’s Head, Playden road
Atkins William, auctioneer & furniture dealer, High street
Austin George, Cinque Port Arms hotel, Cinque Ports st
Avery John, boot & shoe maker, High street
Baldock Mary (Mrs.), dealer in marine stores, Wish ward
Banks Edward Henry Sladen, surgeon, High street
Banks Thomas, butcher, High street
Barden Jacob, boot & shoe maker, High street
Barham James, broom maker, Spring place
Barham Jesse , greengrocer, West street
Bartholomew William, draper & clothier, High street
Batchelor James, ale & porter brewer, Landgate brewery, King street
Bayley Edward, master mariner, Cliff cottage
Bayley Thomas, boot & shoe maker, High street
Blackman Thomas, boot & shoe maker, West street
Boon William, seedsman, Cinque Ports street
Boulter Chas. Humphreys, furniture broker, Cinque Ports st
Bourn William, Pipemakers’ Arms, Wish street
Bourne Alfred, beer retailer, 107 High street
Bourne Dennis (Mrs.), milliners & dress maker, King street
Broad Peter, tallow chandler, High street
Bromham Edward, gardener, Lion street
Burkitt John, farmer, Cliff cottage, Military road
Burkitt John Samuel, grazier, Cliff cottage, Military road
Burner Ellenor (Miss), dress maker, King street
Burnham George, ironmonger & plumber & glazier, King st
Bushby Edwin, shopkeeper & beer retailer, Cinque Ports st
Butler George Slade, solicitor, Watchbell street
Carey George, Hare & Hounds, Peasmarsh road
Catt James, butcher, East street
Catt Stephen, brick maker, Cadborough kilns
Chambers Thomas, greengrocer, South row
Chapman & Elliott, ale & porter brewers, Guildford brewery, Military road
Clark Edgar, baker, High street
Clark Fisher, miller & baker, 14 High street
Clark Frederick, carpenter & undertaker, Market road
Clark Henry, grazier, Market street
Clark Henry, printer, Tower street
Clark Mary Jane (Miss), school, Watchbell street
Clark Thomas Staffell, boat builder, Winchelsea road
Clark William, beer retailer, High street
Clark William Evans, carpenter, Winchelsea road
Collins George, jun. ship broker, Strand
Collins William, plumber & glazier, Tower street
Cooper John, blacksmith, High street & King street
Crowhurst James, London Trader inn, Strand
Cuerton Horace, manager of London & County bank, High st
Curd Eliza (Miss), grocer, Mermaid street
Dann Charles G. Union inn, East street
Dann Dinah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 34 High street
Davies Robert Coker Nash, surgeon, West street
Dawes Edwin Nathaniel, solicitor, High street
Dawes William, solicitor, High street
Dawson James, Jolly Sailor, Watchbell street
Deacon Nicholas, box & trunk maker, Cinque Ports street
Dibley William, watch & clock maker, Tower street
Duberley James, hatter, High street
Easton Alfred, ship & custom house agent, Strand
Edwards Geo. & Nephew, linen drapers, Landgate, King st
Elliott Stephen, dealer in corn & seeds, & commission agent, Cinque Ports street
Elliott William, Queen’s Head, King street
Ellis Charles, confectioner & toy dealer, High street
Ellman, Whitmarsh & Tanner, solicitors to the Rye Cattle Market Company (limited), & to the Rye Building Society, West street
Ellsworth George, fishmonger, King street
Featherstone Edward, baker, Mermaid street
Filmer Thomas, shopkeeper, Lion street
Fletcher Charles, jun. plumber &c. 78 High street
Fletcher Charles, sen. cooper, 78 High street
Foster Mary & Ellen (Misses), pawnbrokers, Watchbell st
Francis Henry, Swan, & dining rooms, High street
French Robert, boot maker, Cliff cottages
Fryman Stephen Gilbert, wine & spirit merchant, High street
Fuggles James, bricklayer, 8 Spring place
Fuller Frederick, linen draper, High street
Furby Charles, bricklayer, Cinque Ports street
Gasson Edwin Thomas, naturalist, photographer, stationer, picture frame maker & music seller, King street
Gasson Thomas, shoe maker, Cinque Ports street
Goddard William Henry, painter, Watchbell street
Golden William, clothier, Strand
Goodwin Henry, blacksmith, Wish street
Greenland Jeremiah, shopkeeper, Ferry road
Harvey Nicholas, sail maker, Strand
Hayward Edward, butcher, Lion street
Hearsfield Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Watchbell street
Heaver Benjamin, Railway & commercial inn, Cinque Ports street
Hessell, Holmes & Co. ship builders, millwrights, engineers, & iron & brass founders, Strand
Hicks & Son, wholesale grocers, Railway station
Hilder George, ironmonger, High street
Hilder James, farmer, Lea farm
Hinds Thomas, merchant & ship broker, Strand
Hoad Brothers, ship builders & merchants, Winchelsea road
Hoad John, fisherman, King street
Howland Joseph, ironmonger, High street
Huggett David, builder, undertaker & timber merchant, Ferry road
Huggett Henry, beer retailer, Ferry road
Hunt William, station master
Jarratt Henry, chimney sweeper, King street
Jarrett Alfred, Standard, & wine & spirit merchant, High st
Jarrett Alfred, builder, Strand
Jempson Charles, Greyhound, Wish ward
Jempson Henry, Ferry Boat, Ferry road
Jenner Alfred, tailor, High street
Jewhurst Abraham, fishmonger, High street
Judge Joseph, stone mason, Strand
Kennett Harriett (Mrs.), ladies’ school, Watchbell street
Kidd Richard, hair dresser, Lion street
Kimpton William, basket maker, East street
King Henry, boot & shoe maker, Military road
Lancester Richard Sharvell, fancy repository, 109 High st
Langley Edwin H. general merchant, Strand
Larkin Richard, saddler, King street
Larkin Thomas, jobmaster, King street
Laurence John, plumber, High street
Legg & Son, woolstaplers, Bedford place, & at 230 Bermondsey street, London S.E. & Ashford, Kent
Lewns Charles Frederick & Son, jewellers & watch makers, High street
London & County Bank (Horace Cuerton, manager), High street; draw on head office, 21 Lombard st. London
Lougley Isaac, grocer & provision dealer, 1 Ferry road
Lovett Thomas Brown, farmer, Cadbury farm
Mannering David, coach builder, Strand
Miller Henry, hair dresser & toy & fancy repository, King st
Mills William Henry, Tower inn, King street
Mitchell William & Son, manufacturers to His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales & the Queen of Spain, of the celebrated brown & rustic fancy ware pottery, Cadborough kilns
Mittell John Tolhurst, butcher, High street
Moon John, dining rooms, 69 High street
Moore William, boot & shoe maker & shopkeeper, High st
Morton John David, master gunner to the royal artillery coast brigade, Gun gardens
Mullan William James, M.D. Surgeon, Lion street
Neeves John, greengrocer, High street
Neeves Mary Jane (Miss), greengrocer, High street
Newbery James (Mrs.), confectioner, Lion street
Newby Jarvis Edward, ironmonger, High street
Norford Robert, sergeant instructor of musketry, 30 Watchbell street
Nye James, cowkeeper, Bridge place
Nye William, grazier, East street
Paine George, glazier, Market street
Paine Henry Edward, clerk to the Rye union & superintendent registrar, Pump street
Paine William, shoe maker, King street
Pankhurst George, butcher, Wish street
Pankhurst John, grazier, High street
Parsons Isaac, printer, bookseller & stationer; publisher of the ‘South Eastern Advertiser,’ 7 High street
Parsons William, confectioner, 29 High street
Peacock Samuel, corn dealer, Cinque Ports street
Phipps Edwin, brush manufacturer, Wish ward
Pitcher Ann (Mrs.), milliner, Bedford place
Plomley & Waters, chemists & druggists, High street
Pompret (Richard Curteis), Pix, Burra & Meryon, bankers, High street; draw on Willis, Percival & Co. London
Poynton Mary (Mrs.), straw hat & bonnet maker, 68 High street
Prior Richard, Ship inn, Strand
Pulford Edwin, The Foresters’ Arms, High street
Reed John, Red Lion inn, Lion street
Relfe William, Bedford Arms, Bedford place
Rother Iron Works Company, engineers, millwrights, boiler makers & manufacturers of all kinds of machinery & mill stones & iron & brass founders (Samuel Clark, manager)
Rubie Frederick, confectioner, Cinque Ports street
Rubie Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Church square
Rubie William, sail maker & marine store dealer, Strand
Russell James, clothier, King street
Russell Naomi (Miss), shopkeeper, Watchbell street
Rye Building Society (Ellman, Whitemarsh & Tanner, solicitors). West street
Rye Cattle Market Company (limited) (Ellman, Whitmarsh & Tanner, solicitors, H. E. Paine, secretary)
Rye Gas Works (George Slade Butler, esq. Charles Thomas, superintendent), High street Rye Mechanics’ Institution (Samuel Peacock, sec.) High st
Rye Mutual Marine Assurance Association (Henry Stocks, secretary)
Rye Telegram Newspaper (Benjamin Burkitt Stuchbery, proprietor, printer & publisher; published on saturdays), 99 High street
Rye Working Men’s Institution (W. J. Rubie & R. French, secretaries), Cinque Ports street
Sackett Jabez, academy, Prospect house, High street
Saunders James, greengrocer, Wish street
Sellman James, haberdasher, King street
Sellman John, farmer, Dairy farm
Seymour John, upholsterer & cabinet maker, High street
Sharpey William, gasfitter &c. 102 High street
Shearman Ann (Mrs.), fancy repository, High street
Sheather Mary Ann (Mrs.), Old Bell, High street
Simpson Frances (Mrs.), milliner, High street
Sims Stephen, baker, Market road
Sinclair Alexander, tailor, Pump street
Smith Albert, stone mason, Tower street
Smith Alfred William, chemist & druggist, High street
Smith Charles, carpenter & builder, Eastcliff
Smith John, miller & baker, Gibbet marsh & High street
Smith Richard, George hotel, family commercial & posting house, High street
South Eastern Advertiser (Isaac Parsons, proprietor, printer & publisher; published on saturdays), 7 High st
Stocks George, baker, Lion street
Stocks Henry, actuary to savings bank & secretary to Rye Mutual Marine Assurance Association, Market street
Stone James William, grocer, Grove place
Stonham, Thomas, grocer, High street & King street
Stretton George, boot & shoe maker, Ferry road
Stuchbery Benjamin Burkitt, printer, bookseller, stationer & news agent, & publisher of the Rye Telegram newspaper, 99 High street
Swadling Edward, beer retailer, High street
Taverner & Co. fellmongers, Bedford place
Taverner William, woolstapler, East street
Taylor David, bookseller & stationer, High street
Terry Mary (Mary.), shopkeeper, Ferry road
Terry William, jun. baker, King street
Thomas Charles, tailor, High street
Thorpe Robert Baggallay, photographer, 110 High street
Thorpe Thomas William, linen draper, High street
Thorpe William, grocer, High street
Tiltman Mary (Mrs.), milliner, 13 High street
Tiltman Thomas, tailor, 13 High street
Tolhurst John, baker & confectioner, King street
Vennall Edmund Gibbon & Alfred, grocers, High street & King street
Vennall James. town crier & bill poster, Island yard
Verrall John William, potato & corn dealer, 1 Elizabeth pl
Vidler, Sons & Co. Lloyd’s agents, ship owners. timber general merchants, ship & commission agents, Strand
Vidler James Coleman, auctioneer, valuer, estate agent, grazier & farmer, Mint house, High street
Walker George, saddler, Cinque Ports street
Walker Richard, corn & coal dealer, King street
Wallis Ann (Mrs.), Hope & Anchor, Watchbell street
Warren William, boot & shoe maker, Cinque Ports street
Warren William, Queen Adelaide, Ferry road
Waters John, gun maker, Eastcliff
Watson George, hair dresser, Cinque Ports street
Watson William, stationer & bookseller, High street
Wellstead William, shoe maker, Lion street
West Emily (Miss), school for young children. Lion street
Weekes Frank, beer retailer & greengrocer, West street
Whiteman George, William IV, Cinque Ports street
Wickham Albert, tailor, draper & milliner, 86 High street
Williams Caroline & Levina (Misses),dress & mantle makers, 60 High street
Winton. Silas, blacksmith, East cliff
Wright Isaac, Crown Railway inn & posting house & job master & carrier by appointment to the South Eastern Railway Company