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Worthing – Commercial (A – H)

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Alcock Edward, lodging house, 56 Marine parade
Aldridge James, plumber & glazier, 23 High street
Allen Dennett, maltster, North street
Ambrose Mary Ann (Mrs.) lodging house, 10 Montague pl.
Amoore Charles, butcher, 23 High street
Amoore George, butcher, 19 Montague street
Amoore Thomas, watch maker, 6 South place
Anderson John, hair dresser & perfumer, 14 South street
Atteridge James, shopkeeper, 16 Market street
Ayling Charles, shopkeeper, Clifton road
Bacon George wood & coal dealer, Chapel street
Bailey Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Bedford row
Baker Henry & Son, nurserymen, Crescent road
Baker Catherine (Mrs.), laundry, Park lane
Baker James, boot & shoe maker & fishmonger, 7 & 13 South st
Baker John, grocer, 59 Montague street
Baker John Manley, ironmonger. 8 South street
Banfield & Hards, fishmongers, 24 South street
Banfield James, tobacconist, 4 Ann street
Barden Thomas, furniture broker, 36 South street
Barker Walter G. M.D. surgeon, 18 Steyne
Barnes James, pork butcher, 12 Warwick street
Bartlett Susannah (Mrs.). preparatory school, Augusta pl.
Bayly Henry, harness maker, 27 Warwick street
Beck Francis, beer retailer, Ann street
Beer George, academy, Warwick place
Bennett Catherine (Mrs.), baker, 62 Montague street
Bennett George Burgess, grocer & house agent, 37 Warwick st
Bennett Summertun Trill, Royal Steyne hotel & posting house, & wine & spirit merchant, Steyne
Berry Henry James, chemist & druggist, 6 Montague street
Berry Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Montague place
Bicknell Maria (Mrs.), Spaniard hotel, Chapel street
Binstead Henry, potato dealer, 34 High street
Bishop Sarah (Miss), Marine hotel, Marine parade
Blair Richard, confectioner, 2 Montague street
Blair Richard, photographer, South street
Blaker Frederick, ironmonger, 36 Warwick street
Blaker Robert Charles, builder, Chapel street
Blann Frances (Miss), dress maker, 5 Chapel street
Blunden Stephen, shopkeeper, Chapel street
Bodle Moses, beer retailer, Chapel street
Booker Edward John, shoe maker, 13 Richmond place
Boon John, wheelwright & smith, East street
Boon William, cooper, 18 Chapel street
Botting Charles, baker & confectioner, 2 Egremont Place
Braby Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 34 Marine parade
Branson James, beer retailer, Marine place
Breads Owen, library, printer, bookseller & stationer, reading rooms, pianoforte warehouse, & publisher of the ‘Worthing Visitors’ List,’ 31 Warwick street
Brewer Mrs. & Miss, seminary, Wortley house, North street
Bridger Charles, carpenter, Montague street
Brien William, lodging house, 2 New street
Brigden Eliza (Mrs.), berlin wool repository, Chapel road
Brooker Mary Ann (Miss), lodging house, 8 Palmerston ter.
Brown Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Montague place
Burch Charles, coal merchant, 41 High street
Burt James, chemist & druggist, 61 Montague street
Burt James, tailor, 10 Montague street
Burtenshaw Thomas, shopkeeper, Marine place
Bushby Frank, nurseryman, seedsman & fruiterer, 23 South st.
Butler Henry, Railway hotel, North street
Cager William, Anchor, 40 High street
Calvert William, tailor, 26 Warwick street
Carter Henry & Son, tailors, 5 Warwick street
Carter Frederick George, Running Horse, Paragon street
Carter Richard, Fountain, Chapel road
Carter Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 20 West buildings
Chadwick William, grocer, 4 Montague street
Chambers Ann (Miss), lodging house, 7 Bath place
Chapple Thomas, lodging house, 9 Bedford row
Charman Frederick J. plumber & glazier, Ann street
Chatfield William, baker & confectioner, 5 & 47 Montague st
Chesemen Martha (Miss), lodging house, 16 Montague st
Chessall William, lodging house, 7 West buildings
Child George, carpenter, Chapel street
Chinnock Frances (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Warwick place
Chinnock Robert William, builder & undertaker, Montague street & 10 Palmerston terrace
Churcher Thomas, bricklayer, 31 Chapel street
Churcher William, bricklayer, 31 Chapel street
Clark Sophia (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Bath place
Clark William John, saddler, 58 Montague street
Clarke Samuel, fancy repository, Marine parade
Cobby William, tailor, Chapel road
Coldwell Jane Pratt (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 Clifton road
Collett Henry James, M. D. surgeon, 1 Montague place
Comber George, veterinary surgeon, North street
Compton Charles George, shoe maker, 45 Montague street
Cook Christopher & Son, plumbers & glaziers, 3 Ann street
Cooper Felix, White Hart, & fly proprietor, 71 Montague st
Cooper Henry, Wheatsheaf, 11 Richmond place
Cooper Susannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 High street
Co-operative Society, provision dealers (Robert Piper, sec.), 1 Ann street
Coppard Charles, harness maker, 19A, Chapel street
Cortis George & Son, butchers, 11 South street
Cortis Alfred, corn merchant, Corn Exchange
Cortis Charles, chemist & druggist, 12 South street
Cox Ann (Mrs.), fruiterer, & dairy, 32 Warwick street
Cracknell Thomas, butcher, 61 Montague street
Cragg Richard, butcher, 35 Warwick street
Crespin Tabitha (Mrs.), lodging house, 19 Steyne
Cripps Frances (Miss), milliner, 38 Warwick street
Cripps Frederick, tailor & hatter, 3 & 4 South street
Croucher Emma (Miss), confectioner, 11 Egremont place
Croucher Stephen, wood & coal dealer, Marine place
Curtis Jane (Miss), lodging house, 7 Montague place
Davis Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Bedford row
Davis Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Marine parade
Deadman Harriet (Miss), lodging house, 1 Bath place
Deadman Joseph, billiard rooms, Bedford row
Dennett William Hugh, solicitor, registrar of county court, clerk to local board of health, commissioner to administer oaths in chancery & perpetual commissioner, secretary to Worthing Pier Company (Limited) & hon. Secretary to the National Lifeboat Institution, 5 Bedford row
Denyer George, greengrocer, 53 Montague street
Dibben Reuben, blacksmith, Montague street
Dispensary (Henry Weller, dispenser; W. H. Dennett, esq. hon. sec.), Chapel road
Dowsett James, lapidary, 32 South street
Druce Joseph, academy, 2 Palmerston terrace
Duffield Abraham, gas fitter & whitesmith, 6 Alfred place
Ede George & Son, auctioneers, house & estate agents & cabinet makers, 7 Chapel road
Ede Charles, poulterer & postmaster, 17 South street
Ede Edward, butcher, Ann street
Ede Edward, plumber & glazier, High street
Ede Frederick, upholsterer, 37 South street
Ede George S. greengrocer, 69 Montague street
Edmunds Richard, solicitor, & superintendent registrar of the Worthing district, 8 Bedford row
Edwards George, fly proprietor, 5 West buildings & New st
Farrant Thomas, lodging house, 10 Marine parade
Feest James & Ann (Miss), brewers & beer retailers, Cook’s row
Feest James, dairyman, Grafton road
Feest Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Chapel street
Feest William, greengrocer, 26 Montague street
Field George, baker & confectioner, 21 Montague street
Finnis George, blacksmith, 36 Montague street
Finnis John, blacksmith, 33 Market street
Finnis Richard, boot & shoe maker, 85 Montague street
Firmin Joseph, shoe maker, Paragon street
Fitzgerald Patrick, marine store dealer, Chapel street
Foster David, hair dresser & china & glass dealer, 2 South pl.
Fowler John, manager of the Royal Sea House hotel, Esplanade
Fox Samuel, photographic institute, Bath place
Francis Robert, linen draper, silk mercer, hosier & glover, 18 South street
Freeman Ann (Miss), lodging house, High street
Freeman George, whiting manufacturer, Anchor lane
French Francis (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 55 Montague street
French George Henry, bookseller & stationer, 15 South st
Fuller Charles, dairyman, 1 Marine place
Fuller William, coach builder, Chapel road
Fuller William Frederick, insurance agent, & agent to the Art Union of Glasgow, Bank, Warwick street
Funnell Richard, market gardener, 43 High street
Garrett James, lodging house, 12 Bedford row
Gas Works (Michael M’Coy, manager), East street
Gibbs William, dining rooms, 21 Warwick street
Gifford Henry Salmon, manager of the Heene hotel, West Worthing
Goatcher John, beer retailer, 47 High street
Goble Harvey, photographer, Chapel road
Goddard William, Half Brick, Brighton road
Goodhall William, lodging house, 13 High street
Graves George, King’s Arms, 51 Montague street
Gravett Thomas, Jolly Brewers, Clifton road
Gray Maria (Mrs.), fancy repository, 33 Warwick street
Green Henry Pryke, linen draper, 27 & 28 South street
Green Robert, fancy repository, 9 Montague street
Greenfield Charles, butcher, 57 Montague street
Greenfield Susannah (Miss), shopkeeper, 7 Egremont place
Greenfield Walter, common brewer & maltster, Egremont brewery
Greenfield Walter, wine & spirit merchant, Egremont house
Greenyer James, livery stable keeper, Portland mews
Grenyer James, Norfolk Arms, North street
Hammond Luke, pork butcher, 19 High street
Hampshire Banking Company (Frederic Gill, manager) 22 Warwick street; draw on London Joint Stock Bank, London
Harden Henry & Son, blacksmiths & farriers, 20 Market st.
Harding Kezia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 34 South street
Hardman William, baker & confectioner, 7 Warwick street
Harmer Thomas, Royal baths, Marine parade
Harris & Son, surgeons, 13 Marine parade
Harvey Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 11 Bedford row
Hayward & Paine, carpenters, East street
Head George, plumber, 17 Montague street
Head Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Montague place
Heather William, chimney sweeper, 41 Chapel street
Hedger Edmund, tailor, 35 Chapel street
Henderson Leonard Baldwin, police inspector, Police station, Ann street
Henty Edwin & George, bankers, Warwick street; draw on Robarts, Lubbock & Co. London
Hepinstall Henry Charles, professor of music, Chapel street
Hide & Patching, auctioneers & upholsterers, 33 High street & 20 Warwick street
Hoad Louisa (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Warwick buildings
Howell John, brick maker, Navarino
Hume James, Royal George, 18 Market street
Hurst Henry & Hugh, cutlers, 20 Montague street
Hutchings William, gardener, 12 Egremont place
Hutchinson James, boat builder, Marine parade