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Worthing – Commercial (I – W)

From Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1867

Inkpen John, plumber & glazier, 8 Egremont place
Ive Robert, watch maker, 16 Marine parade
Jackson Jane (Miss), milliner, High street
Jeffree John, butcher, 12 Montague street
Jelliff James, basket maker, 35 South street
Jinks James, lodging house, 6 Augusta place
Johnson Elizabeth (Mrs.), ladies’ school, Marlboro’ house, Marine parade
Keates Alfred & Co. china & glass dealers, 5 Montague street
Kettle James, baker & confectioner, 15 Warwick street
Killick Sarah (Miss), grocer, 24 Montague street
Kirkpatrick Robert. surveyor of taxes, 2 Caledonian place
Knight & Mardon, publishers of the ‘Worthing Intelligencer,’ 1 South street
Knight Charles Henry, stationer & printer, 1 South street & 24 Warwick street
Lane William, classical & mathematical school, Warwick hall
Lee Noah Smith, Rose & Crown, 93 Montague Street
Leggatt John, whitesmith, Montague street
Lephard Edmund, miller, corn dealer & farmer, 30 Montague street, & at Heene
Lindup John, boot & shoe maker, 2 South street
Lingham Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 9 Montague place
London & County Banking Company (M. Fresson, manager), South street; draw on head office, Lombard street
Long William, lodging house, 8 & 11 Montague place
Longhurst Walter, brick maker, Brighton road
Longland Joseph, town surveyor; office, Town hall
Loveland William, chimney sweeper, 64 High street
Lucas George, clothier, 15 North street
Lucas John, baker & grocer, 17 North street
Lucas Thomas, ironmonger, 31 South street
Lucas William, shopkeeper, 50 Montague street
Luckett Horatio, secretary to the Royal Sea House Hotel Company & to the Worthing Building Society, 4 Egremont place
Mackenzie Anne (Mrs.), confectioner, 16 Marine parade
Maynard & Co. boot makers, 26 South street
Meager & Shotter, milliners, 21 South street
Medhurst Robert, fancy turner, 7 Montague Street
Melton Lucy (Mrs.), greengrocer, 34 Warwick street
Miles & Waite, upholsterers, 20 Richmond place
Mills George, lodging house, 4 Bath place
Mills Percy. portrait painter. 3 West buildings
Moore Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Bath place
Moore Thomas, baker, 11 Montague street
Moore William, watch maker, 39 Montague street
Mortlock Selina (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Bedford row
Morton Winslow, marine store dealer, Chapel street
Munday Edward Smith, chemist & druggist, 18 & 19 Warwick street
Nash Henry, auctioneer & house agent, 3 Ambrose place
Naylor Elizabeth (Miss), milliner, 5 South street
Newland Robert, miller, Navarino mills & High street
Noice George, shopkeeper, 52 Montague street
Norman, Henry, omnibus proprietor, & livery stables, North street & Steyne mews
Oliver – (Mrs.), preparatory school, 11 & 12 Park crescent
Osborne James, coal & wood dealer, Market street
Osborne James, jun. china & glass dealer, Market street
Osmer Charles, shoe maker, 10 Market street
Ovett Alfred, stone mason, 46 High street & North street
Pacy George, beer retailer, New street
Page Mary Elizabeth (Miss), preparatory school, Steine lodge, Brighton road
Page Thomas, shopkeeper, Half Brick lane
Paine Robert & Son, blacksmiths, Cook’s row
Paine Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 15 Marine parade
Paine Richard, furniture dealer, 56 Montague street
Paine Walter, printer, Chapel road
Palmer Horatio, lodging house, 2 Liverpool terrace
Parker Elizabeth Charlotte (Mrs.), music seller, 23 Warwick street
Parker Mary (Mrs.), laundry, 31 North street
Patching William, registrar of births & deaths, 20 High st
Payne Charles, shopkeeper, Bellevue
Payne Sarah (Miss), seminary, 5 Liverpool terrace
Payne William, hair dresser, 3 South street
Peacock Abraham, baker & shopkeeper, Marine place & 33 Montague street
Pellett Robert, whitesmith, 32 High street
Perry William, shopkeeper, 79 Montague street
Petherick Thomas George, riding master, Portland road
Phillipps John, bookseller & stationer, 22 South street
Philip Jabez, grocer, 25 Warwick street
Pierce Daniel, fly proprietor, 6 Church ter. & Augusta place
Piggott Rev. Francis Allen, M.A. principal of Worthing college, Brighton road
Pilling Miriam (Miss), preparatory school, 6 Palmerston ter.
Pink Thomas, inland revenue office, Grafton road
Pleasant David, shopkeeper, 42 High street
Plowman Henry, shopkeeper, Chapel street
Plowman James, grocer, 15 West buildings
Poland James, lodging house, 6 Bath place
Pollard Henry, carrier, 27 Market street
Potten Horace, wheelwright, Montague street
Potter William & Co. grocers, 9 High street
Price Harriet Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, Navarino
Purser Edward, market gardener, 21 High street
Purser George, greengrocer & fruiterer, 8 Montague street
Redford Sarah (Mrs.), dairy, 82 High street
Redman George, wheelwright, Chapel street & Prospect place
Reeds William, french polisher, 44 High street
Reeves & Funnell, laundresses, 10 Ann street
Richardson Henry, lodging house, 14 Montague place
Roberts Charles & Son, wine & spirit merchants, 28 Warwick street
Roberts Maria, (Mrs.), greengrocer, 16 South street
Robinson Charles, grocer, 15 Montague street
Robinson Joseph, Volunteer, 34 Market street
Rolfe William K. pianoforte dealer, 3 Warwick street
Rope John, lodging house, Grafton road
Royal Sea House Hotel Company (limited) (John Fowler, manager; Horatio Luckett, sec.), Esplanade
Rulf James, beer retailer, Chapel street
Russell Thomas, Albion, Chapel street
Saunders Walter, watch maker, 19 South street
Savings Bank (William Verrall, actuary), Town hall
Sayers Ann (Miss), milliner, 1 South place
Sayers Ellis, baker, 33 Chapel street
Sayers Samuel, shopkeeper, 24 North street
Searle Fanny (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Warwick buildings
Searle Jacob, beer retailer, 32 Montague street
Sharp John, ironmonger, 44 Montague street
Sharpe Alfred, M.D. surgeon, 14 Steyne
Shelley George, china & glass dealer, 23 Montague street
Slaughter James, lodging house, 66 Montague street
Slaughter Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 13 Warwick buildings
Slaughter William, Warwick Arms, & brewer, Ann street & Warwick street
Smart Samuel, shopkeeper, Clifton road
Smith George Heather, linen draper, 11 South street & 1 & 3 Montague street
Smith – (Miss), lodging house, 53 Marine parade
Snewin Edward, builder, Ann street
Stanbridge John, grocer, 49 Montague street
Stanton Hugh, lodging house, 52 Marine parade
Stemson Harriet (Mrs.), fancy repository, Chapel road
Stent Charlotte, Buckingham Arms, Montague street
Stent George, livery stables, Ann street
Stent John, fly proprietor, 4 Alfred place
Street Frederick, shopkeeper, 81 Montague st. & 18 New st
Strong Richard Morris, harness maker, 6 South street
Stubbs Robert, Nelson, & baker, 9 South street
Stubbs William, baker & grocer, 54 High street
Sutton William, tailor, 6 Egremont place
Swan James, boot & shoe maker, 1 Market street
Tate George, shoe maker, East street
Taylor George, cabinet maker, High street
Taylor Henry, baker, 12 Market street
Tee Henry, tailor, Chapel street
Telleck Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Steyne
Tellick Alfred, coach maker, Steyne mews
Tester William, baker, 14 Chapel street
Thomas Charles Johnson, linen draper & milliner, 13 Warwick street
Tilly William, harness maker, 27 High street
Tinson Sally (Miss), stationer & news agent, 18 Montague st
Tourle Richard, baker, 5 Market street
Tribe & Green, solicitors, 12 Chapel road
Tuff James, lodging house, 2 Montague place
Turner Robert & Alfred, linen draper, 10 High street
Twine Thomas, plumber, 75 Montague street
Tyffe Rev. Henry, M.A. boarding school, Montague street
Uwins John Marten, Pier hotel, Marine parade
Verrall William, actuary to savings bank, assistant overseer & collector of town rates, office, Town hall
Vine Samuel, Royal Oak, Brighton road
Vine William, carpenter, Clifton road
Walter William, linen draper, 29 & 31 Montague street
Ward Joseph & Alfred, upholsterers, Chapel street
Ward Caroline, lodging house, 22 Marine parade
Ward Joseph, builder, Chapel street
Ward Martha (Miss), lodging house, Grafton road
Warner Thomas Rufus, coal merchant, 1 Chapel road
Water Works (George Hodes, manager), High street
Waterworth William, lodging house, 5 Bath place
Weakford Ann (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 22 Montague st.
Webberly J. H. (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 25 High street
Wells Thomas, naturalist, 2 Ann street
West Worthing Steam Washing Company (limited) (Charles Henry Knight, sec.), 1 South street
West Caroline (Mrs.), leather seller, 1 Montague street, & lodging house, 43 Marine parade
Whitmore Sarah & Ann (Misses), lodging house, 5 Montague place
Wicks Thomas, Ramble inn, West street
Wilkins Robert, printer, 6 Warwick street
Williams Harry J. L. M.A., barrister-at-law, 28 Marine parade
Willis George, marine store dealer, Marine place
Willett George, carver & gilder, 9 Warwick street
Wing John, beer retailer, 91 Montague street
Winton Charles, grocer & china & glass deaIer, 30 Warwick st
Wise James, builder, Grafton road
Witcomb Sophia (Miss), lodging house, 48 Marine parade
Wood Frank, watch maker, 8 Warwick street
Woolven George, carpenter, 3 Montague street
Worthing College (Rev. Francis Allen Piggott, M.A. principal), Brighton road
Worthing Express (George Henry French, publisher), 15 South street
Worthing Intelligencer (Knight & Mardon, publishers), 1 South street
Worthing Permanent Benefit Building Society (Horatio Luckett, secretary)
Worthing Pier Company (limited) (William Hugh Dennett, sec.), 5 Bedford row
Wyatt Frederick James, pork butcher & poulterer, 14 Montague street
Wyatt George Snow, grocer & provision dealer, 20 South st