History of the Church

The church of SS. Peter & Mary is thought to be more than 700 years old. Records show that the church was in existence during the period 1243/54, with the first rector being in office in 1326. The church overlooks Fishbourne creek and the water meadows that in Roman times were part of a busy harbour.

The original dedication of the church was to St. Peter but when the south side was built and dedicated to St. Mary at a later date, it was then renamed SS. Peter & Mary.

The two older bells are situated on the floor of the church and it is thought that the smaller bell is as old as the church itself. In the external north-east corner, pilgrim marks have been found these consist of small crosses. These were cut by pilgrims that were making their way to the shrine of St. Richard in Chichester Cathedral.

There are a number of objects of historic interest in the church including some attractive stained glass windows and a number of memorials.

Plan of the church (click for larger image)
Plan of the church (click for larger image).